EXCLUSIVE! Physical Fight Breaks Out At ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Between Kail Lowry & Briana DeJesus

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble!

Kail Lowry predicted earlier this month that she would “throw hands” at the Teen Mom 2 Season 8B Reunion taping, and The Ashley can confirm that’s exactly what happened!

The Ashley can exclusively report that a fight broke out on Saturday during the taping between Kail and her nemesis Briana Dejesus (and Bri’s sister Brittany)! The Ashley’s source tells her that the set quickly erupted in chaos, thanks to the “Jerry Springer Show”-esque brawl.

Details of the fight are still murky, as it just happened, but The Ashley’s sources tell her that all of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls (except Jenelle Evans, who boycotted the reunion) were coming out to the stage to talk to Dr. Drew Pinsky when things got crazy.

“Briana was the last girl called to the stage, and she came out and went right at Kail,” one source told The Ashley. “Briana’s sister Brittany DeJesus was on set too and she jumped in and got in Kail’s face. They started swinging at each other and Kail was motioning to Bri to ‘Bring it on!’

“There had been a lot of back-and-forth instigation on both ends before the girls got on the stage,” another person tells The Ashley. “That’s why Bri came out ready to fight.”

The Ashley has been told that no punches were there landed but there was hair-pulling.

“Everyone else that was on stage scattered to get out of the way,” the first source said. “Even Dr. Drew ran out of there.”

Chelsea [Houska] was super-upset by it all,” one person on set tells The Ashley. “She’s pregnant and was worried that she would get caught up in a fight, and that’s exactly what happened.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Kail and Briana have been at each other’s throats (online, anyway) for months. Things became heated between the girls after Briana started dating Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and almost came to a head during the last Reunion taping in October 2017. This is the first time (to The Ashley’s knowledge) that things between Kail and Bri have gotten physical, though.

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On Twitter, Jenelle gloated that she was able to stay home and avoid the drama.

“So glad I stayed home from NYC this weekend with my babies,” she wrote. “Too much drama! #CalledIt”

UPDATE! A behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley that the stage brawl came after Kail supposedly tried to confront Briana privately backstage. (The Ashley hasn’t been able to 100 percent confirm this yet.)

The source says that Kail went up to Briana when she was sitting backstage and there were no cameras around and basically challenged her to a fight.

“Bri acting like Kail was dumb for wanting to fight,” the source said.

Security got wind of what was going on and rushed in, so things between the girls cooled…for a period, anyway. (The before and after of Kail’s confrontation with Bri was filmed, supposedly.)

The entire cast– girls, guys, family, etc.– then headed to the stage to film a segment for the “Unseen Moments” special.

“Everyone was sitting on the stage and for some reason they put Brittany behind Kail on the couches,” the source said. “They didn’t have any security posted by Brittany. As soon as Briana came out, ready to fight, Brittany stood up and joined in. Kail turned around to get off stage and that’s when Brittany yanked Kail’s hair.”

UPDATE #2: The Ashley has learned that ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad Jo Rivera fled the set after the brawl and is heading home.

“He said he was done with this crap and isn’t filming the Reunion tomorrow,” the source said.

The Ashley hears that Chelsea and Kail may follow suit and leave before filming the Reunion tomorrow as well.

The Ashley can confirm that the rumors that Kail was punched by Brittany are false.

UPDATE #3: Jenelle’s husband David Eason posted his thoughts on the Reunion brawl to his verified Facebook page.

“IM SO GLAD KAIL GOT HER ASS BEAT!” David wrote. “That’s what she gets for saying she would hit my wife! And why is Randy there calling tabloids?”

In a tweet that’s most likely a response to what David posted, Kail verified that she was not punched.

As The Ashley stated previously, all sources have said that no one was actually punched (although several of the girls did try to land some punches.) As far as The Ashley has heard, only hair-pulling actually took place– but it wasn’t for lack of trying by either party!

Stay tuned– The Ashley will update this story as more details come in!

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  1. Kali sucks she talk big but she not shit Masters degree
    So what that’s not going to help u in a throw done how do her friends stad her she always talks about her self and gets people to feel sorry for her

  2. This show has gotten so far from the original content and I don’t even watch this pathetic excuse for a show anymore. “Grown” women putting hands on each other is unbelievable. MTV needs to do a better job stopping these fights on “Teen Mom 2” and “Ex On The Beach”. I find it’s interesting that they don’t keep the same standards across their programming as “Real World” and “The Challenge” stops this crap IMMEDIATELY.


