‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Screams During DUI Arrest That Cops Are “Ruining” Her Life & Threatens to Sue “Gross” Officers: Watch the Dashcam Footage (Updated)

“It’s not fair…that I can’t blame Thomas for this one.”

Kathryn Dennis was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and driving with an open container of alcohol earlier this week and now more details of the former Southern Charm star’s arrest have been released, in addition to some wild dashcam footage from the squad car of Kathryn accusing the cops of “ruining her life” and treating her “like an animal” among other things.

As The Ashley previously reported, Kat was arrested and booked into a South Carolina jail on Monday after she was involved in a three-car crash. Officers at the scene wrote in the police report that Kathryn smelled like alcohol and had “glossy eyes.” Radar Online  has obtained the police incident report, which states that Kathryn’s dog was present in the car when officers searched it…as were several empty bottles of liquor.

“I conducted a search of her brown dog bag and located several mini bottles of Fireball, some of which were open and empty,” the report states, adding that Kathryn was holding her dog as she was being checked out by paramedics after the car crash. “While standing near Ms. Dennis, I could smell an odor consistent with the odor of alcoholic beverages emanating from her.”

According to the police report, Kathryn denied drinking alcohol before the accident. (She later admitted she did drink alcohol, but claimed it happened “way earlier” in the evening.)

Kathryn stated that she went out to meet her friends and record for a podcast. The podcast didn’t end up happening so Kathryn said she went to a friend’s apartment instead.

“We weren’t doing nothing, Officer. Just a couple of good ol’ Southern girls doing Bible study and drinking Ovaltine, I swear!”

The police report states that Kathryn’s car allegedly rear-ended the car in front of her stopped at a light, causing that car to hit the car in front of it. One of the drivers of the other cars told police that his head hit the steering wheel after his car was rear-ended. (According to Radar Online, one of the drivers of the other vehicles is planning to press charges against Kathryn.)

Following the accident, Kathryn placed her dog in a patrol car and was given several field sobriety tests, including the “walk and turn” test. 

“I observed Ms. Dennis use her arm for balance and misses heel to toe on numerous occasions,” the officer wrote, adding that Kat also struggled with the part of the test where she is asked to stand on one leg. “I did observe Ms. Dennis use her arms for balance and [put] her foot down.”

After Kathryn completed the tests, the officer wrote that Kathryn was looking for her dog, and that he had to remind her that the dog was in the patrol car.

“Based on my observations, I determined that probable cause existed for the charge of Driving Under the Influence,” the officer wrote.

Once Kat arrived at police headquarters, she refused to submit to a breath test, and was taken to the Berkeley County Detention Center.

Kathryn’s muggy from this week’s arrest…

Based on police car dashcam footage obtained by TMZ, though, it was not a quiet ride to jail for Kathryn.

In the video, the mother of two tells the officers that, “Y’all are ruining my life. And my kids’ [lives].”

Kathryn, who is seen sitting with her hands cuffed behind her back in the backseat of the car, scolds the officers for not doing more tests to prove if she was drunk.

“Thanks for nothing. You didn’t even do a field sobriety test to know if you’re legit or not,” she says, adding, “You didn’t do a blood alcohol test. Maybe I don’t have the best balance in the whole wide world but you sure didn’t confirm what you were doing.” 

When the officer tells Kathryn that he will be asking her to do a blood alcohol test as soon as they get to the station, she then rants about her felon ex (whom we can assume is her baby daddy Thomas Ravenel, although she doesn’t specifically name him.) 

“I already know what comes next,” Kathryn said when she was told she would be asked to submit to the blood alcohol test. “I already know. I’m not stupid, I already know what’s happening. It’s stupid as s**t. Like, my ex is a felon, I know how this works.”

“That’s really not the flex you think it is, Kat.”

Kathryn then busted out her best “Cal from Titanic trying to get on a lifeboat” impression by reminding the cops she has a child…or two. (Kathryn shares son Saint and daughter Kenzie with Thomas.)

“It’s really messed up for you guys to just take people in, though, when they have kids because it could really affect their children’s lives,” Kathryn said. “Not my life, I don’t give a f**k about me, just my kids.”

Kathryn told the officers that she didn’t deserve to be under arrest. When they arrived at the police station, an officer unbuckled Kathryn’s seatbelt (since her hands were cuffed at the time), and the former ‘Southern Charm’ star accused the officer of being “gross” and “disgusting” for getting so close to her.

“You’re treating me like an animal!” she told him. “Get out of my face! Why are you so close to me?! You’re gross! You’re disgusting! Don’t touch me like that!”

To her credit, Kat didn’t mention the fact that she’s been on a D-list reality show…so there’s that…

The cop appeared unfazed, but Kathryn became irate and broke into tears when she remembered the officers had her dog.

“I want my dog!” she cried. “I want my puppy! Please let me have my puppy! He can’t go to the animal shelter, what do you mean?”

Kathryn then threatens to “sue the s**t” out of the officers and wails that her dog “means everything to” her.

“Please just let my puppy be OK!” she cries. “That’s my baby, please!”

Kathryn’s tears are short-lived, however, because she’s soon shown cussing and ordering the officers to take her back to the jail.
Kathryn’s next court date has been set for June 4.

You can watch the footage below! 

UPDATE! New video and photos allegedly taken at the scene of Kathryn’s crash show the horrific state of Kathryn’s car following the accident, as well as the state of the other vehicles involved. According to TikTok user @youknownat, who obtained the videos allegedly from someone who was at the scene— Kathryn’s small dog was allegedly ejected from her car during the crash, but appeared to be OK.

Watch the videos below.

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  1. Pretty sad that she cried and sobbed multiple times about how her dog was her everything in the world. What about your children ???

  2. I couldn’t care less about her, her kids are better off without her, it’s shame they are with the father as he’s a tw@

  3. Right. It’s everyone else’s fault that she is getting behind the wheel under the influence. It’s the cops fault that her children are affected according to Kathryn. She is as useless as Amber Portwood. She had the opportunity to get clean and have joint custody of her children. Instead she chose to continue drinking, doing drugs and choosing men. Now she has lost her children to a rapist. Who exactly will protect those kids? Not Kathryn clearly. She cares more about her puppy than her kids.

  4. She’ll never change. There’s a lot of mental health issues with her & unless she gets extensive therapy she will continue with this cycle.

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