This Week’s “WTF?” ‘Teen Mom OG’ Moment: Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen Talks About Her Upcoming Album, Dances in a Thong & Hates on Fred Astaire in New Video

The nutcracker is shielding his eyes and cringing in secondhand embarrassment…

As the only our favorite Teen Mom OG grandma-turned-rapper Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen gears up for the release of her upcoming album, she’s giving fans a preview of what to expect and revealing some of the inspiration behind her wild outfits tunes. 

In her new YouTube video, the mom of Farrah Abraham kicked things off by throwing on some mesh pants and a thong (AS YOU DO), and rounding up her trusty backup dancers – aka the life-sized nutcrackers still hanging around from Christmas. She then proceeded to bust some moves around the foyer to her new song “Bullets and Booze,” which will “be out here shortly.”

Let’s break down this giant heap of “WTF?”-ery, shall we?

Try out some of these moves during your first post-pandemic night out at ‘da club’ and thank The Ashley later.

After a brief intro and another dance break, we catch back up with Debra at her “Clavinova” – aka her piano-keyboard thing. She explains that she’s doing this video to talk to “all [her] Spotify fans” about her new album “Rebel” and the inspiration behind her music.

Debra asks viewers if they remember “that iconic song … ‘Every Move You Make,’” claiming it was a “kind of one of the beats” that inspired her. 

She was so inspired, that she didn’t bother looking up the correct title of the song. Tough day for The Police… that one really has to Sting burn.

Debra then descends into a rabbit hole of her past and the music she grew up with, beginning with big band music and “Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers stuff” – none of which she particularly cared for. Though Debra admits Fred had some talent, she said he “just felt, like, over the top, like, on steroids, like, couldn’t relax. 

In contrast, she says she’s more of a “down-to-earth, normal girl.” 

“Normal? Really? Have you seen this video?”

She then hops into what feels like an ad, but is actually just Debz being Debz, as she name-drops NFL quarterback Tom Brady and mentions their shared affinity for flavored water. 

My takeaway from this whole video? Tom Brady is the inspiration behind Debz OG’s new album.

We then jump back onto the Debz OG train and take a sharp left as Debra explains how a lot of songs that “these Black singers brought to all of us as a gift was the soul and the emotion and the reality of connecting with your feelings.”

Debra then throws some more shade at poor Fred Astaire. 

“ … You know, I’m sorry but some white guy over here tap dancing, singing about going to the grocery store or some crazy thing, I’m just like, ‘Yeah, that’s not for me,’” she said. 

The singers that Debra said were topping her “hit list” included Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Stevie Wonder and Prince. 

Ya know, I think I remember reading this statistic on

Debra went on to also praise Michael Jackson and even compare “Bullets and Booze” to one of Michael’s biggest hits. 

“ … “it’s very much in that ‘Thriller’ vibe,” she said.

“It’s very much, like, you know, hey, yeah, it’s about spooky Halloween and stormy nights and bump in the nights and all of that, but most important, it brings across this message: there are spooky times even when the sun’s shining.”

How much spookier can it get than this video!!?

“When you’re at your local watering hole and someone’s, like, giving you the look, giving you the stare, coming over to you to put the move on you or whatever, you always have to be aware of your surroundings nowadays,” Deb randomly advised.

“Lord God, all of us know there are scary people that look totally harmless, so that’s what my songs about, so love it, play it, stream it, dance to it and vibe out and share that with people, but keep in mind Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and those mummies and them walking around,” she rambled added. 

To summarize: Don’t talk to strangers/mummies and be sure to download Debz OG’s new single.

As for some of her favorite female artists, Debra rattled off a list that included Roberta Flack, Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin. 

– we’re gonna stop ya right there, Debz.

While mentioning her musical influences – a term we’re using so very loosely in this case – Debra included some recent artists as well, including Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, “Notorious Big” – yes, she actually said “big” – The Weeknd, Usher and Drake. 

“I mean, these guys boom,” she said. “They are my inspirational to get out there and to try to share you know, um, a little rap and a little pop and a little hip hop, but I love their styles and I love what they bring to the table.” 

Is anyone else having a hard time putting it together that this woman here is the one talking about how Snoop Dog “booms?” Just me? Ok…

Debra went on to give a shout out to “two white guys that have inspired” her, Phil Collins and Sam Smith, adding that she particularly likes Sam Smith because they sound like The Weeknd and sing with “a lot of soul.” 

