EXCLUSIVE! New Details About Fight at the ‘Teen Mom’ Retreat; Plus Find Out Which Additional Cast Members Will Appear on Spin-Off Show

“Fighting is healing, guys!”

The Teen Mom Retreat spin-off has continued to film this week— despite the big blowout fight that went down between some of the girls on Tuesday– and The Ashley has more exclusive details about what went down that night and what’s happened since! Plus, The Ashley has the scoop on more cast members who are participating in this new “retreat” spin-off!

As Roxanne DeJesus (and The Ashley) told you, a fight broke out on the first night of filming with Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline squaring off with nemesis Ashley Jones. While Roxy screeched about an “altercation” that went down that night, she did not know what started the fight, but The Ashley’s sources have filled her in.

“Tell me I can’t throw my shoe all the way to California. Tell me and see what happens…”

“The first night was supposed to be just the girls of the cast hanging out, and everyone making up with the girls who they had fights with in the past,” a behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “They hoped everyone would make-up on camera and then they could all move on without tension but that didn’t work out.”

The source said that producers hoped Ashley would make-up with Jade (whom she has had beef with since 2019).

“Ashley refused to apologize to Jade, and that pissed Jade off big-time,” the source added. “That’s when Jade went off and Briana is close to Jade so she was backing her up. Then Ashley started in on them both.” 

Jade, Briana and Brittany (as well as Jade’s friend) were all moved to a separate location and were still there as of Thursday morning, the source added.

“Do people who fight get paid more? Asking for a friend…”

“They were not fired from the spin-off like some outlets are reporting,” the source told The Ashley. “They are all still part of it.”

Ashley later denied that she “attacked” the DeJesus girls or Jade, stating instead the “ganged up” on her.

“Just to be very clear, I did not attack anyone,” she wrote. “I was ganged up on and people tried to get physical with ME. Not the other way around…”

The rest of the cast members continue to reside at the original location in San Diego County. The Ashley can exclusively reveal that additional Teen Mom OG cast members have joined the retreat, including Maci Bookout and Gary Shirley!

“Just give me a beer and point me to the area where the embarrassing dancing happens!”

(As The Ashley previously reported, Amber Portwood is also there, and Teen Mom 2 dads Devoin Austin and Bar Smith are also taking part in the Retreat festivities.

“Soooo not even a call for your favorite doctor to come join? I could use a week of tantrums and fun in the sun, too!”

“Only the girls of the cast were filming that first night when the fight happened,” the source stated.

More cast members are due to arrive at the Retreat later this weekend or early next week. From what The Ashley has heard, the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant girls set to arrive are Kayla Sessler, Kiaya Elliott and Brianna Jaramillo

“Each cast member has their own room, so it won’t be like The Challenge or Jersey Shore where they’re all living together in one big house,” the source said. “They are doing activities together and hanging out by the pool and things like that together, though.” 

“…to keep us at a different location. If you think walls are gonna keep us from beating the living tar out of each other, think again!” 

Stay tuned– The Ashley will have much more info on the ‘Teen Mom’ Retreat coming soon! 

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    1. I would hope the Daddy are watching their kids.

      But in Bri and Jade’s (and quite possibly Ashley) that seems unlikely.

      I think MTV staged the fight so that theyd have to send those girls home.

      Plus I think it’s a ratings thing too, if this new spin off produces drama then that makes them think ppl will tune into OG, TM2 AND TM:Y&P.

      I watch OG because I genuinely like a couple of the girls. But I stopped watching TM2 after Chelsea left and like I said, I stopped TM:Y&P after like 3 episodes

  2. Maci is such a loser. She consistently exploits Bentley for money and talks about Ryan be a an addict when she was drinking with an obvious baby bump while pregnant with maverick. Both are garbage.

    1. Maci isn’t exploiting Bentley, hes old enough to not be on camera if he doesnt want to be.

      Yes she talks about Rhine being an addict but he’s unfortunately a part of her life until Bentley is 18.

      And yes, she was pregnant with Mav and still drinking but she didn’t know she was pregnant. She’d just had Jayde like a year previous, not everyone can lose weight that fast.

      But she has PCOS (so do i) it causing you to gain weight for no reason and its REALLY hard to lose it.

      Just be thankful the consumption of alcohol didn’t effect him and move on.

  3. They might as well just all share one big house. It’s practice for when they all inevitably sign on to join a cast of has-beens for a re-re-reboot of the Surreal Life

  4. So they are broadbanding across all three shows.
    OG, TM2 and Y&P in the hopes of you’re watching for Maci (for example) you might go oooh I really like Kayla, and start watching Y&P.
    It’s a ploy to increase viewer numbers.

  5. Who thought this trash heap up? I don’t know who hates themselves enough to watch this when it comes out- but this sounds as cool as watching paint dry.

    I guess if they want the money then I get why they’re partaking- but who the hell would watch this?!?!

    I honestly don’t even know how the Ashley can recap these boring seasons. Tm is over.

    1. Ah yes… such trash… and so over… so boring.
      Yet here you are! Not only reading the article but also taking time out of your day to comment about what trash everyone else is, but not you, right? Everyone’s trash that partakes, the seasons are all so boring, you hate yourself if you watch it, lol such trash. But you’re good since all you’re doing is commenting on a story about people who are such trash that you care Nothing about, right?
      WELL NEWSFLASH! YOU are definitely 100% just as trashy as what you say Everyone else is…

  6. I like Brianna Jaramillo fairly well but Kayla Sessler and Kiaya Elliott are as bad as the girls they are removing!!!!

    Isn’t Kayla Sessler pregnant?

    Why is MTV taking the chance to bring her?

    1. right, because if they really did want them to make up then they wouldn’t have been the only ones specifically there the first night

  7. At least brittany and briana can’t keep pulling the race card. i get ashley has a mouth on her, but it’s 1000% believable that briana started it. she has a history of being an internet thug and only acting tough when people are around then acting like a victim afterwards. if anything they should have all the girls living together with no friends or baby daddy’s and see how briana starts acting

  8. Next thing we’re going to hear, Dr Drew is the surprise guest speaker!

    All of you, put down the free alcohol and go home!!

    It’s a trick by MTV to get you off the couch and actually do something rating worthy, and since MTV has zero imagination, they just give you alcohol and remind you of your old issues.

    Keep waiting for those ‘couples massages’, lol. Oh, and ITS YOUR SEX LIFE DOT COM.

  9. I’m not a fan of Ashley by any means but I do believe that she was ganged up on because the only time Briana opens her mouth is if she has backup. Jade and her big mouth fits right in with Briana & Brittany’s big mouth. Ashley has a mouth on her too but she isn’t Kail and I’m sure she wouldn’t back down from the 3 of them. Nor should she have.

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