‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Expecting Another Baby, Months After Suffering Miscarriage

“Statistically this one HAS to be a boy..right? RIGHT?!”

Teen Mom OG stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are once again adding to their family.

Catelynn announced on social media (via clickbait, of course) that she is currently pregnant again, three months after suffering a miscarriage on Thanksgiving Day. In the caption of a photo of their daughters Nova and Vaeda holding a sonogram photo, Catelynn wrote, “This rainbow was worth the storm. Baby Baltierra coming soon.”

In an interview with Celebuzz, Catelynn said she did not expect to get pregnant again so soon after her loss.


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“I was definitely surprised that we got pregnant so fast with this baby!” she said. “But we are so excited.”

Tell us how that baby was made, Ty….

She added that Tyler didn’t believe her at first when she told him the news.

“I just handed him the positive test,” Catelynn said. “At first, he didn’t believe it.

“We are blessed to be able to have another baby to love and raise. Especially after our miscarriage we are so grateful!”

Catelynn said that the positive test and Tyler’s reaction was filmed for upcoming episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG’ (naturally). However, it appears that they pretended like they didn’t know they were pregnant while filming other episodes.

“[We] waited until I was further along to even mention it on the show!” she said. 

In addition to being the parents of Nova and Vaeda, Catelynn and Tyler are also the birth parents of 11-year-old Carly, whom they placed for adoption shortly after her birth. 

Tyler and Catelynn have talked about having another kid on the show, and both stated that they wanted to be finished adding to their litter by the time they were 30. 

“I think we’re just gonna go right for No. 4 right after this one’s born,” Catelynn said in 2019 while pregnant with Vaeda. “We wanna be done before we’re 30, you know?

Catelynn and Tyler have not yet revealed if they are having a boy or a girl, but Tyler has made it no secret that he wants a boy. In fact, he admitted to being “pissed” at the gender reveal party held when Catelynn was pregnant was Nova, after finding out the baby was a girl.

“When I found out I was having a girl, and not a boy, my first thought was, ‘Dammit,’” Tyler explained in a “Featured Moment” clip that aired in 2015. “I really wanted a boy so bad.”

During the ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode that featured Vaeda’s gender reveal party, Tyler was noticeably upset when he found out they were having yet another girl. 

Tyler, contemplating it being yet another girl….

Anyway, Catelynn’s post on Monday was met with plenty of well wishes from her ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-stars. However, Cate quickly closed the comment section due to some hate she was getting about the post. 

Cate’s father, David Lowell, also posted about the pregnancy. 

“Waiting to meet my next grandbaby. So excited for Cate and Ty. Wishing their family health, happiness, and a beautiful future. Xoxo,” he captioned a photo of Nova holding a sign that said ’27 weeks until I become a big sister.’ 


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Catelynn is not the only ‘Teen Mom OG’ star with a bun in the oven. Her co-star Cheyenne Floyd is currently pregnant with her second child. Chey recently announced that she and her boyfriend Zach Davis are expecting a baby boy.

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72 Responses

  1. So those of you who believe the miscarriage story and think she got pregnant right after, who in their fucking g right mind would even want to have sex after a so-called traumatic experience! Is she sure she wasn’t using an ovulation test? They’re pretty similar. ?????

  2. She got pregnant in the cycle after the miscarriage. The sonogram listed the due date as 9/3/2021, which means the last period lines up with it starting on thanksgiving day and she would have ovulated 12 to 14 days later. She would have been 10w since last period (the miscarriage) at the sonogram, which is what is listed on the sonogram not how long you have been actually physically pregnant ?‍♀️.

    This happened to me, and it really messes with your head as you start to question the miscarriage/how far along/is it just retained tissue that is causing a false positive – unfortunately I ended up having a second miscarriage which is common in these cases as you body just hasn’t recovered enough to reset properly.