  4. Janelle your hubby walking out made him look guilty as HELL
    I am sure this will be a strike against you and you’re going to lose custody! You are the mother you needed to defend the accusations against your hubby!
    Sorry for your LOSS

  5. Briana and her family are so ghetto and ratchet plzzz MTV get rid of them! If you must keep Briana get rid of the scum sister and mom plzzzz!

  6. Plz get Briana sister and her off Teen Mom 2! 2 of the most RATCHET Ho’s ever! They never look bathed

  7. This fight had absolutely NOTHING to do with Javi. (I am NOT defending him btw) but it’s true.
    I actually went to the reunion and saw the whole thing.

  8. Super impressed. Way to go, Kail and Bri. The two most uninteresting characters found a way to make themselves look more stupid.

  9. Kail thinks she’s tough bc she’s a dyke. It doesn’t work that way! Try setting a better example for your boys you loser.

    1. I’m sorry y’all. I wasn’t sure if my comments were posting. My phone was being ornery today.

  10. That Dejesus family is so ghetto!! I think they need to CANCEL THE WHOLE TEEN MOM SHOW COMPLETELY! For God’s sake there not even “teens” anymore & have literally NO storyline that interests anybody much less a teen.
    Get that trash off the show along with Jenelle evans/Eason IF you are going to continue to air it.

  11. Well now…do you think Kail gets Joe and Javi and “Donor” approval before she have the boys around Cock Meat of the Hour? Much less watch what she says around them… probably not seeing how she uses her podcast to talk smack and promote empty threats.

  12. If kail really cared that her kids were around Briana and company I would side with her 100%. I believe it boiled down to jealousy, not the welfare of her kids. After seeing what Nova is always exposed to kail had every right to go back to court and put stipulations on Jarvis visitation, did she? Seriously , Roxanne should not be around children. Brittany took nova outside because the shit already hit the fan so, let’s say a cop was in that restaurant.. off the top of my head: threatening bodily harm, disordly conduct, and CHILD Endangerment!!! Roxanne standing up like the nut she is on the table bench is only one out burst we’ve seen from her, she harasses everyone.
    I feel bad for Jo, I’m sure he was very worried about his son’s safe return. Shame on Javi and shame on Leah for being a trouble maker and trying to pass it off as concern.

  13. I’m just trying to figure out why all the hate at Bri? Both were in the wrong. Anyone ever thought…just for a minute, maybe Javi and Bri didn’t know where the relationship was going so there was no point in involving Kail? Yes, Bri told Leah, maybe looking for something to talk about seeing as how she’s been treated as an outcast from jump. Not sure why Bri is often called Trash when Kail cheated on and treated the dudes like crap in her life, not to mention the level of disrespect to Joe’s parents after all they did and was willing to do.

    1. Except that Javi brought Kail’s son (and their son) around Bri and her whole family without disclosing the truth. So if they’re still figuring out what they are, why are they involving the kids and talking about Kail in front of the kids??

    2. Well kail isn’t the one who tweeted that Javi spit in her butthole, and she isn’t the one who tweeted screenshots of her and javis texts… She isn’t the one who gathered the kids around and talked sht about their mom either, ..

    3. Well there is a difference between trashy (Brianna) and disrespectful (Kail). I am not saying what kail has done regarding Javi is in anyway acceptable, but she is not going to be found jumping up on a bench in a restaurant screaming at people. I think Brianna gets more hate because she is new, and she has been trying to stir up drama since the second she came on the show. Tweeting the other dads inappropriate things, posting vulgar things on twitter and just behaving like a hoodlum always saying she is going to beat people up. Those are things she does that Kail doesn’t.

  14. The truth is that Kail is just as trashy as Briana and her merry band of hags. She likes to pretend she’s so above everyone else, but she was egging on the fight the whole time it sounds like. Honestly it’s just pathetic – she has THREE kids that will see her acting like a pile of trash on national TV. There are no words for Briana’s disgusting ass and her loser sister but their behavior is totally expected.

    I’m sure this is Chelsea’s last reunion.

  15. Kailyn treated Vee in almost exactly the same way. My rationale for why Kail hated Vee and now hates Brianna is as follows:

    1. Vee is far more physically attractive than Kail could ever hope to be. Brianna is too. Kail is clearly insecure about her appearance which is why shy has gotten all the plastic surgery. I think a lot of Kail’s resentment comes out of the fact that even if she went to Dr. Miami everyday, she will never be as physically attractive as the woman who her ex has now chosen.

