Zach & Tori Roloff Officially Confirm They Are Leaving ‘Little People, Big World’: “We Are Done With It”

“Time to move on and get real jobs….haha! Just kidding!” 

After months of speculation, Zach and Tori Roloff confirmed this week that they will not be returning for another season of Little People, Big World. 

The couple— who are appearing on the currently airing season of the show— took to their podcast to officially confirm their exit from the long-running TLC series amid the family feud over Roloff Farms.

Zach and Tori revealed on their Raising Heights podcast this week that despite ‘Little People, Big World’ being “a huge part” of their lives, “it was time to walk away.” 

“The show brought us so many amazing opportunities, great memories and so much fun,” the couple said. “But it also challenged us to set better boundaries with filming and our kids, cope with not-so-accurate depictions of our lives and face family difficulties.”

The “family difficulties” that Zach and Tori are likely referring to, in part, is the rift between Zach and his dad, Matt Roloff. The tension between Matt and Zach (as well as Zach’s twin brother Jeremy) began around May 2022 when Matt announced he was selling a portion of the family’s farm, despite claiming that he wanted the farm to stay in the family. Matt insinuated at the time that his twin sons, Zach and Jeremy, were to blame for the sale, igniting the ongoing feud between the twins and their father. 

Zach and Tori made it clear that their time on ‘LPBW’ is over.

“It was a great run, but we needed an adult in the room,” they said. “And we made that decision.”  

In September, Connor Chandler–- the son of Matt’s fiancée, Caryn Chandler–- told The Sun that Zach and Tori would be exiting the TLC series, but the pair did not confirm the news themselves until this week. 

The couple, who moved from Oregon to Washington in October 2021, said their three children were “a huge reason” why they’ve decided to step away from the TLC series, though Zach acknowledged that the recent happenings involving his dad and Roloff Farms had also contributed to their exit. 

“I think the chapter has closed regardless of us being asked back or not,” he said on the podcast. “We’ve made it pretty clear we’re done with that chapter for multiple reasons … But because we’ve made that pretty clear … they haven’t asked us back, technically. This last cycle was rough, between the family, the farm deal and we are done with it.” 

Speaking for herself and Zach, Tori noted that filming ‘Little People, Big World’ was “no longer a project that we really believed in,” and because of that, filming Season 25 “was hard.” 

“It was hard to show up every day for it,” she added. 

On Tuesday’s season premiere of ‘Little People, Big World,’ viewers saw Matt and Caryn sit down with Matt’s ex-wife Amy Roloff and Amy’s husband Chris Marek to reveal that Roloff Farms will ultimately be left to Amy.  

“Good luck, Amy!”

“We’re all but decided that when I die, we’re giving whatever piece of the farm I still have to Amy,” Matt stated, explaining that any other plan would be “too complicated.” 

Currently, Matt is renting the Roloff family’s former home for short-term rental stays. 

New episodes of ‘Little People, Big World’ air Tuesdays on TLC. 

Watch the latest episode of Zach and Tori’s Raising Heights podcast below!

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram; TLC) 


  1. That sound you hear is me snorting in derision. I’d really like to know how Zach plans on supporting his wife and three kids. Yes, Tori could return to teaching, but if she did, then there would be the additional expense of day care or sitters.
    Zach has no specific training or skills in anything. Plus, his dwarfism will also limit his ability to do certain types of work. And now he’s currently blowing money building a big “workshop” so he can “tinker with stuff??” He’s really not thinking about the Bigger Picture, is he??
    If he does actually leave the show, Zach is going to quickly be slammed in the face with “real life.” Good luck…

    1. also, how does tori have 2.1 million IG followers? don’t watch the show, but she seems like such a drip. 💧

  2. I think Zach and Tori and the kids were the show. Get Amy’s resting bytch face off TV! Matt and Caryn are building a mega mansion.

      1. @anita ~ looks like he got you too! clickin’ that down arrow with his dirty chewed up fingers…

  3. I stopped watching because of Tori and Zack they acted like they were the most important people in the show. Their fight with there dad is ridiculous they are pretty much throwing a big tantrum for bot getting their way. Good riddance

  4. THANK YOU! Now we don’t have to watch Zach pick at his face and chew with his mouth opened full of food (Amy does that too) Never did like Tori, she came into the show like she owned the farm. So glad they are gone.

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