EXCLUSIVE! Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney “Explode On” Larry & Jen Edwards While Filming ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9 Reunion Scene (Updated)

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble!

Update! Taylor McKinney has responded to this story. Scroll to the bottom to see what he had to say.

Maci Bookout took to her Twitter account on Tuesday night to seemingly shade her ex Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie. While many thought her angry tweet was posted due to the episode of Teen Mom OG that aired on Tuesday, in which Mackenzie and Ryan called Maci “petty” and a “spiteful, evil bitch.” 

While Maci may have been angry about what Ryan and Mack said on the show, The Ashley can confirm that there was something else that happened on Tuesday that angered Maci!

Viewers may be unaware that Maci & Co. have been filming the Season 9 Reunion show this week. The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney came to blows with Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, on the makeshift set, with the McKinneys getting so angry at the Edwards that they eventually stormed off set!

The taping of Maci’s Reunion segment took place in Tennessee. (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, MTV created a set in each girl’s hometown, rather than have everyone fly out to LA or New York City and meet on one stage as they usually do.)

“At first, MTV wanted Mackenzie and Ryan to square off in-person on the set with Maci and Taylor, but Ryan absolutely refused,” a production source tells The Ashley. “Then they asked Mackenzie to go out on stage solo and film a scene with Taylor and Maci but she said no.”

However, Larry and Jen agreed to film on-stage with Taylor and Maci, and things got “explosive,” according to the source.

Larry, realizing he made a big mistake agreeing to go on-stage with Maci and Taylor…

“You could cut the tension with a knife when they were all sitting out there,” another source tells The Ashley. “But everything was OK until the very end of the segment.”

The second source tells The Ashley that Jen was concerned that Maci was acting so angry and distant, and Jen kept asking her what was wrong. 

“Maci kept giving vague answers and was making it clear she was upset but would not say why,” the source said.

Finally, Taylor “exploded on” Jen and Larry, the source said.

“He told them Ryan is a ‘piece of s**t’ and that he, unlike Ryan, has been there for Bentley for a long time,” the source said. “He told Larry and Jen that Ryan should be more like he is.”

“If I’m provided with enough Bud Light for hydration purposes, I’d be willing to box Larry on-stage!”

That angered Larry, but Taylor continued to go off on the couple.

“[Taylor] kind of got up and eventually asked Larry if he wanted to take things outside,” the source said. “It didn’t get that far, though. Nothing got physical.”

The source said Maci also exploded on the Edwards, yelling at Jen and calling her a “manipulative bitch.” 

Soon after the on-stage confrontations, Maci and Taylor stormed off the stage and left the Reunion taping. (The Ashley is unsure if they returned later to finish filming.) 

That night, Maci posted a message to Instagram and Twitter, and tweeted a message to Ryan and Mackenzie after watching the episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ that was airing. 


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A post shared by Maci Bookout McKinney (@macideshanebookout)

She also insinuated that Ryan and Mack don’t actually know what ‘petty’ means.

“I really wanted to post some “petty b*tch” (and hilarious) comments, but I’ll wait until they can tell me the definition of ‘petty’ without googling it and reading it aloud,” she wrote.

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Maci once enjoyed a very close relationship with Ryan’s parents. She and Taylor invited them (as well as Ryan and Mackenzie) to their October 2016 wedding. Jen and Larry also watched the couple’s other children for them over the years, before things turned sour between them.

The good old days….

The Edwards clan has yet to respond to Maci’s “petty” tweets. However, Mackenzie did respond to some negative comments (to an unrelated post) on her Instagram. When she was asked why she doesn’t speak out on-camera much regarding the Maci Situation, she told the fan, “Why would I say anything on camera? Nobody is gonna like what I have to say, so may as well stay quiet. Also after talking about one topic for about 4 ish years now how many different opinions can one have.”

She also clapped back at someone who said it seems like she doesn’t want Ryan to have a relationship with Bentley, or for them to go to therapy to work out their issues. 

