‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Ryan Edwards Says Ex Maci Bookout Cut His Therapy Sessions & Visits with Son Bentley; Vows to “Do Something” About It In Court

“Dern that Maci!”

Ryan Edwards says his baby mama Maci Bookout has completely cut their son Bentley out of his life— and he’s vowing to do something about it!

The Teen Mom OG dad told The Sun this week that no one in his family has seen Bentley in more than a month, due to Maci not allowing the 12-year-old to visit.

“I haven’t seen him, my mom and dad haven’t seen him, nobody has seen him,” Ryan told the website. “I don’t speak at all with Maci. I miss Bentley for sure.”

When asked if he feels that Bentley was “poisoned” by Maci to not want to be around him, Ryan replied that “it feels like it.” 

“It hurts and it’s painful, for sure,” he added.

During the most-recent season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ fans saw Bentley starting to go to therapy with his dad to repair their relationship. However, Ryan says that Maci has since put a stop to the father/son therapy sessions because she’s angry at Ryan and his family.

“I did go to therapy with Bentley, Maci has kind of put a halt on everything after my dad and Taylor had that argument.”

Ryan is referring to the on-set blow-out that Maci and her husband Taylor McKinney had with Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry EdwardsThe Ashley broke the news back in February that Taylor and Larry nearly got into a physical fight on-stage during the taping of the Reunion episode. (In April, fans got to watch things play out when the episode aired.)

Ryan and his wife Mackenzie were not present during the on-stage fight, as they refused to film the segment with Maci and Taylor.

After the on-stage fight, Ryan claims that Maci stopped allowing Bentley to do the therapy sessions with Ryan. According to Ryan, Maci may be keeping Bentley away until the Edwards Clan issues apologizes to her.

“I’ll get you my baby daddy…and your little dog too!!!!”

“Maci wants people to apologize to her, my mom probably would,” Ryan said. “But I told my wife [Mackenzie] ‘If you’re not sorry then don’t say you’re sorry.’ Don’t blow smoke up their a** for no reason.”

Even though Ryan wasn’t present for the on-stage fight with Taylor and Maci, he did have some less-than-nice things to say about Taylor soon after that episode aired.

“I think Taylor is a punk bitch,” Ryan told The Sun in April, adding that he thought Taylor’s behavior at the Reunion was a way of getting attention.

“People do that because they feel incompetent, threatened or less than whatever makes him feel that way.”

In his interview with The Sun this week, Ryan confirmed that he and his family are ready to go to court to fight for time with Bentley.

“I’m ready for the fight! I’ve got my game face on!”

“We’re going to do something, we’re waiting to see what happens,” he replied when asked if he planned to go to court.

As The Ashley previously reported, the Edwards Family was let go earlier this year from ‘Teen Mom OG,’ after Maci and her management team went to the network’s higher-ups and insisted that her storylines focus on her ventures, rather than Ryan and his family. (You can read all about that here.)

“Really? This feud is going on and we can’t film any of it?! You’re killing me, Maci!”

Maci has yet to respond publicly to Ryan’s latest accusations.

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)

52 Responses

  1. Since when does a dad need ‘permission from his baby Mumma to go to damn therapy! Pick up the phone & make an appointment & stop blaming others for ur piss poor choices Ryan! Time to grow tf up!

  2. Rhine loves talking about going to court, but has only actually attended when on trial for his own misdeeds. I bet if he asked Jen and Larry would shell out for the lawyer. He will never ask.

  3. Rhine didn’t want a legal custody and visitation plan in place because he’s a deadbeat who didn’t want to pay for his child. Now he doesn’t like reaping what he’s sown. Maxi tried and tried to get you to be involved. This story has played out so many times. Poor dumb Rhine. I really can’t believe they went and had two more kids for him not to be a father to.

