‘Teen Mom’ Dad Gary Shirley Says He Is “Taking a Step Back” From Amber Portwood After She Calls Him & Wife Kristina “Liars” & “Two-Faced” In Online Rant

“That’s it! You’re not allowed to come clean my house anymore, Gary! I’ll show you!”

Amber Portwood‘s battling both of her baby daddies now– and Gary Shirley has had enough! He took to Instagram to clap back at Amber after she ripped him and his wife Kristina apart in an online video.

The Teen Mom OG star ranted about Gary (the father of her daughter Leah) and Kristina on Instagram rant on Thursday, calling them “two-faced” and “liars” (among other things). Amber was upset after watching this week’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ premiere episode, in which Gary and Kristina talked about how much time Gary spends helping Amber by grocery shopping for her and fixing stuff. Kristina mentioned that she felt like Amber was their “teenage daughter.”

“You’re two-faced,” Amber said to Gary on Instagram. “And your wife’s two-faced, saying that I’m like a teenager, I’m like a teenage daughter.”

Kristina, girl, you better put a helmet on…

Amber then brags about the fact that she allowed Gary and Kristina to clean her house for $500, and that she gave them $7500, which she claims was not child support for Leah.

After video of Amber’s rant ended up on the Teen Mom Shade Room Instagram account, Gary left a statement in the post’s comment section, explaining that he and Kristina plan to “take a step back” from their relationship with Amber. He also stated that he no longer knows how to co-parent with Amber (who is also fighting her other baby daddy, Andrew Glennon, in court currently).

Gary posted a written apology to Kristina, explaining he feels bad that she had to deal with all of this mess.

“I know it’s not normal to have ‘an Amber’ in your family. Sorry, babe…”

“My wife is amazing. I love her deeply,” he wrote. “@kristina_shirley3 I’m very glad you’r[e] in me and our kids’ life and know we together would put up with an infinite amount of Amber’s [behavior] for the sake of Leah.

“But I also want to apologize to @kristina_shirley3 for having to deal with all this. She is a sweet caring being & my best friend. I’m also very thankful for everyone here for also seeing through some of the BS.

“We will be taking a step back and trying to see where to go from here,” Gary continued. “While trying to keep putting Leah’s best interest first. For a while now that was (co-parenting) idk how to do it anymore. I’m trying not to get into the fine details of everything trying to have some class. Again thank you all for the support.”

“Peace out, Portwood!”

In the past, Gary has explained that he puts up with a lot of Amber’s nonsense in order to keep his co-parenting relationship strong for Leah. Back in May 2020, he wrote about this in a comment left on Instagram, explaining why he has continued to support Amber despite all of her past hi-jinks.

“In support of Leah, having both her parents is very important,” Gary wrote. “Amber’s happiness is a huge key to her children’s happiness. Amber comes over regularly with James for visits to see Leah and our family. When James sees Leah his eyes get big and he runs to her…Amber is always saying, ‘Are you sure you don’t mind? I don’t want to intrude.’ However, we encourage her to visit and this also gives us a chance to see little man (baby James)…

“In the end I want to know I did everything I could to help my daughter & James. Supporting their mother HAS to be part of that. I’m proud of the steps Amber has taken for herself and for her kids. She has come a long way.” 

You can watch part of Amber’s latest rant in the video below! 

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60 Responses

  1. AGREED! I watched the episode, they were kinda laughing about it and the teenage daughter bit was because Gary was over there a lot helping her. She didn’t say it maliciously or anything, it was a joke. So now you are going to scorch the only “real” relationships in your life..Gary and Kristina?? She has serious issues and I wish her social media accounts would get shut down.

  2. Once Leah cuts her off for good, she’ll blame that on Gary and Kristina too. And I fully believe that Leah will cut her off. Soon.

  3. Leah probably thinks of her mom as the embarrassing drunk aunt that only comes around every now and then when she needs something. Kristina has been and will be more of a real mother to Leah then Ambien ever will!

  4. In previews we already see Leah saying “don’t post that pic”. Seems she’s starting to notice her mom only comes around to take a pic for social media to act like an involved parent.

    I wonder how she will feel when she reads what her mom said about Gary and Kristina knowing how much they help out her dumpster fire mother and knowing Gary and Kristina are the ones who take care of her while amber acts a fool and plays musical dicks with each new dude she meets.

    Leah is going to end up cutting her mom out soon. Just watch.

