EXCLUSIVE! See Photos of the ‘Teen Mom’ Casts Filming For Retreat Spin-off in California; Plus Latest Details on New Cast Arrivals

“Cheers to more than a decade of vacation paid for by MTV!”

The cast of the Teen Mom shows have been frolicking (and fighting) in sunny San Diego for the last week, filming for the upcoming ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off show, and The Ashley has exclusive photos and details from the set!

After a very rocky start (in which several of the cast members got into an altercation), things at the ‘Teen Mom’ Retreat spin-off were relatively happy (for a while anyway…more on that later…)

You can see from The Ashley’s exclusive photos below, the girls were all walking together with the rest of the cast on their way to a water activity day, just days after the big fight.

“The girls [who had been fighting— Brittany DeJesusBriana DeJesusJade Cline and Ashley Jones] were getting along enough to film with the group all together,” The Ashley’s source said. (As The Ashley told you, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood, as well as some of the girls’ friends, are also at the “Retreat.”)

This photo shows some of the cast members who had previously been fighting– Jade, Ashley, Brittany and Briana— walking with the other cast…

The girls from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant are on their way to join the “fun,” with Kayla SesslerBrianna Jaramillo and Kiaya Elliot all flying in on Monday or early Tuesday. (The ‘Young and Pregnant’ girls were not allowed to bring a “plus-one” like some of the Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 girls were; however, Kiaya decided to bring her on-and-off girlfriend Teazha anyway.)

The Ashley can also confirm that Leah Messer is at the Retreat. (She did not bring her new boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, though.) Cheyenne Floyd is also attending.

Production capturing the Kodak moments…

For security reasons, The Ashley is not releasing the name of the place the cast is staying or the exact location; however, it boasts luxurious pools, access to the marina, and private mini-houses that overlook the lake.

Corey Wharton, Devoin Austin, Jade Cline, Gary Shirley, and Leah Messer are all visible here, as is Maci Bookout (on the dock)…

Over the past week, the cast has been spotted filming on boats on a lake, going jet-skiing, and swimming. 

“They took all the dads to film together over the weekend to a separate location, so there may be like a ‘Dads’ episode or something,” The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes source tells her.


Corey and Devoin after a day on the water…
Is it even an MTV reality show if Cory isn’t part of it?

(The “Dads” that The Ashley can confirm are currently there are Gary ShirleyDevoin Austin, Cory Wharton and Bar Smith.)

The ‘Teen Mom’ dads enjoy a (short) boat ride together…

Anyway, according to one of The Ashley’s production sources, there was another “episode” over the weekend in which cast members got into another altercation over what a source calls “a surprise for the cast.” 

The Ashley will have more on that very soon…stay tuned.

Click here and here for more details on the ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off! 

Note: All photos are copyrighted property of The Ashley. No website or Instagram pages may use them without permission from The Ashley. 

(Photos: Property of The Ashley except top photo, MTV) 



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  1. As for Amber,……these “women” had the audacity to go to court with Amber to support her. WTF?
    Domestic violence because of her and yet, they support her. If it was Andrew, would they support him?
    Disgusting. Shame on those who support her for all that she has done.

  2. Shame on MTV for making altercations by bringing people in know what will happen.

    Shame on the moms who are involved in the altercations. Grow the f#ck up already. You’re not 16 anymore.

  3. Just when I thought MTV could not get any worse. Sending these worthless women on some sort of spa vacation. These women have illustrated that their only talent is spreading their legs for some dirtbag and plopping out a kid with their worthless genetic material. Haven’t seen the show for years, but occasionally drop by for The Ashley’s caustic humor but no more.

  4. Sort of off topic. Has Brianna Jaramillo ever reached out to the biological father of her son Braeson? I remember her earlier seasons she was struggling financially but refused to reach out to his father for help or child support.

    1. He reached out to her. They got a paternity test, and then he decided he did NOT want to be a part of Braeson’s life because his gf didn’t like it.

  5. So, ambien need a vacation from…????? Her job? Her mom duties?, or her couch?
    Maybe they just put her on a new couch?

    Can’t wait for the re-cap.

  6. Cheyenne girl, pick a damn lane. Cause right now you look like a full on hypocrite. Either it’s ok to leave your kids for a hustle or it’s not. Not judging the choice, just the double standard.

  7. I will just read the Ashley’s recaps. I don’t know how much more of these women I can take. And, I refuse to put money in MTV’s pocket anymore by watching.

    1. This took place in Cali, Chey lives in Cali so she may have taken him with her.

      I just hope she ain’t nursing, especially if shes drinking!!!

  8. I think I’ll pass on watching this, just like I’ve passed on watching the actual show for the past 3 seasons. I’ll just read The Ashley’s recaps, which are always way better than the show ever was!

  9. As tired as I am of all the Teen Mom women, I’m REALLY sick of seeing Amber. Being an egg donor doesn’t qualify you for this show. She needs dropped like a hot (couch) potato.

  10. Obviously these parents all needed a luxury vacation away from their kids.

    I’m kind of interested in their vaccine policy, as I just read that Cory was not able to participate in his Challenge Reunion because of his Unvaccinated status. Would they bar him from that, but let him go to this 7 day party?

    So Gary and Amber were both there….I hope Kristina gets a new car out of this!

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