Amber Portwood Says She Did Reach Out to ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Star Catelynn Lowell Following Miscarriage Despite Cate Claiming Otherwise: “I Guess She Forgot”

“What gives, Cate?”

Amber Portwood is clearing her name after her co-star Catelynn Lowell claimed that only one Teen Mom OG cast member (Cheyenne Floyd) reached out to her following her November 2020 miscarriage. In a new interview, Amber claims Catelynn “forgot” that she contacted her after hearing the news. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Cate revealed in December that she had a miscarriage on Thanksgiving Day, just days after finding out she was pregnant with her fourth child.

Last week, Cate called out Amber, Maci Bookout and Mackenzie McKee for not reaching out to her after news of her miscarriage was made public, while praising Cheyenne for checking in to see how she was doing. 

“You three are exactly why therapy horses exist.”

Amber, however, is disputing Cate’s claims.

While promoting Season 9 of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Amber told Us Weekly she doesn’t “look up on social media or media about anybody on this show for good reason” and therefore wasn’t aware of Cate’s miscarriage until the two spoke on the phone “a couple of months ago.” 

“ … and I guess she forgot a little bit about that, which is OK,” she added. 

“I sent her love straight from my heart— and couch!” 

Amber went on to call Cate’s loss “heartbreaking” and admitted the cast is “not as connected” as they used to be, due to the pandemic. 

“ … and to sit there and to know that your co-stars are hurt … it’s tough,” she said. “There’s nothing we can do because of the pandemic. We can’t just get on a plane necessarily. I don’t know, it’s emotionally hard.” 

When asked to comment on Cate’s miscarriage, Maci never claimed to have reached out to Cate, though she did echo Amber’s sentiments on how difficult it is to see her cast mates “dealing with a tough struggle.” 

“I happen to prefer my bubbles in the form of beer foam.”

“We all live in different states so it’s like watching your sister go through something really hard,” she said. “You kind of feel helpless because, you know, you can’t just drive down the road and have a sleepover like you would with an actual sister who lives close by. That part sucks. It’s always sucked about this show.” 

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(Photos: MTV/Us Weekly) 


  1. Is Amber high in that top pic??

    She looks like shes 2 steps away from resembling Jackie Stalone.

  2. Catelynn, cut out the cigarettes, the booze, and overeating and your chances of having a miscarriage will dramatically drop. All good wishes are being sent to you.

  3. I really don’t think Cate should have more kids but just focus on the girls she has.

    Second, honestly .. These er co-workers, not close friends. I Don’t even know if I would tell my co-workers that I had a misgarrige to be honest .. I think it is quite private but Im not on reailty tv Anyway ..

    Third, also I am not quite sure if this miscarrige did happen .. The shows ratings is pretty bad, just saying ..

    But if it did happen: Well you had people who love you around, why does it matter what your co-workers did or did’nt do?

    She is always so full of selfpity and it is getting old, so is she at this point ..

  4. I like how Ambie gets all dressed up for couch sittin! Please tell me there is something behind her head and that’s not actually her hair! She’s starting to get casino mama chic going on there. Just needs a cigarette hanging out her mouth and a raspy voice like her Mama!

    1. Well she needs to find a new man pronto so that’s why she got all dressed up! I really wonder who her next man will be. I bet he will be a winner.

    2. She reminds me of Yetta from “The Nanny” in that coat- with your description it just solidified that image in my head. 🤣

  5. I understand feeling hurt if your best friend(s) don’t acknowledge or reach out to you regarding a loss. But it’s weird and tacky to speak about it on the internet. I see both sides of the story honestly, yes it’s hurtful if your friends don’t reach out but don’t expect everyone to run to you

  6. If Catelynn was that upset, all she had to do was call the girls and be like I’m sad, I’ve had a miscarriage, can you talk. Instead she thinks the world revolves around her and that without saying anything, the girls should have all magically felt that she was sad or believed the click bait, dropped everything, and made extra time for her, IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC?? To the point she thinks they could’ve flown to see her?? and whats crazy is she claims to be such a good friend, but she tried to guilt them all by publicly putting them on blast? What world is this chick living in?? She seems to reside somewhere in between Planet Farrah and Jenelles Swamp, where everything is about them and only them.

    1. Right?! It’s not like they can’t communicate, even if you happen not to have their number, there are so many ways of getting in touch…instead she thought it was fair to blast them all to the media about how they didn’t care! Cate and Tyler, narcissists, both of them! I worry for the next child if there will be one…

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