    2. I think Kail feels a great deal of insecurity about being the White mother of three little Latino boys. I know they are technically boracial, but in terms of how they look, they appear to be Latino. If Isaac was at a mall with Jo and Vee or Lincoln was with Javi and Brianna, people would probably assume that they they were Vee and Brianna’s kids respectively. I think a lot of Kail’s resentment comes from being kind of the “odd man out” when it comes to her kids and their fathers.

    3. For better (Jo, Vee, Javi) or for worse (Brianna), everyone else in Kail’s storyline comes from a tight-knit family unit. Kailyn on the other hand, basically has no family, including a mother who won’t even take her phone calls. I know Brianna’s mother and sister catch a lot of flack on here, but we have seen that they will ride for Brianna at the drop of a hat. This is the one area where I feel some sympathy for Kail. Every adult needs their soft place to fall. Someone who they respect who will listen to them and provide them comfort and constructive feedback. Who is that in Kail’s life? Bone? Sterling? I don’t like Kail at all, but that has to be a very sad and lonely existence.

    1. I doubt the ethnicity of her boys has anything to do with it but you are right that she did the same thing to Vee & has many insecurities.

        1. You mean when she said that she didn’t want Isaac looking like a thug or something like that?

    2. Oh please Brianna has had just as much plastic surgery as Kail.. In fact, she still has her botched duck butt job.. And I disagree about the ethnicity of her children.

      1. OP didn’t say Brianna didn’t have surgery. They said that Kail thinks she’s more attractive. Big difference.

  16. I think Kail’s relationship with Javi fed a beast in her that needs chaos and pain and when they ended the relationship, she had to go find it in other places. Doesn’t Kail see that she’s destroying what little chance she had at a lifestyle brand via TM storylines if she doesn’t stop getting involved with this stuff? Javi has a real career and can make as big of a mess as he wants before running away and Jo/Vee want nothing to do with conflict or contrived drama. Jo/Vee really liked the checks, but in the last 2 years Kail went from being an occasional irrational baby mama to being a full on trashy drama queen. They probably would have been happy to ride it out until it ended doing episodes about soccer practice and sometimes going to things like the VMAs, maybe guesting on her podcast, etc etc, but have no reason to put themselves in danger.

  17. Kailyn and Briana are both terrible people. Briana knows exactly what she is doing and is trying everything to get under Kailyn’s skin and it’s working. Briana has that same smirk on her face with every conversation about Javi or whenever she is around Kailyn. Notice how Kailyn had her spaz when Jo started dating Vee and now with Javi dating Briana?? But you didn’t want them anymore so why do you care??

  18. I watch this crap only because it’s nice to step away from reality for an hour and shake my head at these clueless idiots. While this is supposed to be a reality show nothing is realistic… there a couple of people at work that I can do without but, we don’t get on social media and bicker, we wouldn’t dare think of having words in the work place as the upper authority wouldn’t have it! The bottom line, it’s not worth it, my mortgage is due the beginning of the month… these girls have no idea what this means, MTV wants them as stupid and needy as possible .

  19. Looks like the MTV producers got exactly what they wanted. They’ve been pushing both women towards this sh!t from the beginning. Putting them in the same make-up room at the same time, putting them against each other with “whose side are you on” posts, sitting Brittany behind Kail (“for some reason”). How many times does MJF have to prove he doesn’t care about the safety of any of the cast, including children, before this bs ends? He knew and was hoping this would go down and didn’t care that A pregnant Chelsea, Leah, and all of the kids would be innocent bystanders. Obviously Kail and Bri need to grow up, but MJF is clearly pushing for this in between tweets about how much he cares about gun violence.

  20. Wow. I’m so glad Brittney had that abortion where she could work towards having a successful future. She literally hasn’t done anything with her life. Don’t act hard when you can’t move out of your mom’s hood apartment.
    Kail may be trashy, but at least she did something the Dejeezeus witches have never done, get a college degree.

    1. Trying to figure out which of them is trashy is going to be a challenge. They are all soooooo gross.

    2. How is their apartment hood? Also, obviously Kail has a better living situation, the DeJesus bunch have one season of a salary that Kail has like 8 seasons of. Lastly, Brianna has a job. Brittany has a job. Kail has a podcast.

