GoFundMe Set Up to Help ‘The Challenge’ Star Nelson Thomas with Medical Costs After Horrific Car Crash; His MTV Co-Stars Donate Thousands of Dollars

“Sending you all a big hug from Nelly T!”

Nelson Thomas‘ pals from The Challenge and Are You The One? are stepping up to help fund his recovery.

A plethora of MTV stars have donated thousands of dollars to help Nelson get back on his feet after Nelson was involved in a horrific car accident last week. As The Ashley previously reported, Nelson was pulled from his burning car by NFL star K.J. Osborn and three others, who happened to be driving by at the time of Nelson’s crash.

GoFundMe has been set up to help Nelson recover financially after undergoing multiple surgeries. As of press time, the campaign has raised over $37,000 for Nelson of its $200,000 goal, mostly thanks to generous donations by Nelson’s ‘Challenge’ and ‘Are You The One?’ cast mates.

“Just over a week ago, our dear friend, Nelson Thomas saw his life flash before his eyes in a terrible car accident,” the fundraiser’s bio reads. “He is so grateful for the amount of love he’s already received in such a short time. From his ‘Challenge’ buddies, to family, to wonderful friends – he is feeling so much love.

“This accident has left him pretty beat up along with a totaled vehicle. He has already had multiple surgeries, including a reconstructive surgery on his leg where he now has plates and screws.”

The fundraiser’s organizers asked fans to pray for Nelson and instructed those who want to contribute financially how to do so.

“This will go toward medical bills and any other necessities to aid in his recovery. This is going to be a long road to recovery, but his spirits are high. Thank you all for your love and kindness,” the bio reads.

As of press time, Are You The One? star Zak Longo (who appeared on Season 3 of ‘AYTO?’ with Nelson) had made the top donation of $5,000. ‘Challenge’ vets Jonna Mannion Stephens and Jordan Wisely each donated $1,200 to Nelson, with other ‘Challenge’ stars such as Tori Deal and Nury Mateos pledging $1,000 each. Other donations came from Nelson’s co-stars Amanda GarciaVeronica PortilloDarrell Taylor, Wes Bergmann and Nia Moore.

Even Olivia Kaiser– whom Nelson claimed “broke his heart” when she “friend-zoned” him after the ‘Ride or Dies’ season— pledged $500 to aid in Nelson’s recovery.

When your MTV pals come through for you…

In a video posted to social media, Wes asked fans to help out Nelson.

“We all know that Nelson got into a very horrible car accident and he just shared a GoFundMe page,” Wes says in the video. “I just donated, and I hope that you all will consider donating. If you can’t, no worries, no pressure, but I’m really proud when the ‘Challenge’ community comes together and helps in situations like this.

“Obviously, as you can imagine, what he’s going through is incredibly expensive,” Wes continued. “Any amount will help alleviate some of the struggle. I just wanted to say that I’ve got a lot of positive thoughts out for my guy, Nelson. I’m very proud of him.”

Nelson indicated on a recent Instagram post that he has no health insurance. ‘Challenge’ cast member, Britni Thornton, clarified the insurance situation for cast members, writing, “While FILMING we’re fully covered under insurance. That insurance doesn’t carry outside of filming.”

(This is standard on nearly every reality show, as contestants are considered “independent contractors” and not employees of MTV or the production company.) 

Nelson thanked his friends and fans for their donations on Wednesday.

“Thank you Joe and Britt for starting a GoFundMe  I’ve been in the hospital 10 days so far,” he wrote. “Hoping to get out soon. My recovery will be my biggest test yet. Thank everyone for the overwhelming support and concern. I’m so grateful for my friends and family.”

To donate to Nelson’s GoFundMe click here.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter; GoFundMe)

11 Responses

  1. I do not feel bad for him. He has the money to get insurance, but chooses not to get it? I don’t believe one second of that. He caused the wreck himself, he gets no sympathy from me for that. I do not feel bad for people who drive recklessly and injure themselves. I feel bad for anyone else on the road anywhere near him while doing it.

    People donating to him is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, medical bills can and will be high, but he has the means to pay it. Acting like he doesn’t is just stupid. He obviously has the means. His net worth alone suggests he could. If he’s so poor, why doesn’t he sell off some of his assets like every other actual struggling human has to do when shit hits the fan?

    Oh, I know why, because he’s not poor.

  2. I mean, I feel bad for the kid but we make it a priority in our house to have health insurance. Sometimes we sacrifice nice clothes, vacations, or vehicles this way if a major sickness or accident occurs we don’t have to depend on other people to pay our bills. Is this not the norm?

  3. That sucks. I’m waiting to see what his good friend Cory will donate. People that really know him should donate to him directly because they of the penalty go fund me takes.

    1. Cory has his daughter & her surgeries to worry about. I don’t think it means anything if he doesn’t donate.

        1. It’s a bit funny you think medicaid actually covers everything, even if she does have it. I assure you, it does not. Many of us with children who do qualify still have outstanding bills that it doesn’t cover.

        2. @tiny ~ why would cory qualify for medicaid? this is a genuine question, not snark. i thought medicaid was for low-income families?

  4. Use the money to send the alcoholic to rehab. Typical ‘celebrity’ drunk driver getting sympathy for his own idiotic actions. Typical of his kind…

    1. didn’t realize this was a DUI ~ source? (again, genuine question, not a snarky retort)

      1. also, wouldn’t be shocked (at all) if some sort of substance was involved ~ just don’t recall reading anything about it.

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