“I’m sorry, but I do encourage that 100%!” she said. “I think it’s incredible for them and their relationship.”

UPDATE! Taylor spoke to The Hollywood Gossip about this story, and essentially confirmed The Ashley’s report (while also calling it “one-sided.”)

“There are a few things I take very seriously: my family, my beer and leather-pocketed T-shirts.”

“You’ll have to see the reunion play out on TV but one thing I am always going to do is stand up for my wife and kids,” he said. “You come for my wife and kids? I’m coming for you.”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter)

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  1. Ryan’s wife is showing how a mature person should act. Maci calling Jen names is so classless. I’m sure Talor and Maci like this drama. If they had Bentlys best interest they would let him and Ryan continue their therapy. What is so funny is when you go on Facebook fan page it states they wont stand for name calling but Maci can call Jen names on the reunion. It should go both ways not just for the fans.

  2. First off I do not believe Macy exploited Bentley. The situation with Ryan and Bentley has been part of the show from the beginning.Macy has always encouraged Bentley to have a relationship with his dad but Ryan never shows any incentive whatsoever. I mean Bentley said he does not want to be around his dad until he goes to counseling. What is so hard about that Ryan? Maybe Ryan is still fighting those demons or he doesn’t care. I would move heaven and earth to have a relationship with my child if I was in Ryan’s position. It just doesn’t seem like he reallY cares.

  3. Jen and Larry are just the worst. They have enabled their son to become a total druggie loser deadbeat father. He is an embarrassment. They have failed as parents and consistenly back each other up so that they continue to fail miserably at life. They need to wake up and face the truth. If I were Bentley I would want nothing to do with any of the Edwards family.

  4. I re-read the HG article & think that Taylor said the “source” was very one-sided. Not necessarily The Ashley, but whoever is “the source”? He says we can likely guess who it is, so I’m gonna say someone on the Edwards side of the street? Looks like the source is trying to portray the Edwards family as unproblematic while laying all the drama at Maci’s feet. Since that’s always Rhine’s go to (and now his enablers have fully co-signed the “Maci is a TRIGGER” BS) … gonna have to go with Mimi Jen as the mysterious one-sided source!

  5. Why didn’t Maci speak up when Jen kept asking her. Waited until hubby started then joined in. Weather she likes it or not they are Ryan’s parents and of course they are going to defend him. Maci isfine with everyone until things don’t go her way. One day she might realise Ryan’s their son and will always come before her. A lot of what Ryan has explained to his parents about the whole situation with Maci is true. Sorry but I’ve never been a fan of Maci. Rules for everyone else and none for her. That goes over the years, not just now, she should respect Bentleys privacy and not put his councilling on tv. She’s a good mother but she’s not perfect, far from it.

    1. She probably was trying to avoid an argument and hold it in. But once Taylor lost his patience I’m sure she did too. There’s only so much BS one can take. Especially when you’ve raised your son alone from day one while his father has done literally nothing for him.

  6. I also love the way that Maci so ruthlessly shades and reads the hell out of Mack every single time Mack steps outta line, but she does it in a way that you don’t even realize she’s disrespecting her until you actually think about it. The fact that according to websters the word “petty” means of little importance, and that’s exactly what Mack is, even though she thinks shes hot shit is hilarious…I literally LOLed.

  7. “Ginger Kids: Children with red hair, light skin, and freckles.” We’ve all seen them – on the playground, at the store, walking on the streets – they creep us out and make us feel sick to our stomachs. I’m talking of course about… ginger kids. Ginger kids are born with a disease which causes very light skin, red hair, and freckles. This disease is called Gingervitus, and it occurs because ginger kids have no souls. Kids who have gingervitus cannot be cured. Because their skin is so light, ginger kids must avoid the sun. Not unlike… vampires. Some people have red hair, but not light skin and freckles. These people are called “daywalkers.”

