Jenelle Evans’ Son Found Safe After Running Away From the ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Home For Third Time (Exclusive Details)

Jenelle Evans‘ son Jace has been found safe, after going missing for nearly 24 hours.

The Ashley‘s sources tell her that Jace was located on Friday. He was taken to the hospital and has not been back to The Land.

Authorities from various agencies are handling the situation. 

Barbara was spotted arriving at a North Carolina hospital on Saturday, a source tells The Ashley.

TMZ broke the story that Jace took off Thursday night. This was the third time Jace has run away in less than two months.

The Ashley is unable to release further details at this time, but Jace is not on The Land and any reports stating he is are false. 

Jace’s escape attempt happened just one day after Jenelle and Barbara faced off in court regarding a restraining order request Jenelle filed to keep Barb away from her and her kids, including Jace. The judge denied Jenelle’s request, and Jenelle later stated on Facebook that she’s not trying to keep Jace and Babs apart, despite filing for a restraining order to do just that.

On Saturday, Jenelle took to social media to address Jace’s situation. 

“I just want privacy for me and my family right now. Jace has been located, he’s safe…I just want to keep my content away from the drama right now. I want to get back to making normal content, so if I don’t address certain issues, please don’t badger me for it. Thank you.”

@jenellelevansTime for healing and moving forward♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

In the comment section of her post, Jenelle stated that Jace is running away because of his girlfriend, and not because of his issues with her or her husband David Eason.

“[It] has nothing to do with myself or David parenting,” she insisted.

When someone commented that Jace is probably running away repeatedly because he hates David, Jenelle wrote that Jace “didn’t live with me until April. Think about it. But my other kids are doing amazing in school and just want their mom to be happy.” 

“The public has no idea what’s going on and it’s going to stay that way,” Jenelle told another person who suggested Jace hated living with her. 

UPDATE! On Monday, a police incident report obtained by The Ashley revealed the disturbing reason Jace stated he ran away. Click here for more details. 

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. I find it funny that she keeps saying think about it Jace has only lived here since this date. Well since he has lived with her for the last 6-7 maybe 8 months max he has ran away 3 times! How many times did he run away from Babs? I know towards the end of Jace living with Babs Janelle said that Babs was unable to control him and he tried to set her house on fire and Babs was afraid of Jace, but I’m unsure if CPS would allow Jace to go back to Babs if that was the case…. Or at least I hope they wouldn’t

  2. In her video statement Jenelle says she doesn’t want “drama to come to my content”…when your child has run away, and is hospitalized, do you really care about internet drama, particularly to your content? It appears she is far more concerned about her social media channels and the blowback from Jace running away, then she is worried about what is going on with her child running away in the first place.

    Elsewhere she said this is all about a fight with his girlfriend, and in the next breath said that people outside the family dont need to know the truth about his disappearance, which then negates the girlfriend story, because she said she will never share the truth, therefore the girlfriend story can’t be true.

    Im all for preserving the child’s privacy—in that case you issue no statements at all, you shut down all your social media, or at least pause it for 30 days and you focus on that child and only that child. You dont give bs stories about girlfriends and phones, and you especially dont do damage control and become defensive and shield your husband and yourself. If a statement has to be made it is this: I thank all the fans for their concern of Jace. As his parents, we’re concerned too, and realize that we need to help him through the emotional challenges he’s going through. Therefore, we will be off social media and we will not make and further public statements about the situation. We appreciate your prayers as we all work to help Jace heal.” This type of statement is focused 100% on healing her son, there is no mention of prioritizing their social media content or shifting blame to girlfriends and grandmothers.

  3. How else does he have to scream and cry out for help, In 4 months Jenelle has turned him upside down and inside out. She took him off his medication, stopped taking him to his therapist (a mandated reported with a trusting relationship with him)and has now runaway 3 times in 2 months. Kids don’t get hospitalized for days if nothing happened.

  4. So the first excuse for running away was his phone got taken away, the 2nd time “he just stayed out too late and forgot to tell anyone he was leaving” now it a girlfriend issue. Children in stable homes do not leave, particularly if if it’s a ‘girlfriend fight’. They stay in their homes and their family offers emotional support so they feel they can. Obviously, he’s not getting that level of care and support with Jenelle.

