Maci Bookout Claps Back at Mackenzie Edwards for Talking About Bentley on Instagram & Not Facing Off with Her at Recent ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion

“Taylor…hold my beer. I’m goin’ in on her!”

Maci Bookout came out swinging on Twitter on Friday night, adding her two cents to the ongoing feud between her and her husband Taylor McKinney, and Ryan Edwards‘ family.

The Teen Mom OG star called out Ryan’s wife Mackenzie for not taking to opportunity to go face-to-face with her at the recently filmed ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9 Reunion. (As The Ashley exclusively told you earlier this week, Mackenzie and Ryan refused to film a segment on-stage with Maci and Taylor; however, Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry did film with Maci and Taylor, and things went badly.) 

Maci’s clapback at Mackenzie came after a fan tagged her (as well as The Ashley) on Twitter, posting a screenshot of a comment Mack made on Instagram about her treatment of Maci and Ryan’s son, Bentley.

On the most-recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Bentley told Maci that there was “like no interaction” between him and Ryan at his brother Jagger’s birthday party. When someone brought this up to Mackenzie on Instagram (on a post from October 2020 showing Bentley at the party), she denied that’s how things went down. 


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“The fact that you really posted this picture knowing that y’all didn’t even speak to Bentley the whole time he was there is sad,” the person wrote.

“The fact you honestly believe that is very sad,” Mackenzie responded.

“I guess she’s calling Bentley a liar?” someone else responded.

Once Maci got wind of that, the claws came out, and she used them to write a scathing tweet about Mackenzie.

“Mackenzie is brave sitting on a couch responding to strangers on social media about my son, but still not brave enough to sit on a couch and talk to me at the reunion,” Maci wrote.

As The Ashley previously told you, Maci and Taylor’s meeting with Jen and Larry on-stage at the Reunion taping ended with Maci and Taylor storming off the set, but not before Taylor confronted Larry and Maci called Jen a “manipulative bitch.” When Taylor was asked about what happened, he basically confirmed that things did play out how The Ashley reported it, and that he didn’t regret it. 

“You’ll have to see the reunion play out on TV but one thing I am always going to do is stand up for my wife and kids,” he said. “You come for my wife and kids? I’m coming for you.”

Mackenzie and Ryan have yet to respond to Maci and Taylor’s latest statements.

“Oh, you KNOW I already have my stationary out and am writing my next letter to Maci!”

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  1. I honestly loathe that last picture Mackenzie posted of their “blended family” with the two boys from previous relationships stuck in the back corner. She is awful.

  2. These people need to get off television and social media. They are exploiting their children for a paycheck. Both Maci and Taylor and Ryan and Mackenzie are toxic in different ways. I can’t imagine being poor Bentley. His whole life and problems are on TV for the world to see. School has to be tough for him because his personal life and thoughts are there for all to see.

  3. I think Maci has finally realised that the end is nigh for TMOG and is trying to create drama to prolong it. That t-shirt business does not seem like it would be able replace the £300.000 per year. Maci is looking into the future and it’s telling her she might have to work a full time job and down size the house/cars/private school/sports. In her position I would do the same. I can’t believe I am saying this but the only sensible teen moms are Brianna-continues to work a normal job and Mackenzie-her business seems proper and like it makes a liveable income.

  4. My eldest sons dad is a complete twat. He lies, is manipulative and owes thousands in child support. I bit my tongue for so many years, as I wanted my son to have a relationship with him (he wasn’t a danger to my son, otherwise I’d have stopped visits) My son is 16 and can see for himself that his dad isn’t the best role model. If I’d have constantly bad mouthed him then I don’t think my son would see him the way he does now. He doesn’t want to see him and doesn’t have a close relationship with him. He knows he’s loved my myself, his step dad (who never tried to be Dad) and his grandparents and aunt. As difficult as it is, I still don’t bad mouth his Dad, I just listen and advise if he needs it. Me slating his Dad, only makes him see ME in a bad light. I know his Dad lies and makes up stories about me to my son, but thankfully he knows they aren’t true. I get maci and taylor are on a show and “need” storylines- BUT not at the expense of Bentley. The only other similar TM who has a stable relationship and other kids is Chelsea. Yes, her storyline revolves around Aubree getting a mobile phone, but it meant the focus wasn’t on deadbeat Adam as much. They should quit too, however how would they afford their huge house, private school and countless sports, just off the TTM crappy tshirts! 😳

    1. Kids are smart. They know who does for them and who doesn’t. They dont need reminded or told, like some of the TMs do to their kids.

