EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Alex Sekella is Married! See Photos from Her Wedding to Longtime Love Tim Peters

“I got hitched!”

Alex Sekella is a married woman!

The former 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 star said “I do” to her longtime fiance, Tim Peters, on Saturday, The Ashley can confirm.

Alex— who got her start on MTV on Season 4 of 16 and Pregnant— married Tim in a ceremony attended by her daughter, Arabella, who is now almost nine years old. The wedding took place in Alex’s home state of Pennsylvania.

For her big day, Alex wore a sleeveless white gown and a traditional cathedral-length veil. (She purchased her dress back in May 2019.) Alex carried a bouquet of purple and white flowers, and she and Tim exchanged wedding rings from Litman Jewelers.

Congrats to Alex and Tim!

It appears that the couple streamed their wedding service online, most likely due to the C0VID-19 pandemic. 

During her time on ‘Teen Mom 3,’ Alex was struggling to make her tumultuous relationship with Arabella’s father, Matt McCann, work, despite his substance abuse issues. Eventually, Alex and Matt broke up, and Matt had a second child by another woman, whom he married. (They have since divorced.)

Alex and Tim began dating in 2015 and became engaged at Christmastime in 2018. 


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Coming soon 💋

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Alex is one of the few girls from the “16 and Pregnant” series who did not go on to have another child. (Of all the girls who starred on the fourth season of the show, only Alex and Sabrina Solares have yet to have any more children.) 

After appearing on “16 and Pregnant,” Alex was one of four girls chosen from her season to star on the ‘Teen Mom 3’ spin-off, which lasted only one season before it was cancelled by MTV. Since ‘Teen Mom 3’ ended, two of its stars— Briana DeJesus and Mackenzie McKee— have gone on to join the casts of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG, respectively. Alex and the fourth girl, Katie Yeager, have chosen to step back from reality TV and are living relatively “normal” lives off-camera. 

After The Ashley broke the news in 2017 that Briana was being added to the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast, Alex posted a message to her Instagram, detailing why she was not interested in being considered for the open role on the show.

“My name was probably not even mentioned [as a possibility to fill the slot] because [the producers] knew that I did not want it,” she wrote. “Honestly though that was the best decision I could have ever made. I’ve been able to start a normal life and start a REAL career that will last a long time and benefit my children. I’ve also been able to find a real relationship that won’t be picked and prodded at by the world to see.

“I have had a pretty drama-free life since the end of ‘Teen Mom 3.'”

Click here to read a catch-up interview The Ashley did with Alex in 2015!

See more wedding photos below! (Check out how much Alex’s sister, Arielle, has grown since we last saw her. On ‘Teen Mom 3,’ she was just a little girl!)


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Congrats Alex and Tim, love you both♥️♥️

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Forever and Always 🌹 @timpeters24

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Forever and Always 🌹 @timpeters24

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(Photos: MTV, Facebook, Instagram) 


  1. What a beautiful dress! Congratulations! And I remember loving how she responded to the fact if she were ever asked to come back on the show. (That’s what all these girls should have thought) Sadly, I think Matt is still abusing drugs as far as I heard?

    1. Matt is still a deadbeat, he chose drugs over both his children and doesn’t pay child support for them either. I wonder if Tim will adopt Arabella now, he is likely the only dad she remembers.

  2. Happy for Alex and Arabella, Tim seems to be a decent guy and more a dad to Arabella, than deadbeat Matt will ever be. Alex has grown up a lot since the show aired, her and Katie never seemed to crave the fame and attention Briana and Mackenzie did even before they got recast on TM2 and TMOG and it has done them well.

  3. I’m happy for Alex! Even at 16 she seemed very focused and driven to do what was right by her daughter. I’m glad that she pursued a career and a real job! Matt was a loser and I always knew Alex was on a different level! I’m glad her daughter has a stable home! Congrats Alex!

  4. Good for her! She always seemed to have her head on her shoulders and put her daughter first. Yes, she probably should have never been with Matt, but she was young and moved away from the relationship relatively quickly. If I remember correctly, she also held down multiple jobs after she had her baby? I’m glad she found happiness!

  5. I remember her sister being like 12 and mediating arguments between Alex and Matt and trying to advise Alex on her problems. I was like wow, she’s so young but she was seemed really smart and mature. Good for the family!

  6. The only two girls left from TM 3 have grown the most as people. Alex and Katie might be two of the most stable TMs across all 3 iterations. Both with truly awful baby daddies. Congrats to her

  7. Good for Alex!! Unlike the other girls she now has a normal life and career and isn’t whoring herself out to MTV like the other losers on the franchise. Cancel the Teen Mom franchise now!! Nothing but a bunch of inked up losers with no futures without prostituting themselves out to MTV with all of their drama and nonsense. Good luck to you, Alex.

    1. I always wondered why they didn’t ask nikkole paulun to be in Teen Mom. She seems like she would fit in.

  8. Wow! Congrats to her! What her baby daddy put her through was terrible. I don’t remember her mother being too supportive either, she had kind of like a “f you, I’ve raised my kids, so I won’t help you” attitude.

    1. I liked how her mom responded actually. She told Alex that if she wanted to keep the baby, she had to be fully responsible for her. There are too many grandparents raising their grandchildren these days, and that is just wrong. She also had younger kids of her own, so why should she shoulder the responsibility of her daughter’s infant?

      1. Absolutely never said her mom should have assumed responsibility! But Alex was in a terrible situation with Matt. And if I were the mother seeing my Pregnant daughter struggle through that, I would want to help as much as I could, even if that was just emotionally. Nothing wrong with that!

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