Salon Cancels Jenelle Evans’ Cosmetic Company Launch Event After Learning of David Eason Dog Incident: Jenelle Claims She Cancelled It Herself

“Um, yes, hello…I was wondering if you have any event spaces open on September 9. I can pay you in hair feathers and old Kesha T-shirts!”

It’s been a rough few weeks for Jenelle Evans‘ assorted business ventures.

Just a week after the former Teen Mom 2 star lost a promo deal with Prana Mat over her past actions, the New York City salon that was supposed to host the launch of Jenelle’s makeup line, JE Cosmetics, pulled out. In a post made to Instagram on Saturday, the Flirt Beauty Boutique informed their followers that they were no longer hosting the event, after finding out about Jenelle’s past, as well as the dog-killing incident (allegedly) involving Jenelle’s husband David Eason.

The event, which was supposed to take place on September 9, was to include a DJ, food and free beauty services provided by the salon. 

“This event has been cancelled at our venue!” the salon wrote on its Instagram. “Our salon was unaware of what her and her husband have done or have been connected to, and in no way, would we support such brutality. We apologize for not doing out research beforehand.”

“Our salon, in no way, has any connection to, nor supports the brutality in which they are linked. We apologize for the miscommunication!” the salon wrote in response to another comment.

Jenelle’s haters applauded the salon for pulling out of the event. Jenelle, however, was not pleased and, on Sunday, told her own version of the events that went down. She claimed that she was the one who cancelled the event, due to the location being “leaked.” She claimed that the cancellation claims were just “rumors.”

“NOT CANCELLED!!! I know there are a lot of rumors circulating about the @jecosmeticsinc launch,” Jenelle wrote on Instagram. “The launch to the PUBLIC will be 09.19.19 , preorders will begin before that and soon will be announced. The launch party I’ve decided to do is a PRIVATE event. Do not believe the rumors others are posting onto their pages or into the media. No matter what I decide to do or no matter what happens… @jecosmeticsinc will launch to everyone on 09.19.19 and NOTHING will stop us! … on a side note how can someone “cancel” my event when I’m the owner? #Rumors”

(It should be noted that the event at Flirt Beauty Boutique was also a private event, so this is rather confusing.) 

“My @JECosmeticsInc launch is a private event. Now that the location was leaked/posted without consulting me about it we have decided to cancel our venue and change locations. #StayTuned.”

“Sure, Juh-nelle. Sure ya did!”

Fans weren’t buying her story, though. Many pointed out that it was Jenelle’s own PR agent/manager/thing Johnny Donovan who was spreading the word and posting about the event.

“It wasn’t ‘leaked.’ It was purposely posted,” one person replied.

Naturally, Jenelle had an explanation for that as well.

“The location and invite was posted to [my manager’s and the salon’s] page and I decided to change locations then [the salon] decided to use that ‘excuse’…I have other locations I’ve been scoping out for weeks. Want to make sure it’s perfect.”

She later added, “It was NOT me who posted it to begin without…WITHOUT my permission. I don’t see why the company would post a PRIVATE event to their page and don’t understand why I would tell all of you when I KNOW you guys will try to ruin it?”

Jenelle also denied the animal abuse claims made against her.

“How could you say that about someone when I was never charged with anything like that in my life?!” Jenelle wrote.

“I’m innocent I tell ya!”

Jenelle’s makeup line launch has been plagued with problems. A few months ago, a group of Jenelle’s haters purchased her cosmetic company’s domain name after Jenelle let it expire. The site,, is now dedicated to animal welfare organizations and info about Jenelle, David and their dog Nugget.

Jenelle’s promises that the show will go on didn’t receive much support on her social media.

“They’re probably nervous that Sasquatch will be there,” one person wrote. “The world wants NOTHING to do with you. Stay there on The Land and hide. You’ve ruined your family, your career and your life by staying with Sasquatch. Get a clue, you are POISON.”

“I reckon they mean me when they say Sasquatch?”

“The place in New York cancelled you having it in their facility,” another person wrote. “They didn’t cancel your launch, they just cancelled you!”

Other haters pointed out that this will likely happen wherever Jenelle tries to throw her launch party.

