‘Southern Charm’ Stars Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel Awarded Joint Custody of Their Kids By Judge After Patricia Altschul Spends “Hours” in Court Testifying

“It’s about time!” – Kensie and Saint (and everyone else who’s been trying to keep up with this case.)

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel’s forever-long custody battle may have finally come to an end.

No, seriously!

The Blast reports that, during a court hearing regarding custody and child support for the Southern Charm couple’s two children Kensie and Saint, a judge ruled that Kathryn and Thomas will share joint custody, with Thomas being the children’s primary legal custodian.

Kathryn will be allowed unsupervised visits, despite Thomas’ attempts to have her only see the children under court supervision.

In addition to the custody ruling, the judge ordered the exes to work together on the kids’ health issues, education and other important decisions. The couple must also attend a minimum of three co-parenting sessions with a counselor, and Kathryn agreed to cognitive behavior therapy as well. 

“Whatever it takes to wrap this thing up.”

As part of the ruling, Kathryn and Thomas have been ordered to not consume alcohol or abuse prescription drugs in the presence of their kids; use illegal drugs with anyone they are romantically involved in; or allow said romantic partners to stay overnight while the children are in their custody.

Of course, this is just a temporary order, so the pair’s bitter custody feud may pick up again at a later time.

As The Ashley previously told you, allegations of drug use have been made in the past on Thomas’s end, most recently after Kathryn allegedly tested positive for marijuana. Thomas has also accused Kathryn of allowing her boyfriend Hunter Price to stay overnight while the kids where in the house. In addition, they have both accused one another of drinking to excess. Because of this, the judge ruled that Kathryn and Thomas are allowed to request that the other be tested for drinking while they have custody of Kensie and Saint. 

The judge also ordered that Kathryn and Thomas not speak negatively about one another in front of Kensie and Saint or on social media. In addition, they may not allow anyone else to be called mother or father by the children and they cannot expose the children to violent or profane language.  

“There’s not really much to say if it’s not negative. This will be a challenge.”

Until a future hearing is held, neither Thomas nor Kathryn will be made to pay child support. 

Thomas and Kathryn weren’t the only Bravo-lebrities to make an appearance in the courtroom this week, as ‘Southern Charm’ matriarch Patricia Altschul reportedly spent hours in a court deposition regarding the case. 

“If only I could have sent Michael the Butler to court in my place.”

As The Ashley previously told you, Patricia was dragged into the messy custody battle at the request of Thomas. As part of the court deposition, Patricia was ordered to turn over texts and emails between herself and Kathryn as well as those between her and Luzanne Otte, who is Thomas’ ex-girlfriend. Thomas reportedly believes that Patricia has information on the women teaming up to accuse him of sexual assault. (As you may recall, one of those accusers is his children’s former nanny Dawn Ledwell—for which he is set to stand trial.) 

The day after she spent hours being deposed, Patricia was interviewed by The New York Times, during which, the subject of the custody hearing was broached. 

“Legally, I can’t make a comment because this is ongoing,” she said. “My hands are tied. I’d like to say a lot.” 

The ‘Southern Charm’ stars’ custody ruling follows a rough couple of weeks for Kathryn, who crashed her car August 2 while Kensie and Saint were both in the backseat. Less than a week later, her mother Allison Calhoun Dennis passed away a year after finishing chemotherapy treatments, according to The Blast. 

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  1. The only custody battle I cared about was Jenelle’s and when the gave her back the kids I lost all faith in the system.

    1. I agree. Sadly if Casey Anthony lived on the Land she never even would have had a trial. It’s like that state doesn’t have a slight concern for children.

  2. I thought she had joint custody already??? Didn’t that plan they did a few years ago, move her thru steps to getting 50/50 time?

  3. What is wrong with that court. Thomas is a know drug dealer. He has been sent to prison for drugs. So he is a convicted felon. But he gets joint custody. Really. South carolina and North Carolina dont give a dsmn about the safety of children. Janelle got her children back to after it’s well know she is a junkie and her husband violent. Guess they dont give a damn about the children. Also thomas doesnt even keep his children a nanny takes care of them in a house behind them. Great going. Who paid off these judges and children service workers.

  4. I think she didn’t tell T-Rav when she wreck her cat because he didn’t tell her when he got arrested when the kids were in his custody. The kids also weren’t injured so I probably would of done the same thing.

  5. She must be colossally f’d up for Thomas to get joint custody. I love the “use illegal drugs with anyone they are involved with” or when they are with the children. Other then that go ahead and knock yourself out while alone!

      1. Honestly, it seems like being with nannies is the best option for these kids. I wouldn’t trust either parent.

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