MTV Releases First Trailer for ‘Teen Mom’ Spin-Off, ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’; Plus, Find Out Why the ‘Young & Pregnant’ Girls Are Not Shown In the Trailer (Exclusive!)


“No real jobs on three… 1…2…3!”

Back in August, The Ashley broke the news that the casts of the three Teen Mom shows— Teen Mom OGTeen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant— were being brought together to film a “retreat”-style spinoff in California. Over the next few weeks, The Ashley brought you scoops on the physical fights that broke out and Farrah Abraham‘s “surprise” appearance (which went south really fast.)

On Tuesday, MTV released the name, premiere date and first trailer for the new spin-off. Teen Mom Family Reunion is set to premiere in January. 

“What happens when the moms from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ come together for the mother of all vacations?” the voice-over in the trailers asks.

The trailer then shows the fights, someone getting hauled away on a stretcher (naturally) and Leah Messer asking, “What are we doing?” in a confessional interview.

Despite how this looks, no, this isn’t Amber and her bed being wheeled out to join the spin-off…

(If the format of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ looks suspiciously similar to Jersey Shore Family Vacation‘s format, that’s because it is produced by the same company that does ‘JSFV’ and many of the producers who worked on the spin-off also work on ‘JSFV.’)

Anyway, while girls and guys from ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ are shown in the trailer, the cast from ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ is mysteriously missing from the footage and are not even mentioned in the trailer. As fans know, Kiaya ElliottKayla SesslerLuke Davis, Brianna Jaramillo were flown out to appear in the spin-off. (The group even did several Instagram Live sessions from the hotel they were staying at. As The Ashley reported, Rachel Beaver was not invited to participate because she is not 21.) 

The Ashley can reveal that the girls from ‘Young & Pregnant’ were basically snubbed when they arrived in California to film, and never even made it in front of a camera. 

“They felt like they got screwed. They were flown out, and then sent to a separate hotel from [the ‘OG’ and ‘TM2’ cast]. The girls got ready to film and then [a producer] informed them that they would not be filming at all,” The Ashley’s on-set source explains.

“Later, a producer told them that there was a possible positive COVID test result, but that ended up not being true. They sent the ‘Young & Pregnant’ girls home without them ever having filmed anything. They were pissed because they had to travel, find babysitters, take off work, etc.”


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“Some of the girls think that the producers liked the dynamic being just the ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls and didn’t want to ruin what they had. The girls felt like they were totally used and had their time wasted.

“This is just another example of the [Young & Pregnant] girls being treated like they’re less-important that the girls from the other two shows,” the source added.

As for who will be there, the cast includes Cheyenne Floyd, Cory Wharton, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley from ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Representing ‘Teen Mom 2’ will be Briana DeJesus, Brittany DeJesus, Devoin Austin, Bar Smith, Ashley Jones, Jade Cline, and Leah Messer.

As The Ashley stated in September, Farrah “surprised” the cast while they were filming the spin-off, as the producers wanted to bring drama. Her appearance resulted in a physical fight, with some girls throwing furniture at Farrah before she was escorted away.

Fellow fired ‘Teen Mom’er Jenelle Evans was also considered for the spin-off but MTV stopped communications with her after Jenelle refused to travel to California without her ever-present husband David Eason. (You can read more about that here!)

I’m sure dozens of people are excited for this….

‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ premieres January 11 on MTV. You can watch the first trailer below! 


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  1. I’m gonna say this and then duck! Farrah looked good on the reunion! Fight me ??..Can’t stand her but she did not look bad at all.

  2. MTV needs to stop doing the TM Y&P dirty. Their show is the best one right now. The only reason why their ratings are so low is because MTV is not invested in advertising it

  3. yea who’s still not gonna watch? they might as well just cancel young and pregnant then if they’re gonna keep doing the girls on the show dirty. they’ll be missed but we all know how much mtv is clinging on to the other shows for dear life. plus why the hell did gary have to go??? at some point poor kristina needs to put her foot down.

  4. My guess is Maci is in the stretcher. I thought Catelynn but, it doesn’t look like she attended unless it’s a surprise or quick visit.

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