    1. I agree about Leah. I think Leah tolerates Amber. I think she puts up with her. If she had to choose between Amber or anything else (including doing nothing) she’d choose anything and everything over Amber and as time goes on those feelings will get even stronger. Visit mom or do homework… homework. Clean my room or visit mom & to have their nails done again for the 10th time… clean her room. Study for that test or see mom… study for the test. Leah is smart and she’s old enough now and there’s enough history between them that Leah knows what motivates Amber and what’s up.

  5. Amber is jealous now that she is single and alone. She is bitter because she realizes now that Gary was the only man that didnt use her for her money. All the other men got her money and dipped. Shes lowkey angry at Kristina for living what she thinks should have been her life. They need to avoid Amber because its only going to get worse as she goes into her 30’s midlife crisis and realizes her prospects wont get any better.

  6. Amber is now trying to throw Gary under the bus. She is basically claiming that Gary still wants her. He called her up to discuss s*dual encounters they had and said she missed big daddy. Apparently, an old producer caught him inappropriately comforting her.

  7. So maybe now Ambers going to finally realize how much Gary and Kristina have done for her since she’s finally burned the only bridge she had left. Next time show some gratitude for the people who’ve stood by you through thick and thin, because its gonna get real dark and lonely on that couch.

    1. Its really gonna get dark and lonely after she show is cancelled and the money stops. 2021 hopefully will be that year.

  8. idk why any time kristina and gary state facts about amber, she gets all upset and thinks they’re talking smack, they have no reason to be spiteful, they were even there for her for court cases all for leah, amber doesn’t deserve gary and kristina

  9. Ughhhh… No just NO. I’m sorry but I don’t feel like Gary’s wife was saying it shade amber….. that 7500 and 500 shit- so you can sit on your couch and not parent? Barf! She’s so full of herself

  10. Somebody needs to do a drug test on that girl! She is high! Where the fuck is her probation officer??!!

  11. The real victims in this whole mess are Leah and James, but especially Leah. She is at the age where she and her friends have easy access to social media, and since Amber publicly airs all of her dirty laundry for the entire planet to see, I’m sure they have all seen her insane rants. Amber needs to be placed in a psych ward until they get her meds and therapy straightened out. She constantly uses her mental illnesses as an excuse for her terrible and dangerous behavior, but she is clearly not seeking help for her issues. I wonder if her Belgian ex-boyfriend is looking at all of this and realizing that he dodged a bullet.

  12. The problem with Amber and a lot of the girls on this show is that they have absolutely zero sense of humor. I didn’t actually watch the episode, but by the screen shot and the look on Kristina’s face when she said that Amber was like their teenage daughter, it looked like she was kind of joking. She obviously doesn’t actually believe that having Amber in her life is exactly the same as having a teenage daughter in your life: she’s just joking that there are parallels and making the connections between the sort of things a teenager daughter needs help with and the sort of things Amber needs help with.

    My mom has borderline personality disorder and she also had absolutely no sense of humor. She doesn’t understand humor or sarcasm or hyperbole or gently kidding someone. She takes everything that anyone says deadly seriously and focuses on the literal exact words that were said and not the spirit of what was being said. And because she doesn’t get jokes or sarcasm, she blows up and gets super hurt/angry about anything that isn’t direct praise for her and how great she is. And she’ll respond in a way that is super over the top and not at all proportional to whatever was actually said. That seems to be Amber’s problem, too. And Jenelle’s problem. And Cate’s problem. And Farrah’s problem. Actually, a lot of the teen mom girls have the same problem. It seems like bad childhoods, that lead to an obsession with needing to be loved by men/boys, that leads to teenage pregnancy and deciding to keep the baby because it will be someone that loves you/it will force your boyfriend to love you and stay with you, that leads to thinking you’re special enough to be on reality TV so you can “share your story,” that leads to an obsession with making sure that everyone who watches loves you and understand you, s a possible indicator of borderline personality disorder.

    1. As a therapist, I will say that Amber, Kail, Jenelle, and Farrah all definitely have BPD. It’s a very weird coincidence, particularly as it’s a disorder with a prevalence of about less than 2% of the U.S. population.

  13. So a woman who has no job, doesn’t take care of her own kids, cycles through men like the laundry, has a prison record, anger management problems and assaulted Gary in front of her baby long ago can make comments about two people who have stood by her all these years through all this turmoil? Wow. What a Bee-otch.

    This man is raising your child you fat a@@! even though you have the time to lay around on the couch and do nothing. He’s paid FAR MORE for your child in food, rent, clothing, etc. than a measly $7,500, which is probably part of child support you owe.