    Herein lies the problem

    stay lit

    1. Like vampires, the ginger gene is a curse, and unless we work to rid the earth of that curse, the gingers could envelop our lives in blackness for all time. It is time that we all admit to ourselves that gingers are vile and disgusting. In conclusion, I will leave you with this: if you think that the ginger problem is not a serious one,think again.

      stay lit

  8. I recently started watching Teen Mom from the beginning, and watching it knowing what I know now, Jen and Larry are the worst enablers. Maci hasn’t been perfect either, but she has always put Bentley and her kids before anything else. Ryan hasn’t matured at all, and if it weren’t for his parents, he would likely not be involved in Bentley’s life at all (reminds me of Adam on TM2). I’m glad Maci is finally sticking up for herself with them, but Taylor offering to fight Larry outside?!! C’mon now.. lmao.

    I wonder what Mackenzie and Ryan will do once this show is no more? Has Ryan ever had any kind of a job? WHo will pay for Mackenzie’s Botox injections?!! I can see them moving in with Jen and Larry, always the perfect enablers.

    1. The same question could be asked of many of the cast. What will they do when Teen Mom is over? You could ask Tyler and Cait that, Amber, Maci, Leah, etc. However, Ryan has had a job. He was supporting himself, Bentley, and Maci at the beginning. She didn’t work. I can’t remember what he did though.

      1. But Cait, Amber, Maci, and Leah have all made enough money from the show to be set for life, so whatever they do after doesn’t matter. With Ryan, he has not made as much, and probably has spent most of it on heroin. And since he has brought 2 new babies into this world, I would hope he has a plan.

      2. Ryan was a diesel mechanic during Maci’s 16 & Pregnant episode. Maci was working in her father’s shop at the time and later waitressed, at the time Teen Mom first started. Ryan also worked as a Lineman at one point (which would be an excellent job to return to, but he’s probably going to have a hard time passing their drug screening now).

        The only people who have succeeded in “regular” careers throughout this show are the ones who walked away from it: Corey, Jeremy (though he makes occasional appearances), Jo, and even Cole worked a job for a long time even after he joined the show. I don’t blame anyone for taking advantage of the opportunity (read: salary) that Teen Mom has given them. I do blame those who were stupid with that money and haven’t prepared for their futures when TM goes away.

      3. Yes you’re right. We could be asking the same thing about almost everyone on the show who hasn’t had any type of employment outside of filming for the show, but this article is about Ryan/Maci so that’s why I only brought them up.

        We must have been watching different shows because once Maci and Ryan broke up, he moved back in with his parents and didn’t work or go school for years. When the show picked back up after a hiatus he was working but I’m not sure how long that lasted because it’s clear he’s not working now. Ryan and Mack like to bash Maci all day long but don’t like to take responsibility for how they may have contributed to Bentley’s resentment towards him.

  9. YES TAYLOR!!! STAND UP FOR YOUR STEP-SON!! Taylor and Maci are with Bentley way more than Jen, Larry, Rhine or Mac, so they see day to day what the Edwards behavior has done to that innocent child. Maci and Taylor have every right to be fed the eff up with all of them and how they cottle and baby an adult smack head, but treat his son like he’s a problem. Rhine has been so useless and shitty to the point that he’s driven his son into therapy, and ALL of the Edwards want to sit there and blame the McKinneys?? The fact those people can sleep at night after treating Bentley like he is less important than a self inflicting heroin addict is sickening….

    side note: This also makes me not like Catelynn as a person even more. She was over here blasting everyone on social media a few weeks ago about not calling her about her “miscarriage” that she told no one about, meanwhile Maci was dealing with all of this. Bentley is more important a whiny Catelynn looking for sympathy.

    BTW, for anyone wondering “Petty – of little importance; trivial.”

    1. 100 % agree with you lexii
      Life is going to bite cryin’ ryan in the butt someday. When mom & dad are gone. And he is 50 MTV $$$ is also gone.

