Jenelle Evans Complains About ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Asking Questions About Her Mother Barbara; Claims She’s “Stressed, Tired & Crying A Lot” Lately

“Well Juh-nelle! They love me and there’s nothin’ ya can do about it!”

Jenelle Evans was feeling particularly chatty over the weekend, answering questions about everything from her return to Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, to her current feelings about her ex David Eason. One thing Jenelle did not want to discuss, however, was her mother Barbara Evans

After news broke that Jenelle was coming back to the show, fans peppered her with questions asking if Barbara— who is arguably one of the most-beloved people from the Teen Mom franchise–would be joining Jenelle on the upcoming season. Jenelle was not happy about all the Barbara questions and demanded her fans stop asking about her mom.

“Listen, everyone needs to stop bringing up my mom,” Jenelle wrote. “She has caused so much damage within the past year, I need to heal before she’s ever brought back into my life again.”

“Oh sure, Juh-nelle! Blame it all on ya motha!”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle and Barb are on speaking terms again– but just barely— and it appears that their mother/daughter relationship still has a long way to go. 

The Ashley’s sources say that Barbara has not filmed for ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ as of right now; however, there have been conversations between her and the show’s producers. 

“Larry, ya know ya want me on ya Next Chapter Reunion Mom show! Call me!”

Jenelle and Barbara had been enjoying a decent relationship (for them, anyway) up until about June 2023. Following a family vacation in Puerto Rico, Jenelle and Barb became estranged (again). Things between the mother and daughter got even more tense after Barb signed over custody of Jace back to Jenelle after nearly 14 years. Just a few months after Jace began living on The Land with Jenelle and her husband David Eason, the teen ran away several times, and Barb offered her thoughts on the situation during an interview with TMZ

After that, Jenelle and Barbara’s relationship became even more strained. In September, The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle had attempted to file a restraining order against Barb, claiming that she and her children were in danger of “serious and immediate injury” at the hands of Babs. Jenelle also stated in the court documents that she was unhappy that Barbara had continued to talk to ‘Teen Mom’ producers about her.

In court documents exclusively obtained by The Ashley, Jenelle demanded a judge forbid Barb from speaking to— or about— her or her children; to keep Barb from buying or owning weapons and— most giggle-inducing— to keep Babs from “name-calling” her in their texts, all of which Jenelle claims is causing her “emotional distress.” Her request for the restraining order was eventually denied by a judge. 

“Oh ya don’t say! Gee, I wonda why!?”

Although she refused to answer any other Barbara-related questions during her Instagram Q&A, Jenelle did provide answer to questions about other topics, including her estranged husband David. (As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle split from David in February, and he’s currently living on the couple’s broken boat, while Jenelle shacks up on The Land with the kids.) 

When Jenelle was asked how she felt about her soon-to-be-ex-husband calling her “lazy” for making the decision to “homeschool” her two youngest kids for the rest of the school year, she stated that David needs to work on his mental health. 

“Honestly, my ears closed up as soon as she said the word ‘WORK’ so I didn’t hear nuthin’ else.”

“Yeah sure, he wants to talk mad s**t then throw [pity] parties on his IG a day later,” Jenelle wrote in her answer. “He needs to work on his mental health and get his head right.” 

When asked how she is holding up after splitting with her soulmate, Jenelle claimed that she has been “stressed, tired and crying a lot.” 

“I think it’s just part of healing for me,” she continued. “I’ve been through a lot the past year and it feels like it didn’t stop until now…but then it keeps going.”

Jenelle did claim, however, that her three kids are in a better place now that David has been booted off The Land.

“The house finally doesn’t smell like a mix of mildew, armpit and sea water, so there’s that!”

“My kids are happier and having freedom of expression but not being judged for it,” Jenelle stated. 

Jenelle was also asked why she took David’s side back in October after he allegedly assaulted her oldest son Jace by strangling him. (As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle vehemently supported and praised David online immediately after David was charged with child abuse for his alleged attack on Jace. Jenelle would go on to insinuate that it was Jace and not David who was a danger to the family.)  