    Who was there when you took a machete to one of the many men you brought into your daughter’s life and helped you get through that and your continual depressive episodes? That’s WAY more than $7,500 worth!

    So glad Gary finally had realized standing by Amber is like standing by a dumpster fire. Sure it looks like it’s out, but it ignites once again.

    If everyone around you is trying to distance yourself, then the problem isn’t them. It’s YOU!

    I wouldn’t say Gary’s a ‘catch’, but he also seems like a kind, caring, concerned person who really wants what’s best for his child. You can’t say the same about Amber. Kristina also has been very supportive and not demanding of Gary to cut ties. Glad he realizes that ‘supporting Amber’ is not worth it. Can’t wait to see when she violates her probation. Karma always comes around.

  14. Amber is really burning her bridges, when she came out of prison she really had a chance to turn it around. She didn’t take it. People tend to be forgiving when a person is young, not so much when the behaviour continues into middle age. I suspect Gary and Kristina are bidding their time until Leah leaves for university, and Leah can stay at a safe for her distance away. Amber will never leave her sofa. Also, it has been well documented that Amber, for all her talk of money is crap with her child support, that £7500 may not be ‘child support’ but it might be some sort of court order.

  15. Amber is pissed cos she doesn’t like the truth Amber is like their child and more of a problem than the three children they are raising I bet. Gary and Kristina have went above and beyond to help Amber and have even looked after James for her and Amber has never shown them even an ounce of respect for it. Amber will probably blow her probation again like last time without Gary and Kristina supporting her but that is on her, not Gary and Kristina.

  16. Doesn’t Gary have a job as a cop or did he quit? As long as these two keep taking money from Amber they are going to have to deal with her rants. Cut the cord for Leah’s sake and only deal with Amber about coparenting or basically whenever Leah wants to visit her.

    1. Exactly what I was wondering!! Idk about cops in Indiana but cops here make a pretty recent living, even as a rookie!! Plus, I could have swore the original dads on the show make just as much per season as the moms!! So either Gary & Kristina are living way outside of their means or I call BS on this whole thing!!!

      1. LOL I obviously meant decent living!! Damn these iPhones and their autocorrect!! ?. I also wanted to point out how incredibly scary Amber looks in that video! Maybe it’s the way she’s talking or something but she looks frightening!!

      2. Maybe he was ine of only a few in the franchise who know how to properly deal with money. Especially being in connection with amber who had been horrible with her paychecks, because look where she is now.

        1. Gary seems level headed with his spending. They didn’t buy some McMansion in the city. They bought a farm house on a farm. They dont drive range rovers and Lexus SUV’s and I haven’t heard of them taking family trips to Iceland and Hawaii.

  17. Gary owes her nothing; Kristina owes her less. Leah will be visiting her “Mother” in prison one day….or more likely, she won’t.

  18. Amber always brings up money when she’s mad at people. Matt left with a backpack full of money, Andrew stole her money, she gave Kristina and Gary $500 for cleaning her house but also gave them $7500 not for child support….etc.

    I personally wouldn’t even clean Amber’s house for $500. She is lazy and has multiple dogs she probably doesn’t clean up after. Not to mention there were probably holes in her door and walls from her fits of rage. This could have also beenafter the machete incident so it would benefit amber to go to court with a clean home.

    It looks like Amber lost her privileges to live in Gary’s backyard. I can only see Leah getting more estranged from her as she gets older. Kristinas the one who’s there for her and mentally stable anyway.

  19. She asked about the 500 for Kristina specifically cleaning her house. Can we all just agree that cleaning a house to get money for your kids is way more admirable than laying on a bed with no custody talking to whatever friend you can get to show up while getting paid a giant amount of money.

    1. Is that why she said it? Is to make a jab at her? She is stupid as hell. Of course she doesn’t know how much work it takes to clean a house.

      Cleaning professionaly was a very frustrating job to me. I used to clean houses, for a very short time, like 2 weeks. I thought how great it would be to just clean. But I didn’t like it. I would mostly go to homes that were already very clean so I was confused. I also went to a house where the owner said to just go around a huge mess on the bathroom floor. I was also confused, like how do I do this, this can’t be cleaned thoroughly. Random stuff like that made it hard to do. I clean my house everyday and deep clean like once, twice a month. But it definitely isn’t the same as doing others houses.

