It’s (Another) Girl! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Welcome Their Fourth Child

Catelynn: “It’s a girl!”
Tyler: “Yay…ANOTHER girl.”

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra‘s baby girl has arrived!

The Teen Mom OG couple announced on Saturday that Catelynn has given birth to their fourth child— yet another girl.

“She’s here and she’s perfect!” Tyler captioned a video posted to Instagram Stories showing the baby in a bassinet. 

Despite being fresh out of the birthing stirrups, Catelynn managed to give more details to Celebuzz to create a clickbait article. (She didn’t get her nickname “Clickbait Cate” for nothing, folks!)

“Hey, my uterus works hard, but my clickbait company works harder!”

“She’s perfect and healthy and I’m doing well, just sore,” she told Celebuzz. “We are sooo blessed.” 

Catelynn and Tyler are already the biological parents of 12-year-old Carly (whom they placed for adoption shortly after birth), as well as daughters Nova and Vaeda. While the couple has yet to reveal this baby’s full name, they have been calling her “Baby R.”

The couple had been actively trying to have another baby during the last season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ In February, they announced Catelynn was pregnant again, three months after suffering a miscarriage on Thanksgiving Day 2020. In the caption of a photo of their daughters Nova and Vaeda holding a sonogram photo, Catelynn wrote, “This rainbow was worth the storm. Baby Baltierra coming soon.”

Cate and Tyler have stated that “Baby R” will be their last child, because they want to be done having kids while they’re still in their twenties.

“We wanna be done before we’re 30, you know?” Catelynn said in 2019. 

Catelynn and Tyler– who are both currently 29— had made it no secret that they wanted a boy, especially Tyler. In fact, he admitted to being “pissed” at the gender reveal party held when Catelynn was pregnant was Nova, after finding out the baby was a girl.

“When I found out I was having a girl, and not a boy, my first thought was, ‘Dammit,’” Tyler explained in a “Featured Moment” clip that aired in 2015. “I really wanted a boy so bad.”

During the ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode that featured Vaeda’s gender reveal party, Tyler was noticeably upset when he found out they were having yet another girl. 

In an interview with Celebuzz earlier this year Catelynn insisted that she and Tyler aren’t disappointed that they have no sons.

“While we wanted a boy since this is our last, as long as she’s healthy though that really is all that matters,” she told the site during a previous interview. “This is our last and final but we know one day we will have a grandson and adore him! Although Tyler’s been vocal about wanting a boy he’s not disappointed at all…All in all we are just excited to be completing our family regardless of gender.”

Catelynn’s father, David Lowell, took to Instagram on Saturday to congratulate the couple on their new addition.

“Congratulations to my sweet daughter Catelynn and her husband Tyler, girl number four…I’m happy for them,” he said in a video. “She’s healthy and gonna live a happy life in a great home with great parents.”

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

53 Responses

  1. We were all wrong to assume that “Baby R” meant anything.

    I dont know the name yet but I just saw an article where Nova was hold a sign of the baby’s name. It begins with a G and end with an A.

    So I’m guessing:


  2. As someone who had a baby that was due in mid August, but was a week late.. her timeline is SOOOO off. August babies are generally conceived in November. So unless she was SUPER early.. I’m thinking she was pregnant with twins and miscarried one, but the other survived. To get pregnant THAT quick after a miscarriage is.. rare.

    1. Even counting back the weeks, she’d have just gotten pregnant around Thanksgiving when she announced. So, more likely, she DIDN’T miscarry and was just barely pregnant and had light bleeding as many do in the first few weeks of pregnancy OR she wasn’t pregnant and got her period and got pregnant right after getting off her period.

    2. Actually not true. I obsessively researched this after my two miscarriages.

      “ Successful pregnancy more likely sooner after miscarriage, say researchers. Women are more likely to have a successful pregnancy if they conceive sooner after a miscarriage rather than waiting, researchers have found.”

  3. Reign is Novas middle name isn’t it?

    I’m guessing a boys name for a girl.
    Like Reece or something.

  4. I still don’t know what this idea of being done before 30.

    Like having kids over 30 is so terrible.

    1. It’s not terrible but can be harder. I had my first in my mid 20s and my second at 30 and for a variety of reasons I am and wanted to be all done at 30.

