Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon Tells Fans She’s Struggling Financially & Almost Had Her Car Repossessed; Fights with Husband Josh Efird After Fans Send Her Money

“Hey, all you broke people….can I get some money?”

Less than a week after Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon was lashing out at fans on social media and making fun of them for being broke, the Mama June: Family Crisis star is admitting that she’s having a bit of a money crisis of her own!

On Thursday, Pumpkin hit TikTok Live to chat with her fans…and reveal she and her family are having some financial struggles, despite being on a hit WEtv reality show. Pumpkin then mentioned that she is very behind on her car payments– so much so that her car was almost repossessed earlier this week.

While Pumpkin didn’t straight-out ask her followers for money, she did put her Venmo, Paypal and Cash App usernames on display, which garnered her about $1,000 by the end of the Live. (Pumpkin told fans that she intended to use the money they sent her toward her overdue car payment.) In addition– Pumpkin asked fans to send her things that she needs for her kids but can’t afford, such as formula and diapers. 

“How am I gonna diaper all them behinds?”

(Pumpkin and her husband Josh Efird welcomed twins last year. They are also the parents of four-year-old Ella and one-year-old Bentley. Pumpkin also has legal custody of her 17-year-old sister, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.) 

While Pumpkin seemed pleased that her fans stepped up to help her out financially, Josh was not thrilled that his wife was telling fans about their money issues— or that she was accepting cash from strangers. Pumpkin mentioned that Josh “works” doing various things but didn’t specify if he was employed full-time.

“He’s not doing too much,” Pumpkin said of Josh during the Live. “He wants the help [from people] but, like, he’s very private and he’s like, ‘It’s our business.’ He doesn’t want to make it seem like he can’t do it.”

“But he can’t! He can’t!” their daughter, Ella chimed in. (That part of the Live was caught in a screenshot and posted by a user to Reddit.)

Ella saying Josh can’t take care of them 😂
by u/Shooothe in MamaJuneFromNotToHot

At another point during the Live, Josh— angry at Pumpkin for accepting strangers’ donations— left the house and told Pumpkin to give the money back to the people who had donated. 


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As The Ashley previously reported, just days ago, Pumpkin and Alana (as well as other family members) were on TikTok Live, defending Alana’s recently jailed boyfriend, Dralin Carswell, and making fun of their naysayers, whom Pumpkin mocked at one point for working in the fast food industry.

“Half of you b*tches probably got f**kin’ methamphetamine charges and work at Waffle House,” she shouted.  

“Baby, at the end of the day, I’m still gonna make my money,” Alana said during the rant. “Y’all mad because y’all broke and bum a*ses sitting on y’all’s couch right now worried what the f**k Honey Boo Boo got going on when you need to be worried about how to make some money…”

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(Photos: WEtv; Instagram)


  1. Pumpkin you are doing your best , god will bless you for everything you have done.
    Don’t worry about what others have to say you are the one that’s handling it.feel free to vent on me I would listen every single person needs someone to talk to get dr it,

  2. Wait a minute…I was on the live where they were popping off talking down to people and ms. HONEY BOO BOO since we know you hate that sh*t now, literally said she came out the vagina RICH so why not pick that phone up and just Venmo request your sister you’ve done soooo much for Lauryn? She has so much money according to that live, both of you should be ashamed and had it not been for that live there’s no telling how much help you actually WOULD HAVE GOTTEN!!!! LOOK AT KARMA!!!! You are a mother but pop off sis, take up for someone getting in the car DRUNK and driving, but when it’s someone else and something happens to someone you love let’s check that energy then baby!

  3. Yet she appears to have a tattoo on her arm. Maybe pay your car note, get your children formula and diapers before spending money on a tattoo. It is ridiculous that these reality people who have far more money and opportunities than we do expect their “fans” to pay their bills. Get a job. Get two. Take care of your own family.

  4. I would, however, watch the shit out of an episode where they are given jobs at Waffle House. Just to see exactly how well that would go.

  5. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you give trash a reality show. She should be able to pay her bills and if not, GET A JOB!