  21. Jenelle, in all this mess simply put you get ZERO points for staying home (probably high like always) with your babies. #Calleditl

    If your self-entitled little ass had been fired after that gun-pulling incident — you and Sasquatch would have been there anyway. Period.

    So please. Just STFU

    1. David made Jenelle stay home because MTV wouldn’t pay for his accommodations to NYC. Jenelle needs to stop pretending she stayed home because she knew there’d be a fight. If anything she was probably scared to come so she wouldn’t get beat up.

      1. David and Jenelle are just pot stirrers. Anyway, we all know Leah wouldn’t have been able to tell Kail if Briana had kept her mouth shut.

  22. These women need to grow up, they are putting a really bad example for their children. I know Kail was always “I don’t care who Javi dates” but it’s obv there are still unresolved issues between them (I don’t think feelings, basically just the fact that he moved on from her and to her cast mate out of all people). Briana is prob loving all this attention. I don’t see the smarter person in this, they are both losers for letting it go so far.

    Jenelle and Lurch, can you STFU please?! For ONCE the drama is not about you so stop gloating, you are not an example of stellar parenting either.

    1. I feel what you are saying, but Kail can’t have all these unresolved feelings when she was the one who sabotaged her marriage in the first place. And I am not even specifically talking about her cheating. She treated Javi like garbage before he was deployed. He tried everything he could to try to work it out, and she spit in his face. She doesn’t have the right to have these unresolved feelings.

  23. Jenelle was better off staying quiet as opposed to trying to sound mature/above it all only to end up coming off naive and self righteous. This “I’ve changed” narrative she’s trying to push would be a lot more convincing if she, like Chelsea almost always does, would just shut up. For once. She’s so busy trying to convince people they’re the same and trying to earn the same praises as Chelsea instead of actually acting like Chelsea! Lol. Leah doesn’t get the same treatment as Jenelle or Amber because she’s the only one of the three whose struggled in similar ways and seems to have actually matured. There’s something to be said for ACTUALLY growing up and not just tweeting that you have every chance you get.

    I saw a comment stating Chelsea should just quit, and I agree. I think she’s at the point where she can turn her TM fame into something maybe not equally but closely profitable because, like Maci, her fanbase will eat up whatever she’s selling. At least that way she doesn’t have to be associated with this nonsense anymore, but I understand for the both of them this money being hard to walk away from, especially considering they’re the two most likable and therefore face the least media scrutiny by far.

  24. Sounds kind of staged. Or at least Briana went with the idea of getting physical for real for the drama.

    What’s with David and his obsesión with Randy?
    And man, I so knew Jenelle would try to be like “so dramatic. I’m so awesome for staying home” if anything happened. Ugh.

    Let’s see if more cast members leave and MTV gets the clue.

  25. I hope this is when Chelsea says enough. She isn’t trash like the rest of them. Her Dad might not encourage her to quit but I hope her husband does.

    1. Cole seemed like he barely tolerated this mess to begin with. Now that a pregnant Chelsea was almost in the middle of a brawl, they are probably both beyond done.

      1. In a weird way, I think Janelle was always Janelle and it was easier for the Houska/DeBoers to treat her like a “broken stair” or somehow see her trashiness as something somewhat removed from the rest of the show. Even Leah’s problems were more sad than tabloid trashy. Brianna is taking it to an entirely different place and dragging Kail down with her.

  26. they are both ugly inside and out, fighting over a short ugly chipmonk look a like! No offense to true chipmonks!

  27. My take is you lose bitching rights to anything your ex does when you get knocked up in his bed while he’s deployed.

    1. They were already separated and the divorce was filed when he left.
      His farewell on camera was fake.

  28. Janelle got just what she wanted. They should have mad her go and if she refused fire her. They fired Farah over less. All they did is give her just what she wanted. Brillant kail saying do something or we won’t go on the show good job all Janelle did was probably say I fear for my safety and boom filming from home. Mtv will never own her actions or fire her. Again the only way this stuff will end is if we stop watching. Everyone is calling Bri trash for standing up to the hulk and fighting why isn’t anyone coming down on the hulk with 3 different baby dads that didn’t even want to show up and one fled. She was instigating the fight just as trashy. I’m no fan of bri or her bat shit crazy family but kail is just as low class

  29. Can we please just end both shows and stop these shitfests?Jerry Springer would be embarrassed by these trashy adult women and those two especially,with their five kids spawned by five men.

