Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Add to Their Existing $800K Tax Lein Debt; Now Reportedly Owe An Additional Sum of $7K in Property Taxes

“OK, now it’s REALLY time to crank up the clickbait swipe ups… “

Time to therapy horse pony up some of that MTV money, Cate and Ty. 

Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra‘s debt just keeps growing. The couple— who already owe over $800,000 to the IRS in tax debt— now owes an additional sum of almost $7,000 in property taxes for the two Michigan homes they own, The Sun reported

Both of the houses have been featured on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ The first is a octagon-shaped home the couple currently lives in. They purchased it 2017 for $220,000.


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The second is a smaller, three-bedroom, 2-bathroom home located in St. Clair, Michigan.

(This is the home Tyler allowed his sister Amber Baltierra to stay in with her kids. During a 2018, episode, Ty and Cate found the home trashed, with the water shut off, and garbage everywhere. It was temporarily condemned by the city.)

 As The Ashley told you last year, Cate and Tyler have amassed more than $800,000 in tax debt – $856,800, to be exact.

“Where the heck are all of these money issues, therapy horses and daughters coming from?!”

As a result, they were hit with the first of two federal tax liens in November 2019 (for the tax years 2016 and 2017) in the amount of $535,010.97. The pair received the second federal tax lien the following month (for the tax year of 2018) in the amount of $321,789.06. 

“I don’t even wanna begin to think about how many pairs of baby joggers I’d have to sell to cover this.”

(In case you’re wondering what a federal tax lien is, according to the IRS website, “a federal tax lien is the government’s legal claim against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt. The lien protects the government’s interest in all your property, including real estate, personal property and financial assets.”)

A clerk confirmed to The Sun that both liens remain unpaid; however, they also noted that Cate and Tyler’s home in Burtchville – the ranch-style fixer-upper seen on ‘Teen Mom OG’ – sold for $175,000 in October 2020, and was removed from the liens in November. 

The clerk could not confirm the current amount of the two liens. 

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  2. So when you dont pay property taxes for so many years, they put liens and then other people can go in and pay the taxes off and end up owning your home in america. It’s not required, but most people escrow there taxes into the mortgage payment. I wonder why they didn’t do that…Better pay up

  3. I’m starting to think the only thing these two are somewhat good at with their limited brain power is raw dog sex.

    stay lit young broke baby maker’s

  4. They have been doing this show for a decade now and yet they still don’t know how to pay their damn taxes?! Give me a break! Mtv will not be their cash cow forever. They are already almost 30 so I can’t imagine this lasting much longer. Sure, their social medias will continue to make them a certain amount of money but you can only keep that up for so long before people lose interest in you. They have had 10 years to save and make plans for the future but instead they are in major debt to the IRS. It would be one thing if they were still teenagers but they are fully grown adults with kids to take care for god’s sake. They could have been investing just a small portion of what they make every year and be sitting pretty right now, or taken some of that money and gotten degrees. I guess you really can’t fix stupid. Maybe that’s too mean but it’s incredibly frustrating watching people piss away money and opportunities that others would kill for and actually put to good use.

  5. Who knows. They both make $400k per season, that’s $800k between the both of them. They should have at least made a dent in what they owe to the IRS by now.

  6. I don’t understand people who are so nonchalant about money, especially owing money. The second my credit card is due I pay it so u don’t forget and accumulate interest and purchases I’ve forgotten about. It really is common sense. Has nothing to do with mtv or being teenagers.

  7. Couple of morons, those two. He’s incessantly whiny and she’s inherently lazy, of course the bills don’t get paid.

  8. So they managed to pay them before for years so they know how shit works and now suddenly in their late 20s/30s did they just forget or decide that they were too important?

    They can’t pin this on mtv not giving them financial literacy they managed for years.
    At least in Illinois and I’m sure most other places you can have your taxes come out with your mortgage payment so it’s stupid that they even had this happen in the first place.