“Once ‘you’ leak the next event location, they will receive a ton of negative feedback and then ‘you’ (really that event space) will cancel that event and you will be left scrambling for the next event location,” another person wrote. “You might as well as just hold it on The Land in your kitchen and be done with it.”

“I mean…a launch on The Land wouldn’t be a bad idea. We could set up some chairs next to the swamp and such…”

Earlier this week, Jenelle issued a statement to Teen Mom Talk Now regarding the animal abuse allegations about her. She denied the claims, and even declared herself an avid animal lover!

“I’m being harassed by haters at the moment because of something that happened and wasn’t ever my fault to begin with,” she said. “I’m just doing my job as a mom everyday and taking care of my kids. I am continuing on with the next chapter in my life and would like all the hateful comments, false accusations, and fake reviews to stop. I have never abused an animal in my life and continued to be an avid animal lover. We now have been raising a little homestead at our house and I have learned a lot the past 6 months. Everyone needs to move on with their lives because we are too.”

“Dude… I wonder if Billy Bob’s Feed & Seed would let me host the event in their barn?”

In true Jenelle form, Jenelle took to Instagram on Sunday to post a photo of a person whom she claims is behind a lot of the backlash for the makeup line launch event. (The Ashley is not posting the person’s name or photo.)

“She is out to ‘SMEAR’ my name is every and anyway possible,” Jenelle wrote of the woman, whom she named in the Instagram post. “She’s making up lies and false accusations about me. Let’s put a stop to all the BS! #TeamJenelle I understand all of you have your opinions about me… but when you’re PURPOSELY trying to prevent me from WORKING… that’s a big problem with me. Need all the help I can get everyone. Thanks!”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Even if she wasn’t a total lying ass bitch, I still wouldn’t run out to buy her makeup! Who would want a piece of her cosmetic line? What does she know about beauty? She has the ugliest life imaginable.

  2. So glad everybody is not helping the dog killers. Her and David both need to get out and get 9-5 jobs. Just because he has a skin problem doesn’t mean he can’t work. Both of you are poor excuses for humans.

  3. I’m the owner, leave me aloooone!

    You don’t own that salon J. You were kicked out before you even got in.

  4. She is disgusting, posting someone’s name and her husbands on Instagram!!! She just doesn’t get it!

  5. And for anyone wondering, Jenelle partnered with Pinnacle Cosmetics for distribution. She only has a branding package. The cosmetics themselves are mass produced and entirely unremarkable, shipped in small batches with customized logos and packaging. Small companies must prepay for their orders, and Jenelle’s Business Manager is running this like a pyramid scheme by charging people for their orders and holding the money j til they have enough to place another order with Pinnacle. Then fulfilling the earliest orders only, which were paid for with the newest orders. They are also tied up in credit card dispute hell because people are cancelling payments after not receiving shipping confirmations weeks after they were charged.

      1. She won’t. Somehow she is consequence repellant, and the authorities have no interest in holding her accountable for her actions. Even if this is discovered to be fraudulent business she will just throw her BM under the bus and escape responsibility yet again.

        1. Consequence repellant = good lawyers. Eventually she’ll run out of money and her can of consequence repellant will then be empty. The she and Lurch will have to face consequences for their actions.

          In the meantime, her smugness following the custody hearing was sickening so her money can’t run out soon enough. For the good of her children and society.

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    You are a selfish piece of shit. You can’t live without a Mann and you can’t even find a good one at that. You have to date loosers because real men wouldn’t touch you. Its a shame those kids have to be subjected to you. Comb that little girls hair or put something cute on her. She’s already doomed look at her she looks like a mix from cousins. Your a hillbilly

        1. I remember that, jace’s little face, a mixture of shock, bewildered and sadness.

          The liar accused her son of being the liar.

  7. To be clear Jenelle, hey didn’t just cancel your booking because of the Nugget incident. They cancelled it because after a minimal amount of effort they were able to see that you are a garbage human and have been for many years. And your husband is a garbage human. And together you turn the lives of everyone you encounter to shit, including your business contacts and especially your families.

    And your ignorant “they’re all haters and jealous because you’re such a good mom” fan club might believe your story because they are too dumb to understand the difference between promotion and a leak, those of us with actual business sense and experience know that you are 💯 full of shit and grasping at straws.