“That’s what I’ve like about all of the Black singers who I enjoy who I relate to because they have the soul and the emotion, but most importantly they’re singing about things that are important in my life, my real life, not some made-up thing about going to the grocery store,” she said. “Some damn made-up thing about Fred Astaire and all those horrible, hard dance moves that would make people’s feet bleed when they had to practice too many hours.

Debz hates two things, apparently: pants and Fred Freaking Astaire!

Did Debra wear her mesh pants to the grocery store and end up with frostbite after hanging around the frozen foods too long while a Fred Astaire song played over the speaker system, or what?

“I don’t like that,” she continued. “I don’t want that and I don’t aspire to have that in my life.” 

“What the hell did I ever do to you, Debz? Geez…”

While Fred Astaire may not inspire Debra musically, she admitted that the outfit she had on was similar to outfits worn by Fred and Ginger in the movie “Rio,” which she said she had watched recently on TCM. Debra likened her see-through pants and shirt to the clothes wore in the film before going on to criticize the actors for faking a scene that involved them dancing on the wings of an airplane. 

“I mean, come on… what a couple of phonies!”

New music from Debz OG begins streaming this week. 

You can watch the full Debz OG/WTF? video below. 

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(Photos: YouTube; MTV; Hulton Archive/Getty Images) 


  1. Is she unmedicated these days???
    Do they need some Julia Roberts as Erin Brokovich to check the water in Council Bluffs Iowa? These bitches are cray cray.

  2. Isn’t Debz married to a doctor? Wouldn’t a legitimate Dr be embarrassed by her behavior? Farrah’s a hot mess on her own, but so is Debz.

    1. If you have ever watched or listened to him, he acts pretty obnoxiously himself. Arrogant, entitled. One of the only times I have agreed with Farrah was that his behavior toward her was awful.
      He likes to fancy himself a psychologist but he has no training in that area.
      It’s clear between Debra and Farrah’s father, sadly mental illness runs in this family.

  3. I don’t think that’s a thong, I think her ass ate those granny panties like a fat kid eats cake.

    stay lit

  4. There’s an old saying, Beauty fades, stupid is forever, and crazy is hereditary.

  5. Yeah, Debz, we get it you’re hip. You’re down. You’re not racist. You dissed some dead white folks to show you hate whitey. Cool.

    But are you anti- racist? Let’s go all the way there next time.

  6. She wasn’t anywhere near this crazy at the beginning of 16&P. Is she genuinely mentally ill, or is she doing this to get attention and bring in money?

    1. I think its the fame. I think once she got a tiny bit of recognition in her small town, she went nuts.

      It went to her head and she became a character, who she thinks we want to see. Now she cant stop bc she has to be this “Debz OG” character all the time now.

  7. That woman is having a midlife crisis! She is ridiculous just like her daughter! She looks ridiculous in those outfits she chooses!

  8. Seriously, what happened to her? She seemed normal on Farrah’s original episode… She’s from another planet now. I’m genuinely confused

    1. Right? I’m rewatching season 1-2 now and there must’ve been a psychotic break in there somewhere…

      1. She always seemed off to me, but I never quite envisioned her going down the route of rapping while scantily clad.

        The bish is 63 – waaay too old to be doing this. She’s not a regular mom nor a cool mom – she’s a mentally off-kilter beyond embarrassing mom. She isn’t getting hits on YouTube because people like her – she’s getting views because people are morbidly curious and sometimes need something to cringe at while gawking. Or they think they hate their mom, but then they watch one of her rap videos to realize their mom isn’t so bad afterall.

  9. Y’know what… whatever. At her age she’s feeling sexy, cool and confident. She’s right up there with Lizzo and all of the people who are shaking their asse(t)s on whatever platform they can gain. Granted it’s a very different Deborah we once knew on Teen Mom.. but Farrah went from fitness model to attempting to take pass off taking it up the ass as a leaked sex tape. a little fame changes people but whatever, I’m glad she’s confident as those women wearing leggings with their Depends.

  10. No words for this…. But I would love a Debz OG / Babs Evans duet. Maybe toss April in the mix for good measure.

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