  9. Can someone in America please help explain:
    In the UK when you buy a house you pay stamp duty (tax) which is a percentage of the house price.. But you have to pay it there and then, otherwise the house sale won’t go through.
    So what kind of property tax gets added 3 years later, or is it that they still haven’t paid it 4 years later? If so, why does no one collect it..?

    Also, if they have unpaid taxes and owe 800k from 2016 and 2018.. Why have they not been made to pay them?
    I’d assume tax evasion would end up carrying a prison term if not paid, but when does the IRS ever collect it? It seems like it gets reported that some of these girls owe so much money and it seems shocking like omg what are they going to do, but then years later nothing has happened with it?

    1. We also pay tax on the house when we buy it as well, then we pay property taxes on the house every year. They haven’t paid their property taxes in years. You usually won’t go to prison for not paying, but the government will put liens on the house. The IRS can garnish wages as well, but I don’t know how common that is.

      1. Ouch, every year.

        So if they keep not paying, is there a certain amount of money that it has to get to before they come after them, or a certain amount of years or something?

        Otherwise surely they could just keep not paying and not getting in trouble

        1. Yep. Every year. It sucks, haha. As far as the amount before the government takes action, I’m not sure. I don’t know if there’s a set amount or if they pick and choose when they decide to do anything about it. Our government rules and regulations are very convoluted and usually inefficient

          1. Most places its 2 years of non payment, regardless of amount.

            Looks like they missed 2016 and 2017.

        2. Annual property taxes in the US pay for a lot of things: they help to support our public schools, park districts and libraries, it’s money to cities to fix roads or maintain other infrastructure, pay salaries of municipal employees, etc. Tax rates vary from state to state and county to county; in some places property taxes are actually quite low (my state is unfortunately known for high taxes).

          I’m not sure if there’s a certain number Tyler and Cate have to get to face actual consequences, but usually the case is that as long as a person is figuring out details of a payment plan with the IRS, and then actually makes the payments as required, there won’t be a problem (that’s for not paying their income tax). As for their property taxes, the normal procedure would be that they’ll have late fees tacked onto the amount they already owe, and that’s that. Usually if they don’t pay the taxes for up to a year or more after they were due, the city and/or state can put a lien on their properties and that way if they try to sell the house, the government gets a portion of the sale in order to recoup the money owed. If they don’t pay for several years, then the government will seize their property, evict them, and sell the house to get their money. I just did a Google search, and it says the state of Michigan will seize property after 3 years of delinquent property taxes. After the notice is filed to seize the property, the homeowner gets one year to bring the taxes current (tax amount due + interest, penalties, and other fees), or the property will be sold.

          1. Thank you for explaining for me. That is mad! We pay council tax for the same things – local parks, bin collections, fixing roads etc.. But its only about £150 a month!!

            Knowing these 2 then, they’ll probably never get around to paying it..

    2. The $800,000+ that they owe is federal taxes on the income that they get from MTV. It’s not a “job” and they’re not employees. They’re contract workers and are paid a lump sum for appearing on the show and they’re responsible for paying taxes on that income to both the federal government as well as the State of Michigan. If they don’t pay, then the government can sue, which is what’s happened. Every year everyone pays taxes on their income to the federal government as well as to most state governments, too.

      People who work “regular” jobs who get paychecks have taxes withheld from their paychecks and then once a year when everyone is required to file their income accounting with the government, they either get a refund if they over-paid their taxes or have to pay for what they still owe. It’s a way of life here in the US. Taxes find everything from maintaining our bridges, highways, government operations, healthcare, etc… pretty much everything we take for granted but need to go about our everyday lives. Other countries may call it something different or have a different way of managing it.

      They also owe the State of Michigan for the property taxes for all of the homes they own in the state. Property taxes are paid each year to the state and that money funds local schools, county and some city governments, etc. Just like the federal government, states also can sue to get any money due to them if it’s not paid on time.

      The federal government and the state’s offer payment plans for people who get themselves in trouble like C&T have done. It they haven’t already set up a payment plan they’re even bigger morons than I thought.

  10. I think I read that these reality ‘stars’ are independent contractors (or something like that-someone correct me if I got the term wrong). That means their salary isn’t taxed like normal salaries. They’re expected to pay the IRS on their own.

