‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Kayla Sessler Gives Birth to Second Child

“I’m still young but I’m no longer pregnant!”

It’s a girl for Kayla Sessler and her boyfriend Luke Davis III!

On Friday, the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star welcomed her second child, a baby girl the couple named Ariah Jordynn Davis.

Baby Ariah weighed in at exactly 7 pounds, and measured 20 inches long at birth. This is Luke’s first child and Kayla’s second. (Kayla is also a mom to a son, Izaiah, whose father is Kayla’s ex Stephen Alexander.)

Kayla and Luke each announced the birth on their Instagram accounts. Kayla posted a video of Izaiah meeting the baby and excitedly declaring, “I big brother!” 

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“I big brother” 😭❤️

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Luke posted a photo with a caption explaining that his daughter was born on the 15th anniversary of his grandmother’s death.

“15 years ago today I lost my grandmother and today I become a father to my baby girl,” Luke wrote. “Granny I know you smiling down on me and your great granddaughter Ariah Jordynn Davis.”

Kayla– who is currently 20 years old– announced her pregnancy in February, and in March she told fans via an Instagram Q&A session that this pregnancy was “definitely not” planned.

“Ladies! If you are on the pill and you get sick with the stomach flu or any other sickness that causes you to throw up, YOUR PILL IS NO LONGER ACTIVE!” she wrote in March. “If you throw up within 2 HOURS of taking it. It didn’t have enough time to absorb into your body. You’re literally throwing up your birth control.”

She also stated that she plans to get an IUD to prevent more unplanned pregnancies.

While getting birth control is in Kayla’s future plans, a wedding is not…at least, not for a while, according to what she told fans in March.

“Eventually [we want to get married], but I’m not in a rush! I’d prefer for us to both finish college before getting married,” she wrote.

Kayla is the first of the ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’ girls to give birth to a second child.

Check out more photos of Baby Ariah below!

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Our lil princess 🎀

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  1. Congrats and GBU all. It’s not going to be easy but it does get better. However I mist say as a mother myself of 6 children 5 living and 4 were not planned abstinence is the greatest form of B/C, and or condoms which could’ve prevent this now second unplanned pregnancy. Stay the course of the path y’all have planned so that y’all kids can have 3/4 parents that are financially and mentally stable and those precious babies can reap the benefits of it all. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  2. And the pathetic dysfunctional cycle of having babies out of wedlock continues…as does the probability of high school drop outs and poverty. What a legacy to be proud of. MTV is definitely doing their part to glofify the illusion that the lifestyle is wonderful and amazing!

    1. I remember the first time I ever felt old. I was at a McDonald’s and spotted a girl with two kids who was too young for me to date. I was 23.

  3. The pill does not prevent STD’s, you’re supposed to combine both methods (birth control and condoms)to actually be practicing safe sex. So obviously, these girls DO NOT practice safe sex at all! I have no sympathy for these girls they have no respect for their bodies

    1. She’s still planning to finish college? Really hoping she does, but the odds are against her with two kids before she’s even 21. A lot of the girls on these shows could utilize their mtv money for childcare and other resources to help them finish school but they don’t want to.

    2. There’s no reason to use a condom if you are in a committed monogamous relationship and you have both been tested.

      I don’t necessarily think their relationship was long enough or committed enough to count, but still.

  4. I don’t think she can blame it on the stomach flu. Firstly, why did you have sex sick, he could have contracted the virus too. Second, USE DOUBLE PROTECTION! It’s the safest way if you’re not sure. I mean, I haven’t heard a girl on this show that actually told her boyfriend to wrap it up, don’t make excuses!

    1. Last time I had a stomach bug I sprayed everything I touched with Lysol so my family wouldn’t catch it lol she was clearly not as worried about the spread of germs

    1. You just have to miss one pill for it to be ineffective for the month. So she could have thrown up her pill and then a few days later, had sex. I’m not saying she did that. She could have just as easily forgotten to take it, not actually take it at all, etc. I do think it is important to let people know that these kinds of things do make the pill less effective, just like antibiotics. Or last year, the eating charcoal phase… charcoal absorbs things from your stomach, making medications less effective.

      1. One pill makes it ineffective for the entire month? That doesn’t sound like it could really be true? If so I have been vastly misinformed.

  5. So did the pregnancy drive her nutso abusive ex mad? Getting pregnant my some other dude was probably smart if it keeps first baby daddy away, 🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. A very sweet baby! Why put those HUGE bows on her head? Surely it’s not comfortable? I can only liken it to falling asleep when your hair has been styled and waking up with your head hurting!

    1. A lot of moms including my aunt always does that once their baby girls come out of the wombs 😂

    2. It’s to not mistakenly (THE HORROR!) misgender the baby. Duggars are particularly fans of this “trend”, to me it looks ridiculous, not to mention the money you spend on this horrid things when you could have bought something far more useful for your newborn.

      1. A, I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks that. I’m all for individuality, expressing yourself, dressing how you feel comfortable and happy, but I’m sure the baby wouldn’t choose a gigantic bow on it’s beautiful newborn head. It seems like it’s squashing it’s tiny head (I know it’s not really) I haven’t noticed many here in the Uk. I mean, I’ve seen it, but not as common to see it on a newborn brutish baby! Xxx

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