    Your world is burning around you. Dance fool, dance.

  8. Regardless if the location was posted, people would still know where the location was being held at, because people would see your SM posts while you were there. Also, people would see you while at the location and post it on SM. Again, paparazzi would be at the airport and follow you to the location and everyone would know where it was being held at.

    The domain was up for grabs for anyone in the world to legally purchase. It is not stealing, hacking. I didn’t renew my domain name once and it was bought by someone else, so I had to think of a new name for my blog and purchase a different domain name. Domain sites don’t care who purchases the domain name. It’s your responsibility to make the payments every year. If you were on top of your business you would’ve had the renew automatically option turned on! It obviously wasn’t. Or the credit card in file was expired. In which they email you letting you know. It’s your fault. No one else’s. (My blog was tiny, so I didn’t really care that I lost the domain name.) In all, be real. This makeup line is a flop and will/would never take off anyway. You’re no Jeffree Star. Look at the millions of dollars he puts into his makeup line. You only have probably a few thousand to put into yours.

    Btw. Why did Jenelle even stop production of the makeup when it first launched? I saw a handful of people that bought it and posted pics of it. Did she get tired of the work and just bail on it? Because she was on MTV and was getting easy money and didn’t want to actually work and keep the makeup going?

  9. Failed cosmetics launch?

    Jeez. Dunno, Jenelle. Maybe you could try giving Mary Kay a call.

    They’re not into animal killing either — but I hear they’re always hiring.


  10. Sure Jenelle, that makes sense. Because of course a commercial enterprise would want to keep their launch “private”. Wouldn’t want the riff raff trying to buy your makeup.

  11. She is fulll of it, nobody wants to work with het or her husband they are just screwed all over. I hope nobody is stupid enough to buy her shit. Then again u have the red necks like them that support it.

  12. It was NOT me who posted it to begin without…WITHOUT my permission. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Sure chinelle like what you posted about Colin, when nessa called you out, you stated then it was posted on your page by someone else!!!!!

    Your a fucking born liar.

    Those kids stand no chance with you and lurch.

  13. Lurch should get a job at the prison tuck shop, selling his home made shiv’s.
    And Morticia’s make up, to cover up the inmates bruises..

        1. I am good. The more Ex-Teen Mom suffers, the happier I am. Have you seen this? The Dog Murderer (according to this Ex-Teen Mom) is coaching the football team that Kaiser is on.

          1. It’s on her facebook page. The link is waiting for moderation. I just put it up. Picture and all. And what she wrote will make you vomit!

  14. So riddle me this..

    If Jenelle cancelled her event, of her own free will, why the fuck is she whining and sniveling on Instagram about how this lady is “smearing” her and “trying to prevent” her from working? Aww, poor Jenelle! Why won’t they just leave you alooooooooooooooooone!!!!!!? 😭🤣

    Hmm, maybe it’s because you’re a fucking psychotic animal abusing, child neglecting, serial dick hopper who has literally chosen drugs and penis over her kids? Could that possibly be it?

    What kind of mother gaslights her own child like you did with Jace and the gun incident? That’s right, you’re that kind of “mother“, Jenelle. Let’s talk about Kaiser and how you just turn your head to the fact that your dead-eyed, hee-hawin’, dog-killin’, racist, sack of flaccid dicks, wife-beatin’ fuck of a husband called your toddler “a screaming little bitch and you still married him- subjecting that child to all the rage and hate David has for Nathan and clearly takes out on his son whenever he can.

    Honestly, without the MTV money or your mom, you’re the type of bitch that would’ve sold her baby for a bag of smack. You and Keiffahh would have chosen the nod over that little boy and we all know it. You’re slightly elevated trailer trash that has the biggest karmic payback ever just waiting in the wings. In 10 years, your oldest son will refuse to speak to you, your youngest son will finally get to choose who he wants to live with and Ensley will be old enough to hopefully tell a teacher or a doctor of the horrors her parents have subjected her to. It’ll be fucking awesome. You’ll wind up a broken mess, weeping over the sodden graves of the (no doubt), numerous pets your 15th soulmate has slaughtered, abandoned by your kids, left to rot on your precious sinking land and pitied by the masses, and it will be glorious.

