‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Talks About Her Marriage & Her Unborn Daughter’s Name On Kail Lowry’s Podcast

“I’ll give you a hint: I’m not naming my baby Farrah or Jenelle!”

Chelsea Houska doesn’t give a lot of interviews (unlike most of her Teen Mom franchise co-stars) but the Teen Mom 2 star did appear on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast on Friday. The interview was filmed in New York City where Kail, Chelsea and the rest of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast (well, most of them, anyway…) are in town to tape the Season 8B Reunion. (The interview was filmed by the ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew as well.)

The Ashley can confirm that, in the interview, which won’t be available until next week, Chelsea chatted with Kail and her co-host Lindsie Chrisley about whether her marriage to Cole DeBoer is really as happy as it seems. Chelsea–who is currently pregnant with her third child— also talked about what she and Cole plan to name their daughter. 

While rumors have been circulating claiming to know what name Chelsea and Cole have chosen for their baby, Chelsea stated that the names out there are not correct. (‘Member back when Chelsea was pregnant with her son Watson and various clickbait tabloids reported that Chelsea was planning to name her baby Randall, after her dad. The only problem? Chelsea’s dad Randy Houska‘s full name isn’t even Randall!)

Chelsea said the rumored names are not correct, and that she and Cole have only told a few select people (one of whom is Kail) what name they’ve chosen for their baby girl.

“We have a name but we’re not announcing it,” Chelsea said, adding that the baby’s name does not end in “EE” like her daughter Aubree’s name does.

“I don’t want that,” Chelsea said, clarifying that the “EE” names are not a Houska family thing, as some tabloids have stated.

“There’s only one other [girl in the family with EE at the end of her name]. I have a niece who’s Braylee.”

Aubree’s half-sister (born to Aubree’s father Adam Lind and his ex Taylor Halbur) is named Paislee, but Chelsea said that was totally a coincidence.

She also revealed that her unborn daughter’s name was not chosen so that it complemented her other kids’ names.

“There’s no name theme. I don’t think [the names] match,” Chelsea said, adding that she loves “unisex names.”

Chelsea said she’s thankfully had a much easier pregnancy this time around than when she was pregnant with Watson.

“This has been the easiest pregnancy,” she said. “Aubree was super easy but with Watson I was huge and miserable. The third has been the easiest of them all.

“I’m almost 24 weeks and I’m due September 11,” Chelsea added. “All of my babies have come early so my doctor doesn’t think I’ll make it to 40 [weeks].”

During the podcast interview, Chelsea also talked about her marriage to Cole. She confirmed that their marriage really is as good as it seems on TV. However, like any couple, they do fight…sort of.

“We don’t have, like, big blow out fights,” Chelsea said. (Unlike some of her ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast mates…)

“But we definetly bicker,” she said. “Usually it’s because I’m in a hurry and I’m late for everything, so I get really frustrated that he takes more time to get ready than I take to get ready and get the kids ready. He can be very pokey. Like, he’ll be hanging around, having a snack and I’ll be like, ‘Let’s go!‘”

MTV producers shouldn’t expect any on-camera marital drama from these two.

“There’s not really anything really crazy,” Chelsea said. “That’s because he’s very patient. I would say in the beginning he was more reserved, but [being with me] has changed him!”

The full episode of Coffee Convos featuring Chelsea will be up next week.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Chelsea is so boring compared to the rest of the girls, and I love it! I love the fact that she has her life together for the most part and has learned from her past. She is by far the best mom! She found an amazing man to spend her life with. She doesn’t need he show and stands her ground when it comes to the safety of herself and her kids (like leaving the reunion). Good for you Chelsea!

  2. What did Chelsea do to lose the weight? I always remember her being a little rounder, and now she’s stick thin. Did they ever talk about it?

    1. Her Instagram she promoted some of her weight loss products. I don’t remember what they were or if it’s still there but was some kind of drink I think

  3. There’s just something off about her don’t know if it’s because she goes on like a airhead. She does seem like a good mother but tbh nobody knows these girls. We watch them from a highly edited show.

