Trouble at the ‘Teen Mom’ Retreat Spinoff! The DeJesus Sisters & Jade Cline Face Off with Ashley Jones (Exclusive Details!)

Luckily, Roxanne (and her collection of high heels) did not attend the retreat…

It was supposed to be new Teen Mom show about healing and therapy, but the new spinoff The Ashley told you about a few weeks ago has already turned into a disaster!

The Ashley broke the news earlier this month that MTV was putting together a new ‘Teen Mom’ spinoff show, bringing together girls from Teen Mom OGTeen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant to all stay together in a hotel and undergo things such as therapy, sound therapy and other healing exercises.

However, on Tuesday— the first night that some of the participants were together— all hell broke loss, resulting in an altercation that resulted in ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Jade Cline, as well as Brittany and Briana DeJesus getting booted from the shared living quarters. The trio got into some sort of fight with Ashley Jones.

The Ashley‘s source tells her that the DeJesus sisters and Jade are being held at another hotel currently. (Jade had a friend with her who is there too.) Ashley, as well as Amber Portwood, are still at the first location. 

More ‘Teen Mom’ girls were scheduled to be filtered into the cast next week, with Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant girls Brianna JaramilloKayla Sessler and Kiaya Elliott arriving around September 21 to spend a few days there. (Some of the cast members were only supposed to “drop in,” while others planned to stay the whole two weeks or so.) 

“We’ll be sure to bring out helmets for this trip!”

The Ashley also heard that some of the ‘Teen Mom’ guys— including Bar Smith and Devoin Austin— were supposedly part of this project in some way.

On Wednesday, a very angry Roxanne DeJesus hit Instagram Live on Wednesday, stating that she wanted to leak info about the altercation before The Ashley did.

“It could end up on social media so that The Ashley could report on it before anyone else does. Well, too bad, I’m sayin’ it first!” 

“S**t broke out last night and guess what happened again? Three of the girls had to be taken to another location, when in reality it should have been the opposite. Three girls didn’t go in there to be bullies. They went in there, minding their business and s**t broke out. I don’t want to know what happened; I don’t even care at this point.

“I’m ready, just in case.”

“I’m gonna hold the network responsible for that!” Roxanne continued. “Now you’re dealing with people’s real emotions, and when you get a reaction, then you’re concerned. You wanna get therapists involved, you wanna make sure you’re insured…No. I’m done. I’m f**king done.”

The Ashley doesn’t have any info on the brawl (yet), but Roxy stated that the fight was not physical.

“Something happened last night. Commotion broke out, words were said. I don’t think there was any altercation. I think it was a lot of barking between my two daughters, Jade and Ashley,” she said. “So they removed Jade, Brittany and Briana and they had them stay at another hotel.”

The DeJesus sisters and Jade are tight, since they helped care for Jade after her plastic surgery. However, Jade and Ashley do not get along.

Roxanne said she’s mad that her daughters and Jade got the boot, and Ashley got to stay.

Oh…but it can…

“Why? This is the second time you do that to us!” she said.

(The first time was after the DeJesus sisters got into a physical fight with Kail Lowry on the Reunion stage back in May 2018. As The Ashley exclusively reported at the time, Bri and Brit were sent packing, but Kail was allowed to stay.) 

Later in her rant video, Roxanne called the producers out for giving the girls alcohol and putting them in a situation that was bound to get messy.

“Don’t provoke situations that you can’t handle!” Roxanne stated. “You’re dealing with real emotions, you really are. 

“If you know that…s**t could break out, why do you have alcohol involved? Why?” she asked.

A second source tells The Ashley that it was no coincidence that the girls chosen to be there were girls who publicly have had beef with each other in the past.

“They knew what this was going to turn into. They even joked about it with some of the girls when they were pitching the show to them,” the source tells The Ashley. “They were definitely hoping to get a ‘Housewives’-type show here and, even though they weren’t encouraging fighting, they knew it was probably going to happen at some point. Some girls were allowed to bring a plus-one and others weren’t. It was shady.” 

