EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace Removed From Jenelle’s Care Following Accusations Her Husband David Eason Assaulted Jace; Jenelle Responds

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Jenelle Evans’ son Jace has been removed from Jenelle’s care and has been placed in the care of CPS custody. 

The Ashley can also confirm that Jenelle and her husband David Eason were already under investigation by DSS/CPS even before Jace ran away on Thursday. (Multiple media outlets have been running a statement from Jenelle’s “manager” August Keen that claims CPS only got involved after Jace was hospitalized. This is false.)

As The Ashley previously told you, Jace allegedly told his grandmother Barbara Evans that Jenelle’s husband David Eason assaulted him, and that’s why he ran away from Jenelle and David’s home on The Land on Thursday. According to the police report obtained by The Ashley, Barbara informed police what Jace had told her, and stated that she was unable to pick up Jace when he called her, due to “ongoing legal and custody issues.”

(Jace was under the legal custody of Jenelle at the time, so Barbara could have been charged with kidnapping or other crimes had she picked Jace up when she wasn’t his legal custodian had Jenelle pressed charges on her.) 

It is unknown if Barbara has or will get legal custody of Jace back— either temporary emergency or full legal custody. (Barbara had custody of Jace until March, when she gave custody back to Jenelle.) As The Ashley previously reported, Barbara was spotted at a North Carolina hospital on Saturday, which suggests things may have changed since Thursday in regard to Barb not having legal access to Jace.  

Jenelle took to Twitter on Monday to state that Barbara is telling lies about her and her family. She also claimed that she has custody of her kids (though she didn’t specifically say she had custody of Jace.) 

“My children are always first…that’s why they are still in my custody,” Jenelle wrote. “Y’all don’t know sh**t. I don’t post everything…

“This isn’t about David whether you want to blame him or not. My mom says a lot of untrue things lately to everyone about me but wanted me to have custody? Imagine what you don’t hear from my side…Honestly idk why my own mother is acting the way she is. I feel now she’s using police to falsely report just trying to make us look bad as a family. There are multiple people involved in this situation and they know the truth, and so does God.

“Just for insight she has not tried speaking or visiting my kids since July. I’m so confused at this moment and wish I had one parent that was stable enough to talk to. #ToxicParents.”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

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  1. Honestly if he can find a loving and stable foster family to stay with long-term that would probably be his best chance of becoming a stable, law-abiding adult. Both Barbara, Jenelle and David are all toxic.

    1. Agreed! Barbara, I believe, uses Jace moreso for publicity. He does have issues. He doesn’t feel loved I mean look how many times he was abandoned by his mom on tv? Most kids can go on and not even remember it but he has to watch it on tv. Of course he’s going to have problems. I’m sure Barbara loves him, but he has a lot of psychological issues, which is understandable, so he needs someone more equip to handle him. If he doesn’t get that then it will be an ongoing cycle and he will unfortunately end up w same issues as Jenelle.

  2. She needs to stop involving God in her statements as she has repeatedly stated in the past years that she DOES NOT believe in God! We all KNOW how they LIE about EVERYTHING!

  3. Jennelles teenage years coming back to bite her on the ass !
    I just hope that Jace is being cared for by someone trustworthy..
    It doesn’t surprise me about David though….I remember watching an episode when Kaiser was little ( filmed by MTV which I thought was disgusting) and he had tripped overand he was crying..David screamed at him for being a ‘sook’ and yanked Kaiser’s arm that hard I’m surprised he didn’t pull poor Kaiser’s arm out of the socket!
    You can’t lie your way out of that one Jennelle…MTV filmed the whole thing !

  4. He’s assaulted multiple animals on the property it’s not too far a jump for him to assault humans…. we’ve all seen the documentaries…

    I’m not surprised she shouldn’t have any of her kids in her care, she’s not a fit parent when she can’t see the harm her ‘marriage’ is doing to her children. What kind of mother chooses a man over her kids? Disgusting. Say what you like about any of the teen moms but the rest have put their kids first.