  3. She was probably pregnant in November (with the current bun in the oven she is now showing off) and had an SCH (sub chorionic hemorrhage). You do tend to bleed sometimes from that. You know how Cate can take a paper cut and turn it into a traumatic accident. So I’m sure this is still the same pregnancy she was milking a few weeks ago for sympathy. She probably thought we’d all go along with it but sorry Cate, we’re smarter than that.

  4. Tyler, you want a boy SO bad you could, foster an older child, go volunteer at the Boys club, homeless shelters, sports teams……….
    Or spend time w/ your daughter instead of filling that jar w/ dollars for cleaning her own mess / room

    1. I don’t think Tyler is a very good role model for disadvantaged youth. Trust me. He’s better off with girls!

  5. I know the dates dont really add up, but it could still be possible. She could have gotten pregnant again right away after the misscaridge (it happens to a lot of woman), or maybe the baby mesured early at the dating scan. This happened to me, baby mesured a week ahead. I’m not saying this is whats happening with her as I’m not sure I believe her myself, but i’m saying its still possible.

    1. Yeah by my dates, she would have conceived end of September. Long before Thanksgiving. A baby measuring a week early isn’t crazy. A baby measuring 3 months early is a little bizarre – especially if you had a miscarriage in there.

  6. Wait… what? Did she get pregnant like 2 weeks after miscarrying? Or did she even miscarry? She probably had had some bleeding in the beginning, like a lot of women do, I had a chorionic hemorrhage when I was pregnant with my son, the bleeding got pretty heavy at times, but stopped when I was around 15 weeks along. Either way, something just doesn’t seem right. And i don’t see Cate’s post on the page, so it looks like she took it down?

  7. I almost feel like she never miscarry in November. She may have thought she did but, it was a false alarm. It didn’t sound like they went to the doctor for a confirmation. At least, they didn’t explicitly say it. It sounded like when she started bleeding and they just assumed she miscarried. Or maybe she was pregnant with twins and she miscarried one. All possible especially with the close timing.

    We won’t have to wait long for the gender though. They find out tomorrow.

    1. I don’t know why they are finding out the gender.
      Tyler is so obsessed with having a boy that if he finds out it’s a girl, he’ll be uninterested for the whole pregnancy and not excicted.
      If they were to wait until the birth, you’d be so overcome with emotions and relief that you wouldn’t care what the baby was.

  8. Thank you! I’ve been looking for others to notice this. Her timeline makes no sense. She’s due at the end of August, which means she got pregnant at the end of November! How would that be possible if she had a miscarriage at the end of November??

    1. Her time line does make sense. She got pregnant immediately after miscarrying (if that’s what happened, still not sure about that whole story). Due at the end of August means she conceived in early to mid December. The weeks are calculated by the last period not the conception date. Both my kids were due the first week of August and I conceived both in mid to late November

      1. Congratulations! Your daughters are beautiful and have fun personalities. Whatever the sex of your last child be thankful.

      2. No. It doesn’t. I had my oldest mid September. Got pregnant beginning to mid December. So if she’s due end of August beginning of September, then she got pregnant mid November. When she claimed a miscarriage.

  9. Umm is this Dejavu? Literally, this is the same story as when then miscarried and then had Vaeda. It’s also very odd to hear that people who have multiple pregnancies are shocked when they are pregnant. This is just uncomfortable.

  10. Time for the gender reveal scene and another temper tantrum from Ty if the kid doesn’t have a penis. This is the last thing this family needed.

  11. She’s a gross pathetic liar. 13 weeks pregnant? Well then that “miscarriage” on thanksgiving was an effing lie. Sorry but you typically can’t get pregnant again. Until minimum two weeks after pregnancy loss. This timeline proves she was full of shit bc she would have been pregnant now when she miscarried. What a douche.

  12. I think Cate and Ty are *decent* people but it’s not the best choice to have another child after how they both described the terrible post partum depression she has had with each pregnancy. It also must trigger PTSD for her around Carlee’s adoption. They have 2 little ones and I think they should just focus on raising them the best they can instead of adding to the bunch.