    1. @BRUJA…
      I love the honesty and bluntness.

      You’ve done it again, 🙂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

      1. Thanks, hon. I thought it might be a little dark but it was time to lay it down. Jenelle avoids following recommendations, so I don’t offer her any. Just my opinions,

    2. Yes Bruja! 🙌🙌 Perfectly stated. I will feel no sympathy when all of this occurs either, because she got it ALL coming😊

      1. Me either. In fact, I think she’ll live on a diet consisting of Tummy Tea and tears. ☕ 😢

        I. Can’t. Wait.

  15. 🤦🤥🤷 I mean – REALLY??? Who Jenelle think she is fooling?? She needs to wake up and just remove herself and the kids and file for divorce from “Sasquatch and the Land”! Plain and simple! Turn ALL animals on the “Land” over to ASPCA, and fess up the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth on everything having to go with Nugget!

  16. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]

    1. Did you really just come here with your caps lock, f-bomb loaded tirade talking about “my mama always says“.

      *insert NathanGriffith.gif* 👉🏽 Stop.It.

    2. You need to shut the fuck up, she puts her life out there, and those that praise or disapprove watched the show and have every right to their opinion.

      Also take your own advice and shut your mouth, blotta Tonsils.

    3. Well, my mama always said if you can’t say something nice, say something cruel. 😂 Think you’re on the wrong site if you are expecting a cake full of rainbows and smiles here.

      1. I like the line from Steel Magnolias

        If you can’t say something nice, come sit next to me. 🙋🏽‍♀️ 😁

    4. SHERLL – Listen up, Butter cup! I can not speak for everyone else but I CAN & WILL speak for ME!

      Since 16 & Pregnant, I have been pushing & praying & hoping for Jenelle to get her head outta her butt! But it don’t matter cuz Jenelle don’t care! JENELLE is the one RUINING Jenelle! I am beyond over all her little pity parties she posts all over SM! She CHOOSES to make bad choices regarding herself, her children, her pets, her family, her men & how she makes her income! I can only support & root for her for so long & I am BEYOND OVER IT!!

      I will say how I fell about her, as well as the rest of the ppl commenting on how she lives and treats others! There is NO MORE being nice and sparing her feelings! She needs to be called out on her crap! And I will gladly do it! She calls Jace a liar & MTV has all the footage proof he was telling the truth & JENELLE WAS LYING! MTV has more than enough footage proof of her 1 true love (🤢) abusing Raiser! Jenelle HERSELF & her 1 true love put it all over SM THEMSELVES about the whole Nugget thing! She IS mentally ill but then attacks her own siblings for their issues! She went and trashed Colin on SM when she has NO clue what he was actually kneeling for and got called out at the reunion by his gf, denied it and ran off the stage crying, saying she didn’t know what she was talking about and also said someone else hacked into her SM and posted it! JENELLE EVANS EASON IS HER OWN WORST ENEMY!!! It is NOT us for calling her out and speaking our feelings!

      You want us to play nice with Jenelle, here is MY list of steps that you can pass on to her…
      1) Publicly appologize to Colin and his gf.
      2) Publicly appologize to her mom, bro & sis for trashing them.
      3) Publicly appologize to Cathy Clark for trashing her & acusing her of all this bs over the Damn make-up.
      4) Divorce Sasquatch.
      5) Personally & then publicly appologize to Jace for calling him a liar.
      6) Press charges against Sasquatch for all abuses done to Kaiser.
      7) Hand over custody of Kaiser.
      8) Hand over custody of Ensley…and NOT to Sasquatch!!
      9) Tell the Damn truth publicly on what REALLY happened to Nugget, ALL OF IT!!
      10) Hand over ALL animals in her possession to the ASPCA.
      11) Check herself into a deep intense therapy center for 12 months!
      12) Buy a vibrator.

      If ya could relay these 12 requests to Jenelle, THAT would be wonderful!! So until these requirements are all met, do NOT tell us we need to be nicer to her!

      You have a wonderful day now, ya hear! 👍✌🤘

  17. Jenelle, we reap what we sow. I’m sure you don’t know what that means, just a little something to keep in mind.

  18. Killing the dog was bad,but there were so many things about her behavior and character before the dog incident that should’ve been a clue

  19. She should probably target her demographic. Maybe start a business selling wife-beaters (white tank tops for men) or gun related merchandise. just a thought.

