Blowups, Beef with Dr. Drew & Another Baby On the Way: MTV Releases ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9 Reunion Preview (Part 1)

Cate, fielding some super important business calls before kicking off the Reunion…

After a tumultuous season featuring absentee parents, marital problems, pooping in garages, “petty bitches,” Portwood the Paratrooper, peeing in containers and a pregnancy announcement, the cast of Teen Mom OG will sit down (virtually) next week to breakdown the highs and lows of Season 9 on Part 1 of the Reunion special. 

In a preview of next week’s episode, viewers get a look at some of the drama set to be rehashed among the cast with the help of Reunion hosts Dr. Drew and Nessa. 

One of the standout moments from the clip features Maci Bookout and husband Taylor McKinney facing off with (former ‘Teen Mom OG’ grandparents) Larry and Jen Edwards, the parents of Maci’s ex and baby daddy Ryan Edwards. As The Ashley told you back in February, Larry and Jen agreed to film on-stage with Taylor and Maci, but things soon became “explosive” between the two couples, with Taylor going off on Ryan’s parents, Maci allegedly calling Jen a “manipulative bitch” and the McKinneys ultimately storming off the stage. 

While viewers don’t get to see the full confrontation in the preview, they’re given a taste of what’s coming. 

“The only thing I want a taste of is a cold beer after having to deal with this nonsense.”

“You’re a sorry son of a bitch,” Taylor says in the clip, to which Jen replies, “Excuse me?!” 

Part 1 of the Reunion will also give viewers some Amber Portwood drama as she tells ex Gary Shirley that his wife, Kristina Shirley, “is absolutely horrible.” 

“Whatever you say, Mom of the Year!”

The Season 9 Reunion was filmed in early February, right around the time of Amber’s first social media rant, in which she called Gary and Kristina “liars” and “two-faced.” Despite the ongoing beef between the exes, Gary appears to laugh off Amber’s on-stage slam in the preview. 

Someone who isn’t laughing is Josh McKee, the husband of Mackenzie McKee, who seems to have a bone to pick with Dr. Drew. 

Mackenzie, elated to see Josh mad at someone that isn’t her.

“Yeah, ever since 16 and Pregnant, you just wanna jump down my throat,” Josh says to the blazer-wearing and confused host. 

Finally, after another season of maintaining her side-bangs and avoiding a career, Catelynn Lowell tells the other moms that she and husband Tyler Baltierra are having their “final child.” 

“That’s right, girls… my days of peeing in Tupperware are over.”

Part 1 of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 9 Reunion special airs Tuesday on MTV. 

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26 Responses

  1. Crimeny. How lousy of a person do you have to be to rip on the woman RAISING your kid? Sitting on a couch, day & night, isn’t a good look for dear Amby. BTW – wasn’t Amby going to run a healthy living, sober house? After gel? I can’t keep the grandiose plans of these role models (COUGH) straight…

  2. Dr. Drew is such poser. I have no respect for this guy, he’s such a kiss ass to the worst moms over the years. Farrah, Jennelle.

    1. Haven’t they already said it’s another girl? At least Nova and Vaeda won’t have to feel pushed aside should their little Prince have arrived, now all the girls can bond over feeling inadequate because they are female. Cate and Tyler are such a mess, I thought they were determined to make Carly proud? Guess they couldn’t escape their own upbringing, no matter how much money MTV threw at them. Sad really.

  3. Please ignore my comment if my information is wrong. I sincerely wish Ty and Cate the best this life offers. Giving life is a sacred gift. All good wishes and ❤️ to them and their blessed family!

  4. Amber is a sorry piece of crap she needs to stop making excuses grow up and be the mother she needs to be. And Ryan is a piece of crap he needs to get a job and his parents need to stop excusing his behavior.

  5. Did Cate lose this baby? I saw that she did. Could it be because Cate is continuing to indulge in unhealthy habits (like heavy smoking? Drinking? Eating fat foods and even perhaps smoking pot?). If she is causing the miscarriages then she needs to stop the baby making idea and use some serious birth control.

    It is very sad if she lost another baby and it affects the entire family.

    If Cate has given up all of the unhealthy habits that cause miscarriages, then she needs medical help in carrying a baby to term.

    I send my heartfelt sympathies to her and her family and pray she has the wisdom and will power to get professional help from a pediatrician who can guide her through the healthy choices that give a fetus the best chance of surviving full term. ? SAD

    1. She was a big pot smoker before and Tyler I think still is. He always laughs and avoids the answer when Dr Drew has brought it up in the past.While smoking weed is now legal in most states and not considered the big deal it once was, for these two, who both have so many family members with addiction issues
      it’s crazy for them to fool around with it. I think that plays a big part of why the Carly’s parents want limited contact.

    2. She didn’t have another miscarriage. Her period was late, she took a bazillion tests and only she could see the “positive” lines. Her producer nor Ty could see the lines. She got her period a few days later.

  6. Is this the longest Amber’s ever been single? Amber is all of a sudden mad at Kristina because Leah’s finally calling her out on her BS. Usually Amber likes to turn to machetes, punching, and verbal abuse with her boyfriends when she’s mad. Now that she doesn’t have one, she’s taking out her lack of parenting for 12 years out on Kristina.

  7. Why the hell would anyone actually applaud that unemployed slob cate for being pregnant AGAIN. Isn’t that the whole freaking point of this show to avoid that? I thought they put Carly up for adoption so they could better their lives? Guess we’re still waiting on that. Nasty

    1. Same. Their storyline is awful, and at the reunion all they’re going to do is complain about their “marital” problems. They’ve been beating that dead horse with a stick since TM3. Honestly the most entertaining thing about any storyline from any season they’ve ever been on was Broncs doing a #2 on her bosses garage floor. They need to go.

  8. These reunions will continue to be a joke until Dr. Drew actually asks some interesting questions, and actually holds some of these parents ACCOUNTABLE for their behavior.

    He has turned himself into a joke at this point, showing us the same slide of a website and an 800 number that we can call to prevent pregnancy. He needs to talk about how to PARENT and Co-Parent. Nessa is a tougher interviewer than Dr. Drew. Grow a pair Drew.

  9. I’m tuning in solely for the Edwards v. McKinneys and to see Amber make herself look like more of a useless deadbeat while trying to deflect her behavior onto Kristina. Everybody else…I’m fast forwarding through their segments.

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