More Details Released About David Eason’s Alleged Assault of Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace; Alleged Attack Reportedly Caught On Camera (Exclusive Details)

Earlier today, The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle Evans‘ son Jace reportedly told his grandma Barbara that he had been assaulted by Jenelle’s husband David Eason, causing him to run away and hide from his stepdad. 

Now, more details are coming out about the alleged assault.

The Sun broke the news late Monday night that Jace allegeldy had marks on his arms and neck after being assaulted by David on Thursday. Once he was located, Jace was taken to the hospital where he told several people what happened. (The Ashley’s source has confirmed this to be true.) “He allegedly told doctors, a therapist, the Sheriff from North Carolina’s Columbus County, and a Child Protective Services (CPS) staffer that he was physically attacked by Jenelle’s husband David,” The Sun reports. 

The Sun reports that the alleged attack happened outside, near a home near The Land and was witnessed by several people. (The Ashley’s source tells her this is also true.) 

In addition, the alleged attack was also caught on the homeowner’s Ring camera. (The Ashley’s source tells her that CPS and other agencies have the video.) 

The Ashley can also confirm that Jenelle was present during the incident. 

“Jenelle did not get physical with Jace or have anything to do with that but she was there,” the source tells The Ashley. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle and David were already under CPS investigation before Jace ran away on Thursday. The investigation is pending, but Jace has been removed from Jenelle’s care and is currently in CPS custody. 

Earlier on Monday, Jenelle denied that David had anything to do with the situation, and claimed that Barbara was telling lies to “make us look bad as a family.”

“My children are always first…that’s why they are still in my custody,” Jenelle wrote. “Y’all don’t know sh**t. I don’t post everything…

“This isn’t about David whether you want to blame him or not. My mom says a lot of untrue things lately to everyone about me but wanted me to have custody? Imagine what you don’t hear from my side…Honestly idk why my own mother is acting the way she is. I feel now she’s using police to falsely report just trying to make us look bad as a family. There are multiple people involved in this situation and they know the truth, and so does God.”

“Just for insight she has not tried speaking or visiting my kids since July. I’m so confused at this moment and wish I had one parent that was stable enough to talk to. #ToxicParents.”

Jenelle has yet to respond to the latest claims regarding the alleged assault.

Stay tuned…

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90 Responses

  1. Just the thought of someone touching my kid makes my blood boil.
    Her just looking at it and not doing anything makes my heart weep for that poor kid.

    I would’ve ripped his balls off at the fucking spot, what pisspoor excuse of a man and mother. Fuck him, fuck her and you know what, fuck Barb too, you cant tell me she did know there was fairly bog chance this would happen.

    Poor kid, he should’ve been put for adoption right after birth, he never stood a chance with these people.

    I hope he finds a good life, I really do.

  2. This is so crazy hope everything goes well for everyone one hope she make the right decision for her kids please put up the video of everything so we can see what happen

  3. Jenelle will go to her grave defending that husband of hers. And I mean that literally, because we all know it’s just a matter of time before he ends them all. CPS needs to get the other kids (especially punch bag Kaiser) out ASAP.

  4. Janelle- If your kids “Came first” you wouldn’t still be with David… Period. I really don’t know why she is or what exactly is worth staying for… It’s not like he’s financially helping. If anything, he’s draining her more than as if she was alone. He’s cost her so much and when it comes to your children, NO MAN is worth it when they are not a good man, or, in this case- even a decent man. He SHOT your dog in front of your kids, Janelle. Let me repeat this too- HE SHOT YOUR DOG. It was a little dog at that. It wasn’t a threat even if it did bite someone. It makes me sick that she blames Barbara for everything when Barbara didn’t have to raise Jace. Janelle essentially got to go out and do whatever she wanted, while Barbara did the work. Barbara is a goddamn saint as far as I am concerned and even though she may not have been the BEST place for Jace, she was FAR better off with her and he had been with her since he was a baby. I personally think it was a bad choice, not to mention selfish and only for how she thinks others see her, that she even asked for him back. It wasn’t for his best interest- it was for her image. Janelle needs some serious help, a good dose of accountability and needs to not only apologize to Barabara, but thank her for everything she has done. I really hope they take all the kids from their custody but it’s CPS, so I bet they won’t. Always failing the kids that need the help, and taking others from perfectly good households albeit “concerns” that usually are minor and go unfounded. That’s a whole other issue in itself. Anyway- Janelle is a selfish B**ch that seriouslsy needs a good dose of reality and needs to realize it would do her some good to put her ego in check and have a little humility, as well as accountability in life- SMH

  5. He hasn’t been in their “care” long but knows the drill I guess. His first time running away he got in trouble at school and bolted when finding out David is coming.