  4. Martyr Maci gives me the shits.
    She is on TMOG BECAUSE of Rhine. To say she doesn’t want that storyline anymore-well. That’s why you’re here????
    I can absolutely imagine her withholding visitation. She uses Bentley as a pawn.
    On the other hand Rhine needs to put his money where his mouth is and for ONCE follow through with a court application. But I doubt he will.

    1. Maci has been nothing but an AMAZING mom. She’s only doing what she’s doing to protect Bentley.

      Did you ever get your head out of your own ass long enough to see that she doesn’t want the storyline anymore because Bentley is older and things are effecting far seriously than they did when he was little?

      People really should think before they speak especially on here because all that comes out is crap and lots of times it’s hurtful crap.

    2. Are you sure you watch the show? Ryan is a deadbeat dad and a total ahole to his wife, his parents and to Bentley.
      Maci includes Bentley in a lot of what goes on with his dad & he sees what kind of a man Ryan is. And even if she didn’t, he’s never been a father to that child.
      Thank god Bentley has Tyler in his life.
      I’d keep my kid away from Ryan too.

  5. While I take everything Rhine says with a grain of salt, his story doesn’t make any sense. He says his joint therapy with Bentley stopped after the fight between Larry and Taylor. That was way back in February. He also says it has been a month since he hasn’t had any contact with Bentley. That means Macy was still allowing Rhine and his family to see Bentley for months without doing the counseling. There seems to be a big chunk missing from the story. What happened or changed in the last month? Also, Rhine needs to stop talking about all the actions he is going to take in order to be a father to Bentley and actually do them!

  6. Hasn’t Ryan been talking about taking Maci to court for the past 12 years? And yet………….

    Look in the mirror, Ryan. The lack of a relationship is on you—not on Maci or Bentley or Taylor. And it’s not on Jen and Larry. You are a grown man—try acting like one.

    Ryan, you may have missed your window to be a parent to Bentley, but you have two other biological children. Learn from your mistakes and be a better (or even a) Father to them. Maybe down the road you and Bentley can build a friendship.

  7. What a $hitty thing to do to Ryan and his family, getting them kicked off the show. I’m sure they relied on that extra money. Using your fame to step on others to get your way. Shame on you Maci! I thought you were a nice person. I guess not…

      1. Rhine :i dont want anything to interfere with my relashionship with bentley

        Also rhine : no acts to make a relashionship

        Also rhine : *calls tabloids * wanna hear what that b*tch maci did

  8. I’ve had a long day, and can’t quite wrap my head around this neverending story of theirs at this moment. But I do want to point out that picture of Bentley holding Maci is damn odd.

    1. Seriously?!?
      It’s a mom and her kid being playful and fun.
      What teen boy doesn’t brag that he can lift everyone around him?
      They have such a great relationship!

  9. Bentley is about to be 13 years old. 13 year olds are fully capable of figuring out their deadbeat father is in fact a deadbeat with no assist from someone else. People like Amber and Ryan who spend little to no time around their children still see them as this kid that can’t form coherent opinions and thoughts. Maybe if they put a little more effort into their relationships they’d know this…but then again if they put a little more effort in we wouldn’t be talking about this in the first place…

  10. News flash boy/child (Ryan) Bentley is 12 and almost grown. It’s too late you sat on your ass too long. Blame everyone else while you ran around doing drugs. Even your parents were seeing B but you didn’t have the time. POS bio-dad.

  11. My god Maci he isn’t coming back to you, keeping his kid away from him isn’t going to bring him back to you. It is kind of pathetic at this point. All the Bud Light in the world will not fill that hole in your heart. I think it is very obvious who needs the therapy. Hardest was to point your finger is back at yourself. Stay lit

    1. She isn’t trying to get Rhine back, she’s trying to protect her son.

      Dang Nibs, i thought your last couple of posts showed some maturity on your part…guess not.

      1. You’re kidding right? Maci left Ryan & never looked back. She doesn’t want him? what she WANTS from him is to be a fuckin dad.