Roxanne even somewhat confirmed this in her Live video.

“And basically just a villa full of tequila, bad tempers and MTV cameras!” 

“The plan for this new show was, gather the girls around and hopefully, hope for the best,” she said. “It didn’t go so well, so what’s the plan now?…what you sold was a lie! An illusion, a f**king lie…don’t provoke situations that you can’t handle.

She later added, “All the girls have their own issues. That was the purpose of this whole gathering [for this show]. Working on their issues, and trying to get through it. But, you know, on the first night, when you introduce f**king alcohol? No. It should have been, the first night, f**king therapy. Therapy first. Work hard, and play hard later.” 

Why did you agree to appear on this dumpster fire show, Briana?

One of The Ashley’s sources said that the person who took charge of this new show is a producer that most of the girls weren’t familiar with, and not someone who usually works on one of the shows. 

“Since all of the girls aren’t scheduled to be there the whole time, they could have scheduled it so the girls who don’t get along weren’t there at the same time, but they didn’t,” that source tells The Ashley.

“Also, in my opinion, the show was pitched differently to different girls to get them to go,” the second source added.

The source confirms, though, that most of the girls were aware of the other cast members who were scheduled to be at the “retreat” with them. (The Ashley is not sure if the girls were told by producers or if they found out through each other.) 

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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63 Responses

  1. These are not “girls.” These are grown ass women who make their own ADULT decisions. If alcohol is served and decide to drink, how is it the Network’s fault?? They are grown! They act like fools all on their own ??? Trashy females.

  2. OMG they have moved on to another teenmom first it was jail Now it’s someone else, MTV needs to get them 3 hooches off the show!! I mean come on all they want to do is beat someone a**, I mean I’m not a big fan of Ashley, but come on !!!!! Even got jade who is a follower a whim in on it !!!! I vote them off the show back to their street where trash belongs

  3. Yeah, I’m tired of the DeJesus’ being bullies, yet playing the victim. It’s played out. Why would you sign on to participate, leaving your children at home for a couple of weeks to engage in a dumpster fire?!

    It’s time to put on your big girl pants, take responsibility for your choices and stop low-key blaming institutional racism for the drama you cause!!!

    I watch the different TM franchises but I have no interest in watching this desperate attempt at relevance. Let’s all move on. It’s time.

  4. Are people with lupus supposed to be drinking? Especially newly diagnosed people who are on new medication??

    I bet this new show is going to go the way Jenelle’s “Girl S**t” did— straight to lawsuits and NOWHERE!

    1. She wasn’t necessarily drinking (she probably was, let’s be honest), but no she shouldn’t be drinking being newly diagnosed and on new meds. You never know how certain meds will react with alcohol.

  5. So the girls that previously were aggressive were aggressive or threaten aggression but it was wrong to remove them?
    Who is going to want to watch these trashy girls scream at each other for 3 weeks in “healing” experience. This seems like a flop from the start.

  6. Roxanne says she doesn’t know what happened but she’s blindly blaming Ashley because her girls are angels that would never cause trouble? Hmmmm

    The cynical part of me thinks she was fed that dialog to post to get publicity for the network. Drama = Ratings.

  7. But Brianna and Brittany ARE bullies, Roxanne. They have been from day 1 on TM2. Brianna cannot keep her mouth shut or stay out of other peoples business. She is always where she is not wanted and Brittany is always there to fight her battles for her. This is not the first time they have ganged up on another costar, hell, it’s not even the second. Your daughters keep getting removed from these situations because they are the problem and do not know how to behave themselves. Also, they are grown women and you are blaming MTV for giving them alcohol? Like, what?!?? Do you really think your daughters are not responsible for their own bad behavior? How is it the fault of MTV that they cannot be around other people without fighting someone??