  30. I can’t even with these morons anymore! I guess next season’s reunion should just be Dr. Drew in the studio by himself with a monitor for each girl to Skype him, since it clearly isn’t safe to bring the kids around all of the nonsense anymore.

    Also, I can’t wait to hear whether Lurch “the homophobic wonder” actually allowed Jenelle to speak during her Skype session without making his psychotic presence known by clearing his throat to warn her not to answer questions he doesn’t like.

  31. “For some reason they put Brittany behind Kail on the couches’

    ‘For some reason’ aka drama. Those trashbags.

    Also, anybody else laughing that Jennelle was acting all hard over twitter saying that she’d be ‘right behind’ her to back up her up if a figt broke out, but stayed her scared ass home? And really she’s trying to act like she’s above it all and over the drama, when her husband pulls knives, and she pulls guns on people with her kid in the car? This all is so disgusting.

    1. Brit is a pussy. Pulling hair is the biggest pussy move. She has lost all rights to act tough. Pulling hair is the opposite of tough.

  32. Mtv has poked and prodded and encouraged all of the girls to incite one another all along, and then they brought Briana onto the show, specifically to up the drama even more. Now they’re seeing the consequences of that.

  33. Gee, an entire franchise built glorifying the bad decisions of immature teenagers who (for the most part) all came from extremely unstable backgrounds. Would have never expected this ?

      1. Except for the fact that he was shady af about it and was purposely stirring up drama between Kail and Bri. Him lying about who would be around Isaac to Kail and then shit talking her to Bri in front of the kids – that was allllll him. I don’t blame him for this mess since Kail and Bri are adults. But, he did intentionally stir the pot for attention.

        1. So.. It’s cool for Kail to get pregnant while Javi was deployed because they had already started to divorce but not okay for Javi to date Brianna after they’re divorced?.. I’m not saying Javi didn’t date her partly to stir up drama but who cares. Everybody has an excuse for Kail but when Javi does something not even as awful people jump him. Kail didn’t give two shits about Javi until he moved on and that’s a fact. Brianna is trash, and Kails a bully.

  34. Briana is such trash. Everything she does and says is to instigate drama. Of course she never does it without Brittany nearby, because she knows she can act like she doesn’t want to fight but Brittany will fight for her. She’s so transparent. Even on that stupid after show with Nessa when she was by herself, she said like 50 things to cause drama with the other girls. I can’t believe they added her to this show – she adds nothing but trashiness, she doesn’t even have a storyline.

  35. Shut up David. Randy is a college-educated wealthy dentist with a happy upper-middle class normal family.
    You are an uneducated neanderthal racist homophobic controlling hick with rage issues living in the woods in a trailer with a junkie wife with 32 mug shots whose kids were born with drugs in their systems.
    You will never be on his level. EVER.

  36. Oh that’s rich Jenelle — The Queen of starting Drama posts “#toomuchdrama”?? GTFO with that. You JUST went psycho with road rage and pulled a gun on a guy in front of your kids. You have started more drama than all the other girls combined. Nice tweet, attention whore.

  37. Someone needs to finally take out the trash that is Brianna, Brittany and their mentally ill mother who likes to throw shoes and climb on tables in restaurants.

    Does anyone realize Kail just had a baby 2 months prior but wants to jump her and beat her ass… Real classy… Time to can this whole shit show

  38. Sorry but whether you like Kail or not, you can’t blame her for feeling some type of way about Bri dating Javi. Everyone involved knew what would happen and Briana was supposedly Kail’s “friend.” Really no need to have stirred the pit so bad over someone you didn’t even stay with for more than a few months. Just my opinion, but I think Bri should have stayed away from Javi in those circumstances.

  39. Maybe I’m too old or I’m missing something, but is declaring that you are “ratchet” a good thing or something to be proud of?? Or are these clowns just uneducated, classless individuals?

    Maybe both?

    And Jenelle’s ridiculous tweet about staying at home “with her babies” instead of going to the reunion, ya dumbass, most of your litter was at the reunion.

    1. Urban dictionary defines ratchet as:
      “An annoying , very rude person. Normally tries to act ghetto by typing in words or phrases such as ” Af’ “, ” Janky “, ” Finna” , ” Cus ” , Etc. Most people think of “Rachet” girls or boys as trashy. In other words a “Rachet” person is the most non-classy human-being in presence. They usually have the worst grammar problems and they always try to pick fights with everybody .”