    1. That’s worded a bit harsly. Mental ilness does not make you less human.
      Also most of the girls’ problems come from them being huge jerks and drama queens, not mentally ill.

  4. She likes unisex names… so imma guess something like Charlie for her girl. But I’m prob wrong?

    Watson was definetly a unique name so I’m sure we’ll all be surprised

    1. I once taught a girl called Charlie, really sweet girl. She hated her name because it was Spelt like a boy. The strange thing was, she was one of 6 children, 5 boys, then she was the youngest, long awaited girl!! I also taught another one, spelt Charleigh. She found it tricky to spell, so after loads of practising with me, she finally cracked it- only for her Mum to change the spelling to Charlie when she turned 4!!!! Xx

  5. Does anyone else remember when she found out Paislee’s name and threw a fit about Taylor copying the EE ending of the houska girls? Haha!

    But I do like chelsea although she’s got her own faults she is a good mother especially compared to her cast mates. And she tends to stay in her own lane when it comes to drama. She hasn’t been investigated for child abuse or drugs or domestic violence so she’s a winner in the mtv world. Cole also seems like a good person and great father figure for Aubree who was in desperate need of that. I’d rather listen to chelsea talk about her life than kail and Lindsie complain about their lives.

  6. Chelsea is my favorite story on here . She got pregnant, thought she loved this jerk, thought he’d change for her.. none of that happened and her story is turning into such a beautiful tale anyway.
    I credit Randy, while he may spoil her , he stuck yo his guns when in mattered.. noway was Adam moving in with his daughter to play house on Randy’s dime! Randy always knew that Adam was no good and would never amount to anything .. he wanted better for his daughter and he wasn’t budging . I do give Chelsea credit too, when her father said Adam is not staying here , he had to go, she reluctantly didn’t disrespect her father and look at her now. Coke is really like a little found frog that turned prince.. God bless them, love seeing her story.

  7. Chelsea’s very vulgar language and sense of humor keep her very “less than perfect”, believe me. She chooses to be friends with Kail – why I cannot guess. Cole is the sweetest, most decent guy ever. I seriously feel he could have done much better than Adam Lind’s ex!

    1. I see Jenelle couldn’t pass up a comment on this story…More vulgar language comes out of Jenelle in 2 minutss than Chelsea says in a year. You’re jealousy is showing!

    2. Dude if you think she has vulgar language, don’t come to my house. You would died from a heart attack. Just stay on the land Jenelle.

  8. Kinda pisses me off how she acts soo perfect all the time…it’s like, Thanks girl…rub it in a little harder!! ??

      1. Geez didn’t think my comment was so serious! ? hey I like Chelsea, just saying this Fairytale Shit is getting old ?

        1. It is the audience that put that fairytale crap on her..not what she says or does…people that criticize her ARE jealous unlike people who come down on the other TMs

          1. Damn right I’m jealous! But she should know , (Being with Adam) it’s kinda rude AF to keep bragging about her life now, when other girls struggle with there idiots. But whatever…I’m not about drama.. this is MY opinion..everyone has one. ?

    1. Uhhh, in this interview she talks about the little spats that she and Cole have and the ways they drive each other crazy; that’s not pretending that they’re perfect. She’s been pretty honest on the show about struggling with Aubree’s behavior sometimes and figuring out how to discipline her. This is all in addition to the obvious worries they have about how Adam’s behavior affects Aubree and the talks they’ve had about making sure Aubree always feels like she’s included with the new baby (now babies). Chelsea’s house is often messy, her hair is usually in a bun or ponytail and she wears sweats a lot..that’s real life for a lot of moms.

      None of those things listen above are part of any fairytale. Yes, Chelsea has come a long way from when the show started and yes, she and Cole certainly seem to have a great family. I do think that Chelsea is more guarded than some of the other girls on the show but I don’t think she keeps stuff off camera because she’s trying to portray herself or her life as “perfect”; I think she’s actually trying to protect her family and maintain some semblance of privacy. Not every facet of their life needs to be public and I do respect her for keeping some things off camera, especially when it could possibly hurt her kids in the future.

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