EXCLUSIVE! Person Close to Amber Portwood Speaks Out Regarding Andrew Glennon’s Plan to Move Amber’s Son To California

How Amber and Andrew’s conversation about this custody plan went…probably…

Amber Portwood‘s loved ones are speaking out, defending the Teen Mom OG star after her baby daddy Andrew Glennon alerted the courts that he wants to move to California— and take their three-year-old son James with him.

As The Ashley previously reported, Andrew’s plan was revealed during a custody hearing held last month. Andrew stated that he wants to bring James to California– and reduce Amber’s visitation with her son to three, 10-hour visits a month— visits that Andrew demands take place in California. At the hearing, Amber (who lives in Indiana) and her legal team fought back against Andrew’s proposed plan.

After the story was published, a source close to Amber spoke out about the situation to The Ashley.

The source stated that Andrew’s proposed parenting plan would not only keep James from Amber the majority of the time, but also from her family in Indiana, which includes James’ half-sister Leah, whom Amber shares with Gary Shirley. (In a recent interview with The Ashley, Amber stated that James is very close to Leah, as well as Gary and his wife Kristina, whom he considers to be his aunt and uncle.) 

“Amber wants 50/50 custody so James can have both his parents in his life,” the source told The Ashley. “She loves her kids more than anything and sees no reason why her son should be separated from his mother.” 


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As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Amber and Andrew have been locked in a nasty custody battle over James for years. In February 2021, Amber requested a change to the pair’s existing custody agreement, which would allow her overnight visits with James once he turned three–- which he did in May 2021. A month later, the exes were ordered to resolve their custody issues out of court within 60 days, but they were unable to do so. The latest hearing took place over two days in March, and the custody case is ongoing.

“…to get a designated parking spot at the courthouse, because this custody battle will never end!” 

The source told The Ashley that Amber has meticulously followed the custody agreement since it was created several years ago.

“Amber is not the same person she used to be,” the source stated. “She’s been fighting for James for 2.5 years and done everything that’s been asked of her.”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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  1. This is more of a personal opinion of one of the cast that’s in the birthing tub and doesn’t want her to have any medicine and I think his name is Jason he’s not having the baby if she’s uncomfortable he’s an ass he needs to think of the safety of his girlfriend as well as the child that she’s about to deliver. I have no respect for him and obviously he has no respect for her he’s not the one having a baby

  2. So he’s been living in a home owned by Amber and now wants to move to a home owned by his mother….. Where did his own money go if he can’t even buy his own house.

  3. So if you have a child with someone and you have full custody because the other parent is not able to take care of the child then you also have a life sentence? Your life is over and you’re being held hostage? Every person has the right to go wherever he pleases. Amber is unfit to be a mother. And Andrew should just be able to find a job and live wherever he wants.

  4. If Amber wanted 50/50 she would have got it already. I truly believe Kristina when she says Amber doesn’t know Leah’s doctor’s name, or when she last went to the dentist, or who is the coach to her soccer team, who her best friend is or her teacher’s name.

    I don’t believe she knows that about James either.

    Being a mother is more than just giving birth to a child.

    Honestly, both her kids are better off without the fear of physical violence, which is something Amber grew up around her father used to abuse her mother, and she claims how much it f*cked her up, but beating both her baby daddies in front of the kid is fine if she does it.

  5. People on here so mad at Andrew they forget what a piece of shit Amber really is. However, you cannot change the fact that Andrew makes sure that kid is fed, has medical care, & a home to live in. He takes care of him while Amber remains glued to her couch & continues to be the social media attention whore she is. She’s always been unstable & always will be. This is why she doesn’t have her kids. UNFIT.

  6. He I’ll be able to leave he worked in the film industry before he met her everyone’s angry that she’s paying for everything however his job sources in California his entire family is in California and frankly they’re not in the news acting like psychos 24 seven so I think James will be better off being raised around his family and less around hers and the people she claims his family because she pays their bills with her antics

    1. The job offers he claims to have in Cali are not in his industry. Two are sales, one in real estate (while he is not even allowed to work as a real estate agent).
      He didn’t even look for a job in Indiana. He claims to be too busy for it.

  7. Additionally, Andrew chose to move to Indy and chose to have a baby with Amber. He doesn’t get to change his mind now, after James has always lived in Indy and has loved ones there. It would have to be proven it is best for James for them to go to Cali, and that will be very hard to do

  8. Amber and Andrew both suck so I think they should all stay in Indy so that James has Leah. My guess is she will end up being the most stable adult in his life.

    If Leah could go to Cali too I’d be all for that

  9. Amber should be able to have 50/50 custody with James he seems like he is a very controlling man and needs to let go and give his son a chance to be with his mom whom carried him for9months then gave birth to that child it is only fair a child needs there momma just as much as he needs a daddy give her her child back sad sad sad of him as Father to do this to a momma………………

    1. Amber has NEVER been a good mom, to either of her children. She is a horrible person that dug the hole she’s currently in, herself. No matter what people think about Andrew (not necessarily fond of him myself, never have been) he has been the ONLY parent James has ever had in his life. He is the only parent that takes care of him, loves him, looks after him, feeds him, makes sure he gets to the doctor when he needs, reads him stories, plats with him and generally does everything that parents should…and he does it for the both of them.

      Amber is a POS and is absolutely lying about the relationship she has with with Leah who is so over it at this point. Amber doesn’t have custody or even regular visitation with either of her children, for good reason. The courts disagree with your assessment of her ability to parent. She can’t even manage parenting for a single day, how the hell is she going to handle 50/50 custody?

