David Eason Responds to Claims He Assaulted Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace; Says Jenelle’s Mom Barbara Is “A Danger” To Jace’s “Health & Safety”

“I ain’t done nuthin’! Them are just talkin’ words!”

David Eason is denying reports stating he and his wife Jenelle Evans no longer have her son Jace, and slamming Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans for “falsifying” police reports that state Jace claimed David assaulted him last week.

The fired Teen Mom 2 dad took to social media on Tuesday, one day after The Ashley broke the news that a police incident report filed last week states Barbara told police that Jace accused David of assaulting him on Thursday. A report by The Sun gave more details, stating that Jace allegedly had marks on his arms and neck from the alleged attack, and that the alleged incident was caught on a Ring camera. 

David’s social media posts denied that the incident was caught on camera. David also claimed that Barbara— who raised Jace until he went to live with Jenelle and David in March– is a “danger to [Jace’s] health and safety.”

David also claimed that Barbara currently allowed to see or speak to Jace. 

“It takes a sick person to spread lies on the Internet about a child!” David’s rant began. “Then the rest of you are sick for chiming in like you know something because you read their lies. You people need help!”

David went on to claim that “our kids are in our custody and anything you read is not true!” 

In the comment section of the post, someone told David, “Jace is in custody of DCFS so he’s not with you.”

“No actually he is not but I’m sure you are wrong about everything else in your life too,” David responded. 

(The Ashley stands by her story that Jace is no longer with Jenelle and David.) 

David insinuated that Barbara “falsified” police reports. (Jenelle made a similar claim on Monday on Facebook.) 

“The truth is already apparent to everyone involved,” David wrote. “Barbara is NOT involved and she is NOT allowed to speak to [Jace] right now. The best thing any of you can do for Jace is to stop talking about him all together! Thanks.”

In the comment section of the post, David denied that there is any footage from a Ring camera of the alleged incident in question.

“There is no camera footage,” he wrote. “But y’all keep dumbing yourselves down with useless garbage. That’s what you are anyway.” 

When someone commented that an “arrest is coming” for David, David seemed to be acknowledging that something did, indeed, go down.

“Why not [arrest me] when it happened?” David wrote of the alleged incident. “Why not yesterday when I was hanging out with the Sherriff and Game Warden?”

On Monday, Jenelle also claimed that Barbara was at the root of the Easons’ recent custody/CPS issues.

“My mom’s been on a roll lately, just felt the need to explain because more rumors are circulating in the media. My children are still in my custody. Give us privacy and stop asking please. Thanks!” she wrote.

She also bragged on Twitter that “my husband is still a free man…so I def don’t need your approval.” 

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65 Responses

  1. Oh look, Jenelle has reached the Anna Duggar level of being a wife, “at least I have a husband!”
    Maybe like Anna’s husband, Jenelle’s will be in jail soon too.


  3. This sick guy killed a dog so it doesn’t surprise me at all that he abused jace. He did it to kaiser so of course he abused jace these no question about it. He’s a danger and cps need to step in and take the kids away from them, they are both a danger to all the children. Jangle as never took responsibility for her own actions it’s always someone else’s fault. None of these poor excuses for a human being should have kids, these people out there that can’t birth children but would love a child unconditionally give them the children, let the children know what a real loving family looks like.

  4. I feel bad for all the kids still stuck at that house for the time being. Remember Marissa was brave enough after nugget was killed by David to testify against jenelle and David and nothing was done then and they made her go back to them. Hopefully jace is what finally gets these kids to safety.

  5. So they could still tech have “custody” that doesn’t mean have is there they think they are so slick with their words

  6. As difficult as it was for Barb to refuse to pick up Jace, she made the right call. Though, her hands were tied legally. Jenelle and David were probably salivating at the idea of having something on Barb. Their immediate reaction was “it was Barbara!” They’ve been desperately trying to gain some sort of leverage against her. Accosting her a dinner for a glass of wine? She has more against them! Look Barb isn’t perfect by any means, but they’ve built her up to be a bigger villain than she is.