    1. Agreed!! Look at Leah.. for a time she seemed to just care about finding a man and even had a pill addiction played out on tv. Fortunately for her, she chose to overcome it rather than be embarrassed and go deeper in the hole. She is now more of a stable mom than she was even before the addiction.

  5. The nerve of Jenelle. Still thinking she’s some kind of victim, and Babs is just out to get her and only her. Jenelle is a gaslighting piece of shit.

    1. How many kids are currently living on the land with Janelle and David? Hoping CPS is looking into the others well being as well. My hear goes out to all of them but I’ve always had a greater concern for Kaiser. Considering his bio father had been in his life and he looks so much like him. That concerned me he would be at a higher risk.

  6. Janelle and David are both garbage humans… David is a subhuman POS.
    It makes me sad that all those kids are stuck at that swamp dump.
    Janelle is an awful mother. She spews constant lies and never, ever takes any accountability. She always covers for that disgusting, crazy looking, violent weirdo.
    I doubt it will happen, but I hope David gets locked up once and for all.
    Oh, Janelle hastags “toxic parents”. I thought she was self reflecting with that. Haha

    1. Right, Jenelle. The police are lying. Jace is lying. Barb is lying, right? I mean, that’s what you’re asking us to believe. You are the proven liar, you’ve been lying to everyone for YEARS. Now we know there’s video of Jace being assaulted. And you’re there. Dipsh*t. I hope you lose the rest of your kids- you never deserved them in the first place.

  7. “ I’m so confused at this moment and wish I had one parent that was stable enough to talk to. #ToxicParents.”

    This is the internal dialogue of Jace, Kaiser and Ensley. Do better Jenelle.

  8. I feel so bad for jace. I think both can be true. He could be having girlfriend problems/being a mouthy teen and david could have assaulted him. Abusers dont change especially without ongping treatment. He even killed their dog. Someone in that house is going to get seriously hurt before david is kicked out for good. Poor ensley wait till she grows into a teenager then her and her dad will get into it too. I hope for some sense of peace for this family. I hope she leaves him for good this time. As a victim of parental and spousal abuse it only gets worse never better before you leave them.

    1. Jennelles teenage years coming back to bite her on the ass !
      I just hope that Jace is being cared for by someone trustworthy..
      It doesn’t surprise me about David though….I remember watching an episode when Kaiser was little ( filmed by MTV which I thought was disgusting) and he had tripped overand he was crying..David screamed at him for being a ‘sook’ and yanked Kaiser’s arm that hard I’m surprised he didn’t pull poor Kaiser’s arm out of the socket!
      You can’t lie your way out of that one Jennelle…MTV filmed the whole thing !

  9. Yeah, Jenelle. The police are falsifying their reports because Barb told them to do that.

    You’re an idiot.

  10. So TWO of her three children claim that that dirty abusive NEANDERTHAL assaulted them and this LOW LIFE JUNKIE still stays…weak ass bitch?

  11. Jenelles jealously about Barb is still alive and well. Viewers loved Barb, and Barbs “bitch of ah dawta” couldn’t stand it.

    Inability to contain jealousy is a real thing, folks…

  12. J sounds ridiculous, because what Barb would gain from lying? Especially if there was assault and Jace tells the truth, if he hasn’t already. If her kids come first like she claims, then she would leave that thing she lives with. Does someone need to refer her back to all of her recent Facebook posts about her hubby?

  13. A couple corrections there Jenelle…… first BS statement, “My kids have always come first”. Now, if that were true, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. You would’ve taken care not to get pregnant at 16 and then let your mom raise the child. If that were true, you wouldn’t be married to an abusive, puppy shooting, sad rapping, shrimpy shrimp Neanderthal, who you allow to hit your kids while your filming your “goods” for the world to see.
    Second BS statement, “My mom’s lying about me lately”. Is it just me or does she say this every time Barb speaks? Barb has no reason to lie about her, Jace’s phone call, or anything else. I’m sure Barb wishes, just once, she could say something good about her daughter!