  40. And here we were, all worrying about whether or not Jenelle would show up this year with a fire arm.

    Clearly, Teen Mom2 was enough of a boiling hot shit show WITHOUT the demented DeJesus clan of man-devouring hood hags.

    MTV, this is the result when your cast members marry, then wind up screwing another cast member with a ratchet, couch-sleeping family and seemingly limited mental capabilities.

    Not very cute after all — is it?

    Those poor innocent kids of these idiots, who’ll be viewing this garbage in the years to come.

  41. Brianna and her sister are trashy low-lifes. Kail is awful but those sisters and their mother are just garbage people.

  42. I don’t really understand why Chelsea and the other “normal” people even went to NYC tbh. Concerns for their personal safety should be sufficient to get out of their contractual obligations. Everybody saw this coming, because these losers actually ANNOUNCED it. MTV has shown in the past that their security is a joke or maybe they are even instructed to let the drama unfold for a little while before breaking it up. Literal shit show. Get it off our screens and quit paying these bottom feeders.

    1. Because each and every one of them are fame whores, even the “Normal” ones. I heard Chelsea has a facebook page with like millions of followers(wtf is up with that btw), Leah wants to be a motivational speaker(lol!) and sell lipstick, they all love the attention and pampering they get by having all the MTV lemmings fawn all over them.

  43. This is lame and disgusting at the same time.
    No one wants to see Hulk fight Bareback Brianna & her ratchet sister Brittany.
    Bravo to Leah & Chelsea if they leave taping.
    Grown women old enough to have babies fighting like kids in a playground – ever hear of ‘take the high road’ & have class?
    Cancel this sh*t show.

  44. Why would Kail fight over Javi if she was over him? And why are grown women fighting to begin with. So tacky!

    1. Because it’s still her ex-husband. And Briana joins the cast and immediately hooks up with him and goes on a family vacation with him and their kids. I don’t care who you are, that would bother anyone. Briana didn’t even seem to like Javi at all, from all the footage I’ve seen – she only did it for the camera time and to get under Kail’s skin. Plus, Javi was talking to Kail about getting back together and asking her for nudes at the SAME TIME as he was trying to get with Briana.

  45. Great examples for your children,

    Neither of these mother’s are mature enough for the job, sadly…

  46. I wonder why Jo left like he did unless he is somehow involved with the drama…

    1. Probably because him and his wife are grown, mature adults and don’t want to deal with Kail’s petty drama and bullshit? I’d do the same.

  47. Of course David is running his mouth… He is simply just a POS. Jenelle is running her delusional mouth..she is also a POS. I have never in my life have wanted to see two people fall so far off their pedestals…

  48. Trash Kail is at it again. I guess MTV is giving both girls a nice bonus for insuring the reunion is talked about and watched.

    1. One of the best ways to get rid of this show is to stop watching. After the shit show it has become I’ve decided to not watch, which by the way is so hard!! This show is my guilty pleasure while ironing ha, but I refuse to give Jenelle or the trashy Dejesus family anymore “money”. I really like watching Chelsea and Leah, indifferent on Kail, but no guilty pleasure is worth the crap show this has become. They all have kids that will see this someday!!! This level of drama is great on the real world, but those people don’t have kids!!! And just an FYI watching on-demand, on the mtv app/website, or watching a DVR recording all contribute to ratings. So the only way to really not watch it, is to simply not watch it.

  49. I hope MTV plays Hollaback girl as background music when they air this shit LOL.
    And these, dear fellow teen mothers, are the so-called role models you should look up to according to MTV. Omg…

  50. Big surprise that there was a fight between Kailyn and Briana, and I bet the producers knew eventually it was going to happen seeing how much they argued the last time they were together. If they are going to keep doing reunions, they should just bring the actual moms to the set and leave the excess at a hotel or something. Logically, anyone would do this if they wanted the reunion to be calm and keep it professional. It is Mtv though, it’s not like they care about professionalism or safety. They just care about ratings and money. If I was the rest of the cast, I wouldn’t want to film reunions either. I mean, they just get worse and worse as time goes on, so what’s the point?