    As much as I would love for the Easons to finally face consequences, I’m not holding out much hope. They will probably get off on a technicality or something.

  7. Just a suggestion to Ashley when choosing photos to talk about the Jace situation—instead of these nice cheery ‘family’ photos, how about a screen cap of Jenelle and Jace in the car when she pulls the gun? That better illustrates the reality of her lying and gaslighting him.

  8. Oh go suck a dick you lame excuse for a human being..no one cares what lies you need to spew to make yourself feel better about the piece of shit we all know you are..

  9. I’m starting to question the Ashley honestly…. why is he not in jail if it’s caught on camera? She won’t answer that.

    1. Lol how is The Ashley supposed to know why someone hasn’t been arrested?

      I feel like this is Jenelle trying to be clever. Meanwhile, it’s pretty common for law enforcement to take some time to investigate before making any arrests.

      1. @theashley & @streets ~ hmmm, ‘JM’ ?
        is swamp queen’s ?‍♀️ middle name perhaps marie? michelle? michaela?

    2. You realize people don’t “go to jail” the instant they do something bad, correct?

      It amazes me how willfully, and apparently proudly ignorant all of the people who support these two monsters actually are, and that includes this “JM”.

      If you read any of the “supportive” posts on social media and even the articles, most make no sense, almost all type the exact same way, including saying the same things over and over (a whole lot of them can’t even spell the names right, lmao). It’s almost as if most of them are paid for follows/supporters, compensated in some manner, or bots.

      Big shocker, color us all surprised!!

  10. Social worker here…I was taught in undergrad that if a child asked to leave their house and/or not to see their parents, then you do everything possible to get them out of the situation. Even if the parents suck and do awful things, kids inherently want to be with them. Something happened in that house to make him desperate to leave.

  11. @theashley ~ you’re famous!!! (not that you weren’t before ??)
    jenelle name checked you not once, but TWICE in a (lame, fib-filled) tiktok.
    congrats!! ??

    1. to add ~ did NOT give the swamp queen ?‍♀️ a click/view ~ a screen grab vid ? was posted on r*ddit.

  12. Ok wait… Babs is a threat but raised Jace for 13yrs?? And with very few issues? Okayyy…
    And how exactly does one falsify a police report? That feels like something that would be illegal… ??‍♀️ I just don’t have any reason to believe Jenelle or David and it’s extremely unnerving that they’re so adamant nothing happened, there’s no proof, etc

  13. I hope the next article posted is all about the kids being removed from their custody. My heart breaks for these babies. They didn’t ask for any of this. Neither of them should have ever been allowed to have children. As a child who grew up always second to my mother’s flavor of the week, I know how negatively it affects a kod at the time and for years to come. I can only hope CPS gets their act together and pulls all of them. Kaiser is not safe!

  14. When your current soulmate not being locked up (at this moment, this time) is a flex…..you need to reevaluate your life.

  15. I absolutely love how they are putting all the blame on someone who supposedly hasn’t any contact with them or the children since… what did she say? June? July? And Babbs is the only one lying and falsifying police reports? Suuuuure Jan. God damn. Give it a break already. You guys are horrible effing parents, horrible partners and horrible people. Do something good for once and put all those babies in a home with love and safety.

  16. Crazy how you never hear of lurch trying to fight or bully a grown man

    Heck I know some women that’d whoop his behind

    ? ??

  17. I think David is a closeted gay man with an insanely small pecker. He hates the world. Takes it out on kids and animals because he’s actually a pussy who couldn’t punch a time card, let alone a grown man. He needs to be put down. You know, the way he did to poor Nugget (rip).

    1. Stated very well…what do ya expect from this loser? Found him on Tinder, hooked up in minutes, moves in, quits job, a sponge!! Have you noticed how much he has changed? His facial features? His grunge look? It’s scary to me.

