It’s (Another) Girl for ‘Counting On’ Stars Joe & Kendra Duggar: See the First Baby Photos

“Just give me a moment to hose the after-birth off myself and we can start trying for Baby No. 4, Joe!”

Clear another space on the Duggar Family Tree, because there’s a brand-new blessing to add!

Counting On stars Joe and Kendra Duggar announced on Tuesday that they welcomed their third child on Friday, February 19. The baby girl— who is the couple’s third child— was given the name Brooklyn Praise (because…Duggar.)

E! News reports that Baby Brooklyn weighed in at 7 lbs., 3 oz. and measured 20.25 inches long at birth. The couple issued the typical “Duggar after-birth” statement to E!

“It seems the entire family is already in love with Brooklyn Praise. Children really are an inheritance from the Lord and we are so honored to be her parents! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.”

Based on photos posted to the couple’s Instagram account, it appears that Kendra gave birth in a hospital, just like she did with her first two babies. (She has always rejected the Duggar homebirth plan.)

Poor Brooklyn has no idea what creepy Duggar Family Fun Nights are ahead of her…

In a video posted to TLCMe, Joe said that the name Brooklyn “really stood out” to them when they saw it in a baby name book. 

As for the middle name, “Praise just seemed like a great fit for her,” Joe said. 

“When I first [got to] hold her and see her, it was a relief that labor was over,” Kendra said. “And then getting that joy of seeing her sweet face, it was definitely really rewarding.”

Kendra and Joe got married in September 2017 and wasted no time “being fruitful and multiplying.” Kendra got pregnant almost immediately after the wedding and the couple welcomed their first child, son Garrett, in June 2018. Soon after, she got pregnant again and, in November 2019, they welcomed their daughter Addison. Just nine months later, Kendra, now 22, was pregnant yet again with Brooklyn. 

In a statement to E! News, Kendra and Joe said it feels like they just got married. 

“It seems like just yesterday we were at the altar dreaming of a future together, including having children,” they said. “Wow, here we are with another new addition and we couldn’t be more thankful for her.” 

Even though Kendra and Joe, like most of the Duggar clan, don’t believe in birth control (and instead welcome “however many children God gives them”), Kendra said in a video made for TLCMe they were surprised that she got pregnant again so soon after Addison’s birth.

“When I found out that we were expecting, I was definitely super-shocked,” Kendra explained. “I didn’t really expect another pregnancy this soon but I was having symptoms that made me think I should take a test.”

Next up in the birthing stirrups is Kendra’s mom. Christina Caldwell, who got pregnant with her eighth child just three months after Kendra got pregnant. (Kendra is the oldest of the Caldwell family’s kids.)

After that, it will be Joe’s sister, Jessa Seewald, expelling the next Duggar blessing. Jessa and her husband Ben recently announced that Jessa is pregnant with their fourth child.

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(Photos: Instagram, TLC)

7 Responses

  1. Sad that these girls don’t want to be anything more than baby incubators. So many opportunities out here and they’d rather be stuck in the house with five kids under the age of five, making boxed dinners for their 24 year old balding husband. Gotta love it.

  2. 1) it’s super weird to be pregnant at the same time as your mom
    2) 22 yo and 3 kids? Poor Kendra, never got the chance to live HER own life
    3) she’ll be pregnant in 6 months I bet. She will be the one giving Michelle a run for her money
    4) who’ll be next, Abby or Lauren? Clock is ticking, girls, and you both have just one child

  3. I’ve said it before but HOW do these people support all these kids and themselves??? How do these incredibly young couples manage tons of kids, all still in diapers, without losing their minds? How is it possible?? Can someone enlighten me please lol

    1. I think they get a LOT of gifts from family/friends, which might explain the financial aspect? And I think fundies tend to be kinda strict disciplinarians, which might help them retain their sanity. Although I don’t think we have any proof that they *haven’t* lost their minds.

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