  20. This waste of skin is a piece of work. Honestly she’s gonna bring up she gave them $7500 of money she makes from sitting on her couch complaining on an MTV show. It’s not like it’s money she made from working hard at a real job. STFU. And visiting her daughter at Gary’s house is not parenting. Why doesn’t Leah sleep over her house through the week so Amber can wake her lazy ass up and take her to school or help her with home school? It’s really easy to call yourself a “mom” when others do the real parenting for you and you are just there like a playmate. Her daughter is 12 now so I’m sure she will see what a POS her mom is soon. She should be so lucky she has Gary and Kristina because if I was Kristina I would’ve told her lazy ass to go do her own damn groceries and pay a mechanic to fix your damn car since you got so much money. She’s lucky Kristina is too nice to slap her in her fat face like she deserves. Lord knows I would have

  21. Wow. Gary, cut Amber off and keep her the hell away from Leah. Kristina should never have to deal with that kind of disrespect. She’s either high or off her meds, or probably both. Your family does not need Amber’s poison! Have Andrew bring James for visits. Poor Leah, and poor James, to have THIS be their bio mother!

    1. She will soon find a new man and he will be attacking Gary and Andrew, you will see, she needs someone who will be just as crazy as her!

  22. Kristina was very generous in calling her a teenager! She actually a fucking child at best. My 7 year old is more mature and responsible! It about time Gary!

  23. Amber: Let me prove them I’m nothing like a teenager by having a rant like teenager. There is slowing leaning & then there is Amber slow learning.

  24. Gotta love Amber screaming about money, as if giving Gary $500 makes her better than him. No matter how many dollars you’ve got to your name, it can’t buy you class, Amber.

    Gary and Kristina have every reason in the world to turn their backs on Amber; they’ve had reason to do that for years. I give them so much credit for always putting the kids first and doing whatever they have to do to support Amber’s relationship with Leah. I know that Gary did a lot to push Amber’s buttons back in the day, but he has grown up and become a good man. She should thank her lucky stars for him, or else she would have lost Leah to CPS, and she wouldn’t have access to her the way that she does now. She knows her daughter is well cared for, has a stable home with people who love her, and Amber can see her whenever she wants (and ignore her when she’s “too depressed” to see her). None of that would be going on if Leah was in foster care.

  25. I absolutely love Gary and Kristina. They’re doing everything they can for Leah, even if that means supporting this very unstable person. Also, I didn’t get the feeling that they were saying this in a mean way, it was more of a joke. Amber needs to calm her tits down and appreciate these two. They could’ve made her life way more difficult than it actually is. The audacity of that b*tch is stunning.

  26. Amber really shot herself in the foot with this. Way to go Amber, piss off two of the very last people in your corner, and the one person who can make it very difficult if not impossible to see your daughter. She just needs to STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA & keep her yap shut!! She is a textbook BPD case, they should just put her picture in the DSM-V next to borderline personality disorder.

  27. Leah is a Lucky girl to have Gary and Kristina and I think she is smart enough to know it.
    I just hope when Leah becomes an adult, she knows it’s ok to distance herself from her toxic mother and it’s ok to have a life without her. She has a great mother figure in Kristina.

  28. I’m guessing Amber is having another bipolar episode or she’s off her meds. Gary and Kristina are very good parents to Leah and always do right by her.

  29. Amber should be kissing the ground they walk on for everything they have done. Kristina is a better woman than me because I could never.

    1. I haven’t watched this show since Kristina entered the picture, but based on everything I’ve read here, she sounds like a saint. Gary chose well – Kristina is a huge step up from Amber. The stable dads on the show traded up when they chose wives (Vee is a huge step up from Kail, Miranda is a huge step up from Leah). And the husbands of only stable moms on the show (Chelsea and Maci) are huge improvements over the first baby daddies.

    2. I’m confused on how Amber needs anyone to clean her house when she lives in a small house BY HERSELF. I mean…she doesn’t even have her kids that much and Leah I’m sure is self sufficient…

      As for Gary and Kristina calling Amber their “teenage daughter” Amber should be happy that’s all they called her. She’s been called far worse.

  30. I’m sorry but is anyone even surprised by this white trash anymore? Terrible parent, terrible person – move on and ignore her

  31. This chick is a lost cause. I don’t understand how she has been allowed to behave like this. There comes a point where I personally feel that using “mental illness” as an excuse for everything you do bad in your life, starts to become an excuse rather than a reason. I can’t stand Amber. She’s self righteous and just a all around terrible person.

  32. I love Kristina. I screamed when she said amber was like their teenage daughter. Gary and Kristina have done above and beyond for her and it’s time to stop that.

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