  20. Time to get a job at McDonald’s, Janelle. She is so desperate. It’s her fault- she could’ve kept her MTV check but she screwed up when she chose her dog murderer husband.

  21. Is anybody else wondering why the poster for this event has the “launch” date as September 9–as does the jecosmetics IG–but Jenelle has now posted September 19 in her IG statement re the venue? To the extent anyone gives a f— about her shitty products, this will surely become a source of confusion. FFS, Jenelle, get a professional do the communicating with the public.

  22. Thanks for the clarification! I dont know the law or loopholes or legalities. It just seems wrong that a public figure can use a following to hunt down info publically. There are crazy people out there who now know this womans name, city and picture

  23. You may not have laid your hands on your dog yourself, but you sure as hell were complicit in the aftermath. Even making excuses for your whackjob husband. Girl, you and David need to be looking for real jobs.

  24. Why does this half-moon faced twat even have a makeup line? Anytime I saw her on tv or in stills from the show she’s a shabby mess. Who would want to look like her?

    1. This is what I want to know – who on earth thought a cosmetic collab with someone who got knocked up at 16 and has proceeded to make the worst life decisions was a GOOD move? Regardless of what happened to Nugget, Jenelle doesn’t have experience with/in makeup… if anything, using Chelsea would have made more sense. I’d like to know the brand/line who partnered up with her so I can boycott and trash them too. They are giving money to a dog killer. Period. Full stop.

    2. “Half moon faced twat”


      Yassssssss! 🌛 I’m fucking trying not to die at work as I read this.

  25. I’m thinking that perhaps being a “public figure” that asking your rabid fans to hunt down a woman on face book, steal her photo and post personal info just might be a monumental lawsuit in the making. I’m not an attorney but this is not going to go well for JE. Any attorneys out there?

    1. @justalonglaydown
      I too can’t wait till Jenelle disappears flat on her face somewhere, so don’t kill the messenger.
      No, basically Jenelle is asking people to find info on this lady and send the info to Jenelle.. nothing illegal about it, she’s too cheap to hire a Private investigator to do it.
      Now, Jenelle and her company are NOT one of the same, the business stands separate from Jenelle Eason. For example, say the make up gets someone very sick- that person wouldn’t be suing Jenelle, they’d sue the company.. this being one reason you keep your business insurance paid, etc.
      IF IF IF this lady is slandering Jenelle’s products with false information just because she doesn’t like Jenelle the person… She could be receiving some unwanted hand delivered mail. I highly doubt this happens, it’s too hard to prove.
      Keep in mind, anyone can sue anyone if you want to fork over the money, that doesn’t mean you win.
      Also, the court is not a collection department, you can be awarded millions, if they don’t have it .. good luck seeing a cent.

      1. Thanks for the clarification! I dont know the law or loopholes or legalities. It just seems wrong that a public figure can use a following to hunt down info publically. There are crazy people out there who now know this womans name, city and picture

  26. Did anyone notice she’s doing a preorder for her cosmetics? That means that the factory isn’t willing to take the chance that she can sell her cosmetics. She will need to sell a certain amount of product before they will even make it! If she doesn’t hit that quota it will get cancelled, or she will need to pay to have the rest of it made. If she does that then she will have a bunch of product she can’t sell. I don’t see to many people buying her cosmetics. When will she learn that followers don’t automatically equal customers? Most of her followers are “hatters” lol

  27. Show of hands…is there an actual #teamJenelle following anymore?? Face facts Jenelle, you and your psycho husband need to start filling out applications. Your social media hawk days are done.

  28. There are perfectly nice people out there who get kidnapped by freaks and have sick shit done to them, while these professional procreator borefests keep thinking they matter to literally anyone other than the people paying them to hawk their diarrhea tea on IG.

    I’d watch them if we make a show called Bad People Island where we release these self-important chimps on an island with limited resources except for tapeworms and feral criminals.

    Wait, sorry, forgot Lurch and Juhnelle are totes survivalists and steaders 🙄

    Ugh, gag me.