  14. Why would she file a restraining order on her mom to stay away from her and her family, when she said her mom hasn’t talked or visited her or kids since July? lol

  15. I’m sure your kids wish they had a stable parent to talk to. I’m sure they’re jealous of jace for getting out. This is perfect timing fir the coffee launch

  16. The other kids need to be removed! I’m so scared for them, especially Kaiser. We’ve all seen how they treat him in front of the cameras. I can’t imagine what that poor baby has been subjected to in that house of horrors. I truly hope someone finally steps in and fights for these children and their safety.

  17. Lmfao now she believes in God? Had she not given Jace up for dick and drugs and been an actual mother in the first place … none of this would have happened. She keeps blaming barb but SHE is the one to blame. She is mentally and emotionally abusive. She’s far worse than David.

  18. Buckle in, guys.

    The shit is about to hit the fan.

    No amount of her “downhome PR” is gonna beat the truth this time.

    They deserve each other. Remove the kids and let them rot in the swamp together

  20. Again, she’s only going after her mother. Not ONE WORD about her own child who had to go to the hospital. She doesn’t give a f about Jace, she only wants revenge

    1. When Farrah and Amber make better parenting decisions than you do, it may be time for some self-reflection.

    2. She’s essentially calling him a liar by stating that Barb is lying about them. She has zero mothering instincts.

  21. Can this girl pick 1 lie and stick to it JEZ, 1st he didnt run away, then barb dont talk to him, then davey didnt abuse him, the math aint mathin hoenelle

  22. Are the other kids in a safe place? With Jace not there and this all becoming public, I’m worried that Jenelle and David will turn their attention to poor, sweet Kaiser.

    1. I saw an episode when Kaiser was little and he’d tripped over and was crying….David screamed at him for being a ‘sook’ and yanked poor Kaiser’s arm that hard I’m surprised it wasn’t pulled out of the socket!
      The only thing more gut wrenching than seeing that was the fact that MTV were there filming and did NOTHING!

  23. This girl has been posting her business all over the internet since like 2009. If what Jace or Barbara says is false, PROVE IT.

  24. Don’t ever get talked into going back Jace!!! Stay as far from those two as you can! You can NEVER EVER trust them again! The world is on your side!

  25. I’m glad he’s away from them but it’s hard to celebrate… that poor kid has known nothing but trauma, dysfunction and abandonment since he was born. I am sick that she’s still defending David.

    1. This is where I’m at. Jace has known nothing but chaos his entire life, and while I know he was having trouble when he lived with Babs, being on The Land has only seemed to make things 100 times worse. My greatest hope is that he’s seen that the grass is not greener over there and he gets to go back to Barbara’s and straightens out his life for himself, because he wants peace. He is going to have to put in the work to make that happen, because no one around him is ever going to make his life easier.

      I really think Jace needs to get far away from all of them, but it doesn’t appear that is an option. Jenelle is too far up her own ass to see that her toxic parents hashtag applies to her, too. Barbara is not the best, but Jenelle has done nothing to break the cycle; in fact, she’s doubled down on the dysfunction and puts it on display for money.

  26. All this moron ever does is lie to cover up every single thing that goes on and she does this habitually every single time there’s an issue. Doesn’t she realize that we’re on to her and that her making up stories and saying all of these ridiculous things against Barb always ends up being false because she’s a proven liar?? I am so happy that he’s out of there and that he starts to get the help that he needs wherever it may be. All she wanted to do is get custody to prove a point it was never to be an actual parent. The other two are too little to say anything or no better. Maryssa sang like a canary and it slapped her in the face. I hope there’s justice for these kids for once.

  27. Hey ashley. Can you also please mention that jenelle says Barb hasn’t tried to talk to the kids since July, but on August 17 she told tmz that Barb talked to Jace that Monday. She’s a liar who lies.

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