  13. Forgive me but, following a miscarriage aren’t you not supposed to have intercourse for a few weeks? To let your body regulate and heal? Same as after you give birth, no sex because your uterus just contracted a fetus and is essentially an “open wound”. That being said, I do not believe they got pregnant 1 WEEK AFTER SHE SUPPOSEDLY MISCARRIED ON THANKSGIVING. She either made up the miscarriage and was never pregnant, or she was pregnant with this baby but made up that she miscarried it in November. Either way… doesn’t make sense.

    1. If you’re fairly far along, a doctor will likely tell you to wait a few months. But it sounds like Cate literally had a positive test, never had it confirmed by a doctor, started bleeding, and called it a miscarriage. Those are technically called ‘chemical pregnancies’ aka very early loss. With those, you can try again the next month as it’s really nothing more than a heavy period.. nothing is expelled except normal build up uterine tissue, and a fertilized egg.

  14. The fact that she doesn’t allow her body to fucking HEAL after said miscarriage is repulsive! Excuse my French, but after a miscarriage or even after birth, having sex should be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Let that body heal! They are so gross.

  15. Seriously!!! She didn’t expect to get pregnant that quick??! It happens when ya fuck! Doesn’t she know this shit by now? I’m beginning to think there was no tragic/traumatizing miscarriage if she is already 13 weeks. She’s full of shit. Pathetic attempt at attention. And then they wonder why no one wants to watch this shit anymore! ????

  16. I think this next baby will definitely fix giving up the first one.

    Definitely this one. And all will be well.

    If not, then definitely the next one. Definitely.

  17. idc that she’s pregnant again and it’s none of yalls business, but am i the only one hope they DON’T have a boy? ?

  18. What’s the obsession with a boy? I could maybe understand if Tyler had a skilled trade or something he’d want to pass on (even though he could do that with girls) but he doesn’t. I don’t know why you’d be angry about your child not having certain genitals. I could see them continue trying for a boy no matter how many girls they’re lucky to have.

    1. I think it’s weird too, especially since Tyler doesn’t do any typically masculine things at all. He doesn’t hunt, fish, work on vehicles, play sports, or any of the other stuff men usually want to bond with a son over. He seems to be into fashion, in which case girls seem perfect.

      1. I have a male relative who also had an obsession with having a son and said out loud that he was devastated when he found out his second child would be another girl (I was sick to my stomach when he said that in front of me). For #3, he and his wife did gender selection IVF to make sure they had their son. Now they’re overwhelmed with three kids during COVID times. I roll my eyes when they complain – it’s not like #3 was a surprise. And my relative is also very upscale urban – totally not into hunting, fishing, cars and not the least bit athletic. I don’t get it – his girls are awesome kids.

        I also have a female relative who was obsessed with having a girl after four boys, but she went the international adoption route (back when it was an easier option).

      2. Her last pregnancy (the miscarriage) had to have been a very early pregnancy — her period was probably a few days or a wk or so late and she took a home pregnancy test, then -WHAM – quickly ran to the internet and announced to the world she was pregnant.

        So, according to my busy-body calculations, if Cait began to bleed on, say, Thanksgiving, that would be Day One of her period. If she got pregnant 14 days later it would make her 13 wks pregnant on Feb 22 since the age of the baby is counted beginning on the 1st day of a woman’s last period.
        Since she evidently had what could be considered a late menstrual period, there is no harm in having sex any time thereafter unless her dr told her otherwise. Many people have late periods, never havingy realized they’d been pregnant.

        1. They said she took it the DAY her period was due and it came back positive. And then a couple days later on Thanksgiving she started bleeding. Soooo she got a late period.

