Amber Portwood’s Ex Andrew Glennon Demands Amber Pay Him $125K in Back Child Support, $20K in Lawyer Fees & Weekly Child Support

“I could also use some new shoes, too, Ambie!” 

As the nasty custody war between Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon wages on, Andrew is demanding that the Teen Mom OG star cough up a hefty sum of cash. 

According to The Sun, Andrew is demanding that Amber pay him $125,000 in back child support, $20,000 to cover his lawyer fees, as well as regular weekly child support for their three-year-old son, James. 

As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, Andrew currently lives in Amber’s Indiana home with James, while Amber resides in a rental house and has scheduled visitation with her son.

“Pay up, rill woman.”

The 37-year-old believes Amber owes him child support dating back to July 9, 2019, totaling $125,198. Andrew is requesting that Amber repay this amount in $1,000 monthly payments. As for the $20,000 in attorney fees, Amber was asked to reimburse the money within 30 days. 

What Andrew is trying to do to Amber’s cash…

Andrew’s request was divulged during his and Amber’s two-day court hearing last month leading up to the judge’s ruling on the former couple’s final custody arrangement. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Andrew recently alerted the courts that he wants to move to California and take his and Amber’s son with him. Andrew’s proposed move would reduce Amber’s visitation with her son to three, 10-hour visits a month in California, despite Amber residing in Indiana. 

During that same hearing, Andrew claimed that he was unable to get a job in Indiana in his desired field of cinematography, and claimed had three job offers waiting for him in California. Upon being cross-examined by Amber’s lawyer, however, Andrew admitted that none of the job offers he has are cinematography jobs. (He stated that one job offer is a real estate job; however, Andrew admitted he does not currently have a real estate license.) 

At the hearing, Amber and her legal fought back against Andrew’s proposed plan.  

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21 Responses

  1. Amber really should have seen grifter Andrew coming. He did not deserve what she did to him and the custody arrangements seem appropriate for the situation however I would say that him living in her house, with her paying the costs, Is child support. Most single parents have actual jobs, he has chosen not to work.
    Leigh can’t move due to child access, and I can see this going the same way as well. Or he would be at least be ordered to be the one in charge of dragging James back and forth.
    This move is not even fully independent, he is moving into his mums house-I bet the job offers are arranged by her as well!

    1. I have a feeling that his reasoning for not working in Indiana is that he doesn’t have free childcare that he trusts there (in Cali, his mom would do it) and/or he can’t afford to send James to professional daycare and Amber isn’t going to pay half the costs for her kid to sit in daycare when she would offer to do it for free, or he’s worried that James won’t be safe in daycare because Amber might try to visit or pick him up, and/or he’s worried that if James starts spending significant portions of his time at daycare that Amber is going to go to the courts and say that if James isn’t with Andrew he should be with her and he doesn’t want her in charge of watching that baby because she’s unstable and a lazy, easily frustrated mom.

      These are just my guesses and they’d be things that I would worry about if I were raising a child and trying to keep them protected from their abusive crazy other parent, AND I was alone with all my friends and family that I would actually trust with my child 2000+ miles away. I would not work and be my baby’s full time protector, or I would actually rather move back home to where my family is so that I can finally work and have a social life again without having to worry about my child being contacted or hurt by their crazy parent while I was gone because my child would be with my family members whose I trust.

  2. You know, I don’t particularly like Amber, but this dude sounds like a straight loser. Why can’t he work? I am a single parent of three and I work… I also get VERY minimal child support ($500 a month) but my sons’ dad is very active in their life, takes them every other weekend and buys certain things for them. I don’t go for more because A0 I’m capable of working and B) I want to keep the peace because that’s more worth it to me than money. I want to maintain a good relationship with my sons dad because we work together for what’s best for our kids. SMH. There comes a time where you need to grow up and go get it yourself instead of asking for it from someone else. Why on earth should he get $250 a week?! Talk about entitled seeing as he already doesn’t have to pay for rent as he lives in her house… Also, a job offer isn’t exactly a job offer (real estate) if you don’t have a license to actually do what you were hired to do LOL. I’d also never move my children away from their father. This Andrew dude is a straight loser.