    2. Taylor was right UNTIL he asked Larry to step outside
      That is a threat & even though Taylor was winning…he lost at that point

      1. If Larry and Jen were coming sideways to Taylor’s WIFE, then he had every right to protect his family, and say whatever he felt necessary at the time. I’m not gonna say he was out of line, because I don’t know exactly what was said to make him react that way. Taylor seems very chill until you step out of line, so for him to react that way, something very bad had to have been said by Larry.

    3. Honestly, I don’t think I know of any grandparent that wouldn’t choose their grandchildren over their own children. It’s just how it’s supposed to be…unless you’re fucking weird.

      1. You’re 100% right. I’ve seen my parents and several other family members and friends choose their grandkids over their kids time and again. It’s about not making the kids pay for their parents’ mistakes, and ensuring that their best interests are always at the forefront.

        Jen and Larry were always good at putting Bentley first, but I think Ryan has used that as an excuse for his addiction: “Oh you guys kept trying to make me be a dad when I just didn’t want to be around Maci because it was so hard, and I think you love Bentley more than me, and I turned to drugs to deal with the pain.” Excuses.

        1. I agree, I also feel like Jen and Larry now have this weird “we have our own family to worry about” type of attitude since Rhine has 2 kids with Mack. They choose Rhine and his family over Bentley. It’s gross that they now have this crazy favortism towards the 2 new grand kids, and are treating Bentley like he’s almost expendable. Almost like he got replaced with the 2 new kids. Super sad. All parties on the Edwards side need to watch it, because once Benny is older, he is going to resent the hell out of all of them.

    4. Oh jeez yeah, the “miscarriage.” That honestly makes me so angry. THIS is what Catelynn was being dramatic and guilting people over? Her pregnancy tests were all negative and she got her period. She insists there was a faint line that no one else saw, and wants sympathy? Considering she has had an actual miscarriage, she should know better. Miscarriages are such a traumatic experience and she acts like it’s just a tool to get attention.

      1. No. The scenes that just played out with the pregnancy tests was not what she said was her miscarriage. The miscarriage she had was an actual miscarriage and it happened a couple months after what’s playing out on the episodes now.

    5. Plus, “anxiety ridden” Catelynn was contemplating terminating her pregnancy with Vaeda. This shit show needs to be cancelled asap.

  10. So glad they finally went off and told them exactly who they are. Shitty grandparents who enable their shitty son and his shitty wife.

  11. If Ryan & wife don’t want to go on the reunion show, maybe MTV should not pay them. It is the ONLY job they have.



  14. This has been a long time coming, sure Maci and Taylor are far from perfect but have despite everything tried to keep Ryan involved in Bentley’s life but Bentley is old enough to see Ryan doesn’t really care about him and now is saying he doesn’t want to see him. At Jagger’s party Ryan had a chance to try and build bridges with him but he shows up late then disappears at his own son’s party, after complaining about him not wanting to go to the other party. He is definitely using.

    1. Most definitely using!! If we can see it from 30min out of prob days&wks of footage then the people close to him should be able to see it. They know, they are in some strong af denial & its going to cost Rhine his life- not that his using is their responsibility but their enabling him is

  15. They deserve it. They have coddled Ryan and made excuses for him. His drug use wasn’t discussed for many seasons, even as he sat there with eyes as big as saucers.

    1. Exactly, and my thing is, it’s hard for me to have sympathy for him because his heroin addiction was self inflicted. He wasn’t prescribed medication and became addicted, he started doing it because he was bored (that’s what that Dallis girl pretty much said). The world was literally his oyster, he had everything…opprotunity, a platform, support system, good looks, but because he was babied his entire life, he got bored and decided to become a heroine addict, and they are still babying him. It’s gross. The Edwards should be thanking their lucky stars Maci hasn’t taken legal action to keep Bentley away from such a toxic situation.

      1. He also was a complete dick before doing drugs so it’s not like if he recovered he’d be a good person suddenly. I think everyone forgets that. Underneath the drugs, Ryan still sucks.