  8. All reality shows fish for drama, it’s common knowledge. I was casted for a reality show a few years ago that the network did not pick up & I was flat out told to exaggerate things in my life, if I wanted a spot. I’m addition to that, you sign a NDA so she’s walking on super thin ice. Yikes, all the way around.

  9. The only thing that shocks me is that Amber was there, but not part of the fight. Is she finally growing up or do they have a handler that is responsible for making sure she doesn’t violate her probation?

    1. I heard Amber missed the fight because she was at the craft services table mowing down chicken fingers, mini hot dogs and mac n cheese like a person who hasn’t eaten in a week.

      True story

      stay lit

  10. Seriously those four need to be off of the show!!!! They (especially the DeJesus family) are nothing but immature, cry babies who throws fits when they don’t get their way!!!! Grow up Briana and DeJesus family!!!


  11. I’m quite sure that even though Roxanne says she “is done” her and the DeJesus clan will continue to cash that MTV paycheck.

    So, MTV provided Roxanne’s ADULT daughters alcohol? Did they also pour it down their throats against their will? Highly unlikely. The DeJesus’ love to play the victim. In reality unless they have back up, they are all cowards.

  12. at least now brittany and briana can’t say mtv’s racist ??‍♀️i’m latinx and briana being the latinx representation in the show is embarrassing AF. if they’re the only ones getting kicked out then how do they not stop to think that they’re the problem? briana caused drama on the first season she was on, she’s causing the hate to herself at this point

  13. I don’t think anyone could make them drink….that’s just a cop out honestly. Who is the common denominator(s) in the drama?!

  14. Lol ofc they pitched it to each one differently lol.

    Ofc they invited girls who have problems with other girls. That’s why Kail declined. That, and the money.

    Ofc they served alcohol. This is MTV, Roxanne. They can’t get any good footage if anyone’s sober.

    I doubt this show will save the series. Seems like a huge headache for very little benefit. Unnecessary drama, unnecessary travel and time off of real life, unless it was for Beaucoup de bucks, I’d decline too.

  15. This is ridiculous.. So this is just for drama & ratings, per usual. They know exactly what they’re doing, that’s literally their job. I guess since the ratings for the whole teen mom franchise is sinking like a brick, they thought this would help?! They were sadly mistaken.. It’s apparent that they use these girls as their cash cows. As a teen mom myself who had 3 kids by 23 & started at 16, I was extremely immature well into my late 20’s – 30’s. I had to grow up to be a mom & I did that but mentally & emotionally I was stunted. I was easily manipulated, full of drama, just immature & fed into the bs. Now in my 40’s I can see how bad it was & I can see they’re dealing with the same issues. They’re being manipulated into “sharing their story” & fed to do so with a lot of money that most teens do not have the luxury of. As much as I loved this show in the beginning & watch periodically to keep up with kids, it’s overstayed it’s welcome, the kids are known in school & now in middle school. It’s time to shut them down. Let these people fade away to their actual reality.

    1. This was said beautifully Stormy.

      I was a young mom too at 20, married with a house, which sounds nice but I signed up for a very grownup life when I was not ready to handle it. Now that my son is headed off to college I can reflect and try to make ammends with my short comings. I fear the TMs will crash and burn badly once the show ends bc they are almost all stunted emotionally, clearly some have substance abuse issues, and they haven’t had to really work for a decade. And never really had a real job before the show.

    2. Well said. Glad you are realize what real life is. Agree about the children being recognized. That must be so difficult for them at school or just out shopping or at the movies.

  16. From all past altercations involving Briana, she has ALWAYS been the aggressor and the first one to start it…then she cowers in a corner like a some scared little rat when the person she initially antagonized comes for her…then she waits until she knows Brittany and Roxanne are there to back her up and she starts acting like she has the biggest balls in the world. It was Jade, Briana, and Brittany against Ashley…3 against 1 and they’re acting like the victims?? If they don’t like it, and working for MTV is so terrible, then just quit. Please.

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