“This question comes up to me a lot these past months,” Jenelle told the person who asked why she stood by David instead of Jace. “I can’t answer at the moment because of court, sorry!” 

David currently has two charges pending against him associated with the alleged attack on Jace: one for child abuse and one for assault by strangulation. While a court date has not been set for his criminal case, the former Mr. Jenelle Evans will be back in court this week for a hearing regarding the protective order request Jenelle has filed against him for her and her kids. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. This confirms for me that he will be back as soon as the court case is over. Blames her mother for all the damage done. Only kicked him out because she didnt want to pay for Jace to be in a treatment centre. Wont explain why she defended him. Yeah he will be back quicker than a flash when court is done.

  2. I’d be depressed too, if I never made my children a priority. And put abusive losers above their safety. And acted like a complete ass on national TV. And chased after Kiefer in those Walmart flip flops like a looney toon nut bag, like a dog chasing after a steak.

  3. Am I the only one who would love it if all of her baby daddies and soulmates got together and wrote a book about her and the way she is when MTV doesn’t have their cameras shoved up her ass or her ridiculous social media posts??? I mean, I know that none of those dudes are saints, but just imagine the stories. One big trashy dumpsterfire!!!

    1. Right!? And her kids too once they turn 18!! They’ll need the money from the book sales to pay for all their therapy bills. I’m disgusted that MTV is giving this monster a platform and a paycheck once again.

  4. Jenelle reminds me of my loser aunt, 60+ years old and my mom is always hoping and crossing her fingers this is the year she finally gets her life together 🙄

  5. I can’t believe how frustrated I am that MTV is giving her a platform. I hate MTV so hard right now.

  6. She wouldn’t be so stressy and depressy if she tried actually being a half decent human being. She could also try to, you know, be an actual parent to her children. We all know she can’t actually stand any of them, it’s been obvious since each of them was conceived that she doesn’t really like them, let alone love them-she only pretends to when it benefits her. It’s also pretty clear they know this, but try not to show they know it and will play up any of the moments she’s pretending to give a shit because they know those moments are few and far between.

    She’s such a POS person, it’s why she attracts POS people, trash attracts trash.

  7. Kaiser is looking so much like Nathan now unfortunately. I wonder if she will have any resentment towards him when he grows older. Doris, please help this child!

    1. She already has so much resentment towards him! He’s always been treated like poo and second string by Jenelle. He seems like such a loving kid that she just throws away.

    2. She has resented Kaiser since the day he was conceived, nothing has ever changed that, I doubt anything ever will.

      She, quite clearly, doesn’t really like any of her children and never has. Even when she’s trying to pretend to, it’s obvious she doesn’t and always has been.

    1. Oh yes, the eggshells they walk on around with Jenelle by herself are so much different than David’s eggshells. Smh.

      I’m sure she spends most of these days crying and lashing out, just as she’s always done.

  8. She really does think she is something special doesn’t she? Pathological liar and an unfit mother. She doesn’t have much to be proud of.

    1. I love how she keeps throwing darts at Barb about her sh*t upbringing while simultaneously putting her own kids thru hell with UBT and now her solo ‘parenting’. At least till her next soulmate takes it on.

  9. Why do people even bother asking her questions at all? I think it’s well established by now that she is a compulsive liar.

  10. Duuuuuuuuude stop talkin about my mawm dude I can’t stand huuuuuuur.

    Jenelle, probably. Dipshit.

  11. David is wet garbage. Jenelle is dry garbage. Sure, David is grosser and messier and uglier and smellier but at the end of the day, they’re both still trash.

  12. I’m sure Barb and Larry can come to some sort of financial agreement for her to come back.

    Jenelle can’t answer why she chose David over her child. That’s rich.

    1. It says a lot about her, doesn’t it?! She NEVER put her children first, it was always the man she shacked up with. Trust me, if this “new boo” thing is real, the kids will be ditched again. They deserve better!

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