Farrah Abraham Says She’s Taking Legal Action Against Harvard for Alleged “Educational Abuse” After Getting Kicked Out of Online Course

“You’re going down, Harvard! But I’m keeping this sweatshirt.”

Farrah Abraham has been booted from an online course at Harvard, but the former Teen Mom star isn’t going quietly. 

According to TMZ, Farrah claims she’s been the victim of “educational abuse” and is planning to take legal action against the Ivy League university. 

“ … basically an elder teacher in a position of power with a male dean blocked me out of a class and also said lies about my work,” Farrah told TMZ. “So, nobody took a call, no one took a meeting.” 

Farrah went on to say that she had to tell her professor to “go get in line with all the other haters,” before comparing herself to Lizzo, whom she said also has to deal with “haters.” Unlike Lizzo, however, Farrah claims she has to “deal with haters in education.” 

“Can you even spell ‘education,’ mom?”

Farrah continued to work her new made-up phrase, ‘educational abuse’ into the conversation as many times as possible.

“Like, the educational abuse for all students,” she said. “I’m in a masters program, I’m paying a higher rate and I still have sophomores in high school in my class. That’s not a masters program.” 

“ …Harvard is a joke, it’s a scam,” she continued. “That’s my Harvard review.” 

Earlier this week, Farrah expressed her anger in an actual review, a scathing one on Yelp, slamming both her professor and the Harvard Extension School. In her Farrah Speak-filled slam of the school, Farrah called her professor “mentally unstable” and claimed the teacher told her she had a “neurological issue.” She also deemed Harvard “educationally abusive.” 

Farrah attached some photos with her Yelp review, including a screenshot of an email from her professor, who encouraged Farrah to “drop this course now and take a lower-level writing course instead.”

Naturally, though, Farrah felt the teacher was out of line for telling her that her writing and reading skills weren’t up-to-par. 

In the caption of the image, Farrah wrote “Patricia Ballencia mentally ill bi polar teacher education abuse.”  

Farrah revealed to TMZ on Thursday– while wearing a Harvard sweater, AS YOU DO– that she will be taking legal action against Harvard.

“Umm… any Harvard Law students out there interested in helping out a former fellow super star student?”

“I properly gave them time, I sadly had to write a review … because no one was getting back to me and I think if you want to silence someone’s voice and not actually just respond back to them, reaching out for help to remedy the problem, like a normal, civilized citizen would do,” Farrah said.

“I see that I’m not working with good people and Harvard is a very abusive Ivy League  school.”

For more Farrah Speak of Farrah’s thoughts on Harvard, check out her new YouTube review of the university. 

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(Photos: YouTube; E!; Yelp) 

37 Responses

  1. Farrah needs to watch herself with the names she is forever calling people. She is going to find herself as a defendant in a defamation/slander lawsuit one of these days.

  2. Could you imagine trying to read one of her term papers?? My God….Harvard needs to counter sue for mental abuse.

  3. Harvard could probably care less what a delusional, barely literate washed up former reality porn star has to say. Their reputation solidly stands. They’re are doing the right thing by ignoring her.

  4. If you all don’t think Farrah has talent, just google “Farrah Camsoda Solo” and I think you all will change your mind.

    stay lit

  5. Farrah just f#cked with the wrong people…..both professor and the school itself.

    This is Harvard and a person’s reputation she’s f#cking with. I hope they drag her ass to court and sue her instead.

    To put a person’s career on blast and lying is harmful to their reputation.

    I hope everyone takes action against this back door ho.

  6. She’s going to sue Harvard? Will she be filing “pro se”, writing all her own pleadings? That would be a treat.

  7. This bitch is entitled and delusional.

    Yep, high school sophomores have a better grasp on reading and writing than she does.

    I hope the professor takes her stupid ass to court.

  8. She can not be serious? This is not real life!?! Did she really say she’s in a Master’s Program!!??! She is clearly very far gone. How does she even manage to dress herself in the morning? She legit needs a conservatorship.

    1. Right?! Farrahs free to run her own life & raise a child but Britney needs a conservator?! What in the f*%k?!

  9. The professor’s email to Farrah was actually very professional and supportive! For anyone with half a brain, you can see that the professor was trying to ensure that Farrah could be successful down the line, and get the education that she deserves. But I can only imagine the response she got to that advice, and the kind of disruption Farrah caused, which is probably what actually led to her being locked out of the Zoom class. And where is her evidence of the professor saying Farrah has a neurological disorder?