      1. Wasn’t he and her ex husband locked up together and that’s how he learned of her LMAO
        I wonder wtf Courtland was talking about that David overheard..

        Like I’m genuinely curious what the conversation was, where David was like yup I want that girl and sought her out. Isn’t that a little creepy too lol

    2. He wouldn’t know a pussy if it slapped him in the face. I’d love to smack him around a few times. He’s a meat lover and is using Jeanelle for all she has. Sad thing is she will let him until she’s broke.

  18. Barbara did not go to the media with the story. She was approached by the police after Jenelle accused her of harboring him and sent cops to her door. Barbara was repeating to the police what Jace told her That is not falsifying a police report, that is reporting to the police what Jace told her. She has no way to prove it, that why they interviewed Jace and had him examined by a doctor who found marks consistent with an assault. Jace may not be in direct custody to CPS, but it’s likely he’s in the home of another family member or friend.

    Neither if them have said “Jace is home” they just say the ‘kids are home’ which doesn’t necessarily include him. The both think they’re so clever parsing their words.

  19. Their lawyer should put a gag order on them.

    And “hanging with the sheriff?”
    Yeah, he may be your “bud”, but he would cut you loose with a quickness when it interferes with his job.

  20. Explain the marks on Jaces neck if nothing happened. David and Jenelle are terrible liars and gaslighters. I’ve never seen anything like it. Every single thing that they post or say is a complete lie.

  21. Davids response is so typical. And hilarious!!! He doesn’t even realize that he is practically admitting that he did it with his totally dumb and off the wall response!!! What just amazes me is how both Jenelle and David always forget what they have said in other posts and then they say exactly opposite of that in their next response!! They also seem to forget that the public has access to many of their crimes, so there is that too!

  22. The truth always comes out. The biggest lie she ever told was in her very first episode to Barb, “Nothing worse can happen!”

  23. I am Thrilled so many people are speaking up Please keep posting and upvoting comments you agree with. We all need to ban together with our concerns to keep the pressure on this case Does anyone know this coffee company Jenelle is dealing with? I Would love it if we started a campaign to shut this deal down. They deserve nothing! Keep the pressure on my friends. These child abusers need to pay. Thanks Miss Ashley for making us aware of the truth.

    1. Funny you should mention the coffee thing! Last night I googled it and went to the page that said contact us. I was polite but firm in my insistence that I was interested in this coffee, but I refuse to do business with any company that has Jenelle Evans for a “spokesperson” And I told them why and suggested they do better at researching who they hire. It’s http://www.timeoftheday

  24. sorry not sorry, the world would truly be a better place without jenelle and david.

  25. All home Barbara did was give a statement to the police when she was questioned by them about where that child was how is that her spreading rumors online I 105 Alexander a decent will put his hands on Jace 100% believe it

  26. I don’t know that there are two people that truly deserve each other more than these two idiots. They both have a huge issue with pathological lying. They both are narcissists who get their joy from inflicting abuse on their innocent children and animals. Jenelle has been arrested 15 times from my recollection. I’m sure David has been arrested almost as much. Neither have ever had to take responsibility or get consequences for their actions. They both think they are untouchable because so far they have been. I hope that CPS and the courts get it right this time.

  27. Hopefully, Janelle’s lucky streak with the law will be coming to an end. I hope the authorities charge him with more charges just than domestic violence. They need to go through that home and make sure every gun is properly registered. Of course, Janelle keeps posting on social media. This is all sure knows. Social media has been her life ever since Producer Morgan Freeman started 16 and Pregnant.

  28. When the video is released, they’re going to say it’s “not that bad” and he was just disciplining him and “this soft generation doesn’t know what discipline is, that’s what’s wrong with America today.” The scary thing is that if Marissa was sent back after testifying against him, I believe Jace will be too. And that man is going to rain hell down on his head for embarrassing him.

  29. “my husband is still a free man”

    & your son is still not safe around you both, you damn psycho!

