‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Cole DeBoer Gets His Water Bill Lawsuit Dropped, Briana DeJesus Gets Ridiculous with Her Clickbait & More

Cole, can you get yourself out of this lawsuit?

From going to court to going to ridiculous lengths to make a buck , the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately!

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so.

Cole DeBoer baby talks his way out of a lawsuit. 

Cole’s strategy for getting out of this lawsuit.

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska and husband Cole DeBoer are still facing a $3 million lawsuit, but the couple did manage to receive a sliver of good news last week after Cole was cleared of a separate $2,500 lawsuit from a water company. 

According to The Sun, the now-dismissed lawsuit filed by Culligan Water claimed they had not received a payment from Chelsea’s husband since October 2, 2020 for the two products he reportedly rented – an Iron Soft and PE Carbon; both for $40 a month. 

That’s not how this works.

The company claimed in its February 8 filing that Cole was notified in November that he was to call the company, and was sent follow-up letters in December and January informing him that he needed to either pay the balance or contact the company to make arrangements. Cole allegedly “did not respond” and when Culligan Water called him on January 26, they were unable to leave a message because his inbox was full. 

Gee, we can’t imagine why his inbox was full…

The company filed for the past due balance plus the cost of the rental units that were still in Cole’s possession – a total of $2,557.30. The Sun reports that the company ultimately dismissed the case February 18, though it was not confirmed if the case was dropped because Cole coughed up the funds he owed. 

“OK, did everyone check under their beanies for loose bills?”

Chelsea and Cole are still dealing with a $3 million lawsuit filed in April 2020 by their former consulting manager, who is accusing the couple of “withholding money” earned from social media promotions. In response, Chelsea and Cole countersued the consulting company for $3 million in May 2020. 

In the lawsuit, the DeBoers claim the consultant they hired actually withheld $150,000 in revenue that was owed to Chelsea. The suit also claims that the consultant acted in an unprofessional manager by arguing with Chelsea, Cole, potential and existing clients, as well as other professional contacts they worked with. 

The cases involving the consulting company are ongoing. 

Amber Portwood demands overnight visits with her son, James.

“Hey, there’s enough room on this couch for two!”

As the custody battle marches on between Amber Portwood and her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon, Amber is requesting a change to the pair’s custody agreement that would allow her overnight visits once their son, James, turns 3 in May. 

(Andrew maintains primary physical custody of the two-year-old, while Amber has three unsupervised visits with him each week. Andrew filed for full custody of James back in July 2019 following Amber’s arrest for domestic battery.) 

A year and a half later, The Sun reports, Amber has filed a petition to modify her parenting time with the toddler, claiming there has been a “change in circumstances” that “warrant” a revision to the custody agreement. The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star cites Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, which state that once a child turns 3, parenting time is increased to include overnights. However, according to court documents, this overnight parenting time could have begun months ago.

Amber, trying to think of a way to blame this on poor weather, too.

“The Guidelines anticipate that overnight parenting time could begin as early as 28 months of age, but would automatically increase to overnights upon the child attaining three years of age,” documents obtained by The Sun read. 

Just last month, Amber filed for a restraining order against Andrew to prevent him from further impeding on her visitation with James following an incident that happened the week of Christmas. In response, Andrew accused Amber of cancelling a plethora of visits with James from October to December, mostly due to “poor weather.” 

Briana DeJesus manages to make a clickbait out of absolutely nothing.

Tell us why you have to turn every single thing into bad clickbait, Bri…

While Bri has a long way to go until she reaches the level of clickbait absurdity of, say, Maci Bookout of “Clickbait Cate” Lowell, she did manage to make some coin by turning an innocent (yet slightly confusing) photo into an entire clickbait article!

The ridiculousness started a few days ago when Bri’s producer, Anne-Marie Robinson, posted a farewell message to Instagram, writing she was “grateful to have met them and to have been their producer.” Briana reposted Anne-Marie’s message, as well as a video of a “Happy Retirement” balloon. 


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A post shared by Teen Mom (@teenmom.tea)

After that, a few fans speculated that Briana was “retiring” from ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Naturally, this warranted an entire clickbait article “interview” in which Bri addressed “all the rumors” that she is leaving ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“My official statement on quitting #TeenMom2 😥#LinkInBio.” Briana wrote on Instagram, linking to an interview she did with The Hollywood Gossip about “all the rumors and speculation” that she is quitting.


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A post shared by Briana Dejesus (@_brianadejesus)

“I can state on the record that is 100% not true,” she said, before adding that the DeJesus Coven knows a good gig when they see it and won’t be giving up their MTV paychecks any time soon.

“My family and I are here to stay as long as MTV will have us,” she said. “Sorry to the haters, but you’ll be seeing more of us on the next season. To all my supporters I see you, I thank you, I appreciate you, and look forward to continuing to share my life with you.”