  16. Sounds like Taylor and Maci are realizing how boring they both are and decided to stir up some drama for the camera. It is going to be damned hard to give up that MTV paycheck and become regular working-class Tennessee folks.

    If it is true that these two ripped apart Jen and Larry, shame on them. It is truly insanity that they are still trying to turn Bentley’s “big brother,” Ryan, into anything resembling a father.

    They should have been grateful for jen and Larry, and allowed them to continue being Bentley’s loving grandparents. And for Maci to call Jen a “manipulative bitch…” she and Taylor are the ones in need of therapy.

    1. They’re not trying to turn him into anything, they’re encouraging a relationship that BENTLEY said he wants. And why should they be grateful to Jen and Larry? When all they have done is enable Ryan and inform Bentley that Ryan (their drug addicted degenerate son) will always come first. I know for a goddamn fact that if I was using and abusing and being a piece of shit mother, that my parents would take my kids and tell me to fuck off until I got help. Because the CHILD should come first. not the 30 year old that can’t get his shit together and stay clean and his enabling piece of shit wife.

      It’s so much easier for all of them to blame Maci instead of blaming themselves and Ryan for what a shitty father he is. They owe the Edwards exactly NOTHING and Bentley would be better off without them. All they do is make him feel bad for not wanting to be around his dad when his dad has made it clear that he doesn’t give a single fuck.

    2. Without Ryan, Jen, Larry, or exploiting Bentley they have no story line unless they do one about their own addiction. I remember when Maci forced producers to fire Ryan one season but her whole storyline consisted of her talking about him. If I were him, I would have gotten a lawyer to try to stop her from talking about him on TV. If he had done that and succeeded she would have had no storyline. I think the addiction Ryan has gone through is awful but she has made a lot of money talking about it.

  17. Maci and Taylor get to see the Jen and Larry insulting her weekly on the show backing up the junkie twins. To her face, they act different. I don’t blame her for finally having enough. Look at how much people have blamed her for Ryan’s heroin and pill addiction(yet Mack is immune).

  18. Ummhm, time to scrap this show. All jokes aside, They should be worried about Bentley rebelling. I pray he doesn’t turn to drugs and alcohol, but this lil dude is being exploited for ratings. Maci and Taylor may have been their for him, but they are doing him no favors. But you know, this is apart of being a teen parent, you can’t see the damage you’re doing to your kid for ratings and vacations vs. your own need to feel validated.
    Why not just let bygones be bygones. If Rhine is such a piece of turd, why push for him to be apart of Bentley’s life?! My dad wasn’t around until I was about 13, my mom never said anything bad about me. When asked why, she simply said, I figured you’d form your own opinion sooner or later. *Mic drop*

  19. I would REALLY love for both sides to quit dancing around the subject. Clearly the tension between them is catastrophic (especially for Bentley) but we don’t hear enough about the issues, from anyone really, to properly understand the roots of the tension.

    I honestly don’t know why Larry and Jen continue filming the show. We hardly see Jen and Larry with Bentley. I neither care or need to see Larry and Jen coddle Ryan and his immature actions. Larry and Jen say all the time that Maci is Ryan’s trigger (which, that has to feel good for Mackenzie to hear that another woman has this much power over her husband and his actions) but they don’t seem to encourage Ryan to fix his relationship with Bentley. You can only blame the mom so much for you being a shitty dad—kids aren’t stupid and every time Jen, Larry, Ryan and Mackenzie bad mouth Maci and Taylor, they are putting one more nail into the coffin of their relationship with Bentley. No kid is going to want to spend time and have a relationship with people who openly criticize the parent who is doing all the work.

    Just saying.