    “so I def don’t need your approval.”
    Yes you do! You have such low self esteem that you need the public to validate you!

  30. “My husband is a free man”. Yes, he’s also a wife and child beater and a puppy killer. Hoy both are POS ?️ and I hope you rot in jail, or at least in the swamp together for all eternity and without access to any child

  31. There is no footage?! Didn’t this happen in front of a house of someone whose camera filmed it?! I don’t believe a word this man (and his crazy wife) say because YOU are a danger to this child, you freakin’ psycho!

    I can’t with the delusions, I really can’t.

  32. David saying “Why not arrest me when it happened?” ……….So, you’re saying “it” DID happen then, David? What is “it”? If nothing happened and it’s all a lie made up by Barb, what are you saying happened then?
    And how could they arrest you when it happened, they weren’t there. They didn’t find out about it until Jace told them several days later when he was at the hospital. So how could they have arrested you when it happened?
    Keep talking in circles and trying to twist the way you say things to fool your followers. Jenelle saying “Our children are in our custody” doesn’t mean Jace is at your house. Maybe there’s still an investigation or legalities going on. But it doesn’t mean you’re all a big happy family at home and Barb’s in jail for lying & conspiring. Because we all know if that were the case, you would be shouting it loud and proud on social media instead of asking for privacy.
    Btw, if you really loved Jace, you would realize that bashing his grandmother who raised him for almost his entire life on social media would hurt him terribly. And if you loved him, you wouldn’t want to hurt him. But once again the egg donor puts herself before her children. Jace is spiraling and her priority is trashing her mom online and hurting him even more.
    She makes Amber & Farrah look like mothers of the year next to her.

    1. I think he might of meant when the situation happened, (Jace running away). That the cops were there at their house during that time and had they had proof or whatever that David did that he would’ve been arrested then. That’s how I took it.

  33. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I feel like they will get Jace back. It seems like a backwards system. I said it before, it reminds me of ruby franke. DCF did not protect those kids until it got horrible. I pray for not only Jace, but all of the kids safety.

  34. Sorry, but you kill a small dog and pistol whip a man who’s trying to help your wife get her belongings, I’m going to believe you hit Jace. Let’s look at the track record… it’s not looking good for David.

  35. So now Barb’s a mastermind who pulled in the police, CPS, and hospital staff to form a conspiracy in order to make Jenelle & David look bad? And forced Jace to make up a random story about a ring camera & where witnesses were standing during this fake abuse? And who put the marks on Jace’s neck? Oh wait the hospital staff are all risking their jobs by claiming they found marks on Jace that actually weren’t there, I guess. Sounds legit. Y’all better trust Jenelle & David, THEY are the ones telling the truth, everyone else in North Carolina is lying just to set them up. Make sure you read the 500 social media posts they’ve made during the time Jace was literally hospitalized, but wait, no, give them privacy. But first listen about how Jenelle has a toxic parent who isn’t allowed near Jace, and ignore the fact that Barb was at the hospital all weekend while Jace was there. Don’t forget, it’s all a big conspiracy organized by a woman in her 70s who had nothing better to do this weekend than to make Jenelle & David look bad, and the entire media world, CPS, hospital staff, police, and the witnesses are all in on it b/c Barb just has that much power.

  36. Wondering if it’s physically painful to be such a filthy piece of shit…dumbnelle? Lurch? You wanna chime in and answer that for us???

  37. Their lies will be revealed soon. I don’t give a shit what this man Denys. The video will tell it all. Can not wait till this Neanderthal is behind bars. Hope his braids are a hit with his cell mates.

    1. If and when he goes to jail, who wants to start a pool predicting how long it takes for the inmates to beat the shit out of this child abuser? I say within the first 24 hours.

  38. Janelle and David are truly sick. I guarantee they will try to justify David putting his hands on Jace due to Jace’s actions. No child ever deserves physical violence no matter the circumstances.

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