    Like Jace, I was also a young teen runaway. My reasons for running away were rootedly squarely with my family situation and had anyone known the truth, I would have been pulled from that home in a second. The last time I ran away I was 16 and never went back. No missing person’s report has ever been filed and that was almost 30 years ago. My parents have since died and both siblings have also died and there is no one left. I never saw them after I left. I fear he may run, but have no where to hide, like I did, because of his families ‘fame’. I fear he will hurt himself, intentionally or unintentionally, for attention.

  5. There were reports that Jace’s social media was found (has since been wiped) and was full of content about self h*arm. This boy isn’t running away over a girl, he’s in crisis and clearly needs help. One post mentioned feeling like he mattered to no one. I cannot imagine he gets a lot of attention or love on the land. Hopefully he’s removed and gets the help he needs now before something tragic occurs there.

  6. Run Jace Run! And keep going until they listen to you!
    The thought of life on The Land sends shivers down my spine…

    If, and that’s a big if, this is indeed somehow related to a girlfriend in any way, it’s probably that said girlfriend brings Jace escape and happiness, so Lurch probably utilizes it for leverage over Jace. I could see him threatening to not let Jace see her if he doesn’t jump through crazy hoops and doesn’t run the household so Lurch can rap and janel can porn and they can both drink Natty Ice and fight all day

  7. If Jace is running away because of his girlfriend, sadly it’s just a matter of time he becomes a teen dad. Jenelle is setting him up for failure. I wonder if he told Babs in hospital that he would rather live with her again. Gosh, this kid needs a lot of help. I hope he gets it before it’s too late.

  8. Let’s hope CPS acts this time, poor Melissa told them in court about what was going on in that home and she was returned there now Jace has hopefully told them what’s been going on so I’m waiting to see if Kaiser and Ensley are removed. I’m betting those two have already coached the two youngest on what to say to CPS so I hope they get to safety to because I grew up in a home similar and even if your not getting the b******s your hearing your siblings getting it and it will still be traumatic, I pray they are all saved before lurch does something serious and then it’s too late.😢

  9. If multiple agencies are involved I’m assuming CPS in one of them and with him in the hospital the 2 most likely scenarios here are that he either has something going on mentally or he’s being abused at home or both. If he’s being abused (which I think we can all agree is overwhelmingly likely) it would explain why Barb is there and not J or D. I don’t know how it works in their state but in mine if a child is in the hospital because of abuse in the home that child can NOT go home until an investigation is complete and parents are cleared. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jace ends up leaving with Barb.

    1. Unfortunately, in SC, even claims of abuse with actual proof in a home will not prevent a child from being returned to that home. It honestly doesn’t matter to CPS in NC what a child says, odds are good that the child will be returned to the home “pending investigation”. This being as publicized as much as it has might help Jace’s case a bit, but that would be the only saving grace. That and if law enforcement gets involved (which one would hope they would at this point, it’s clear they need to)

      If people remember their prior case with CPS, the children were returned to their care before the case and investigation was even halfway completed. This is par for the course in that state.

      CPS being involved in this is both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because there’s always the chance they’ll do something right. However it’s bad because, it’s NC, where they very rarely actually do anything right.

      My child was returned to an abusive (ample physical, video and picture evidence) home three different times before law enforcement actually had to come down on CPS (despite them having testified prior to this) and the court system finally did something. In NC, they do not act accordingly, they do not act as the laws state they should, they do not act in the best interests of children. 9 times out of 10, they won’t believe a child no matter what they say. They only act in what they deem the best interest of the “mother” or “custodial parent”, or whatever lowers the amount of work they have to do. They will not lift a finger to do much of anything, until they’re forced to. It’s one of the least child friendly systems in the country, sadly.

      1. NC, not SC, apologies. This is what I get for commenting without proofreading, lol.

      2. The public will put a little pressure on CPS. If people reached out to them with their concerns, they may feel a little bit more pressure to do the right thing. I wonder if there is a link for CPS in their county or an email that all of the concern people could express Their frustration in this case??