  20. I’d have gone off too. You can only do and take so much. Is Maci perfect no, no one is, but she is the person who has been there for Bentley 100%. And yet a decade after leaving his sorry ass in his dads garage where you can still find him, she is somehow still blamed for every little thing that happens in a grown (and I do mean grown) ass man’s life

    He’s trash and has parents so oblivious that it was inevitable he ended up is where he is in life. Stop focusing on Maci and start watching that snake of a woman in your son’s bed. She literally married an incapacitated man. Anyone willing to do that has an agenda and her fanning the fire constantly is a big red flag.

    On the last episode he was slurring his words, nodding out, showed up to his kids bday party 30 min late alone according to Benny then went to his room the rest of the night. If that’s not a drug run and a crash I dunno what is. He’s so obviously not sober it’s astonishing.

    Poor Bentley, he deserves better than what he got from his dad. And maci deserved more help or at least an honest acknowledgement from her deadbeat baby daddy and his family.

  21. Poor Bentley. All of this mess between all these people comes down because of the existence of one kid—Bentley. Through no fault of his own, he is the “cause.” That’s got to do a number on a 12-year-old! Maci and Taylor should give Bentley a break and quit the show. I don’t know how they can continue to do this to their son. He’s also of an age where he can decide what HE wants to do.

  22. I think that taylor and maci should just keep to themselves. It is obvious that ryans parents don’t give a crap about ryan progressing as a person. So just let the court give you full custody maci.

    While I don’t agree that maci is the most innocent she knows some things she can improve on. They need to do as Chelsea did and move on. This isn’t healthy. It hasn’t been for a long time.

  23. Oh gosh. These reunions just cause drama and upset. I know that’s kind of the point, but it does serious damage to these already fragile relationships. On an unrelated note – I am still bothered by the terrible fit of Maci’s wedding dress.

  24. I’m so over Maci. Not saying Ryan’s a winner, but all through the years Maci has to have the last word, wants control over every situation to be done HER way & literally obsessed over Ryan. That’s her storyline for 10 years. I loved Maci at first, but Im starting to see a common theme with EVERYONE. And puts Bentley in the middle. Bentley is at the age where he needs his privacy. He’s already pushed too far to be a perfect little boy, but on top of that he’s constantly a weapon for Maci. The poor boy looks uncomfortable & looks to his mom to see if he says the right thing to make her happy. The show needs to end.

  25. Maci’s story line is boring af, but when is everyone going to stop babying Rhine?

    Jen & Larry- you loving your son to death. Even if Maci is everything they say- his current wife literally married someone who couldn’t stay awake. What the heck is going on with these people?!?! They never really explained whatever that was.

    I would be mad if I were Taylor, too. This kid has a dad who is immature and MIA while his parents defend EVERYTHING he does.

    They need to get off tv and give Bentley time to be a kid off of tv. Cut Rhine off and drop those manipulative grandparents.

  26. You do not say a negative word about Mimi Jen EVER!, That women is a Saint, how dare Maci. She is trying real hard to take the crown of worst human on the show away from Amber.

    stay lit

    1. Jen needs to take her blinders off! She is brushing it all under the rug and blaming others. It’s typical with older generations. And yes, I have great experience and knowledge in how older generations hid and justify their kids issues.

  27. i’m actually surprised to hear about this since it seemed like maci was the only one out of all these girls who wasn’t petty and was calm. i wanna know more because i feel like something set her off

  28. Ryan’s father is so tiny, Ryan is lucky he’s not a mini Ryan. These people are all losers that got lucky, when the trash is cancelled, they will all have financial trouble! LOSERS!

    1. I’m sure Mackenzie said she wanted to become a nurse… then fell preggo with Jagger… then Stella… When the show gets cancelled (which will be very soon) or Maci decides to stop (doubtful, but she may realise Bentley doesn’t want to be filmed as a teen!) what the F@*k will Ryan and Mackenzie do for money?! At least Maci and Taylor have their “business” but they both seem intelligent and would easily get a job. Ryan?? What skills does he have ?Why am I picturing the two of them, plus the 3 kids, and dog being forced to move back in with Jen and Larry, and all sleep on his old bedroom, surrounded by photos of him and Maci?! ??

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