Amber Portwood’s Ex Andrew Glennon Claims He Needed Surgery to Repair Damage Done to His Nose During Abuse Incident; Talks About “Years of Abuse” He Endured

“I can go on Instagram Live too, Ambie!”

Andrew Glennon— the baby daddy of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood— went Live on Instagram over the weekend to discuss the recent body-shaming he endured from a website. He also discussed the physical and mental abuse he suffered while dating Amber, and revealed for the first time that he allegedly had to have surgery on his nose after it was injured by Amber.

While Andrew— who shares son James with the ‘Teen Mom’ star— never said Amber’s name, he did name-drop her other baby daddy, Gary Shirley, and discuss Amber hitting him while they were dating in the parking lot of the school Amber and Gary’s daughter Leah attended at the time.

Wearing his “cats in space” T-shirt that was featured on the show, Andrew stated that he was body-shamed by a recent article, and that he’s tired of being put down in order to protect “someone.” (We can assume that “someone” is Amber, but he did not specifically name her in the video.) 

“I noticed that there’s a lot of negativity about me floating around online, people saying that I’ve gained a lot of weight, that I’m fat and I look like an off-duty Santa Claus. You guys are pretty sick people to body-shame someone who has been through years of abuse and is trying to change their life for the better.

“I am not Jolly Old Saint Nick, so please stop calling me that.”

Andrew stated that the only things that are said publicly about him are “whatever fits the narrative to protect someone or make them look better.”

As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, in recent episodes, Amber implied that at least one man she dated in recent years physically abused her, and left her with bruises on her face. She told her ex, Gary Shirley, that this was the reason she didn’t go see Leah for long periods of time. (Amber never specified which guy allegedly hit her.) 

In recent episodes, Amber claimed she was battered by a man she dated…

Andrew made it clear in the video that he is tired of how he’s being portrayed.

“The gaslighting is insane,” he said. “It’s pretty sick. I’ve been through a lot. I’ve been through some real dark stuff, and you guys don’t know the half of it because you haven’t been shown it and that’s OK.”

Andrew then began to discuss an incident of physical abuse that happened when he was dating Amber. In leaked audio recordings released in September 2019, he and Amber discussed the incident, with Amber admitting to hitting Andrew while he was driving her to see her daughter, Leah, off on her first day of school. Later, Andrew stated that Amber hit him in the nose, causing it to bleed. He also claimed that Gary and others saw his nose, but that Amber blamed his nosebleed on his allergies. 

In the leaked audio, Andrew and Amber discuss the incident, with Amber telling Andrew, “you deserved exactly what you got! In fact, you deserve way more than that, honey!” 

In his video from this weekend, Andrew reminded his followers that the incident happened, and that the aftermath of the abuse was witnessed by several people.

Amber & Co. were filming for ‘Teen Mom OG’ on the day of the incident…

“Gary saw blood, his daughter saw blood and her whole school saw blood. It’s all there, it all happened, it’s all real,” Andrew said.

He then implied that he had to have surgery on his nose due to what happened that day.

“What do you think my nose surgery was about?” he asks. “Consider that, think about that.”

He then stated that he’s now “surrounding myself with loving people” and called out those who have body-shamed him recently. 

“You guys are sick,” he said. “Twisted, twisted people to be slamming someone who’s ben through all that and saying that they’re fat and whatnot…it’s so twisted and dark it’s not even in my world anymore.” 

“Stay off Instagram Live, Andy! That’s MY special thing!”

Andrew currently lives in Amber’s Indianapolis home with their son James. He has not appeared on ‘Teen Mom OG’ in several seasons.

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36 Responses

  1. AMBER IS A SICK BITCH and deserves to go back to JAIL… I’m sick of Dr. Drew and his deflection on everyone of these POS….

  2. He AND Amber are trash IMO. He loves playing victim, but we haven’t forgotten about the restraining order his ex took out against him.. This guy wants all the sympathy, but anytime he’s not crying to the press, he’s slipping on his co-parenting duties and has given Portwood an opportunity to file some BS in court. Both need to grow up.

  3. Is anything ever Amber’s fault? I do not believe for a second anyone hit Amber and is still walking the earth. Amber is a very violent person with a hair-trigger temper. If anyone hit her, she would be going to jail and someone else would be going to the hospital or the morgue.

    Andrew needs to seek help and stay off social media along with his baby-mama.

  4. Kind of confused, I don’t see the correlation. The way I’m reading it is that he’s saying it’s not okay to body shame him online because of the abuse he went through. Surely it’s not okay to body shame anyone?
    Obviously nobody should have to suffer abuse from anyone, I just don’t see why it would be worse to write rude articles about his appearance than to write them about someone who hadn’t been Ambered.

  5. I think it’s sad. We only accept that women are mistreated. When a man is a victim of domestic violence, we joke about it. I believe Andrew. And I feel so bad for him. He must be able to return to his family. James doesn’t need Amber. Amber is not a good mother. She doesn’t care about her kids at all.
    All she wants to do is keeping him hostage. She wants everyone to be miserable. Because she is.

  6. What’s the rule on a parent not being able to move away? Is he stuck in Indiana until James is 18?!
    I guess I understand why it’s a rule, but damn…that would really be frustrating.

    1. Depends on the state. Andrew would need to keep going back to court go prove that Amber is a danger, should lose her parental rights. And/or extenuating circumstances, like he can’t find work, needs to help out family in another location, and/or something like Amber goes to jail or leaves the area herself (like a permanent move). Considering Andrew and James live in Amber’s house that might not be the best course of action at this time. Once James starts school, moving the child becomes a lot harder.

  7. You can dislike him for whatever but we all heard those leaked audios where Amber admitted to hitting him repeatedly. He didn’t deserve that, no one deserves to be abused even if you don’t like them so think about that

    1. Leaked by the person who hashad all the time in the world to edit them.
      Notice that there are hardly any background noises, that’s weird.
      When you remove background noises, you can edit anything together. Discuss certain things to record what you need.

  8. I think that he is lying about his nose. If Amber did hurt his nose bad, he would have blasted that as much as he could. Im thinking that it’s from coke.

    1. Andrew has talked about his nose before. He talked about it after Amber was arrested. People treat him as if he’s not really a victim because he’s a man. I’ll bet you would’ve believed a female domestic abuse survivor though.

      1. I don’t think it has to do with him being a man, but that he chose to have a relationship and a child with her despite knowing Amber is abusive and a deadbeat.

    1. Because she won’t let him leave the shit hole of a town she lives in with James.
      So I would stay in her house too.
      She isn’t a parent. Why does she care where her kid is? Let James and Andrew go to where they have loving family around. Instead of around a drunk grandmother and abusive psycho mother.
      Or in another 10yrs she will have another kid refusing to have anything to do with her.

  9. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship-period. There are zero stipulations on gender or size or creed, etc. No one deserves to live in real physical harm caused by another. All of that being said, Leah and James need to be protected. Stop going to the media and social media airing all the issues. Documented cases should be taken to court to try and hold them accountable.

  10. This is no one’s business

    We literally forgot about this guy.

    Sorry Amber beat your ass but c’mon. You met her on marriage boot camp dude. Our pity can only go so far. You rushed into this relationshit head first and done fell off the cliff.

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