      Yeah I agree the show creates and exacerbates serious problems for the kids that dont need aired out for the world. Maci should quit but I think she likes the drama.

    2. Same situation with my son’s dad here, and my husband and I do the same (keep our mouths shut, pick up the pieces when necessary, and let him figure things out in his own time). No matter what, kids see who takes care of their daily needs, and who does not. They know who cares and who doesn’t. They usually still have hope for that bio who just can’t grow up, but they know who they can count on when they really need help.

      Bentley is in a unique situation, with having his life play out on TV, but that’s all the more reason for Maci to keep her mouth shut – there’s actual video evidence of Ryan being a piece of sh#% and his parents making excuses for that. Bentley can physically see that. It’s hard to keep quiet sometimes, especially when you’re doing to heavy lifting and the kid wants to see their “Disneyland” parent when you want time with them, or when they talk about what a great time they had at their other house, but it’s best for the kid in the end. Someday, they will want an honest answer and you’ll be able to have that talk. Today, let them keep their innocence. No matter what, that other parent is a piece of your child, and your child loves them.

      Chelsea’s storyline was boring because, a) she is living a mostly NORMAL life, and b) if there was any drama, she didn’t want it on camera for her kids to be teased about later. People can say whatever they want about her not telling an “honest” story, but she was always protecting her family, which is what all of these girls should have been doing from the start. Maci needs to walk away, and if it means a smaller house and back to public school for Bentley, oh well. His mental health will be much better off of TV, even if it means giving up a more privileged lifestyle.

    3. That’s an issue with Maci. She has been badmouthing Ryan to Bentley since he was an infant. Long before Ryan had an issue with drugs, he worked, paid child support, and spent weekends with Bentley but Maci treated him the same. Always asking Bentley inappropriate and misleading questions such as, “you don’t really like going to your dads do you? You would rather stay here with me, right?” And “your dad doesn’t make time for you, right? He’d rather be with his friends” and the worst “Kyle is more of a dad to you than your own dad isn’t he, Bentley?” He was 3 or 4 at the time. That’s a lot of emotional damage to put on a kid just to feel superior to their other parents. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Bentley is just telling Maci what he thinks she wants to hear and not what really happens or how he really feels. There’s no doubt he feels the tension and is stuck in the middle.
      It has always seemed to me that Maci was almost punishing Ryan for not being the person he wanted to be. Now she acts like he is ruining her perfect family with Taylor. Ryan has never been dad of the year or even really a good person but Bentley is still his son whether Maci wants him to be or not.

      1. Agreed! This kids heads been filled with too much shit about his dad to make his own decision. Macy is actually just as toxic as Ryan, just in a different way!

  5. I wonder how Bentley feels about his stepdad trying to fight his grandpa on national tv. These people are ridiculous, smh

  6. Maci is bugging because she is losing control. When Bentley was young she had 100% complete control over when Jen and Larry could see him. Now hes old enough to call them himself and leaves Maci out of the loop. Soon he will be old enough to drive to see them and Macy is really gonna shiaat bricks. Bentley, Ryan, Jen and Larry are Macys storyline. She has to stay in the middle of their interactions so she can film it for MTV. Any parent with teens know this. Once they have a phone and social media the kid will contact their grandparents whenever they want and you will have no idea that the kid calls them so much. I think she pounds on Bentle because it. She was pissed when Jen and Larry talking Bentley into going that private school. After that season Maci seemed resentful towards Bentley and his relationship wih Jen and Larry

    1. Did you watch the episode?? Bentley clearly states he didn’t want to go to his dads house and why. That it had been a long time since he had spent time with his dad.
      I am sure Bentley has a cell phone and call or text his dad/that side of the family whenever he wants. It sounds as tho he chooses not to.
      I’m no Maci fan, but Ryan is a deadbeat loser, and Bentley is old enough to see that.

      1. We dont know how or what this kid is really feeling because he is being forced to act in front of the camera. I seriously doubt what we see on tv is 100% how he feels. He shouldnt be forced to use MTV as a personal diary. He needs his privacy but Macy and Taylor need MTVs paycheck. So that leaves Bentley carrying the weight of his enire family financially on his shoulders. Im sure his shoulders are tired.

  7. Ryan is absolutely a trash parent but so is Maci. She moved a 4 year old Bentley into a college party house and doesn’t allow him to eat enough food. So maybe they both are terrible parents who make really bad decisions.

