Farrah Abraham Defends Making Her Preteen Daughter Film Her “Doing Law” In Thong Bikini; Insists She’s Studying for Bar Exam Despite Never Attending Law School

Farrah, getting a jump on her list of “2022 Ridiculous Things To Do In 2022.”

Well, it only took 48 hours for Farrah Abraham to commit her first WTF? act of 2022. 

The former Teen Mom, who spent much of 2021 talking about her law school aspirations, announced on social media over the weekend that she will continue focusing on becoming a lawyer in the New Year. In the video, the Backdoor Teen Mom claimed that she was studying for her bar exam (which someone must pass in order to become a lawyer.) However, Farrah claims to be studying for the bar exam, despite never having completed the two very important previous steps: taking the LSATs (law school admission test), and going to law school.

And, because this IS Farrah we’re talking about, she chose to share the news while sitting poolside wearing a thong bikini and Moon Boots. 


“I am studying for my bar exam…I love that I can focus on my legal stuff and kiss this little guy,” Farrah says as she desperately tries to kiss her dog, who is trying his best to escape her clutches.

New year, same Farrah.

Farrah then informs us that her 12-year-old daughter is the person behind the camera, recording Farrah’s bikini ‘n’ boot “study” session.

“Thanks to Sophia recording this. She’s going to work on her own mental health as well. I am studying, having fun!” 

“After this ‘childhood’ I’d say my ‘mental health’ could use some work!”

Farrah’s video was met with harsh criticism, from people who were appalled that she made her pre-teen daughter film her shaking her scantily clad backdoor, and those who were dumbfounded that Farrah claims to be taking her bar exam, despite never having done any of the prerequisites. (Many also pointed out how many grammatical and spelling mistakes Farrah made for someone who says she’s so educated.)

(As always, The Ashley has left Farrah’s words in-tact to preserve the “Farrah Speak” qualities.)

“My study buddy for #2022 the sun is shining on new levels this #newyear,” she captioned the video. “Go for your goals & build your resilience Always a cheerleader for others studying law & making the world a better place! Your born with rights! USE THEM! #JdStudent…”

Naturally, people took to the comment section of Farrah’s video to express their concern over Farrah (once again) using Sophia as her own personal documentarian.

“I would never be posing like that and telling my daughter to record me like wtf,” one person commented, resulting in Farrah chalking the whole thing up to a mother and daughter just “having fun at a pool.” 

Farrah then explained that, because Sophia “came out of my vagina,” it’s fine for her to film Farrah and her body parts. She also randomly accused the person commenting of making her kids fetch her booze (despite the fact that the commenter’s page has no photos or info that would indicate this.) 

” … you & I live in way different worlds but my daughter like most kids came out of my vagina so having fun at a pool is nothing new … but you wouldn’t mind asking your kid to get things they shouldn’t like alcohol etc WHICH I would never do … I recommend you don’t,” Farrah replied, in her typical Farrah Speak way. 

Other comments questioned how exactly subjecting Sophia to be Farrah’s “camera crew” was beneficial to the child’s mental health, with another suggesting Sophia was “brainwashed.” 

Speaking of brains– or rather, lack thereof– in addition to her parenting, Farrah’s basic understanding of law school was also called into question.

One individual who claimed to work “in the legal community” told Farrah it’s “very concerning when those who know very little about law start acting as if they do.”

The individual went on to inform Farrah that by using the hashtag “jdstudent” (Juris Doctor) Farrah is claiming to have already been accepted by a law school and currently pursing a doctorate of law. The individual also told Farrah that before taking the “bar exam,” she would need to complete certain courses, and before that, pass the LSATs– the test administered to students prior to admission to law school. 

Farrah was also told she was reviewing “the wrong material for the wrong exam and calling yourself a jdstudent when you haven’t gotten into law school yet.”

“Sure… whatever you say, peasant!”

“Let’s stop glorifying how easy it is to become a [California] lawyer when it’s actually the hardest bar exam in the nation,” the person added.

It should be noted that California— where Farrah lives—is one of four states that allows potential lawyers to become lawyers without going to law school. However, Farrah would have to be enrolled in the “Law Office Study Program” because she’s not in law school. Farrah would have to pass the First-Year Law Students’ Exam (aka “BabyBar”); work in a practicing attorney’s office or judge’s chambers for 18 hours a week for four continuous years; pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam and be deemed to have positive moral character by the State Bar of California.

According to the State Bar of California website, “good moral character” includes but is not limited to “qualities of honesty, fairness, candor, trustworthiness, observance of fiduciary responsibility, respect for and obedience to the law, and respect for the rights of others and the judicial process.”

“Good luck with THAT one, Farrah! Also…nay!”

Naturally, Farrah was not pleased by this individual’s unwillingness to go along with her latest charade, so she attempted to fire back, calling the person an “out of date know-it-all” and accusing them of neither winning, fighting, nor understanding Farrah’s own “legal battles.” 

