Bre Tiesi Hit With Lawsuit By Former Employees Accusing the ‘Selling Sunset’ Star of Inappropriate Work Behavior, Violence, Using LGBTQ Hate Speech & More

Bre, the (allegedly) bad boss.

Bre Tiesi is being sued by not one, but three former employees, for allegedly committing inappropriate work behavior, violating multiple labor codes, using derogatory words for LGBTQ people and more, according to The Blast. 

In court documents recently obtained by the outlet, the Selling Sunset star’s former nanny (and occasional personal assistant/house cleaner) Lucy Poole; her ex social media manager Amanda Bustard; and her former personal assistant/stylist Kenneth Gomez claim they were subjected to verbal abuse while employed by Bre, as well as numerous acts of violence that are in violation of the California Labor Code and the California Fair Employment & Housing Act. 

“Plaintiffs bring this action against Defendant for the continuous, pervasive, objectively, and subjectively offensive harassment they were forced to endure during the time of their employment,” the document reads. 

The lawsuit goes on to allege that the trio were “harassed, discriminated against, and/or retaliated against on the basis of their sex, gender, and/or sexual orientation,” despite “having repeatedly and demanded” said treatment stop. 

Bre—who shares a child with Nick Cannon and has been a main cast member on ‘Selling Sunset’ since Season 6– was reportedly hit with the lawsuit after her three former employees claim they endured months of harassment, discrimination and threats of physical violence, before ultimately being “unjustly fired.” 

The lawsuit alleges that Bre often made disparaging remarks about the LGBTQ community–- of which at least one of her former employees is a member. In court documents, Bre’s former nanny Lucy states that she is LGBTQ and has a mental disability, both things she claims Bre made fun of. 

“Ms. Poole claimed [Bre] frequently referred to other employees, people, and coworkers as ‘f**gots, c**ts, and r**ards,'” the court docs state, according to The Blast. “The woman alleged that due to her mental disability and affiliation with the LGBT community, Tiesi berated her with cruel words like “short bus riding b**tch, ADHD idiot, and dodo head.”

The former employees also noted Bre’s behavior after joining the cast of ‘Selling Sunset,’ claiming the fame and growing media influence Bre gained from being on the show had a negative influence on her personality. 

The lawsuit goes on to allege that the three individuals suffered “severe emotional distress, loss of earnings and loss of employment benefits,” among other things, claiming they are “entitled to general and special damages, statutory damages and penalties.” 

The former employees are demanding at least $1 million each for their financial losses, with an additional $2 million each to cover compensatory damages. They are also demanding $250,000 each for statutory damages, another $250,000 for restitutionary damages and another $250,000 for civil penalties, liquidated damages and relief allowed under the California Labor Code.  

In addition to requesting that their case to be heard before a jury, the former employees are requesting that Bre cover their attorney fees. 

Bre has yet to comment on the lawsuit filed against her. 

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  1. LMAO Like she has that amount of money to pay them. Bre is the ultimate “pick me” girl. She is so desperate for Nick Cannon that it’s embarrassing. Furthermore, this does not surprise me. She seems like a nasty person.

    1. What about “faggot,” “cunt,” “retard,” “short bus riding bitch,” and “ADHD Head?” The lawsuit clearly isn’t just for being called a “dodo head”

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