Former ‘Teen Mom 3’ Mom Alex Sekella Announces She’s Pregnant with Her Second Child

“I waited until I was married to have a second baby! That’s why I didn’t last on ‘Teen Mom!'”

There’s another baby on the way for former Teen Mom 3 star Alex Sekella.

A decade after she gave birth to her daughter, Arabella on 16 and Pregnant, Alex is pregnant again. She announced the pregnant on Saturday, by posting a photo to Instagram showing her and her husband, Tim Peters, cradling her baby belly. 

Alex is one of the only girls who starred on the first five seasons of “16 and Pregnant” who has not had another baby. (Of all the girls who starred on the fourth season of the show, only Sabrina Solares has yet to have any more children.)

Her daughter, Arabella, was born in 2011 during Alex’s episode, which aired during Season 4. She went on to document her first year of motherhood on ‘Teen Mom 3,’ which was cancelled after only one season. 

During her time on ‘Teen Mom 3,’ Alex was struggling to make her tumultuous relationship with Arabella’s father, Matt McCann, work, despite his substance abuse issues. Eventually, Alex and Matt broke up, and Matt had a second child by another woman, whom he married. (They have since divorced.)

Alex and Tim began dating in 2015 and became engaged at Christmastime in 2018. They got married in April 2020.

Alex— who is now 27 years old— has yet to announce if she’s having a boy or a girl, or when she’s due. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. I just remember how terrible her mother was to her. Unsupportive and unhelpful to Alex, I can’t even imagine putting my own daughter through that when she was already in a tough situation.

    1. That was at first, when Alex was still on and off with Matt. I doubt I’d want to support her then myself.

      It’s called “tough love”. You know, those instances where the parent knows better than the kid and tries show them the error of their ways.

      You didn’t see her ex anywhere around or helping either did you?

      If I remember correctly, Alex had chosen Matt over family SO MANY TIMES!! Then when she was trying to stir Alex in the direction of adoption Alex still made the decision to ignore her mom.

      But it all worked out and just like Alex, her mom learned too.

  2. Alex had her faults, but she truly loved her daughter and always tried her best to be a good mom. Her biggest mistake was trying to force Matt to be a dad when he didn’t want to be one. She obviously learned from her mistakes and has done well for herself since that time. Congrats to her and her family.

    1. No sarcasm intended. I haven’t watched any of the Teen Mom “franchise” shows in 3 years, when I canceled cable. I remember her vaguely. I remembered her child’s father has an addiction problem. So… what has has she done that’s “well for herself?”

      1. She’s stayed out of news headlines and waited before getting married and having another baby. May not sound like much but it sure beats a string of relationships and/or baby daddies, any type of substance abuse or violence, arrests, p0rn, or anything else like that. She appears to be happy and healthy and by a lot of peoples standards that is doing well.

        1. That’s absolutely what I meant. She got away from her child’s father who had an addiction problem, she worked 2-3 jobs to support herself and her daughter, she didn’t jump from man to man, and have more kids immediately. She has been with her now-husband for several years (and she took her time getting to know him, not rushing into marriage). She obviously waited until she was ready for another child, building a stable life and family. We’ve barely heard a thing about her in years! By Teen Mom standards, she’s a major success story.

  3. Good for her. I wasn’t a big fan of her during her season, but it really looks like she went on to mature and grow with age. Hope everything works out.

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