Farrah then claimed to have already passed the LSATs (despite never having mentioned this on social media, which would be very unlike Farrah.) 

” … I will say I’ve passed the LSAT, I will say JD law student it is & I will saw the Bar exam for multiple states for me is coming up,” Farrah continued.

Farrah then accused the nay-sayer of being like her Harvard professors who, as you may remember, blocked her from the online course she had signed up for because they felt Farrah wasn’t skilled enough to take the course. Farrah retaliated by threatening to sue the school, writing a negative review of Harvard on Yelp, and burning her Harvard sweatshirt.


“I waste my time on you because you remind me of my Harvard instructors who graduated from Law & ask me for help,” Farrah wrote. “Watch out because FARRAH ABRAHAM is here baby & I come to slay in court, contracts & rights I’m born with. Keep watching me & I hope you can do law in a bikini too doll!”

Farrah, online shopping for more bikini-boot combos to wear in the courtroom.

She finished up her rant with a heaping dose of “Farrah Speak.”

“But nothing knew for me just know I’m getting a top law degrees hurts yet there’s worse ppl out there with a Bar/law certificate & no law school & no wins,” Farrah added. “I pray you never cross me in court you will need prayers. Use law for the right reasons not your hater comment reasons. Kiss my 🍑.”

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(Photos: Instagram; TikTok; E!; MTV) 



  1. Poor Sophia. Does she have any adults in her life who aren’t bat shit crazy? I worry for her. Farrah is a narcissist.

  2. This raggedy bitch can’t form a cohesive sentence, but tries to convince everyone she passed the Lsats. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s methamphetamine.

  3. Farrah doesn’t even have an undergraduate degree, to apply for Law School.

    I really think Farrah thinks she’s Elle Woods.

    1. Do we think farrah actually really believed in that moment that she has passed the LSATs and was someone how studying for multiple states’ BAR exams (despite not actually completing law school, like she says she passed the LSATs but she’s skipping from LSATs to the BAR without actually doing law school?)? Does she actually have some kind of “memory” of her law professors asking her for help? (Which would then imply she did go to law school, but she just said she went from LSATs to BAR? Is she also “remembering” going to law school really quick in there at so s point?

      Or do we think she absolutely knows she’s lying but thinks that if she’s just repetitive and confident enough in her lies people will actually start to believe her?

      Or both? Does she go back and forth? Like she set up a pretend BAR studying photo shoot knowing it was a lie but then when someone called her out on it, her brain broke and she went into delusional mode and started to believe her own lie and thought that she actually HAD BEEN studying for the BAR just then?

      I’m so interested to know what goes on in her brain. What is wrong with her? And how can she still somehow have more money, fame, contacts, and travel experience than me?

  4. First of all- that packet reads “Introduction & Essay writing workshop” .
    I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume law students have already mastered how to write Introductions, main body paragraphs and conclusions BEFORE Law school and that the majority of thier papers are something *a little* more substantial than an “Essay”

    Second of all, I really think we’ve reached a new level if delusion

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Kim just did this. In California you don’t have to go to law school (though that’s the route most people choose), you can do an independent study thing where you have mentors, spend so many hours in a law office observing and assisting and studying on your own with the goal of passing the baby bar. Once you pass the baby bar you go on to working towards the actual bar. It took Kim kardashian 4 tries just to pass the baby bar and she has all the money in the world for the best teachers, mentors, tutors, and study guides. And she got to take it at home bc of the pandemic.

      I think farrah is trying to copy. Or who knows? Maybe she honestly thinks that studying for her online community college writing 98 course (the remedial college writing course for people who can’t make it into writing 101) is *technically* the first step towards becoming s lawyer. So she tells herself it’s not a lie to say she’s studying “for the bar.” She’s studying for the pre-community college classes that will be her pre-real community college classes, that will be her pre-university classes, that will be her pre-law school classes, that will be her pre-practice Bar classes, that will finally be her Bar test.

      1. Except… for the alternative route of bypassing traditional law school the candidate has to be formally interning at least 18 weekly in an approved judicial setting.
        And it’s two exams before the California bar, not just the “baby bar”.
        Also. The LSAT is only relevant I believe if you are applying to law school.
        This is just Farah’s delusional thinking on steroids.
        But as I stated earlier, KK also has no chance of passing the bar either.
        Not a big brain. Sorry.

  5. She’s left the tag on her boot…..I bet she’s gonna return ’em & get her $$$ back.

    My neighbour used to do that back in the day for every family wedding she had to go to every weekend.

  6. I can’t handle how much second-hand embarrassment this gives me. It’s not even funny to hear about her idiocy anymore, it’s just sad and pathetic. She absolutely ruined that child. How sad is it that I’d leave my kids with freaking Jenelle over Farrah, any day of the week. Sophia has literally grown up with zero normalcy, zero socialization, zero depth, zero friends, zero good influence, zero safe space/home base. Just a fake world of superficiality, defensiveness, lies, self-centeredness, anger, and an early and constant exposure to an adult world of escorts, porn, rich old men, and a shady underground that is no place for a little girl.