    This time runs away after David assaults him??

    Unlike the other children he knows there’s life outside of the land! My heart breaks for all the children!

  6. Jenelle. Your children do not come first, nor have they ever. The only thing that comes first to you is drama and keeping that cooter shooter filled with whoever is the flavor of the week. You are a pathetic excuse for a mother. We have seen that for MANY years. Yes, we may not see or hear the full story but from what we’ve witnessed, it’s time to throw in the towel.

      1. Most Definitely. Who else would downvote a comment that speaks against a step dad who abused an innocent child and a mother that just stood by watching and didn’t defend that child. A mother who did nothing when the child probably looked at her for some comfort and protection afterwards… she did absolutely nothing, except defended the abuser. I mean who else would downvote that?? Either jenelle, David, and pro child abusers. They will all burn in hell.

  7. Nothing is going to happen to David or Jenelle. NOTHING. This is a Family Court matter and we all know that the family court favors Jenelle. David won’t get arrested or jailed because it’s a Family Court matter. Everyone gnashing their teeth & losing sleep over the situation are just letting themselves in for a big letdown when the swamp creatures walk away unscathed again. Think about it — David beat Jenelle (collarbone incident); David kicked in the front door; David manhandled Kaiser ON CAMERA how many times?; David threatened the President of the United States on video; David beat and shot Nugget in front of the family; David threatened neighbors at gunpoint; David pistol whipped one of Jenelle’s friends in front of the family; David threatens people online constantly; David damaged a man’s pickup truck while Jenelle filmed & posted it online. What happened? How many days did he serve in jail? How many times was he led off in handcuffs? Oh, that would be ZERO.

    I think that Jenelle will sign custody of Jace over to the state because, at this point, Jace is more bother than he’s worth. Rumor has it that Jenelle ravaged whatever savings Jace had & now Jace keeps running away and won’t play David’s game of “what goes on in this house stays in this house”, so there’s no reason for her to bring Jace home — not that David would allow it. Barb can’t handle Jace either. My guess is he’ll end up in a group home or a residential school, which may be best for him.

  8. I didn’t think it could get sadder than Jaces current situation but I don’t think David will go to jail over this and where that leaves Jace is terrifying. The system is so f***ed.

  9. Now UBT is out there saying that the police report is ‘falsified’ and Barbara is lying. Sure, cause the police, Jace, Barbara, even the visible marks on Jace are lying. He and Jenelle just cannot stfu. But I get it, he’s worried that Jenelle might lose followers on OF and the worst thing possible could happen: he might need to get a job *gasp*. The horror!

  10. That boy didn’t even last 7 months in that house before he was getting beaten and choked out by his stepdad, and Jenelle just sits there and lets that loser cause all types of mayhem in that house and blames…BARBARA?? David has cost her her entire career, and now he’s about to cost her the son she was always whining and crying about wanting back so badly. Imagine sticking beside a 6’2 bitch baby man who can’t keep a job and you choose to support and take care of his broke ass because you have man issues. Disgusting and I hope she loses custody of ALL of those children. Nobody deserves to be kin and forced to live with to those 2 morons.

    1. Fully agree but let’s add that Janelle is no better than David is. She has stood by and supported ALL his abuse and she is just as awful. Any mother who can stand by and watch her children be physically, emotionally and verbally abused every day of their lives just so she doesn’t have to cook supper and make their lunches is disgusting.

      David is vile. Janelle is no better and probably worse just too lazy to do anything about it.

  11. Can you imagine the horrific things those poor kids see and go through on a daily basis.. She needs help bad to recognize wtf is going on.. I think she’s 100% abused as well but at what point does she go from victim to co conspirator! Some ones has to take up for these kids if she won’t!!

  12. This just makes me incredibly sad and sick. At what point will someone step in and protect these kids? Read the news! Parents are killing their kids every day! Why?! It makes me sick every day to read the news and find out another parent has killed their kids. Some even do it execution style. They don’t care! This has to stop! We need to do better. We have failed the children and they are the future. ?

  13. Note that she does not say that my kids are safe and happy, she says that they’re still in her custody.
    Jenelle you deserve every bit of piling on you are receiving.