  10. I get that it sucks if Andrew and James go to live in California, but at the same time, Andrew has had to live in Indiana for years, where he literally knew no one except Amber. And that sucks for him.
    And it definitely sucks that James won’t see Leah/Gary/Amber much if he moves, but right now he doesn’t get to see any of his relatives in California.
    Makes you really think about having a child with someone across the country from you. It’s not fair on either side if it plays out like this.
    Still, bottom line for me is it doesn’t seem fair that Andrew has to get stuck in rural Indiana for the rest of his life when everything he knows is in California – all because he is the one who didn’t lose custody of the child.

    1. He didn’t HAVE TO be in Indiana with her. That’s where she’s always lived. He chose to knock up an unstable ex felon he “fell for” while filming her trainwreck codependent and addict relationship to Matt Baier. He has chosen to live in her house and not work and he chooses to exploit the kid on GoFundMe.

      Andrew is the worst kind of asshole, who hooks up with someone he knows he can wind up and punish, use and manipulate so he comes out a victim.

      Amber is a mess, but Andrew is way more dangerous for James as he grows up.

    2. Andrew had no issues moving there and live with Amber with not having to work and even money to gamble a bit with as daytrader.

  11. Amber missed half of her visitation and would give excuses like it was raining. Amber has no interest in being a mother. She only interacts with her kids for social media praise. If the situation was reversed and Andrew had abused Amber he wouldn’t even be allowed to see James. He would have family support in California and his family matters too, not just Amber’s family. James should get to have a relationship with Leah but Gary and Kristina are nothing to James. They’re only in his life because Amber goes to their house so much with James so they’ll take care of him. Amber is a complete piece of shit mom.

    1. What’s it like to be around them so very much? I mean, surely you must personally know them since you seem to know all this information…especially the part of Gary and Kristina taking care of James when Amber visits them. I’m not trying to be rude I’m generally asking how well you know them irl to have all this information. Or was all this stuff just things you’ve read from haters?

      1. hey egg donor or pr of egg donor don’t embarrass urself this way, the biological mother of 2 and who knows how many embryos you sit on a couch as a way of life, what else do we need as prove

    2. I agree with a lot of what you said, but I thought James actually goes to Kristina and Gary’s as his daycare. I could be wrong but I think he’s there every day w/ them, so he does have a close relationship with them. Not just Leah.

    3. Bubbe lives in Florida and Amber isn’t that close with her mom, who spent like the entire two weeks on Marriage Boot Camp trying to get her opioids, and was detoxing the entire time.

      The only reason Gary and Kristina have a relationship with James is because of the off chance Amber goes to pick up James, she drives him over to Gary’s farm, and dumps him on them.

      Leah and Amber don’t even have a relationship, if Gary and Andrew were smart they would work out a situation where James could meet up with Leah without needing Amber, and then her reason to be in their lives so she can keep siblings together would be thrown out.

      But Gary has learned that if he wants to say on the show and have a huge paycheck he plays Amber’s game, even to a point where he enables her bad behavior, Because we know if the mom goes so do all the other characters. And AMber is a cut your nose to spite your face kinda girl.

  12. If the tables were turned no one would bat an eye at the woman moving away with her kid. Let’s not forget Amber doesn’t have custody of either kid for many reasons. Andrew has money through his family and doesn’t need Amber’s money. I have a feeling she sees the baby for the bare minimum and even in the past it came out she was canceling half her visits. She tried to kill Andrew with the baby around. Why are people still defending her?

  13. Can you imagine Amber is paying for everything, including his lawyer. She better start doing something to keep her job.

    1. Exactly. While I think the move comes across as cruel, it would be in Amber’s best interest not to fight this.

      Let the moocher move to his mom’s house, so she wouldn’t be paying that rent. She could move back into her own home and stop paying for rentals. Just pay Andrew CS and focus on getting herself straight. She honestly annot care for another person until she takes care of herself.

  14. “Family, friends, and sources” have made the same statements about Amber losing time with Leah. Let us reflect on how that has worked out for Leah…

  15. She loves her kids more than anything? Right. She doesn’t love them enough to not choose men over them, be a consistent stable parent, get off of the fucking couch for God’s sake. I guarantee Kristina, Leah or Gary helped her with the handprints. She gets James and takes him over to Gary and Kristina’s so they can watch her. Kind of like how they solely raise Leah.
    If you watch the video taped interviews with the two nanny’s they both say that Amber stayed in bed all of the time, refused to have anything to do with James and only came down to scream at Andrew.

    I couldn’t understand why Andrew allowed her to have any visitation at all. She went after him with a machete while he was holding James. She threw things at him while holding James. She hit him while he was holding James. She told him to get “it” out of her fucking house, James being the “it”. Do I think Andrew not being employed is bullshit, absolutely. He could get a job, he is choosing not to. The bigger mistake in my eyes is to allow someone as unstable as Amber around my kid period.

    1. If she’s paying even a little child support, then courts will grant visitation, so that wasn’t up to Andrew.

      But I also think Andrew provoked some of her rage incidents. Not saying she was right to act the way she did, and def not saying he deserved it, but we all know people who push and push and push until the other person snaps so they can say “SEE?!? SHE’S CRAZY!” I had an ex just like that.

      I really think Amber uses James as a pawn to keep some kind of control over Andrew and vice versa. He’s nothing but a control pawn for these two troglodytes. BUT if he were to be moved across the country, he would very much be losing his relationship with his sister, bonus family (Gary, Kristina & their kids), his grandmother, and the rest of his extended family. He’s 4, this would be a major adjustment for him and could emotionally and mentally scar him.

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