        1. Thank you for the information, I am going to report, I hope others follow. Can’t hurt might help. I encourage anyone else who cares to also click on this link

      3. I’m sorry you went through that, I had a friend who went through similar, it was awful and took years. That’s unfortunate it’s so bad there. It’s pretty bad in my state too and they always favor the mother but once things escalate to hospitals and Drs being involved then things tend to get taken more seriously and I was hoping that would be the case with this situation.

  10. Stay that way my ass. Everything in life has been a public display. Now we can’t know whats going on with our internet kid who we watched go back and forth with grandma and mommy. Dr. Drew, get in here and get that baby! This is so sad. Jenelle was an old favorite of mine and I just wanted her to get better and better and better. I also never wanted to see Jace in the crossfire. I’ve also always hated that his dad signed his rights away. He could’ve scooped him up, been modeling with daddy.

  11. I ran away 3 times over a boyfriend. My parents found out he was abusing me. My dad nearly killed the guy. They wouldn’t let us see each other anymore so I left. Each time it was for a month

  12. Gee, I wonder if all of this “Drama” will affect the launch of Jenelle’s newest money making scam! I just read about the launch of her “special mushroom coffee” It was sickening to read her interview about how she is needing to make some serious health changes because of her “major health problems” and how this mushroom coffee is such a healthy choice!! Let’s hope there isn’t any mold in it like her infamous make-up disaster! LOL!

      1. LOL!! I was thinking the same thing! She is NOT the kind of person who should be a “spokesperson” for any business! She has been arrested so many times, supports her homophobic husband, forgave him for beating and killing her dog and God knows how many other animals, covered for him all of the times he beat Kaiser, actually laughed at the names David would call Kaiser when he was a toddler, has lied SO many times about her health to try and get pain killers and continues to smoke and drink at the same time she talks about how she is making healthy life style choices! LOL! It’s really pathetic that she refers to herself as an influencer!

  13. If it was just because he wanted to see his girlfriend then he would be back home right now… there’s more to the story.. aka it’s bc of jenelle and David…and posting content should be the furthest thing from her mind. Her son is suffering and it’s her fault. He more than likely told law enforcement and the hospital that he did not want to go back to the swamp… he is probably scared.. And hopefully the police/CPS are investigating, but who knows… She’s too self absorbed to put her children’s needs in front of her own…No matter how many cries for help they make.. It’s so disturbing.
    I pray and hope he doesn’t have to go back there..

    1. She legit said “they just want their mom to be happy”

      No. False. Incorrect.

      Children want to feel safe. YOU ARE BRAINWASHING THEM TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FEELINGS. And to suppress their neglect for your “happiness” which like a month ago you and your husband were publicly arguing on social media.

      1. Exactly!! She is projecting her feelings onto her children and expecting them to be responsible for them. It’s gross. Like you said all children want is to feel safe… stable… have peace…
        She’s complete garbage.
        Also..I would bet anything that she’s on adderall and/or meth.. they’re probably making it on their gross swamp.

  14. Poor Jace. Let him stay with his grandma. He was way better off. And Jenelles kids aren’t old enough yet to tell her to F off. But the time is coming!!!

  15. Hmmm so Barb was seen at the hospital but Jenelle & David were not.
    Seems like either Jenelle and David don’t give an eff about Jace and can’t be bothered to go see if he’s ok after being missing for over 24 hours,
    they’re not allowed to right now b/c something happened, and only Barb is allowed to be with him.
    Jenelle’s claiming he ran away due to a girlfriend, but that doesn’t make any sense – if you’re having issues with a girlfriend, what does running away from your home do? Those seem like 2 separate issues.
    Would Jenelle make an effort to go to the hospital even just to protect her reputation online (her #1 concern of course, not Jace’s mental health and well-being)? Eh, I can’t even see her doing that.
    But still my money is on some sort of CPS issue where only Barb was allowed to be with Jace at the hospital.
    That poor kid. What a mess.

  16. What kind of mother says “My other kids just want their mom to be happy” – they are KIDS! They should not have to even think about their mom’s happiness or situation. And you should not be putting them in an environment where they have to think about adult things like that. What about what you want for THEM? Are they in any activities, do they have hobbies, do they have friends over, do they get sleepovers with their best friends? No, no, no, no, and no, I’m guessing. All you know is they are doing “amazing at school” b/c you got some piece of paper or report card in their backpacks. How are you so self-absorbed??! She doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body. It’s ALL. ABOUT. HER. All the time. Anything she says about her kids is in relation to her feelings, her emotions, her stress, her problems. They are never the focus of anything she says.