  14. She’s making this all about her mom when it is, in fact, about Jace. Your husband assaulted your son and nothing else matters. No other details matter. He is 14 years old. David assaulted him and I don’t care what the reason was. CPS does not remove a child from his or her home unless they have just cause for doing so. The bar for “just cause” in that situation is very high. They have the assault on video. Jenelle puts out these ridiculous statements to save face and always wrongly assumes that the truth won’t come out. It usually does, and then she puts out media of herself crying and pulls the whole “woe is me” act. At the end of the day, none of this matters. The only thing that matters is your children. Sounds like David not only assaulted your 14 year old son, but that he did so in front of multiple witnesses outside a neighbors home in front of a ring camera. He cannot control himself. Period. He may be “great” some of the time (at least according to Jenelle) but when he is NOT “great” he is shooting the family dog, assaulting you, assaulting your son, making racist/homophobic/sexist comments to the public, etc. There are very few people in this world who do not on occasion have good moments. This does not mean the bad behavior they exhibit doesn’t matter or that it should be tolerated. Grow up and do the right thing for your children.

    1. Following up to add, on the off chance that Jenelle actually reads these comments, that if you want to keep your children, you are inevitably going to have to make a choice. David or them. That choice should not be even remotely difficult. If it is, then maybe you are not the best person to care for them. These incidents continue to happen and they are never going to go away. David is who he is and it’s alarming to think about how much we probably don’t know. If what we see publicly is enough to cause this level of alarm, imagine how he acts when nobody is watching. It’s not like David contributes financially or has put Jenelle in a position where she cannot physically leave. Get your children, get your belongings, and get the F out. Or stay and be prepared to lose your babies forever.

      1. They told her last time that if David left the home she could keep the kids and she chose David so she’s a scumbag piece of garbage as well and she’s just as abusive as David is

  15. When something bad happens people always say, “oh no, what were the signs? How did we not notice?” THESE ARE THE SIGNS!!

  16. David needs to come face to face with a man his own age and size without weapons and get beat to a pulp. That’s what I want to happen: I want him in jail and I want him beat to a pulp.

  17. She’s rotten. I hope Jace never has to see those POS’s ever again. Pathological liar.

  18. I hate to say it but this “caught on video” means jack shit. Look at all the abuse, assault, and other BS MTV “caught” and nothing was done.

    Jace’s future was so fucked by the time he was a toddler. Now as a teen he’s going to have to pull himself up and do his own thing to rise above his raisin’ or he’ll follow right in Jenelle’s teen parenting, drug addicted, no accountability footsteps.

    Poor kid never had a chance.

    1. If I remember correctly, the footage shot on MTV wasn’t admissible because it was highly edited. I think the only time it was used was in Amber’s case because you can’t really edit someone hiting another.

  19. Jace’s life is so sad.
    He was born to a teenage mother and an adult father (yikes). Said father abandoned him when he was just a few days old. His mother never really cared much for him and left him in the care of her own mother to go party and take drugs. Grandmother got custody because mother couldn’t care enough to get her head out of her ass, find a job, support him and change her ways. Mother then went on having boyfriends after boyfriends that would come before her child, until she gets pregnant again, only to now focus on new children with her soulmate-du-jour. Jace told Jenelle “I don’t want you and David to get married”, to which she replied a “Why?” that was so seething with rage that Jace got too scared to answer. She went on to marry the a**hole anyway and now he abuses all of her children, knowingly to her, and she’s not doing anything to protect them. Oh and let’s add that the only parent that he had since he was born relinquished custody of him to his abusive mother. On The Land, all of the children lives in the universe of violence and drug abuse. I, too, would be running away. Jace had to make a run for his life. Hopefully all of the children will be permanently removed from The Land and Jenelle and UBT will be facing charges.

  20. Let’s see if they will get away with this one
    Teflon mom has been getting away with everything her entire life

  21. OMG! Jenelle, you are such a liar! How can you defend that POS you call your husband?! Didn’t you want to divorce him just few weeks ago?! She’s so delusional.
    I’m so scared for Kaiser now, you KNOW he isn’t David’s fave (esp cuz he looks just like his father-who is an asshole himself) and Ensley, she didn’t ask to have such psycho parents. They need to lose custody again, there is no other way.

    And I hope that Jace will go to a loving home now (We know Babs can’t take care of him anymore) who will be able to guide him the right way until he is 18 and can decide himself where he wants to go.