    2. ikr and even cate’s not all that desperate for a boy, i think tyler just really wants to be the kind of dad he wanted growing up and it has to be a boy bc of how fucked up tylers dad made him idk this might be a stretch

  19. This will be the baby that breaks the camels back. If they are not divorced after Ty finally finds someone to cheat on Cait with in five years I will eat my phone. They are dunzo and Cait clinging on with those innocent baby’s is horrible to watch. Nova and Vaeda are so cute and have great little personalities-I just hope they don’t take after jobless and lazy too much.

    1. Oh, I feel like their love is long gone. They are only staying together because they are “one of the first couples who managed to go through everything”. Don’t forget that they only stayed together because they gave their daughter up for adoption (which was a good decision and Carly has amazing parents as a result from that, not these low lifes) I think what is making them not divorce (yet) is just the fact that they are used to each other since they were teens, they are practically the only partners they know.

  20. Yes, it’s so shocking when two people who clearly have zero problems getting pregnant get pregnant again, presumably while not using any birth control. Cue eye roll.

  21. Another storyline for Catelyn and Tyler. Catelyn need not worry herself with trying to give Tyler a boy. His next girlfriend will probably give him one.

  22. Why do we celebrate multiple pregnancies in an overpopulated world? Procreating requires no effort or skill (assuming you have functioning reproductive organs) yet we act as if it’s some miraculous accomplishment or achievement that has required grit, sacrifice, and determination. It’s the opposite of altruistic. We celebrate the prospect of a new life before we even know what kind of person it’s going to turn out to be. We just assume it’s going to be a productive member of society, even though in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary in millions of cases. Nevermind that by 2050 we’re projected to hold 10 billion people on this planet and will be facing fishless oceans, environmental disaster from pollution, decimation of rain forests and natural land from factory farming, food and water shortages and climate deserts- in these peoples’ children’s prime of their lives. Yet- it gets you heaping praise, gifts, attention, and glory, for many months and even years. And once that attention wanes and the reality and weight of the responsibility of raising a person until adulthood sets in, what do people do? Get pregnant and have another child so the cycle can start over! People like Cate have nothing else in life they’re passionate about and nothing else they’ve bothered to take interest in to occupy their time, so they go the easy route of having a bunch of their own biological kids instead of fostering existing ones that are starving and suffering, which they could easily do. And if that’s your lot in life, fine. But let’s call a spade a spade and stop acting like having multiple biological kids is special and worth celebrating because it couldn’t be more mediocre.

  23. Another rainbow baby….. I’m not trying to be mean but look- they separated while she was very prego with vaeda… having babies doesn’t solve problems it causes them. I pray to god it’s a boy. Please tie your tubes after also! How can you be surprised when your have 3 kids and 2 rainbow babies and pregnant again? Fertile myrtle

    1. Totally agree, these “No Longer Teen Moms” still seem to think what a6 year old thinks “Oh if I have his baby he will looooove me and stay with me forever!”

  24. So she became pregnant a week after having a miscarriage..?

    Also “my parents didn’t practice social distancing” is just.. no

    1. You can get pregnant rather quickly after miscarriage. They usually tell you that after a miscarriage. Sometimes they tell you to wait a cycle before you start trying again. There’s no way she didn’t know she could get pregnant easily again. I’m sure she was told to practice safe sex because you are definitely fertile after a miscarriage.

      “It’s possible to become pregnant after a miscarriage and before you have a period. Some women do not experience any delay in the return of normal menstrual cycles. In these cases, ovulation may occur as early as two weeks after a miscarriage.” –Mayo Clinic

    2. Exactly i caught that too she had a supposed miscarriage 3 months ago but shes 13 weeks pregnant according to the sign in the picture what a bunch of trashy liars

  25. Clickbait Cate is up to her same tricks. She has learned nothing from her miscarriage clickbait announcement. I wonder what’s going to happen when 5hey have another girl?

  26. Here we go again…I will feel bad for the child if it doesn’t end up being a boy…their obsession with a certain sex of a baby is disgusting!

    Also, Tyler, you don’t really care about your wife, do you? She had HORRIBLE post partum after both of her last pregnancies…the last thing she needs is pregnancy hormones!

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