    1. Of course the producers wanted this to happen, on this weeks show were they were going behind the scenes of the first sh**show of a reunion, no one could possibly believe that it was just a coincidence that Kail and Brianna(and her nine brain cells) ended up in the same hair and makeup room at the same time. And that producer Morgan? feigning interest in them making up made me want to throw up, like we’re really supposed to believe he wants everything to be rosy and for all the girls to braid each other’s hair. None of these people involved in the franchise actually live on planet Earth so they have to have the drama or they wouldn’t get the ratings, and I have to say that with all the craziness going on in the country today, it’s a nice reprieve to watch these idiots make asses of themselves once a week.

  51. I think Brianna is legit mentally slow and that’s why her mom and Britanny (who I used to like, but now think is a punk-ass biatch for jumping Kail) are constantly up her ass. The dynamic in that family is so strange I don’t so why any man; who doesn’t have a brain that is only concerned with his genitals, would want anything to do with them outside of a tickle-pickle in da bathroom in da club. They come of as so freakin’ ratchet it’s hard to believe that folks actually live life like that (what kind of middle age person jumps up on a bench in a restaurant looking to fight). Kail is no angel, but if someone I had to associate with constantly was dating my ex I wouldn’t want to be around her either. And Jenelle acting high and mighty because she “Boycotted” the reunion, bitch you didn’t boycott anything, everyone knows Lurch wouldn’t let you off “The Land” without him. It will only be a month or two after she’s off the show that she and Lurch will be involved in a divorce/custody battle to rival the war of the Roses, Lurch will be “writing” a tell-all (Matt Baier style), “The Land” will be foreclosed on and she will be hanging out behind Food City sucking down Newports with Caitlin’s mom April, make good with Babs honey ‘cuz you’re going to need her.

    1. I can totally see Briana having a mental disability being the reason why her mom and sister are always flocking around her like flies on shit. I also feel like they think the more out of control their behavior is, the more air time they’ll get and it’ll seal a spot on the show or any possible spin offs because they bring the “drama”. MTV needs to do some serious intervening because these girls are getting out of control.

      1. Sorry about the duplicate comment, the site was acting a little funny earlier. I agree with you 100% that there is something not right about Briana, and I don’t say that in jest, it’s just that all their behavior is so repugnant it makes all three of them very unlikable, and to see that the three of them are raising two little girls (without a man in sight) is very concerning. I still think Brittany is the only three of them with any sense, it’s just her ratchetness that’s going to do her in. Someone earlier mentioned that she runs her mouth to try to sound tough, but she’s probably never been in a fight in her life and I agree (pulling hair is not fighting). I also kind of agree about them acting more out of control to get more air time to an extent. Briana is too slow to do any acting so I don’t think she is, plus she only follows the lead. I don’t think the mother is acting though, because she looked genuinely upset after she made an ass of herself in the restaurant when she went for unfortunate baby-daddy number one. I think Brittany is the only one that puts on a bit because from time to time she’ll look at the camera and roll her eyes or say things that sound like she’s narorating ie. “Welcome to a Puerto Rican baby shower,” and she can be quite clever, I think she’d be okay if she got away from her family, but that’s not going to happen. Completely dysfunctional family dynamic.

  52. This is so pathetic on so many levels. Glorifying trashy and immature behavior for ratings is also pathetic, considering younger girls watch this shit. When will this shit show actually end? Is there no line for MTV? I’m the same age as these girls and find their behavior insane, they need serious help for their children’s sake.
    And Jenelle..take several seats, please. Your whole life revolves around drama and you would have been instigating shit if you were there and you know it.

  53. Brianna looks like a defected muppet that was fucked up in the factory, Kail looks like a potato, and Javi is not even close to being worth fighting over. Brittany needs to sit the fuck down, and this show should be cancelled. Just give Chelsea and Leah a half hour special once a month and be done with it. None of these other bitches should be compensated for being disgusting human beings. Cancel it, then film their lives in the aftermath. No money. I’d WATCH THAT!

    1. And please have a once off (unpaid) special of ‘Where us Duhnelle Now?’where we see her working at some fast food joint, bitching at her kids on her motorola jazz phone on her smoke break!

  54. I dont blame Jo and Chelsea at all. I know Vee and Jo planned not to resign and I think Chelsea should think about it as well. It boils my blooding knowing these grow ass women put an unborn child at risk.