  22. What kind of Mother sits there while your husband attacks her child. Oh I guess the same one that sat there and killed her dog. Why the heck isn’t David in jai seriously !!!l. Please take all of the kids away from these physcos man.

  23. I don’t know which one is more disgusting, the dog-killer, child beater Sasquatch or Jailnelle who just stood there doing nothing. Please don’t ever refer to her as a mother, she’s an egg donor period. To quote her, ‘Jace doesn’t need me, he’s got my mom.’ Nothing changed since she was a teen. Selfish POS along with her husband who should be in jail.

    1. That’s what I said.. thing is thou since she didn’t do anything David will go to jail and Jenelle will keep the kids and continue to neglect them until another guy comes along she can make parent for her..
      I hope both of them lose there parental rights

    2. The problem with “egg/sperm donor” to refer to people like Jenelle (and Andrew, I suppose) is that *actual* sperm/egg donors don’t have anything to do with a resulting child by design (outside of situations where it was deliberately arranged otherwise). You can’t ttabuse someone you never meet or neglect someone you have no responsibility towards. Similar issues with referring to Jenelle as an incubator.

      English literally doesn’t have an appropriate term for these people.

  24. I always believe everything you publish because you don’t publish hearsay but I know there are questionable “sources” offering information on these stories.

    Are you able to vet your sources and make 100% sure they are legit? Again, I am NOT questioning your reporting bc I respect your work but I’ve seen a LOT of sketchy “sources” claim to be insiders but offer incorrect information that spreads like wildfire.

    Can you tell us what kind of source they are? No one expects you to identify them but even a “neighbor” or “friend” or “online source” etc would be helpful.

    Thank you for the amazing reporting and for keeping us up to date! I am a fan!

  25. What must Jace think of all the lies Jenelle is telling about why he has run away so many times. How can he think anyone cares about him in that house when HE is blamed for the issue—HE got mad for his phone being taken away, HE wandered off because he wanted freedom, HE got in a fight with his girlfriend. This is all the same bs stories she’s always told to cover her butt. What about the real reasons? The fact she blames him each time, means he totally understands that she and David will never take responsibility. She will lie openly about him and put him in the worst possible light to save herself, and that child knows it. Why would he want to stay there?


  26. Has she even say she loves her son. All I hear it’s not me or my husband. Why does she want those kids? Just the guy can abuse.

    1. She said it herself,
      According to Janelle, Her kids purpose is to make HER happy!

      Most parents operate the exact opposite and dedicate their lives to making their KIDS HAPPY!

      Jace is a bad kid bc Janelle said all her “other kids want to make her happy” followed by a forced drawing from endly when we have never seen anything from them before.

      How many hours have those kids spent watching her cry and play the victim? She puts on that victim mentality in front of the kids. All kids get upset when their parents are upset! I bet those kids don’t flinch anymore bc they have already seen it far too much from her in their short lives.

  27. So this egg donor just stood there while her swamp d!ck assaulted her son and did not a thing to stop him? POS. Did he cry for you Janelle? Ask you for help? Ask you to tell your swamp d!ck to stop hurting him? You’re both scum. I pray they remove all the children from that house permanently because now that Jace isn’t there, Kaiser be his personal punching bag again and Janelle will do nothing to stop him.

    1. Seems like he would be crying for BARB not Janelle!
      Probably why Janelle is on yet another hate tirade against Barb. Janelle expects her kids to worship her because she birthed them. However it’s obvious that Barb is Jaces safe place / home. Janelle would resent that to no end and instead of trying harder to make her kid feel safe she would just attack Barb, that’s much easier and much more enjoyable for her. Heck, it’s basically her hobby anyway.

      Hard to think of a worse mom than Casey Anthony… uh I mean janelle evans.

  28. She witnessed her son being attacked and did nothing. She is a sick bit@h!
    The other loser needs to be arrested and thrown in max. He’s thinks he’s big sh!t when it comes to children, stand toe to toe with someone his size. Fu@king coward.

    1. Remember when that guy offered to go toe to toe with him over the dog and he just pretended the guy didn’t exist?
      THAT is exactly who he is!
      He will only attack living things that are smaller than him but when someone his size like Nathan shows up it’s: “Hello Sir!”

      Dang I hope he ends up in jail and gets taught a lesson about himself!
      David would be a pansy in jail bc there are no women, children or small animals.
      What a ‘man’!
      How could you lie to protect that thing?? He has nothing at all to offer.
      Of course neither does Janelle. She is just as bad as he is, probably worse bc she is manipulative about it too. At least he says things outright. She just lies and co-signs ALL the abuse.