  3. Is he paying rent..making mortgage payments…paying anything for that roof over his head?
    I think the child support should be a wash…sounds like she supported 2 children. (Not that she should have custody of a houseplant let alone a child)

  4. Andrew is the lesser of the two evils, but he’s acting kinda dipshitty with all that. Amber can still get lost.

  5. If she really didn’t pay child support in the amount of $125,000 then yes he should get it. But in $1,000 payments. That makes no sense. It would make more sense in $5,000 installment or lump sum. Also, Amber isn’t smart with her money, get it now while she still has it.

    Also, I have a feeling that since Andrew is living in Amber’s home, she’s not paying full child support, because she’s paying the mortgage on the house he’s living in.

    1. She paid what was court ordered but he feels he should get a lot more.
      He wants over $1250 a week, plus 250 a week for what he feels she owes him, plus 20K, plus a free house to live in, incl HOA fees etc.
      On top of that, he wants to move to Cali and have Amber pay for her flight out three times a month, to see her son for 10 hours.

      He possibly also feels he deserves a great car and the finer things in life because he purposely got an unstable woman with a history of violence with a good income pregnant. For which he, by the way, happily moved for to Indiana.
      He quit his career to be a day trader from the comfort of home, with her money.
      He hasn’t even looked for a job in Indiana. Amber told him he could work in a factory and I hope the judge tells him something along those lines too.

      1. I mean the jobs he applied for in Califonia was like real estate agent. You can be a real estate agent anywhere.

        Take the test and apply for some agency, I think the fact that he’s Indiana famous might work for him. Like set up a social media, and just post about houses your selling, instant contacts.

        But from what we saw him on camera, he has the personality of a sloth, so I see what Amber saw in him, but it wouldn’t work for real estate.

        Like they need substitute teachers so badly in most states they are calling in the national guard to do it and drive the buses. Some states are paying people $30/hr to drive a school bus.

        There are options, he just doesn’t want to look.

        If he was smart he would have gotten a job in California and then applied to move, and since he has proof that the job will pay and lead to more opportunities and he has family support, it would have been a better argument than I could possibly maybe if I try to have an easier time in California. Like what?

  6. I would think if he lives in her house, that should cover child support. Because he’s not paying rent to her. Not an Amber fan,but that doesn’t seem right at all! He needs to quit being a mooch and get a job & so does Amber! He knew what he was doing when he got with her. I honestly think this was his plan from the start.

  7. He should be able to move least he could work. Amber been using kids for years for paycheck. Mtv needs to fire her quit enabling her pathetic ways. Whole show should be canceled teaches nothing but its ok to have multiple kids by multiple men. Kids deserve semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for parents

    1. You mean the maybe possibly if I applied jobs that may or may not be set up??? Give me a fucking break! He hasn’t even TRIED to look for a job in Indiana because he’s a “stay at home dad”. Treat him like you would the moms! He can put James in daycare and get a real job! It’s what he would have to do in Cali!

  8. James has two losers for parents.

    Andrew, you haven’t had a job in YEARS, and there is NO reason for it.

    Amber…well, after your recent book, you’re a self destructive asshole, but take some parenting classes and also – GET A REAL JOB and purpose.

    Put your kid first, and let him see his parents work together. Family therapy <– Start there.

  9. $1000 a month for 125 months. 10 years.

    Lol Andrew if you think Amber will have 2 shiny nickels in 10 years.

  10. So does that indicate she hasn’t been paying child support even though she was ordered to? Jesus . I’m definitely not an Andrew fan but if the situation were reversed people would be calling him a deadbeat dad so I guess Amber gets the deadbeat award as well.

    1. July 2019 was when they had the machete attack. So it seems he’s trying to go back further than what the courts ordered. She’s still a deadbeat. They’re both idiots. Poor baby James!

      1. This dude 100% knew what he was doing when he got with Amber and purposely got her knocked up FOR THIS VERY REASON. You will never convince me otherwise.

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