‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Jase & Missy Robertson’s Farm Hit By Tornado; Missy Says She’s Thankful Their Son Cole Escaped Alive

Jase and Missy Robertson are cleaning up the wreckage at their Tennessee home after the property was directly hit by a Category 3 tornado last week.

The Duck Dynasty couple revealed on social media over the weekend that the tornado ripped through their Maury County, Tennessee, farm last Wednesday while they were in Louisiana. 

While Missy and Jase were not on the farm at the time, Missy revealed that her and Jase’s son Cole Robertson had arrived to the property just seconds before the tornado hit, though fortunately, he was not injured.

“Last night our Tennessee farm took a direct hit from a Cat 3 tornado,” Missy shared on Instagram, along with some photos of the aftermath. “It actually hit about 30 seconds after [Cole] drove into the driveway. He got out of his car and looked straight at it coming up over our back hill.

“Thankfully, we have a safe room in our garage, but it’s on the other side of our home, and Cole decided in a split second that he didn’t have time to make it there,” she continued. “He turned to run inside and was forced to the ground by the winds. He was able to get up, run inside and dive into the bathtub where he covered his head and listened to glass shattering and trees falling on the house and all around him. He escaped completely unharmed.” 


Missy went on to tell followers that, after seeing aerial photos of the damage caused by the tornado, Cole “would not have made it to the safe room” due to multiple trees that had fallen between his car and the garage. 

Photos from the Robertson’s farm taken after the tornado…

“Our damage is extensive, and clean-up has started and will be a long process, but right now this mama is completely thankful for God’s mercy over one of my most valuable possessions,” she wrote. 

In her post, Missy asked for prayers on behalf of those who were injured in the storm, as well as those who remain missing and the Maury County families who lost loved ones. 

Over the weekend, Jase shared additional photos of the damage caused to the family’s farm, telling followers that some of his and Missy’s neighbors “lost everything.” 

“It’s been a long couple of days and pretty much everything in my body hurts,” Jase wrote. “Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. It’s been overwhelming and exhausting. Please pray for our neighbors. Some of them lost everything.” 

According to WKRN Nashville, at least 245 homes were damaged in Maury Country as a result of last week’s storms and multiple fatalities were reported. 

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(Photos: Instagram) 


  1. Its not a “category 3 tornado”, it would be an F3 tornado. Catagories are whats used to rate hurricanes lol

  2. I don’t know who these people are, but wow that’s terrifying!!!! Thank God their son is ok!!! I could never live where there are tornados!!! Prayers for all the people and animals affected!!!

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