    You would think after the first tax bill the IRS sent, all of these reality ‘stars’ would have tried to fix the mess but looks like most of them are ignoring it. That’s not going to work. The IRS will get its money and you still could go to jail. Just ask The Situation about how going to court with the IRS.

    1. You’re exactly right. Probably thought they would just worry about paying taxes later and it caught up to them. They tack on tons of interest and now have a huge sum due. The lien is from them it paying taxes from their income. It’s not from property taxes.

  11. MTV gave millions of dollars to poor, uneducated teens. What did they or you expected? Do you think someone like Tyler’s dad or Cate’s mom pays taxes? Who would’ve teach them financial education? MTV should’ve given them financial advisors so the kids didn’t throw their money in expensive vacations or multiple houses but they don’t give a crap about them or their kids and Tyler and Cate will probably end up bankrupt and homeless

    1. I agree that MTV should’ve helped them as teens with financial advisors. The liens are from FYs 2016-2018, though. They were both in their mid 20s.

    1. It’s been reported in the past that MTV pays all of the Teen Mom crowd as independent contractors, so taxes are not deducted from their salaries; it’s up to the individuals to pay their taxes on their own.

      Interesting that they were able to get the lien in the other house discharged in some way in order to sell it. Selling it wouldn’t pay their tax debt, so there’s no way it was allowed for that reason; the government wants their money.

  12. Pay your taxes, its not rocket science … These people could have been set up for life with that MTV money if they just were a little smarter about it.

    These people need to get them fingers put their buttholes, they are 30?!

    Its kinda sad really, sounds like its only a question of time before they loose these houses and their money.

    1. So if Babs & Jennelle both made over $400,000 a season & dads usually make around $60,000.
      Does Tyler make Babs
      Or $60,000 like the other dads?
      Gary should receive Babs amount. If you don’t have custody of the reason you are on this show? ( not counting adoption) then you shouldn’t make 1/2 million dollars the parent who has the custody should.

  13. Yep, stunted at 16, and totally uneducated. They probably don’t even KNOW anybody who pays taxes! Find a reputable accountant in your town to show you how to budget for taxes, Tyler! Who knows what other bad financial decisions will they’re making?? Quit having kids and stop with the expensive pets while you’re this far in the hole!

  14. WTF are they trying to do?? Make it to $1Million?? They need to stop making kids they’re not going to be able to afford, and get a freaking accountant/financial advisor and PAY. THEIR. TAXES. MTV money is not going to last forever, and Uncle Sam does not play.

  15. I don’t understand how this keeps happening. Hire an effing accountant to do your taxes quarterly and can work out how much they need to save back for taxes, since taxes aren’t taken from their checks. It’s not that hard. Why these people think they don’t have to pay their taxes while everyone else does is annoying.

  16. Another commenter on another recent article said these two are permanently stunted at 16. They really are – she show was the worst thing that could have happened to them. They probably would have split up, Tyler would have gone to the Air Force like he was planning and they would have felt secure in their choice to give up Carly instead of regretting the decision since they (sort of) have money at least for the moment. Not sure how Cate would have faired – probably the same but poor.

  17. Can someone enlighten me on how the homes together cost less than 500k but the tax lien is over 800k? Real question because I’m not familiar with this at all. Thanks in advance.

    1. The $800,000 is from income tax. Also not paying in a timely fashion makes the interest go through the roof!

  18. How can you be thirty years old, watch several costars have the exact same thing happen, and STILL not know you need to pay your taxes?! Take a vacation to H&R Block.

  19. Perhaps we should stop with all the tattoos, therpy animals, willy nilly careers of the week, taking off some place for vacation and pay your debts…damn dead beats!

  20. One would think paying off taxes and talking to a professional about how to stay on top of taxes (or hiring one) would be a priority over spending the morning dipping pregnancy tests into a Tupperware of urine and having more kids. What are they going to do if their properties get seized?

  21. Such a great time to bring another life into the world…. oh wait.

    Do they have to pay to give birth too? More debt coming soon!

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