  29. She said Barb hadn’t tried to see her kids. Isn’t that b/c Jenelle was threatening legal action against her?

    1. That’s kinda funny considering she just told everyone that she lied about Barb being mean and constantly harassing her and the children, how can Barb be harassing her and the kids if they haven’t spoken since July..

    2. Yes- She had filed for an order of protection from Barbara and Barbara didn’t want to interfere with anything legal- I believe the last I hear it was denied though. As it should be

  30. I can’t with Jenelle. She’s more worried about what people think about her and David than about her own son. And wtf, if David did this in front of people, imagine all the things he’s done to those kids behind closed doors ? She’s full on denying everything, knowing it went down in front of people and is in camera! Everyone has a freaking ring camera now lol, of course it was recorded!

  31. I hope this makes Jenelle finally leave David. She is not a good person, but I think between David and her, she’s at least not going to killed her kids on purpose.

    1. Nah Janelle is just as bad!
      The only difference is that she is too lazy to do anything but yell. Heck, she can’t even feed the kids on her own!
      She won’t physically abuse them in the traditional sense because that would burn too many calories and she wouldn’t dare do that!

    2. She won’t leave that vile pos before either one is in a casket. God, I hate her so much, and I don’t even know her!

    3. Janelle is in no way shape or form any better than David. She has been an accomplice in their abuse since meeting David and frankly even before. Remember her locking Kaiser in a dark room because he was crying and had an ear infection?
      What MOTHER does that?!
      What HUMAN does that?!?

      Janelle has been co-signing David’s abuse since before those kids can remember. It has been HER CHOICE to keep those babies around him and she fully knows what goes on but SHE AGREES WITH IT ALL! She has said this many many times. In her opinion David is an amazing father. What mother helps a man abuse her kids then gaslights them by praising what a wonderful parent he is?
      A disgusting vile POS!!
      Janelle deserves to learn about herself!
      ALL about HERSELF!!

  32. Strangulation/choking is a felony in most states including NC. I believe de will be arrested and serve time. They will try and arrest him after they have taken the children- most likely at school. They need to make sure the kids are safe before they come for de. I literally cannot imagine staying with a piece of shit I support that hurts my kids in anyway. Last chance to get your shit together Jenelle. You need to lose custody of all of them and serve some time yourself. Get off drugs and learn to parent YOUR children. Or lose them forever.

    1. Unfortuantely, some states only treat it as a felony if it is NOT domestic/family abuse.

      After all, it’s a “family” issue. /s

  33. I hate from the bottom of my heart that Jace (and the rest of the kids) have lived with this for so long. I hope that having it on video will be a game changer. However CPS is notorious for having abusers take a couple parenting classes and anger management and putting them right back into the home. At some point you would think they would figure out that most abusers are manipulative and pathological liars.

    1. I believe they already gave them this chance back when the children were removed the first time est. the nugget era.

      I would be shocked if that chance was given again considering the escalation to physical abuse.

  34. She’s protecting David, when it’s caught on camera? This girl never grew up. Jace needs to be kept safe. And if she or David are denying him his ADHD meds, they’re just asking for trouble. I hope David is removed from the home. If he hits one, he’ll likely hit another. Jenelle wants to brag that she has custody but if she doesn’t get David out of there she’ll lose all of her kids. Maybe that’d be better? Jenelle, grow up! No man is worth your kids! If you agree on the hitting, just go with David.

  35. Jenelle, I know you’re reading this, because internet is your lifeline. Know this: you are a piece of shit mother who shouldn’t have custody of a pet rock. You have proven this for decades. Fuck off.

  36. No one believes the lies Jenelle tells but Jenelle. She’s the definition of delusional. She let a grown man put his hands on her child and this is probably not the first time. I can’t believe she has fans and people rooting for her when she has never changed. I feel so sorry for her kids she doesn’t deserve to have them.

  37. When it was reported that she was pregnant with Ensley, I told that bitch on Twitter she should be sterilized and she blocked me. I’m still right and she’s still a POS “mom”.

    Those poor children 🙁

    1. So not only did she just stood there, watched it happen and didn’t do anything, she’s making up lies to protect her husband!
      Not a single word about her boy.

      She has no soul. She is just an empty shell.

      If David does this in public, im terrified of the things he does behind closed doors.

