Home of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Targeted by Drive-By Shooter; Suspect Has Been Arrested

“You messed with the wrong family!”

Willie Robertson and his family experienced a scary situation on Friday when eight to 10 gunshots were fired from the road into their Monroe, Louisiana, estate. 

USA Today reports that, while no one in the Duck Dynasty star’s family was injured, one of the bullets fired during the drive-by attack entered the bedroom window of the home where Willie’s son John Luke lives with his wife Mary Kate McEachern and their infant son.

“We were pretty shook up,” Willie said. “It looks like they were just spraying bullets across my property.”  

Willie, who noted that he was at the store when the attack happened, said his family was not outside at the time of the shooting, but that they had been “about five minutes before.”

Willie’s daughter Sadie, who, along with her husband, Christian Huff, is currently staying with her parents during the C0VID-19 crisis — as are many other members of the Robertson family— told a similar story on social media. She confirmed that the family was safe.

“Hi, yes the news is true if you’ve seen it,” Sadie wrote on Instagram. “We had someone shoot at our property. Just wanted to say we are all okay. It shook us all up of course, but we are just so thankful everyone in our family is okay. Especially after one of the bullets flew through the window of my brother’s home… The timing of where we were at the time was crazy protection because we had all just gone inside. We have been resting on Psalm 91 and each other’s gratitude for all being okay thank you for your prayers.”

Prior to an arrest being made, multiple witnesses claimed to have seen the truck in which the suspect was driving pass the Robertson property at least once before the first shots were fired at 2:33 p.m. — in “broad daylight,” as Willie said.

The suspect’s truck, via Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office Facebook…

According to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, Daniel Dean King, Jr. was booked Sunday on one count of felony assault by drive-by shooting. Ouachita Parish documents also state that Daniel was booked on one count of misdemeanor criminal neglect of family. His bond is set at $150,000. 

Willie said he’s “100 percent certain” the suspect knew he was shooting at his property, however, he said he doesn’t know why. So far, no one has announced if the alleged shooter has any connection to the Robertson family or if it was a random attack. 

(Photos: A&E; Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office; Instagram; Facebook)  

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  1. Fu**ing idiot.
    No liberal is driving to west Monroe, Louisiana to shoot at Duck Dynasty bearded dudes that used to be on TV.
    First, they’re actually nice people that don’t bother anyone even if we disagree politically. Second, if liberals were crazy (and we mostly don’t like guns) we’d have taken out a few that deserved it and finally, people that do this aren’t too concerned w/politics and voting.
    This was a gun crazy redneck looking to seem cool.

  2. That would terrify me with that little innocent baby! Wtf is wrong with people? I’ve never watched Duck dynasty, don’t know the first thing about them but who just randomly starts spraying a house with bullets?

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