Colton Underwood Filming New Show About His Life As a Gay Man; Fans Call Out Former ‘Bachelor’ Star for Monetizing His Coming Out & for Past Abusive Behavior

“‘Member me?”

Colton Underwood came out on Wednesday during an appearance on Good Morning America and, within hours, it was announced that the former Bachelor star had already signed on to star in a Netflix reality show about his life as a gay man. 

While the former Bachelor star received plenty of support from his fans, his exes and other members of Bachelor Nation, the news of his new gig didn’t sit well with many people. On Twitter, some fans accused Colton of trying to monetize “his truth.”

Others brought up the fact that Colton’s ex-girlfriend from the show, Cassie Randolph, filed for and was granted a restraining order against Colton last year, after she claimed he was stalking her and had placed a tracking device on her car.

Variety broke the news on Wednesday that Colton– who said on ‘Good Morning America’ that he’s known he was gay since he was a freshman in high school— is already filming his new show. The website described the show as “an unscripted series with multiple episodes… focusing on Underwood living his life publicly as a gay man.”

“Olympian Gus Kenworthy will appear in the series, acting as a guide, of sorts, for Underwood,” Variety added.

Gus— an Olympic skier— came out publicly in 2015.

(On Thursday, E! News posted photos of Colton, Gus and Colton’s father Scott Underwood filming for the show.) 

Before appearing on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Colton was a college football player. Although he was signed by the San Diego Chargers in 2014 (and as a free agent in 2014), he never made it past the NFL practice squads and did not play in any pro football games. 

Variety stated that Colton’s “identity as an athlete and gay man is said to be a theme in the new Netflix show.”

Although there was plenty of support for Colton’s new show deal, many were turned off by his agreeing to do another show so soon after coming out.

“While I am ALWAYS happy for someone to come out and live their truth (and yes, everyone has their own journey and timeline), I’m always a little grossed out when their coming out involves instantly announced, cringe-worthy attempts to monetize that truth,” former The People’s Couch star Scott Nevins tweeted.

“Oh. That ‘difficult’ interview was, after all, a marketing strategy for his upcoming TV show? Sad,” another person wrote on Twitter.

“The narrative is problematic, of course. But I also have an issue with Colton’s ‘learning to be gay’ tv show concept, for several reasons,” another person wrote. “First, the conceit perpetuates the stereotype that coming out makes you different, which is simply not true.”

Others voiced their disapproval of Netflix for giving Colton a new show, despite his disturbing actions against Cassie last year. (Cassie has yet to comment publicly on Colton coming out, or about his new show.) 

Demi Burnett— who appeared on Colton’s season and later came out as bisexual on Bachelor in Paradisetold The Sun that Colton should be held accountable for his treatment of Cassie. 

Cassie and Colton in happier times…

“I know how that feels and I’m very proud of him for that. But I do want to make sure everyone respects Cassie who has gone through a lot and been very hurt by Colton,” she said, noting that she remains close to Cassie. “I know she would never have filed that restraining order unless she had no other choice. It must’ve been terrifying for her.

“And I don’t want anyone to forget about that. We can praise Colton for being brave and coming out but he needs to be held accountable for what he did to Cassie.”

Demi was not alone in her feelings. On Twitter, many people expressed similar feelings about Colton getting a new show despite his past.

“I’m happy Colton is out and living his truth. But let’s not forget he stalked and put a tracker on his ex fiancé’s car. And is now being given a reality show with Netflix,” one person wrote. 

“Colton’s GMA was intro for his new Netflix show? Happy for someone to embrace who they are BUT he stalked Cassie,” another wrote. “Put a tracker on her car. Hid outside her window. Called her from anonymous #’s. Cant just give him another show without addressing this and not vaguely.”

Colton and Netflix have yet to comment on his new show. Colton did, however, take to Instagram to thank his fans for their support.


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  1. I knew he was gay way before he came out, I can’t believe anyone thought he was straight! He’s just disgusting, going on those shows knowing he was gay. BUT a lot of the men on those shows are gay, most are!

  2. Blind gossip sites for years have been saying he was going to do this. He was only gonna come out if he needed the money or attention. Stalked an ex, got bad press, can’t get booked on TV… suddenly it’s time to come out of the closet. You’ve known since high school? Then you owe a BIG fucking apology to the women you CONNED for fame on national television. Fuck Netflix. This is not the attention the LGBTQ community needs. Newsflash: Gay people can be awful too. How about give some attention to those doing GOOD work?

    1. Yep. Just like Kevin Spacey. He was being accused of harassing multiple men and to get people to forget about that he apologized and then came out in hopes to get people to forget about his criminal behavior. Same story for those two.

  3. Nobody cares if you’re gay. Nobody cares about anyone’s sexuality. It’s time to get over yourselves.

    1. It really is. We all want “unity” yet still insist on separating ourselves in one way or another.

      We’re all human. Most adults don’t care about what’s in your pants versus whats in your head and heart.

  4. So if hes know since high school, why go on a show looking to date women?

    Seems.. Fake to me. Disingenuous.

    1. Exactly! And not just once, but THREE times! Becca’s season of the Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise and his season of the Bachelor. He’s a complete opportunist, not caring about who he’s hurting along the way.

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