Farrah Abraham Talks About Upcoming Appearance on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ & Being “Attacked” By Other Cast Members: “Do Not Gang Up on a Woman”

“I had my ‘serious face’ attached just for this occasion!… “

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is hyping up her upcoming appearance on Teen Mom Family Reunion– physical altercation and all! 

The Ashley broke the news in September that Farrah was invited to attend the ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off as a surprise…and it did not go well. Several other cast members became extremely angry with Farrah and a physical altercation ultimately broke out after Farrah’s arrival. 

Amber and Maci on the set of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’… probably.

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ isn’t set to air until January 11, however, Farrah ensures fans there’s plenty of drama in store…thanks to her, of course. 

“What can I say? I’ve still got it!”

“I think I could walk through the door and like, drama is going to happen exactly,” she told TMZ. 

When asked to elaborate on this drama, Farrah shared a warning to others regarding the incident that went down while filming. 

“I just warn others to keep their hands to themselves,” she said. “Do not sneak attack a woman and do not gang up on a woman because I don’t handle that too well. So that’s kind of what happened to me.” 

The Ashley broke the news that Farrah was attacked by some of the cast members when she showed up on set in September. 

“Everyone was absolutely pissed when they found out about Farrah. Words were said,” The Ashley’s source said. “One of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls actually flipped some furniture in anger. Another girl threw something [toward Farrah] and it hit a different cast member on accident. It was complete chaos.”

“Why do all of these hate crimes just follow me around?! Save the children! Abuse! Discrimination of a celebrity! It’s all happening!”

In her interview this week with TMZ, Farrah went on to reiterate her message that “people should not physically attack you,” claiming that doing so is also a public health issue.

Also a public health issue…

” …Especially after COVID and every other thing going on in our real world of news,” she added. “Don’t touch people.”  

As for her former co-stars/sparring partner(s), Farrah said the current cast of moms “live in the past,” which is something she just can’t relate to. 

Naturally, she delivered her response in true “Farrah Speak” fashion, blabbing randomly about her daughter Sophia’s singing and a comedy tour.

“I hope I’m bringing ‘Teen Mom’ to like, the 2022s of our world,” she said. “Umm, and I don’t live in the past, I live in the future. Like, I’m excited for comedy tours and mental health podcasts and Sophia’s songs and music. Like, I’m excited for the future. Our kids are the future.”  

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ premieres January 11 on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

34 Responses

    1. I agree! I haven’t watched the last few seasons and just tried to watch the two part reunion special and I ended up fast forwarding through almost all of it, I just couldn’t stand it!
      Dr. Drew trying to get the TMOG moms to give advice to the other Y&P moms, ridiculous.
      We have Maci, who can’t pump gas or even drive by a gas station now, is this crap for real?

  1. This is what high dose stimulant abuse, even prescribed, does to the brain, folks. Even high dose adderall/vyvanse abuse does this to the brain, just ask Jan Taylor. But even HE takes tolerance breaks probably. Farrah WAS a smart girl, at one time. I believe she graduated high school early and was taking college classes early, but this bitch just done fried her brain.

    1. And, if she’s this fried from stimulants, she doesn’t have adhd, If your brain is wired to have add/adhd, adderall/vyvanse will do the opposite and calm you down, but If you do not have adhd, and take stimulants, you’ll be talking like Farrah is here.

  2. Man, that wall of text… Maybe if somebody could convince her that paragraph breaks were an emoji, she’s actually start using them.

  3. Remember that Treehouse of Horror episode where Kang and Kodos take over the bodies of Clinton and Dole? She reminds me of that. Farrah acts, speaks and forms her sentences like an alien in a human body, like she is imitating a person. Damn, she’s weird.

  4. I cant stand Farrah, really cant. But the fact that MTV can let known child AND animal abusers and drugusers stay on the show, but the bitch who made porn, thats not for tv!! – really bugs me

    1. I mean, Farrah is also a known child and animal abuser and drug user, she just hasn’t been charged or convicted.

      1. But she got fired because of porn. I dont disagree with you, but mtv fired her because of porn, not abuse.

        Yet David and Jenelle was on for years with no questions asked. And dont even get me started with Amber ..

  5. Batshit. Crazy.
    It runs in the family sadly.
    Can’t wait to see 16yr old crazy eyes Sophia-baby-goo.
    Maybe all the Botox and filler has poisoned her brain.
    How does she even make money these days to afford it?
    Does she still live with Mykol?

      1. I think a lot of those dried up bc she can’t keep her mouth shut, and is more hassle than what she’s worth.

  6. If Farrah isn’t living in the past, why is she doing this reunion? Poor Sophia is always job shadowing whether it be yachting, Only Fans, selling Farrah Farts, etc.

  7. Farrah, “Like, I’m excited for comedy tours and mental health podcasts and Sophia’s songs and music. Like, I’m excited for the future.”

    Is this for real? I’m surprised she didn’t give an update about her college education. ?

  8. Can we please talk about Farrah’s newsanchor turned p0rnstar at the AVN Awards circa 1994 hair? It’s so ridiculous, I can’t ??

  9. Farrah lives in an entirely different world than EVERYONE else on planet Earth. Between all the plastic, filler, and meanness, there isn’t enough human in there to play nice with others.

    Aside from watching this little offshoot TM Vacation, I have zero interest in Farrah being back full time, because I don’t find it entertaining to watch her ABUSE any and all people(and dogs!!) she comes into contact with, including her own family and producers of the show that is paying her!

    Please MTV, don’t make a deal to bring her back, Id rather Jennelle than the word salad spewing demon. Al least that way we get some Barbara!

    1. Maybe we should start a writing campaign to MTV to keep this disgusting human being off the show. She has no morals or values, and I have no desire to watch this bitch destroy her daughter further. If anyone else agrees with me, let’s drop multyemails. She doesn’t destroy be on again, and I will quit watching before I see her back on. Email mtv with me if you agree.

      1. I will not watch, not going to give them any ratings.
        And YES we should boycott the TV products / sponsors

        JMO 🙂

  10. I agree with Farrah when she says don’t put your hands on people. 100%. But hon, your top lip can’t even form the shapes of words when you speak. Too much surgery when it alters the things your body was created to do.

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