Nelson Thomas of ‘The Challenge’ Is Accepting Donations For Prosthetic & Medical Bills Through Nonprofit After Receiving Backlash For GoFundMe

Nelson Thomas of The Challenge is once again accepting monetary donations to cover the cost of medical bills stemming from the near-fatal car accident he caused in March 2023 by drinking and driving.  

As The Ashley reported last year, Nelson was pulled out of his burning vehicle after crashing it Austin, Texas. He was helped at the scene by Minnesota Vikings wider receiver K.J. Osborn and three others, whom he credits with saving his life.

Nelson went on to undergo numerous hospitalizations, surgeries and physical therapy sessions in an attempt to save his foot and ankle. After various procedures proved to be unsuccessful, Nelson revealed earlier this month that he will be having his foot amputated March 5.   

The MTV star shared on social media Thursday that he is accepting donations to cover upcoming medical costs through Less Leg More Heart, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that “provides amputees with vital support, services and supplies to improve quality of life.”

“I’d like to give BIG shout-out to @lesslegmoreheart for wholeheartedly starting a donor box to help cover my prosthetic and future hospital bills,” Nelson posted Thursday on Instagram. “If you’d like to contribute, all proceeds will go towards these expenses. The link is in my bio. Thank you! MARCH 5th is the Big Day!!!” 

While Nelson is now accepting funding through a nonprofit, this isn’t the first time donations have been collected on his behalf. 

Shortly after the March 2023 car crash, a GoFundMe was created by one of Nelson’s friends, which raised more than $58,000 before details of Nelson’s accident were made public. 

The Ashley broke the news in October that Nelson had been arrested in September for Driving While Intoxicated, a charge that stemmed from the night of his accident. According to documents obtained by The Ashley, Nelson’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) was so much higher than the legal limit that he received an enhancement on his DWI charge. Nelson was officially charged with a Class A misdemeanor, due to his BAC being over 0.15. 

Although Nelson had publicly revealed many details surrounding his accident, he failed to mention the fact that it was caused because he was driving under the influence. He also neglected to inform fans that he had been arrested for his actions. Once fans learned that Nelson’s accident was caused by his own drinking and driving–- and that he kept this detail quiet–- many expressed anger and demanded their money back. 

Nelson finally addressed the situation in January, apologizing to “those who thought I overlooked them through the GoFundMe.” Nelson claimed that the friend who set up the GoFundMe only knew about Nelson’s hospitalization and had “created it with positive intentions.” 

“I initially withheld this information due to legal considerations,” he continued. “Those who requested a refund have received it.” 

Nelson’s GoFundMe page remains active and the donations currently sit at nearly $59,000. His donation page through Less Leg More Heart has collected nearly $500 of its $25,000 goal.  

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Facebook) 


  1. As someone who is chronically ill and struggling immensely with a huge 8 inch by 9 inch wound on my leg due to blisters that are a rare side effect of CRPS. I have Stage 2 full body CRPS with other medical conditions that come with this disease. Last wound I saw 6 wound care specialists it took 8 yrs to heal the last one! I can’t seem to get the help I need!! But you decided to get behind the wheel drunk! Something that could have cost someone else’s family a huge heartbreak due to your irresponsible behavior!! I truly hope you’re forced into treatment bc you sir have a problem! Just think what you’re teaching your children and fans! I try to pay for everything I need on disability and I live every single solitary second of every day in severe 8-9 pain! I have lived this way a long time and I can’t even afford my wound care supplies along with numerous other necessities of life! I’m grateful for what I do have that I’m not homeless! It just astounding that you care so little about yourself and your children! While so many could use help you get help by deceiving others! Get help for your drinking! There’s absolutely no excuse for take care of your mental health instead of trying to drown your feelings in booze!

  2. I don’t have an issue with him getting help through an organization. He’s losing his leg, thats a huge deal and I’m sure he needs help getting rehabilitated into his new life.

    However, I do have a problem with him not being entirely truthful about his accident. Sad thing is, he’s definitely paying now.

  3. The online panhandling and “poor me” is disgusting. My husband is an amputee. Never once did we ask family or strangers to help. He is so gross. God forbid he killed someone during his drunk driving

  4. Does he not have insurance? My neighbor lost her whole leg and everything was covered by insurance except some of the extra PT she wanted to do before the amputation in case it would help.

    1. Gonna assume that he does not. I doubt he even has a job outside of these MTV Challenges like the other ones who consider this their sole source of income.

  5. What a d*ck. If this douche got hammered, started firing a gun randomly into the street and then accidentally shot himself in the foot, would he still panhandle online? There’s really no difference

    1. I agree..reading this didn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy.

      I suppose his other option was welfare, so, not sure which would be worse. Oh, the charity would be. That prosthetic could have went to someone who more deserves it.

      Dude lied to hide a crime.

  6. I don’t think there is anything wrong with him receiving help from this organization. We all make mistakes. Nelson has asked for forgiveness and has forgiveness himself. People make mistakes. I hope the amputation is a step towards his body fully healing.

    1. I agree. He did an egregious thing and he is certainly paying for that poor decision. Getting help from this organization is not a horrendous thing to do.

    2. I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting help when needed. I do think he messed up by taking so long to come clean about it being his own fault for his accident. That’s what people got mad about because it seemed like he covered up the fact that he was drinking & driving. He is paying the price for his poor decisions. He’s just lucky he didn’t hurt someone else or worse.

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