‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Reveals Gender of Her Fourth Child: Find Out How Tyler Baltierra Reacted to the News

“Please Lord, give me one boy. Just one and I’ll never ask for anything ever again. Except for a lifetime supply of Axe Body Spray…”

Earlier this week, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra revealed (via clickbait) that they’re expecting their fourth child and now the Teen Mom OG couple is revealing (also via clickbait) the gender of that child!

 As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, Tyler has been very vocal about wanting a boy, given that he is already the father of daughters Nova and Vaeda, as well as the birth father of Carly, whom he and Catelynn placed for adoption during their 16 and Pregnant episode. 

Catelynn revealed the baby’s gender in an interview with Celebuzz, in addition to giving the site a video of the gender reveal party they had for the baby.

In the gender reveal video, Kim and April— the mothers of Tyler and Catelynn, respectively— hold a balloon containing either blue or pink confetti. April pops the balloon and a flood of pink confetti comes out, indicating that Cate and Ty are having yet another girl. (It appears that Cate and Ty already knew the gender when the video was taken, because neither seem to be surprised.) 

“Everyone is asking what the baby’s gender is,” Catelynn told the site. “We have found out that we are going to be having a… drumroll please… another girl!”

Tyler, talking to his sperm about carrying a Y chromosome…

During Cate’s pregnancies with both Nova and Vaeda, Tyler expressed extreme disappointment when it was revealed that both babies were girls. In fact, he admitted to being “pissed” at the gender reveal party held when Catelynn was pregnant was Nova, after finding out the baby was a girl. During the ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode that featured Vaeda’s gender reveal party, Tyler was noticeably upset when he found out they were having yet another girl. 

However, Catelynn insisted that Tyler is not disappointed that he is getting another female spawn.

“Disappointed? No….I’m not, um, disappointed…”

Although Tyler’s been vocal about wanting a boy he’s not disappointed at all,” Catelynn told Celebuzz. “His reaction was, ‘Well I guess I’m not gonna get a boy.’

“All in all we are just excited to be completing our family regardless of the gender,” she added.

Catelynn also stated that she and Tyler will be done having children after this baby is born, even though they never had a boy.

“While we wanted a boy since this is our last, as long as she’s healthy though that really all that matters,” Catelynn said. “This is our last and final but we know one day we will have a grandson and adore him!”

You can watch the gender reveal video below! 

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(Photos: MTV)

55 Responses

  1. Congrats God gives us what we r supposed what to have. Ur girls r beautiful like u. Have a bless life n enjoy ur girls

  2. Nooo way will this be the ‘last one’… I think the potential for money making click bait declaring “finally what we’ve been waiting for” will be too good to pass up. Hope they have a healthy pregnancy and delivery… Look forward to meeting little toupee/shrizlay/pacman soon.

  3. You know that Eminem lyric “bottle of Jack, 2 grandkids in my lap, babysitting for Hailey, while Hailey’s out gettin smashed”

    Imagine just how many grandchildren these two are gonna have. Oooof.

    Also Ty, usually the men who have wisdom to impart on their sons have sons lol that’s why you have daughters.

  4. For some reason all I can think of is Tyler getting “novalee” (how redneck can it get lmao) tattooed on a Batman symbol for some reason, on his arm. It’s so white trash, I can’t even imagine what they’re gonna name this one

  5. Well, he can’t blame anyone else but himself as to why they are having another girl. His girly sperm was quicker than his boy sperm.

    1. She really does! I was thinking the same. I think its the super frumpy clothes & the (maybe?) short hair-do. I mean shes never been a beauty queen but jeesh

  6. What random name will they call this one ? They weren’t originally going to call her Vaeda, it was something awful, but I can’t remember?

      1. @whitegirlinterupted ?????? Tezlee, that was it!!! I remember it was similar to one of the 16 and preggo girls who called her Tinley. It shocks me that so many from the TM group have called their kids Nova. Is it a popular name in the US? It’s not a name you here often in the UK XX

  7. why are y’all so mean about catelynn’s and tyler out of all people reproducing? they may be odd people but they’re great parents and they even said this is their last kid so at least they know when to stop and at least it’s not farrah or jenelle reproducing more spawns

    1. The only decent parent in that relationship is Tyler. Cate drops those kids at the drop of a hat for any number of reasons. She’s lazy and barely interacts with them and when she does, she’s constantly annoyed. They don’t need more children, they need marriage counseling or to divorce and she needs serious fucking mental help.