“You want us out, you’re gonna have to throw us out…and I’m warning you, I’ve been taking my vitamins so I won’t go easy…”

Briana then addressed her producer’s post.

“I understand people have been talking due to certain photos that have been circulating but I can assure you they have nothing to do with me leaving the show,” she said. “And no, we were not fired from the show either lol.”

So what the hell is the real story? After all that, even the producer isn’t leaving the ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise.

“She’s just moving over to another ‘Teen Mom’ show! It’s literally not that big of a deal,” a production source tells The Ashley. “Right now there’s a producer who is down there training to become Briana’s new producer so Anne-Marie can move over. That’s all. I can’t believe an entire clickbait article and interview was made about something that stupid.” 

Mackenzie Edwards reveals she’s getting help

“I wish there was a program that you could use to rid your life of Maci, too!”

Mackenzie has been accused of being an enabler to her husband Ryan, who has dealt with substance abuse issues off-and-on for years. During the past few episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ fans have been coming at Mack hard on her Instagram account, leaving comments on her Instagram posts about how she, as well as Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry, are defending and enabling Ryan.

While Mackenzie has responded minimally to the comments (except to explain why she rarely speaks up on-camera about the Ryan/Bentley situation). However, she did reveal that she is still actively in treatment herself, via Al-Anon. (Al-Anon is a recovery program for the loved ones of addicts.)

“I’ve never seen that needs Al Anon as bad as the entire Edwards clan,” one person wrote on one of Mackenzie’s Instagram posts. “They are just as sick as Ryan is.”

“Thank you for your advice, I do go to Al-Anon.”

It is unknown if Ryan is still attending meetings, though.

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  1. Having ordered a stack of Alanon pamphlets years ago, what struck me is that their policy is, like–they don’t play. At all. Remember Tyler following the advice of a sober coach and deciding his dad couldn’t attend his grandson’s party? You do NOT enable. Not seeing that in any of the Edwardses or extended family except Maci.

    TBF, it’s wrenchingly hard! One reason it’s so freakin hard to say, “Because I love you, I will not support your addiction in any way. Call me when you’re sober again”–is because deep down (or not so deep down) a big part of you really wants to do that. And feels guilty about it. But if you can do it, it’s like a heavy cloud has lifted from your life.

    But with Ryan, gah! He’s a stereotype of the long-time addict getting sober and everyone discovers he hasn’t matured since he started getting High! High! So they have to cope with a deceptively mature-looking 17-y-o. Hence Ryan’s remarkable paternal presence in his spawn’s lives.

  2. As someone who has struggled with substance abuse for many years, I will just say that addiction is not like you always think. Most people just don’t go away to rehab and never use again. There are usually many “ups and downs” before a person gets fully sober. I don’t think Ryan is 100% sober but is doing better. He may be drinking or smoking weed which is not sober but he’s doing better than he was. Yes, his parents and MacKenzie enable him but that is also very common.

    1. I agree it is incredibly common for a parent or significant other to be an enabler! Half the time, they don’t even realize it & that’s why Al Anon exists!! I think Jen and Larry have been the ultimate enablers of Ryan for many years and still are!! I can see the enabling in the beginning because they don’t know what to do and think they are helping! After so many years though, they have to realize that going along with his bullshit and acting like nothing is going on isn’t helping!! He’s definitely not 100% sober and, in my opinion, Jen and Larry are unaware of this. I think they feed into whatever bullshit Ryan throws their way!! Mack, on the other hand, I think is well aware! I think she just thinks it’s not heroin so it’s okay!! May not be the case, just my guess!! Hopefully Jen and Larry start to realize their boundaries with Ryan so they can really start helping soon!

  3. Ryan is a junkie. His anger and resistance any tine counseling with his child to improve the relationship is brought up, show he has no true desire to improve any aspect of his life. He blames his every problem on Maci. He is a spoiled little boy and I would love to hear him just once take responsibility for his mistakes.

  4. Amber does not need overnight visits with James! That’s a disaster and tragedy in the making. I would think that your “automatic visits due to age” would be null and void once you’ve attacked the father with a machete while he was holding James! She has absolutely no regard for James’ safety. And, honestly she has never acted like she loves him and never took care of him. At best, she exploited him for click baits.

  5. Maybe they have heard that another season is not likely. That would explain why Chelsea walked away, Catelyn and Cheyenne are giving birth to another storyline, Kristina is going back to school to get a career and Brianna is going bananas with the click bait. I also think Gary wanted Amber on his land so he could film and help her have a storyline. They know shes lucky to not be in jail right now but with Ambers anger issues she can go back anyday.

  6. No story about Kail steering the pot with Briana? Kails putting out videos with Divone. Always starting something. Isn’t it enough she broke up Lauren and Javi? No story about how low Kail goes? Not surprised.

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