  38. My heart hurts for Jace. How long more before these idiots are taken seriously, and should have all custodial custody removed?? How many investigations does cps need to have on people before enough is enough.
    Poor Jace.. whe never liked this man, but forced to put up with him. Yes he ran away from his grandmother yes he caused issues but I was gather this comes from a lifetime of neglect and emotional abuse at the hands of his “mother”.
    I pray they don’t send him back to that swamp

  39. So this egg donor just stood there while her swamp dick assaulted her son and did not a thing to stop him? POS. Did he cry for you Janelle? Ask you for help? Ask you to tell your swamp dick to stop hurting him? You’re both scum. I pray they remove all the children from the home permanently because now that Jace isn’t there, Kaiser be his personal punching bag again and Janelle will do nothing to stop him.

  40. #toxicparents Yes Jenelle you are toxic. How many of their children have to come foward for anything to be done? Marrisa came forward. Now Jace. Poor Kaiser we all saw on national tv how he gets treated. Ensley we know she was touched but noone talks about that. It was in the court papers. Davids son he has no contact. ive asked this before. How can he have court ordered no contact with one kid but be able to see his other kids? Makes no sense. Hes known to be abuseive. When will this stop? If another child gets hurt its too late. Pray for Kaiser.

  41. oh so she’s willing to call her son a lair for a guy who isnt worth jack?? what kind of a mother does that???? i hope jenelle and david’s karma catches up to them QUICK and i pray that jace heals from this

    1. Its not the first time she has called Jace a liar. Remember when she pulled a gun on that guy in a fit of road rage?

  42. “I wish I had one parent that was stable enough to talk to” — No, you’re a grown ass woman. Your SON is the one who wishes he had a parent that was stable enough to talk to, that actually cared about him, and that would not put any guy in her life ahead of him.

    This is a new low for Jenelle. I so hope it’s all on that ring camera so she can’t lie about it to the authorities.

    Of course she now says she’s gonna call Brianna to tell her “the real story” which is apparently some big secret lol, in hopes that Brianna will believe the stupid “real story” and publicly apologize to Jenelle and back her up online. Because of course in the midst of her CHILD’S entire life falling apart, Jenelle’s priority is to make sure people on social media think what she wants them to think.

    1. And THAT is my point exactly. She claims she’s tell someone the ‘real’ story, but all along she’s been telling us BS. If the girlfriend story is ‘real’ then it’s already out there, she doesn’t have to tell Briana. So that’s how we know the girlfriend story isn’t real.

  43. “My mom says a lot of untrue things”

    Lol. Is she serious? We all know Jenelle lies pretty much every time she opens her mouth. We saw it documented on the show for several years.

  44. Well Jenelle, sounds like you’re finally going to have to make a choice..your son or your disgusting dog shooting, child assaulting pig of a husband.

    It’s sad that you probably wont pick your child.

    1. Even if she did choose her child, she would just find another POS boyfriend to bring into her children’s lives like she always does.

      1. Exactly… And that is honesty my fear she will get away with everything claiming battered wife or whatever.. I think Jenelle has hit every man she’s been with and David hits back.. I know they are both equally vile

      2. For real!

        What decent guy would even look her way?
        David is as good as she will ever get because she is no better than he is.
        Potentially even worse.

    2. She chose him over the kids last time CPS took them. She refused to leave him when CPS told her it was a way to get her kids back. She chose him. What a mom huh? Rot in hell Jenelle , you worthless POS!

  45. So she watched her husband put hands on her child?? And he had marks on his NECK?? I swear to god David is the biggest piece of shit and Jenelle is the most codependent person on the planet. She will make any excuse for any dude she’s with. My god these people are an absolute waste of organs.

  46. So did he run away & they found him at the neighbors house & he refused to go with them? And David went nuts?

    1. Someone said upthread that the children would be most likely taken while at school and then him arrested once the children are safe(ly away from that abusive home.)

  47. ALL those children need to be removed IMMEDIATELY. What more is it going to take?

  48. She is certainly committed to the bullshit lies, gotta give her that. Hopefully this gets the ball rolling on saving those poor kids.

    1. Please the only thing she is going to blame David for is not getting Jace child support !! “See what you did David now we won’t even get his child support “”. And Jace dad has been paying child support consistently,,and begging for a relationship.. he needs to go over there whoop David’s ass take his son and make them pay him child support and sue them both for all the MTV money they stole from Jace !!

  49. That’s amazing that it was caught on video. Her lies are exhausting, and they’ve been caught red handed for once.

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