EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Rachel Beaver Angry After Being Uninvited to Go to ‘Teen Mom’ Retreat Spin-Off: Details!

“Ummm HELLO! Aren’t you forgetting about someone!?”

Drama continues to surround the Teen Mom “Retreat” spin-off— even regarding cast members who aren’t there!

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, some of the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant girls have arrived to join the other Teen Mom cast members who are currently in San Diego County, filming for the new spin-of showKayla SesslerKiaya Elliott and Brianna Jaramillo will all be participating in the filming but one ‘Young and Pregnant’ girl will be noticeably absent from the show and she is not happy about it.

The Ashley can confirm that Rachel Beaver was invited to come to the “Retreat,” along with the other “veteran” girls of the show; however, she was nixed at the last minute by production, making her the only full-time ‘Young and Pregnant’ cast member left out of the show.

“Sorry Rachel but you can’t sit with us!”

“Rachel was called and invited when the other [Young and Pregnant’] girls were invited,” a behind the scenes source tells The Ashley. “She was all set to go, but then [the producers] heard from MTV legal and were told they had to cut Rachel from the cast because she’s not 21. So they kind of just ghosted her for a while before finally telling her she was uninvited.”

“Rachel did not take the news well. She told [the producer who informed her she was being uninvited] that she had already arranged for a babysitter for her daughter, had purchased the stuff [the producers] instructed her to buy for the trip and that she was really upset,” the source continued.

“They sold this to her as being a ‘bonding event’ for the ‘Teen Mom’ cast, and told her it would even be ‘like a summer camp.’ So she told [the producer] how unfair it is that she was being booted out at the last minute just because she can’t drink.

“The way they described the show to her, drinking wasn’t even mentioned and it was supposed to be more of a therapeutic-type thing so she didn’t even think drinking would be involved.”

“You really think I would have agreed to a show that had no Bud Light? Yeah right!”

As The Ashley previously told you, last week Roxanne DeJesus— who is the mother of Briana and Brittany DeJesus— also questioned why alcohol was being introduced into the event. Roxanne’s daughters, along with Jade Cline, got into an altercation with Ashley Jones during the first night of filming last week, and Roxy was angry because she felt alcohol was used to get the girls fired up. 

“Rachel said she wanted to take this up with the higher-ups at Viacom because she doesn’t feel it’s fair to exclude her for being the only actual teenagers on a show called ‘Teen Mom.'” the source added.

“Can I at least take her damn place?”

While Kiaya, Kayla and Brianna are all young, they are all over the age of 21, so the network had no issues with them attending. (Madisen Beith and Kayla Jones were not invited, as they are not “full-time” cast members yet.) 

The Ashley will have more info on the drama going down at the spin-off filming! Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

25 Responses

  1. So they’re worried about Rachel drinking but had NO ISSUE with filming her “getting fucked up” for her what 16-17 birthday??

  2. This may have started as a normal bonding retreat with Rachel being invited (which the part time girls should have been allowed to go to also bond as new cast members). But MTV needs ratings BIG TIME, so this turned out to be a PHYSICAL BONDING RETREAT made possible by the FREE liquor to help induce that physical bonding time so Rachel had to get cut.

    If not, MTV would have a NO LIQUOR POLICY or at least tell them they are on their own and have to pay for it. The bars must ask for ID so Rachel wouldn’t be allowed. It would be on the bars hands and not MTV if she did get liquor. Lots could be done to have avoided it but this is for ratings and for money, nothing more.

  3. I’m fine with never seeing Rachel’s or Britney ever again.
    All they do is call their moms names and scream at them this season. Trying to be like Barb & Jennelle?
    I don’t know but it’s not cute at all. I always knew Rachel’s was nothing but trash but she’s been screaming she’s a unwed mom who has all kinds of benefits from the state she lives in. It’s really disturbing & disgusting. And Britney needs smacked across her mouth & made to move the way she talks to her mom.

    1. Is Britney her sister? I only watch this show when my other show is on commercials.
      I did see a little of the Beaver bunch. THEY ARE CRAZY. I call their trailer-home crazy-town.

  4. If MTV really gave a crap about these girls, it would be a real wellness retreat. Not taped. Therapy for dealing with stress of having an online public figure life and the attention that comes with it. Accountants and tax experts that would explain how to handle this sudden influx of cash they have now because it won’t last forever. Social media managers that could coach these girls not to get roped into selling bullshit detox teas that are dangerous AF or posting a hundred click baits a day.

    But they won’t because MONEY.

  5. I mean listen, Rachel is just as trashy as the rest of then so she shouldn’t have been invited and then uninvited. But, I guess MTV can’t plaster her with alcohol, legally for this “bonding retreat”. I can’t read or type “bonding retreat” without laughing.?

  6. She could’ve just… not been offered alcohol? I don’t get how this was arranged and no one realized she wasn’t 21.

  7. Just goes to show you that MTV/Viacom were absolutely intending on pushing alcohol consumption to hype the drama.

    I don’t really know any of these ladies, but I agree with Rachel. She’s actually a teen unlike almost everyone else on these “teen mom” shows. And if the series was actually about having a fun vacation, bonding, and therapy for the women – then alcohol should be excluded.

  8. i get why rachel can’t come and i agree because of the law but it’s messed up that they couldn’t even communicate that to her. they should at least compensate her for the miscommunication and for a million dollar company they should’ve done their research properly.

  9. Send them mafkr’s a bill for all the stuff you bought, girl.

    I don’t get it. She’s old enough to raise a baby but not to have drinks in a controlled location?
    I get that it’s a law it’s just a weird one sometimes.

    Also, she could have went and not drank. I’m sure some of the heavily medicated girls like Amber shouldn’t be drinking either.

    Why does this need to be a drinking occasion anyways? Why is drinking a mandatory prerequisite for this trip?

  10. You know what we used to say at the frat house, it isn’t a party until you get some crazy, loose, nasty, daddy issued, f up’ed beaver on the premises!

    stay lit

  11. I’m on Rachel’s side this time… that was uncalled for. She’s literally on a show called Young and Pregnant, a Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant spin off, and she’s being excluded for being a teen/young? Sounds dumb.

    1. Right. And Now is the time they want to choose to have morals? Like come on now y’all have filmed people high out of their minds, driving while high, and even while doing drugs probably. But Rachel can’t come to this retreat bc she’s too young? Pffft please.

      1. And chasing people to their homes, pulling a gun. All in front of her young son. I use the term son loose, cuz jun-nail is an egg donor.

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