    1. Rhine showed up to as many therapy sessions with Bentley as Amber showed up to visits with Leah and James. Not. many. Bentley is a smart kid, and he’s seen from Taylor what a good father actually is, and Rhine has always been a complete zero toward him. Rhine blew it. I don’t think Rhine is mentally or emotionally capable of doing any different. Bentley is old enough to start making his own decisions. I bet he’s the one driving this, not Maci.

  12. Oh please. Instead of making an effort to see him or call him, he’s blabbing about it to a tabloid. That says it all. Go ahead. Take your jobless junkie ass to court and see how that works out for ya.

  13. Maci is an alcoholic who looks wayyy older than her age and Ryan is a Drug addict. It’s disgusting how both of them are exploiting Bentley and broadcasting him going to therapy to the world.

  14. The Edward’s clan is so toxic and doesn’t really care about Bentley.

    1. Of course he doesn’t. He and his awful wife made fun of the poor kid when he was golfing. You want to get closer with him, yeah that’s the way to do it ?

  15. Ryan is a deadbeat. Even when he is physically near Bentley, he isn’t mentally or emotionally there. The guy wouldn’t know how to parent a rock. Then add on all the enablers around him that are probably pushing Bentley to be the bigger person. I bet the kid wants nothing to do with him.

    As far as Jen and Larry go. Who knows; but if they were pushing Bentley to do things he did not want to do, I wouldn’t want them around my son either.

    Taylor and Maci aren’t perfect, but they seem to be decent parents and Taylor really seems to love Bentley as his own.

  16. Maci doesn’t have to “poison” Bentley, Ryan has done a great job on his own ruining his relationship with his son.

    Bentley is almost 13 and Ryan hasn’t even taken Bentley for a weekend to watch him. That was all Jen and Larry.

    Also, all Maci has to do at court is say, okay take regular drug tests and I’ll let him see his father. And any judge worth is weight, will say that’s reasonable, he does have a criminal record for drug use. And then Ryan will be worse off than now, because he will be on the hook for child support, and wouldn’t be able to see his kid.

    Maci is nowhere near perfect, but I tend to give the benefit of the doubt to the parent that has been raising the child every day for their whole lives. I’ll give it to Chelsea and Gary, too.

  17. I call BS. Bentley doesn’t want to see him and we know why, we’ve seen over a decade of Ryan being a dead beat “father” to him and never going to court to settle anything. Ryan doesn’t give a crap about Bentley and never did and the poor kid knows it.
    Man up Ryan and take responsibility for once in your life

    1. I think rhine is back on the smack. I bet he and kinz are broke broke and I bet he wants to access Bentleys trust. Maci always gave the Edward’s access to Bentley.

  18. Ryan, did you ever consider that your complete lack of interest in Bentley is what “poisoned” him against you ?

  19. Is Ryan ever going to take responsibility for his own actions? Bentley is old enough now that he sees what kind of “father” Ryan has been, especially having Taylor around. Maci hasn’t been perfect but she has always put the needs of her children first. The reason Ryan doesn’t have a relationship with Bentley is because of Ryan.

    1. Yes. He clarified in his next sentence. “We’re waiting to see what happens”

      That’s the extent of his plan, and the maximum effort he’s putting in. He’s going to complain and wait to see what happens. He will never, in his life, on any topic, step up to make something happen. He will just let things happen and complain about them. Such a gem.

  20. but who’s really going to believe ryan? based off of previous events i bet he did something and that’s why maci stopped the visits but he won’t admit it because his whole family want us to think she’s a petty baby mama who’s “still in love” with ryan

  21. Ryan has had 12 years to “do something about it”. Ryan has never been a good father to Bentley. It’s much easier for the Edwards clan to heap the blame on Maci and Taylor’s shoulders. Something tells me that Bentley’s feelings aren’t heard. He is 12 now, he is old enough to see the kind of “father” that Ryan has always been. There is a high probability that Bentley doesn’t want to see his father. Maybe Ryan should take responsibility for being a shitty Dad instead of shifting blame.

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