  17. I don’t think it’s fair that anyone is sharing Jace’s personal struggles with the world. Being in a hospital, especially if it’s a mental hospital as people are speculating, should be kept private for that person. He’s 14, and he is not being given the chance to keep that information away from the public. He doesn’t need this stuff to be aired out to everyone. Let him heal. Please.

  18. I totally feel the same way because I’ve been through a multitude of traumatic moments since birth and it’s taken me 20yrs of therapy just to unravel all the things that happened to me. You have to be built for this life and even then you’ll almost drown.

  19. “I want to keep drama away from my content”.
    It’s not drama, you f*ckin b*tch, it’s your son SCREAMING for help time and time again.
    Jenelle is the worst POS 🗑️ I have even seen. I despise her.

  20. I hope poor jace is okay. He was still in the hospital a day after being found, so there must be something going on with him or they would have sent him home after checking him out. Poor thing.

      1. No, he came in with injuries after David abused him, Babs brought him in. Check Reddit to see what someone posted on Social Media.

          1. It’s on Reddit. Long name Teen mom Reddit.
            Another source also claims a police report will come out about David (Roux) Some think Roux just makes estimated guesses but they are right often.

    1. Hospitals do this when it is unsafe to send the kid home for any reason. Janelle obviously hasn’t been at the hospital bc she has been on SM all the time which makes me think that she isn’t allowed to be there.

      [Source: have worked in a Pediatric hospital for over a decade]

      1. i don’t think she gives a shit about going to see him. I am sure she is more mad then concerned. She is angry that it brought her further negative attention. She didn’t care about him when he was born, and doesn’t give a flying fuck about him now. She cares about herself, and showing her nasty bits on line. I can not wait till the police report is released. She is mentally incompetent to raise any children. As far as David goes, i hope you rot in hell, and jail!! CPS, we are all watching. The ball is in your court. PROTECT these kids!! Where are Ensley and Kaier during this shit show????

    2. Most likely they aren’t sending him home without being able to prove that home is safe. This is a very common procedure even if the kid is medically fine.

  21. She says she wants privacy for her son, yet she puts it out there that he’s supposedly running away because of his girlfriend and not because of her and David’s parenting. No comment would be the better answer if she really wants privacy and doesn’t want people in Jace’s business!

  22. I’m so sick of hearing how it’s all Barb’s fault, just because he lived with her primarily for 13 years. If things were so bad with his grandmother and he was acting out, how did Jenelle and swamp thing not have custody of Jace years ago?

    1. I entirely agree!

      Plus we KNOW that Janelle would use the time that BARB LET HER have with Jace to poison Jaces mind against Barb.
      Janelle was the one who TAUGHT Jace how to disrespect Barb and I firmly believe that she encouraged him to act out and even attack Barb so that she would let him live on the swamp. It worked! But you aren’t the amazing person you think you are Janelle! YOU taught your kid not to respect others and now you are getting what YOU deserve.

      Barb committed her life to that child. You can’t even take him to therapy or a soccer practice. Guess it’s harder for him to talk about the swamp atrocities when you isolate him on a swamp and take away his cellphone which is his only contact to the ONE person who cares about HIM as a human not using him as a prop for SM attention.

    1. I totally feel the same way because I’ve been through a multitude of traumatic moments since birth and it’s taken me 20yrs of therapy just to unravel all the things that happened to me. You have to be built for this life and even then you’ll almost drown.

  23. By “hospital” I’m wondering if it is in fact a mental hospital. Oftentimes people don’t listen to a 14 year old’s feelings and perspectives. Jenelle is very, very good at manipulating any situation to protect herself and that big dumb asshole she is married to. I can almost hear her fake crying and saying that there is something wrong with Jace mentally in hopes the heat is on Jace and off of her and David.

    That poor kid has been jerked back and forth between Barbara and Jace his entire life. I truly believe that Barbara loves Jace. But she is 70 years old and can’t physically handle raising him. I think for Jenelle that Jace was a prize to win from her mother and not necessarily because she loved him and wanted to be a parent. I truly hope that Jace is not returned to David and Jenelle. I fear for his safety if he is.