      1. I think Cate has never and will never get over placing Carly for adoption. She thinks each baby will fill that void, but then the baby arrives and they’re just a reminder of what she doesn’t have, so she pushes them away. I really think that’s the main reason they want a boy: they think a son won’t remind them of Carly.

        For the record, I think they did the absolutely best thing for Carly by placing her. They were extremely mature to recognize what a toxic environment they lived in and would be bringing her into, if they had kept her. But they would have been better off with a closed adoption, where they weren’t constantly seeing what they no longer have. Or if they had each actually pursued careers as they kept promising that they were going to do, and their entire existence wasn’t based around talking about the daughter that they are not raising. MTV pays well, but they’ve emotionally stunted them, also.

  8. Stahhhhp having these dumb parties. Just tell people. These parties are only ever slightly entertaining when you get to watch the parents find out for the first time. When they already know it’s just lame AF.

    1. A dad-to-be in upstate NY was killed a few days ago when explosives for a gender reveal went awry. There’s been a few other fatalities from these parties the past few years plus a couple of major forest fires. Agreed – it’s time to staaahhhp.

      1. Not all gender parties have explosives. Holy shit let people enjoy things. There’s nothing wrong with gender reveals and there’s no reason for the hate.

  9. This just disgusts me. They keep trying only because they want a boy. It isn’t fair to the child that yes they are wanted but not really since they are the wrong gender. They keep trying and making bandaid babies to cover things. Cate has had horrible post partum after all children and this is splitting them apart. There’s a whole heap of mess here I don’t want to get into. Giving me a headache

  10. Well at least the baby has Nova as a big sister…in a room full of grown adults, she was the only one that sounded genuinely excited that it’s another girl…

  11. Ooof – that picture of Tyler’s ugly cry face might be worse than anything Farrah has infected our eyes with – I had to look away.

  12. They have a ridiculous amount of money just go do IVF with gender selection and have a boy. I feel sorry for this baby knowing she is a disappointment from the start. 🙁

    1. They COULD have a ridiculous amount of money, but they owe the IRS like $800k….that’s a crap ton of money to have in debt.

      1. I’ve done 10 cycles. If it gets you what you want it is worth it imo. Going through another pregnancy and birth is way harder which is probably what she will end up doing anyway.

    2. I said the same thing with Kailyn with her have a baby girl, I believe she was originally going to do that with Chris’ sperm, but she just did au natural way. If caitlyn can’t carry anymore babies she can just hire a surrogate as well.

  13. I believe both of Cate’s miscarriages have been boys. I don’t think she can carry them. And for people who don’t know if this is possible.. it is.. my neighbor has had 7 miscarriages and 2 boys. The later miscarriages they deemed them to all be girls. My sister-in-law’s sister has had 5 girls and 4 miscarriages. And actually I posted this on a Facebook post and numerous women came out sharing their stories about not being able to carry 1 gender but carrying the opposite to term.

    1. Usually it would be that they both might be carriers for something that would affect the male babies rather than she just can’t carry them.

    2. That might be true. I’ve never had a miscarriage but I have 5 kids 2 boys and 3 girls. With all of my girl pregnancies I had a ton of complications and they were all born preemies with low birth weight and months in the NICU. With my boys I was full term with no problems.

      1. Yes, it can. It happened to my mother. She had 8 pregnancies and 3 miscarriages and each miscarriage was far enough along that you could see genitals forming and each was a boy. She had 5 live births, all girls.

    3. None of this adds up!!! She did not have a miscarriage! Can people not do math???? If she had a “miscarriage” on Tgiving Day, how TF is she 13 weeks along???? Tgiving was only 14 weeks ago, people! She said she had a miscarriage (although I think she may have actually been pregnany with this baby)/started her period on Tgiving day. How TF would she now be 13 or 14 weeks along???? Do the math!

      1. If she miscarried on Thanksgiving, she could have gotten knocked up again 2 weeks later. Or even faster depending on how long her cycles are.
        Measurements aren’t always 100% either.

        1. Still doesnt add up. The US dates make her “conception” date the day after Tgiving. Either way – she did not have a miscarriage.

  14. I swear both Tyler and Kail spoke this into existence each time they went on record stating what gender they wanted sooooooooo bad.

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