  29. *takes a deep breath


  30. This pathetic excuse for a woman/mother will NEVER get it.
    Jenelle, Everything you accuse others of… YOU are guilty of doing. You are not even close to being a innocent person. *Can you read and comprehend that?
    Posted Fake Reviews ✔️
    Hateful Comments ✔️
    Harassment ✔️
    False accusations ✔️

    Seriously Jenelle, Get the F*** over yourself and get some therapy. Millions of people are not Haters, they just see through your Lies and crap.

  31. Lolololololol she deserves everything she gets and people will never stop. No one will ever support her or her psychotic husband. Animal lover but was filmed abusing her and nathan’s dogs. She is so delusional it’s pathetic

  32. Who cares if she finds a place for the party, who’s going to buy her shit?
    Jenelle, you need to gather up your eggs and garden vegetables and set up a stand at the fork in the road, maybe you can pull in $24 a day.

  33. Jenelle you idiot, you’re on camera abusing Nathan’s dog. MTV had you make a PSA announcement about it and how you wouldn’t do it again.

    Drugs done fried your brain.

  34. Good, I’m glad to hear this location pulled out of hosting the launch. I hope no one hosts the launch and the company quickly goes bankrupt too. Jenelle lies all the time. I roll my eyes all the time with Pinnocio’s stupid explanations.

        1. I saw on YouTube texts supposedly from lurch to a friend, asking for help in getting rid of the dogs, before the cops came to the land.

          In those texts he stated only he and jenelle knows about this.

          1. Oh wow. I recently (this past year) finally got a Twitter account, but don’t follow any of these folks.

            Actually, there are very few TV shows I do follow and none of them are reality based shows. Inget all my social media news from here or Reddit, lol. I’m a horror movie and book junkie for the most part, and while I use YouTube on occasion for the odd clip or something, I never read the comments! Now I’ll start paying attention.

            Thanks for the explanation, hon. I figured something fucked up happened. That’s sad. Pets deserve so much more from the people that they trust to love and care for them. Hell, I just spent 4 days syringe hydrating my 16 yr old cat because he was too ill to hold up his head and drink on his own. Every 3 hours, round the clock for 4 days. If someone ever hurt him.. well, lets just say it wouldn’t end well for them. 😡

            Fuck people who hurt animals and children. Fuck ’em hard.

          1. I hate animal abuse myself, I have 3 dogs ( all rescues) the latest one, until I had her, had never been outside before, I had to hand feed her, her ears and teeth omg poor little more, I’ve sorted out her ear problem, her teeth will cost me an absolute fortune in vets fees, she’s nervous of other people and after several months of being with me, she’s still scared of other people, she is how ever eating from her bowl, well sometime anyway.
            She’s booked in to be spayed which is also expensive.
            I just need to save more money for her dental treatment ( which is going to be around £500.00 British pounds)
            I can’t for the life of me, comprehend why anyone would abuse or neglect any animal….

  35. Good luck at your launch party with just you David and your friend Katrina. Since you’ve have out casted everyone else in your life!

  36. Damn Jenelle just give it up already. Sell the trailer and the swamp its sitting on. Then you will have money to pay your rent somewhere else. Bankruptcy takes a long time. Jenelle you had it made and dumb you listened to everything D had to say. No money, living on the streets, no kids, no car, and more than likely in jail is your future. SMDH!!!
    I thought your mom was against you?
    Team Jenelle? Where you get that? Team Griffith!!! #give it up #nobody cares#nugget

  37. It amazes me that her and Lurch actually think a public business venture is going to work for them. You can’t give your middle finger to the public over and over again (both through your abhorrent behavior and your literal antagonist provocations online) and expect people to buy whatever crap your hawking. Even a TM darling like Chelsea would struggle with something like a cosmetic line. (Simply because thats an oversaturated market to begin with and I don’t think many people look at the TM girls as fashion/beauty pioneers.) It’s like all of the TM girls (well, women) think that their very small following of supporters really means something. Well, it doesnt. Most people view all of you as cautionary tales. None of them are smart enough to understand that either. Not all attention is good attention.

    1. I know, she doesn’t need anyone to “SMEAR” her name, she and her husband do a great job of that on their own. I can’t believe she’s trying to call an army of ppl to bully this person. She is so disgusting

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