  55. YOU ARE MOTHERS!!!! Trashy and terrible mothers, BUT MOTHERS NONETHELESS! This is WHY teens shouldn’t have babies! THEYRE too emotionally stunted! CANCEL THIS SHIT AND CANCEL THESE ENTITLED BITCHES CHECKS! RAKING IN MONEY FOR NOTHING! This is DISGUSTING

    1. Please don’t judge all teen moms. I had my son at 18 and we do not live our lives like this. Being a teen mom has nothing to do with their behavior, it’s their immature personalities and desperate need for attention. I’ve seen women who have children in their 30’s act like that as well. Age doesn’t mean anything.

  56. I think that Brianna is legit mentally slow and that’s why her mom and Britanny (who I previously liked but now think is a punk-ass biatch for jumping Kail) are upher ass so much; the dynamic in that family is so strange, why would any man want anything to do with that other than a quick pickle-tickle in da bathroom in da club. Kail talks a lot of crap and is clearly not over Javi, but I wouldn’t want to be around some slow chick who posed as my friend then hooked up with an ex either. and for Jenelle “Boycotting” the reunion, bitch you boycotted nothing, we all know Lurch wouldn’t let you off “The Land” without him, so get off your high horse, ‘cuz it will only take a month or two after you’re off the show for “The Land” to be foreclosed on, Lurch is doing a tell-all Matt Baier style) and the two of you are in a war of the roses style divorce and custody battle.

  57. These are grown women that are responsible for their own actions but I blame MTV just as much. They clearly set this up so drama would ensue. This is disgusting behavior. They are really teaching their kids great things.

  58. These are grown women that are responsible for their own actions but I blame MTV just as much. They clearly set this up so drama would ensue.

  59. I can’t believe these people are raising kids. Really disgusting. And MTV just makes me sick that they enable this behavior.

  60. Interesting that these girls (because they act like 12 year olds) wouldn’t want their kids doing this with classmates but they find it perfectly acceptable to beat on each other. Kail and her chaos, for sure! Bri and her ratchet family. Once again, MTV isn’t prepared to handle this hot mess….or is it exactly what was in the script?

  61. I can’t believe they’re my age and mothers! I don’t have kids and I certainly don’t act like that. It’s funny how Kail says she doesn’t want drama but hello that’s what you’re doing.

  62. Briana has caused drama for all 3 reunions she has been too. Teen mom 3, and both TM2 reunions. Sounds like she should be the being interviewed by Skype.

  63. These are supposed to be grown women. What horrible examples to the teens watching…violence, because that’s how we always resolve important issues…NOT! Time to fire Briana and kick Brittany and her momma to the curb as well.

  64. Oh Jenelle you’re still above the trashy drama cuz David made you stay home cuz he couldn’t climb up your asshole and join you there, free of charge… Gtfoh hoe.

  65. Well damn….Briana is always big and bad when her mom and sister are around. Kail should have kept her composure and not engaged with Briana in the first place….Briana seriously isn’t worth it…at all. She’s like the village idiot. Both of them were wrong IMO….these are not only adults, but also mothers….time to grow up and keep your hands to yourself.

  66. Briana don’t say crap until she has her sisters and Momma to back her up. If Brittany really did jump in then that proves even further what trash that family really is. Even on the episode of last years reunion Kail was not yelling and was trying to talk but Briana and her ratchet sister had to show off for the camera. I’m wondering if either of them have ever really been in a fight. Someone like Brittany has to run her mouth to make herself look tough.

  67. Why is Brittany there? Did any other cast mates bring their siblings? Kail should be pissed and something should be done to protect her if Brittany pulled her hair and started this. Brittany should take her trashy bad girls club audition somewhere else.

  68. I’d bet my left kidney that Briana wouldn’t have come out swinging if she hadn’t had her nosy ass sister and crazy mom to back her up.
    Also, Kail, do better.
    This is bananas.

  69. Trashy.. and these ‘women’ are mothers to very young children. What an example to set for your kids. If I had to be associated with this crap, I’d be upset too. I don’t care who did what, be the bigger person and walk away.

  70. Kailyn why are you so upset? I thought you didn’t care who Javi dated. I mean damn you had Chris in the mans house after he came home from being deployed. I don’t think what Javi did is as bad as you. I mean damn you got pregnant with your rebound.

    1. I mean damn Chris raw dogged Kailyn then she seemed shocked she got pregnant. WTF it’s 2018.

  71. “With my babies”
    Jenelle, JACE was there.
    Wanna comment on that or… did you forget he’s “MY SON”

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