  5. I’d bet a million bucks they’ll have at least one more child. Caitlin’s identity is 100% defined by being Tyler’s wife and she’s been she’s been totally unable to accomplish anything (other than becoming an eyebrow technician), not that there’s anything wrong with this beside the fact that she will always feel very insecure about the fact that she didn’t give Tyler a boy and always nervous that he’ll stray and have a boy with another woman. I do like Caitlin, she seems like a nice person, I just think that she is really going to run into some tough times once the show is over, She has three young girls to take care of, things get “real” for them as adults and they don’t have the money for her to go away to a treatment center.

  6. *Grandma Says*
    The kids middle name better be ~Quesadilla~!
    And it’s first name is probably the following: Rheumatoid, Ruby, Rehab, or Regrets.

  7. Baby R name guesses:
    Rainbow but spelled Reignbeau
    Rory but spelled Roaree
    And last but certainly not least

  8. I commented before reading anyone else’s guesses. Interesting that so many of us have guessed similar names! Novalee and Vaeda (but more so Novalee) are what we’d called “chavvy” names in the UK.(no offence if any of you have children named these ??) We have quite a few Rose, Ruby, Rebecca, over here ?? (I’m a teacher) but I think it will be something random like Rainbow, Rawlings or completely random like Rusty- Lea!

  9. Vaeda and Nova both end in “a” I know Carly doesn’t but she also isn’t being raised by them.

    Rosa, Rita, Rona, Rina

    …that’s my guesses anyway.

    1. It may very well be Rainbow but if you are going by the comment made about a rainbow, the meaning behind that is that a baby born soon after losing a baby, he/she is called a rainbow baby. Considering she miscarried and got pregnant fairly quick after that, I think that’s what the comment means.

  10. I think they love their kids whether they are girls or boys. Yes, most parents hope for a certain gender but in the end they love them just as much. They have both (especially Tyler) said that while they do want a boy (and what father doesn’t want a son) that they love their daughters.

    It’s quite possible that they act shocked and disappointed because they know people (like most on this site) see that as bait and go after it like hungry pirhanas.

  11. They ‘know’ they’ll have a grandson and adore him. Why can’t they just be happy with the four healthy children they’ve had?! Does gender REALLY matter that much?

    1. Gender disappointment is a real thing. We knew going in, we were only going to be having one child, which I was lucky enough to get pregnant with the first month of trying, at age 37. When I found out i was having a boy, I admit I was super disappointed and cried for a few quick minutes for the girl I so longed for, before I ran and told my SO that he was getting the boy he so longed for. Now, I can’t even imagine having a girl, but i do admit I’ll stop at stores and look at adorable girl outfits and think ‘what if…..?’ But I’m a boy mom thru and thru!!

      1. Same. After doing IVF for #2 I was still disappointed for a hot minute about another boy. Now almost two years later I cannot imagine not having him. I actually have never faulted them for their gender disappointment. It’s a real emotion and doesn’t mean you love that child any less.

      2. I get this completely. Never found out what we were having until baby is born. I’ve been lucky to have been blessed with 5 healthy boys. But I really thought number 4 would be a girl even thru labor so when my husband announced it was another boy I was sad. I love him so much and my love for him didn’t diminish but I was sad I didn’t have a girl. With number 5 I wanted s girl so badly but figured it was another boy, so while I’m sad I didn’t have a girl I cant imagine not having one of my boys.

  12. R for Replacement?

    I’m sorry they didn’t get to raise Carly but all these kids seem like such overcompensation for 2 adults who never got past the adoption.

    I also don’t think that they are done. These ppl never have enough to fill their holes. Whether its animals, career plans (or podcasts, houses, baby daddies… ) or children.. Its never ever enough.

  13. Wish I could be happy for them, but I just don’t think I can. Back in the day when they gave Carly up for adoption, they were the savviest, most sensible kids I had ever come across. MTV has basically undone all of the potential they once had. They are essentially unemployed bums with zero ambition or true perspective of the world. The only difference is they have money (I think – given the IRS stuff, I’m not even sure of that). As of now, they have so little to offer the children they are bringing up, and they are bringing this child into the world for all the wrong reasons. I hope they get a grip.

  14. They “know one day we will have a grandson.” Wow… already putting that pressure onto their daughters , who may not have a son. Will he be pissed at their gender reveals as well?

      1. They’re too young to know 90’s films, unless they’re movie buffs. They’re also not that bright to pick something cool like 90’s movie characters as their children’s name inspos.

        1. They were both born in ’92 so its not impossible for them to know ’90 movies. My Girl was released in ’91 but still.

          I was born in ’87 and have always enjoyed the classics from the ’30 and beyond.

    1. rose was my first guess too, but knowing tyler i bet it’s something stupid or batman related lol

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