    All of this just further proves that Farrah believes that having money means she can do and say absolutely anything she wants and there will be no consequences to her behavior. Apparently she hasn’t learned that yes, you are entitled to your freedom of speech, but you are not free from the consequences when you lie and cause harm to others. Michael and Debz OG did such a bang up job of making Farrah into a responsible adult by justifying her behavior all of these years. ?

    I hope the professor counter sues her for slander…in addition to dragging her name through the mud in terms of her teaching abilities and her treatment of students, Farrah publicly stated that the professor is bipolar and mentally ill. I doubt it will teach her a single thing when she loses the lawsuit, but since money is the only thing she cares about, Farrah will at least get hit where it hurts.

  10. I’m sure the all mighty Harvard is shaking that a former porn star and teen mom is going to sue them. I hope Harvard counter sues and takes all of her money lol

  11. What exactly does Farrah’s undergraduate work consist of? Did she even finish high school? I vaguely remember culinary school, but I can’t imagine that would have been writing-heavy. The sad thing is that the teacher was doing her a kindness in recommending an actual better path for success, but Farrah is too nuts to benefit. More importantly, what the hell is she teaching Sophia??? That little girl is getting ripped off!

  12. And it’s hilarious when she’s expecting a professor to get right back to her when they’re dealing with the 21/22 school year starting up now. What a self righteous cow.

  13. Yeah, like Farrah is in a position to say anything derogatory about any Harvard professors. Most of which probably carry PhD’ in their field. I think Pat’s advice to Farrah was very nice and helpful, and she should’ve followed it. Does Farrah actually have an associates to be going for a masters degree? Did she actuallly get an AD in that culinary arts school she was in when she left Sophia in Iowa (or wherever deb/mykull were at that time) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see one of Farrah’s turned in assignments. ?? Love when the teacher recommends a class to learn to write with proper sentences structure. ?

  14. Only Farrah could prove her professor right by posting such a horribly written review. It’s ironic she complains about sharing a class with “sophomores in high school, associates and bachelors” yet they probably think the same thing about someone who is writing on a 1st grade level. And they feels like an insult to first graders!

    I think she is desperate for income especially since she has to pay for the lawsuit she lost. It will end up biting (and deflating) her ass if they counter sue and she just adds to her debt.

  15. “… which would help you develop your writing skills on a sentence level”. That teacher still deserves a raise & to be the department head. I hope someone from Harvard’s team sees this.

  16. I think she meant paid, not payed. ? But you know she didn’t need the class suggested by the professor to help with her grammar.

      1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gasps desperately for breath* hahahahahahahahahahaa….hahaha-hahaha-hahahaha…..haha….haaaaaaa

        Thank you Joan for that absolutely perfect observation.

  17. sh does know harvard is known for their LAW school right? idk why she thinks she stands a chance ?

  18. Omg. On a positive note, maybe the school’s acknowledgement of a “neurological issue” might warrant further investigation. We all know Farrah can’t afford a decent home or have a stable career let along try to sue an Ivy League College lol. Maybe Harvard’s lawyers will demand a neurological and psychological assessment as well as another toxicology urine analysis (she was barbiturate positive the last one she did). It would help Farrah in the long run (other than monetary).

    1. Really? She was barbiturate positive on a drug test? Those are verrrrrrrrry rarely prescribed these days, except phenobarbital in cases of alcohol/benzodiazepine detox, and butalbital (an ingredient in Fioricet, a migraine med that also has aspirin & caffeine in it) I legit wonder where she got them

  19. What she doesn’t seem to understand is that her case will be thrown out and she’s opened herself up for that professor to sue her right back. The whole world knows Farrah has almost NO sentence structure whatsoever and calling that professor out of her name and claiming she’s has a mental illness is slander. Farrah is a dumb dick who can’t take direction or criticism. She’s showing a LOT of narcissistic traits and her therapy clearly isn’t working.

    1. Way to continue being a good human being by throwing bipolar people under the bus, Farrah. What a rude bitch. It’s unbelievable to me that someone can have absolutely no self awareness or inflection.

  20. Dear Harvard,
    Please counter sue this delusional b**** and put a stop to this nonsense. If possible sic CPS on her as well. There is no way she’s qualified to be raising a child. Can we pretty please “cancel” Farrah? Very few deserve it more.

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