Matt Roloff Talks About ‘Little People Big World’ Possibly Being Cancelled After 25 Seasons & Reveals What’s Happened Behind the Scenes of the Show

“Let’s spill a little TLC tea!”

Matt Roloff is no longer bound by his non-disclosure agreement, and the Little People Big World is spilling secrets about the future of his TLC reality show!

In a long post to his verified Facebook account over the weekend, Matt revealed that, for the first time in more than 20 years, he is not under an NDA.

“Now that I’m officially not under a contract NDA, I can speak much more freely than I’ve been able to the past 20 years or so,” Matt wrote.

In the post, Matt opened up about the future of ‘Little People Big World,’ acknowledging that many of the show’s longtime fans had commented online that Tuesday’s Season 25 finale felt more like a series finale. While the long-running reality show has not been officially picked up by TLC for a 26th season, Matt stated that most of the Roloff family will not agree to film even if it is.

In February, Matt’s son Zach and his wife Tori announced that they were leaving the show and will no longer be filming new episodes. While Matt didn’t call his estranged son and daughter-in-law out by name, he did express that he’s “disappointed” that they have chosen to leave the show.

“Boo freakin’ hoo, Dad!” 

“It’s true that several family members have announced publicly that they are no longer interested in filming ‘LPBW’– I think [my ex-wife] Amy, myself and producers have known this for quite some time,” he wrote. “We completed our contract obligations and wrapped filming last September 2023.”

Matt stated that, while he enjoyed filming more with Amy and her husband Chris Marek, as well as his fiancé Caryn Chandler for Season 25, it was different than previous seasons. 

“Yeah…all the filming with my ex-husband was a blast….yeah, that’s it.” 

“Of course we missed filming more with the other family members and were obviously disappointed not to do more things all together,” he wrote.

Matt went on to explain that, with Zach and Tori leaving the show (following his other sons Jeremy and Jacob and their families, as well as the Roloffs’ daughter Molly), there just isn’t a lot of interesting content to use to create a show.

“Remember our show is a relationship-based program,” he wrote. “As more and more family members drift away from the show it becomes more difficult to produce the same content.”

“Basically you’ve run out of sons to feud with on-camera…”

Matt hinted that his feud with Zach— which has been a main topic of discussion during the past few seasons– has made for some great reality TV– and show ratings.

“As much as many of you hate (and we see the comments) [episodes] about the rifts and strife between the family members, the better the ratings do,” Matt explained. “… Viewers want relationship drama and then resolutions. The less relationship interactions [that] are filmed together on-camera the harder it is to produce the show. Chris and Caryn coming onboard helped replace some family members.”

Matt said he believes TLC is hesitant to announce that ‘Little People Big World’ is cancelled because the network may want to do some special episodes going forward, just like they did 10 years ago when the Roloffs tried to quit ‘LPBW.’ He explained that, back in 2010, he and his family informed TLC that they were done filming for the show, causing the network to issue a press release stating that ‘LPBW’ was cancelled.

Shortly after, the Roloffs agreed to do some “specials,” which soon led to them filming regularly for the show once again. 

“This is WHY I THINK there is some hesitation to announce from TLC that the show is over, even though the family as a whole is enjoying being away from it all after 19-20 years,” Matt wrote. “Caryn and many other family members have publicly stated they are done with filming.”

“Not sure how many people will tune in to watch you juggle pumpkins, Matt, but you can give it a try!”

Matt wrote that, if the last episode of Season 25 was truly the last episode of ‘LPBW’ ever, he is satisfied with it.

“I do think that TLC did a nice job on the last Tuesday ‘season finale’ episode hedging their bets and putting a nice button on the show and where the family (members that still participate) stands,” he wrote. “So if ‘LPBW’ never does come back (in whatever various other forms) I think consensus is they wrapped up the Roloff ‘LPBW’ crazy train saga pretty good. That’s why many of you felt it was a series finale.

“…Nobody really knows at this point [if that was the last episode of the show],” he continued. “I feel very content and satisfied with the run of shows and the journey we shared with you all!”

“You never know what the future may bring so if you are me– (and apparently TLC too?) I hate saying goodbye– Only See ya later!” Matt wrote. “Hopefully this sheds a bit of light on where things stand in terms of the finale last Tuesday 4/23/24— just my humble opinions. Not authorized to speak on behalf of any other individuals or companies.”


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Matt went on to address other topics, but ended his post by thanking the show’s long-time fans for their support.

“The show may or may not be done in the current format forever more… but either way I for one thoroughly enjoyed sharing a large part of my life journey with you and hope to meet you all in person one day along life’s trail,” Matt wrote. “Thanks to you all for sharing so much love and support to our family over so many years!”

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7 Responses

  1. Matt also spoke about the controversy surrounding the sale of his farm that led to estrangement within the family. He noted the tension between his twin sons, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, who both wanted the big house located on the farm.

    “Fairness to all four (4) of my kids and all grandkids played and weighted the heaviest,” he said.

  2. I am pretty sure Tori was a teacher. She does have an education. She went to college also. I love the whole family.

  3. This is one of the few reality shows I can still stand to watch, so I’ll miss it. I like most of the people on it, although I’ve never liked Amy (not to say she doesn’t have some redeeming qualities but she shows herself to be a small person, not just a little person, way too often).

    Matt is one of my favorites. He doesn’t deserve the criticism he gets from the knee-jerk reactionists. He’s a loving father and grandfather, a genuinely nice man and he’s accomplished a great deal despite his physical limitations. He never had any obligation to give it to his kids rather than sell it. Once he’s gone, it will be passed on to them. He willed it to Amy to ensure that.

    I understand Zach and Tori wanting to be off the show. They face ridiculous criticism from idiots with every episode that airs. They’re great parents and don’t deserve that. But the show can’t realistically continue without their family.

    1. He never had any legal obligation to sell the farm to the kids, but he bought out Amy for a ridiculously low price with the understanding that he was going to eventually sell to the twins. Leaving the farm to Amy (not any of the kids) in his Will isn’t some huge favor considering she was an owner and sold to him for a very low price.

  4. Matt is just mad that he lost a revenue stream, not that two of his kids don’t talk to him anymore.

    But I do think it’s stupid for Tori and Zack to quit. They have no skills they have never worked, they don’t have an education. They will never make money this easy in their lives.

    Why not ride it out until either another business opt presents or TLC cancels? Make the money when you can, because it’s not like Zack or Tori are going to make that kind of money working retail when their fame dies out.

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