  8. Mackenzie is such a trashy person. You have to be the most trashy person ON EARTH to marry a guy so high that couldn’t even drive to his own wedding, couldn’t even be at his own kid’s birth because he was in jail. She wants to have a husband so much she doesn’t even care what kind of trashy, drug addict, cheating husband she has. It’s beyond pathetic

  9. Yasssss Maci! I’m certainly not the biggest Maci fan, but she seems absolutely genuine o me and those were Bentley’s words, out of his mouth, on camera. For years Maci has been advocating for Bentley to have a relationship with his older broth… I mean his dad, but since Rhine is basically a vegetable, not even a ripe vegetable, but one that needs a few more weeks before it’s picked, he has shown absolutely no interest in him and his thirsty, jealous ass wife always cosigns his folishness because the jealousy she has for Maci just oozes from her pores. The two of them are always sitting on the couch or in fancy patio chairs in the open garage, the porch, or around a fire, calling Maci vile names, talking about what a bad parent she is and how she tries to cut Benny out of his life as if they don’t know that footage exists of him: nodding off to a parking lot adjacent wedding, caught with his eyes literally about to pop out of his head, talking about dragons at the trip to the zoo, getting arrested for not paying a $1 value meal bar tab, the “Fast Food City” incident, making fun of him while playing golf, coming to one out of 500 hundred of Benny’s games etc. McKenzie has threatened to quit the show a million times and then imagines what a 9-5 would be like then magically relents. You’re a joke hunty, Rhine put 9 years of his earnings up his nose, so you’d better stock up on those coupons girl, becauses your gravy train has one maybe two seasons left and you know he’ll never get a job, then you, Rhine, stupidly named baby, and the girl will be living in Jenn and Larry’s always left open garage.

  10. Maci has been reserved about this situation for so long, but the fact is that any visitation the Edwards (Jen and Larry included) is out of the goodness of Maci’s heart. They don’t have a custody agreement, and it’s unlikely that Ryan would get much more than supervised visitation at this point. Bentley is old enough for a judge to take his feelings towards the situation into consideration. If anything, Maci might be facing a third-party visitation hearing (‘grandparents rights’) that she would most likely win due to the restraining orders and Ryan’s legal history.

    I don’t love that she and Taylor lashed out, but it’s been over a decade, how much can one person shoulder?!

    1. She has never been reserved. She has talked bad about Ryan forever. It has essentially been her storyline forever. She also has talked junk about Jen and Larry, well that is when she didn’t want something from them like a free babysitter to the kids that are not even their grandchildren. If they are so awful why did she ask them to babysit the kids they are not related to? These people are all toxic, just in different ways.

  11. The ginger minge is just made because Mack is hotter and get the only true love her her life. Peanut butter and JELLY!, Not a good look for her.

    PS, Taylor is a pussy, going after a senior citizen. What a bad ass

    stay lit

  12. Aren’t they a little old to fight like spoiled high school brats? Please, for the sake of the children involved, stop. Bentley’s old enough to read this.

  13. I hope Maci tones it back a bit because lashing out at people who don’t deserve a nickel of Maci’s and Taylor’s time brings her down to those low-life losers level.

    How could anyone marry a heroin addict who is so stoned he almost passes out at your wedding? And has no obvious job, sits on the couch all day petting his dog instead of engaging with his own children. And is clearly stoned almost all the time.

    I hope Maci and Taylor just move on from these fools, Jen and Larry included. Bentley is finally realizing what a bunch of losers these people are and he’s getting old enough he most like won’t want to spend time with them, and for good reason. If I were Maci, I’d just not give them a minute of thought, nor respond to any social media prodding and poking. I would also demand that loser Mack not use Bentley in any social media posts.

    He’s such a sweet person, he doesn’t deserve any of this.

    1. I’m sure it will be much easier once the show is over. They won’t be forced to interact. I doubt Bentley will want to go over to Jen and Larrys, especially all the stuff they’ve said about his mom and have treated him these last few years especially.

    2. Jen and Larry are not bad people. Their only issue is they love their son so much that they overlook what is in front of them. That is common when a couple only has one child. They have been good to Maci. She even has set it many times. Jen babysat her children for free and she wasn’t related to them.

      1. Right?!? Maci said that Jen and Larry were her 2nd parents…. until Mackenzie showed up that is. Now jen is a manipulative B and Taylor wants to fight Larry outside . Lol, smdh

  14. I love how Maci has always been so reserved, and mature about things. But boy i wish she’d whip mack trucks arse. Now, thats tv id pay to watch. Mack is EVIL.

    1. I agree. For the most part Maci hardly ever goes back and forth on social media. She tries her hardest to stay civil with Ryan’s parents and even Ryan and Mackenzie at times, but there’s really only so much disrespect and holding things back that she can do. Mackenzie needs to stay in her place.

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