  7. In Farrah’s effed up world she did this before Kim. Has she ever even won a court case (like anything ever went in her favor)???

    Then there’s her extremely fake entire body… Guuuurl! No one else wants to look completely fake. You went past tasteful surgeries right into…just no.

    I’m sure there is someone out there attracted to that (ahem…Simon) but I can’t see why. Everything has been so public. Her vajayjay was rejuvenated on camera. And the rest has been plumped or sucked or whatever on camera…what ever happened to boob to butt ratio?? I honestly feel like she was far more attractive before she could afford any work. She’s just so proud of a body she bought.

    Sophia never had a chance. She’s probably has a long list of all the work she wants done. There is no way she can look at her Mom and not feel some sort of body dismorphia. She’s never had anyone in her life to promote the beauty of having any sort of a normal body. Farrah is far too worried about herself to express to Sophia how beautiful she is without work.

  8. That’s child abuse, imo. Sophia doesn’t stand a chance with Farrah. It’s a shame. I used to think at least Deb loved Baby Goo but now she’s Debz OG.🙄

  9. There was a photo of Sophia hanging out by the pool and she was dressed in baggy black clothes with a black hoodie covering her head. Given Farrah was in a bikini and boots, who knows if it was really cold wherever they’re at and this was a quick photo op.

  10. Why tf hasn’t anyone alerted CPS and removed that little girl? Farrah is fucking that kid up and sadly, Sophia has no one to save her. God damned tragic.

  11. She needs to be saving for Sophia’s therapy.
    How long until Sophie is the Drew Barrymore of this era?

  12. Farrah really fancies herself to be Kim K. BUT Kim actually has a brain and puts in the work, doesn’t just flat out lie on the gram.

    1. Exactly. Kim took her baby bar 3x before passing and has been working with a lawyer for the 18 hr/wk program. I respect Kim; Farrah is just beyond delusional. People who bring up valid points shouldn’t be considered “haters”. According to Farrah, everyone who tries to point her toward reality must be jealous. 🙄

    2. I seriously doubt KK will ever be a lawyer either.
      Anyone who fails the baby bars 3 times and passes only because the standards were lowered due to Covid, is hardly attorney material.
      This is where actual law school would have helped her understand she doesn’t have the apptitude.
      She would most likely would have failed the first year in an environment where her knowledge was tested
      Someone please tell Farah one doesn’t pass the LSAT.
      One gets a numerical score.

      1. @Christie is correct. Farrah got her culinary certification in her late teens, before she was hooked on the barbiturates. She tried going to online Harvard courses (the ones you don’t need an Ivy league acceptance for) but couldn’t pass one class.

        1. lol.

          The professor asked her to leave the class because her writing wasn’t even close to college level.

          Which surprises no one who has tried to figure out her word salad.

  13. She’s obviously lying about the bar exam, but the fact that she is once again dragging her child into this is the real problem. It blows my mind that cps didn’t step in in the past 13 years. I fear for Sophia’s mental health.

  14. I’m no lawyer, but I have seen legal documents, and they are typically without mass misspellings, in perfect paragraph form, and with commas, semicolons, apostrophes etc. where they make sense and where they are supposed to be. Furthermore, don’t lawyers have to pass an ethics exam? Not limited to morals and character? Is physically assaulting an MTV producer and starring in a powrno considered ethical and of good character?

  15. Odds are slim-to-none that she will complete law school and pass the bar, especially given her poor written and oral communication skill. However, on the off chance that she does, she will make such an ass out of herself in court and will likely be disbarred quickly.

    I thought at one point her hero Kim Kardashian was trying to become a lawyer by but passing the bar without going to law school. Perhaps that is Farrah’s “plan” too, but she was also blathering about law school and the LSATs. The delusions never end with Farrah.

    1. Kim actually passed the baby bar and did the internship for four+ years. I don’t like her perse, but she actually put in the hard work and wasn’t ashamed to say she failed the first two attempts.

      1. She hasn’t been reading the law for 4 years! That’s what it’s called, ‘reading the law’ Kim K announced in 2019 that she was interning with a law firm. As far as her passing, until I see a notice from on the CA bar that she passed the Baby Bar, I don’t believe her. My prediction is that neither Farrah or Kim will ever practice law!

    2. She’s have to find a law firm willing to let her apprentice to go that route. She has an ice cube chance in hell of that happening.

  16. Why do people even bother to respond to her? Clearly anyone with half a brain that reads her response can see she has no clue what she’s talking about, she’s delusional, batsh#t crazy, and in desperate need of attention.

  17. She keeps holding that dog against its will. Someone needs to help her animals! Sophia is a lost cause at this point.

  18. Tell me you’re still a terrible mother who likes uncomfortable things up her ass without telling me….

    Also stay in your lane Farrah, I promise you can’t pass that test, and you’re offensive to those who put years, studying, and debt into scholarship.

    Enjoy pool time with your kid like a normal mom you ungrateful cow.

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