    1. You said it sis. She needed a story line at first so demanding to “see” Jace for a few minutes every few weeks was enough to drag out her teen mom “fame” but as her resentment over her mother grew, it was all about winning.

  24. Jace is in the hospital. This is serious. I know Barb is too old to deal with a teen with all these issues but Jace was better off living with her. Poor kid.

  25. Thank god he was found safe and sound. Now Jenelle won’t be interrupted while making more fucking videos!
    God I hate that bitch. She is seriously mentally deficient and should not be entrusted to raise kids. You ready to step in now CPS, or wait till he disappears again? The world is now watching.

  26. Jenelle: The public has no idea what’s going on.
    The Ashley: So, here’s what is going on…

    But, in all seriousness, I know The Ashley will be decorous and reverent when it comes to this information. That includes if she decides to not go into further detail when she is or, if she is ever, able. It sounds like something serious happened that Jenelle wants kept under wraps. No one buys that it had to do with a girlfriend. Especially since they weren’t actively looking for him this time around. There had to be a reason for that.

      1. Oh, I don’t doubt it will become public at some point. It is up to the discretion of the journalist to make it public. If The Ashley decides not to do so, I can respect that.

        And I hope this leads to actually consequences to those two swamp-dwellers.

      1. Probably bought a bunch. A lot are hatters. My guess is her followers would drastically decrease if hatters unfollowed. What gets me are the people who defend her. Even if hard evidence came out her and David were negligent and abusive, I bet they would still defend her.

      2. A lot of “influencers” (such a horrid term, isn’t it?) get bot accounts to like, follow and subscribe. Most of them are paid for, but not all. You can literally sign up for services that will give you subscribers, if you agree to subscribe to them (or whatever accounts they have). It’s basically “buy a follower” or “a follow for a follow”, which has existed even since Myspace was a thing.

        There are a crap ton of bot and automated accounts on social media. A large amount of them, if they have content at all-including comments they leave, are entirely generated by different programs and no actual person is ever really behind them. At this point, they probably outnumber actual individual people 5-1, easy (in less than 2 years and it’ll be 10-1 at this rate).

        That’s just a long way of saying over 3m of them are not real people or individual accounts. I doubt even 250k are (though some subscribe for the shitshow train wreck factor too)

  27. She’s such a liar. It has EVERYTHING to do with David’s parenting. David is a horrible parent and Jenelle’s no better. David has manhandled Kaiser on camera more than once. He’s a violent, hair trigger tempered piece of shit with a history of pistol whipping, threatening and we all know what he did to Nugget. And someone needs to tell Jenelle it’s “ME and David” not David and myself.

      1. Oh my gosh, yes! So true!

        My hope is that he never has to go back there, & that he finally gets placed in a loving, caring, safe space.

    1. Yes he is safe in the hospital under an alias so Janelle (and David) doesn’t have access to him. This frequently happens when a child needs protection even if they do not have any medical need to be hospitalized. I highly suspect this was known from the time he “ran away” because Janelle never made a big deal of him missing other than to feel sorry for HERSELF and make others think SHE is the victim. She seems to think that she is the victim even when jace is the one suffering and clearly struggling with the life Janelle has isolated him into.

      Once again Janelle is only concerned about herself. I don’t feel bad for her in the slightest. She can’t continually be smug and aggressive to everyone who crosses her path then turn around and play the victim when HER CHOICES and lack of responsibility result in CONSEQUENCES!

      The ONLY thing she is a victim of is HER OWN CHOICES & ACTIONS.
      She has proven SHE is the problem and poor Jace was forced into the swamp abuse after knowing what a somewhat stable household was. At least at Barbs HE was the unstable one. On the swamp he is the most mature, responsible and the only one being held accountable. The instability on the swamp is NOT Jaces fault and sure as heck not his internet girlfriends fault!

      Imagine an over grown 31y (non)mom of 3 blaming her 14y brotherson for the swamp volatility! IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT JACE!
      Once again Janelle is gaslighting that poor child for her own benefit.
      No one is surprised.

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