  6. I work at Waffle House and I’m not a meth addict bitch I make my money the right way and not begging for money

    1. Nobody from that lazy, trashy family would last a day in your shoes working at Waffle House. If any of them ever walk into a Waffle House, I hope Humble Pie is on the menu and they are served a slice.

  7. Isn’t this the same girl that was just cussing people out. I would never support them again. They just talked big shit calling people broke .

  8. Seems my comments on that last video were accurate. They are one season from the welfare trailer park themselves. No doubt the extreme size and drugs will follow as well as the criminal child molestor friends. It’s sad when generational problems keep pulling you down.

  9. These people sending her money must be fkd up, there is a cost of living crisis and people need their money for their own families.
    What a fkn cheek after her outburst last week ( ridiculing the very people she’s now begging for money) get off your ass and get a damn job.

  10. So honey do doo Brags that she was born, rich, and famous. Claims she doesn’t care what people think about her because she will bring in the money anyway. Makes fun of people with jobs at the waffle house, but her family can’t afford diapers? WTF? Suck it. Anyone who contribute money to pay for this shit show deserves what they got

  11. Sorry I don’t get how this all works. People are just giving you money? Who are these people? Are they young, old, employed ? Whether it’s asked or not, clearly putting your info out there, is baiting people to assist. Kinda funny since she just called alot of people broke last week. She’s going to lose her favour with this show, she was the responsible, mature one and now she’s just sowing her age and trash upbringing. The sister as well. Alana may think she’s the greatest but DWTS proved she is major only in her mind. A little reality show is nothing. It’s the people that make and breaks you and laughing in their faces calling them broke is the fastest way to unemployment – ville.

  12. My empathy dried up for Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin last week with the news of that live. The audacity and carelessness in the words chosen was trashy.

    If you can’t afford your car, then it should be repossessed. You both claimed you had all this money, then where was it spent? Third grade math could help solve the problem…

    1. Exactly the amount of people begging for money on social media is nauseating. The fact that her show is still running is telling!! She has been paid exorbitant mouth of money for the last six or seven years. I for one and done.

  13. Wow. That is incredibly bold after the word vomit she spewed on their “fans”. Quite disappointing that people gave them anything at all.

  14. There’s nothing stopping her from getting off her fat ass and doing some work, either. She claims her husband can’t take care of them and yet whatever paychecks he is getting have clearly paid most of their bills this entire time. The money she makes from the show isn’t more than whatever he’s bringing in. It’s her car payment that’s behind and not the rest of their bills, it’s probably an expense she pays and he doesn’t. Since she wastes money on stupid shit, it’s her own fault. If they were struggling, they’d qualify for assistance, and they make way over the threshold for that.

    She’s just on some “woe is me, I’m gonna beg for money like everyone else does” bandwagon to see how much she can get from people. That’s probably exactly why he told her not to do it and to return the money. It’s not because he’s embarrassed (though that does happen, and I get it) but because she’s lying through her teeth and mismanaging whatever money she does have-including what June pays in support. Although he’s probably also pissed off about their little online tantrum and the fallout from that. I would be too.

    Alana’s money she earns doesn’t go to them, it would go into a trust where she has extremely limited access at least until she’s 18. It’s not likely to be put under their control either, given their situation.

  15. Nah, she can go get that job at Waffle House so she can afford formula and diapers for the kids she chose to have ..

  16. Mama June has to pay $800 in child support per month, they make money on the show, what about sponsor deals, do they have those?, the husband works, apparently a lot?
    Didn’t Alana get a part time job too?

    So what’s going on there? At least three sources of income and still in debt?

    How would they support their family without the show and $800 per month? Many young families don’t have that and can pay their bills.
    Things do not add up.
    Plus the husband wants Pumpkin to give people their money back.

    Are they lying, mismanaging their money or does Pumpkin want her man at home, feeling he shouldn’t lift a finger cause they are reality royalty?

    Alana will turn 18 in August, what do they plan to do after August?

  17. Who would be stupid enough to give money to this begging piece of crap? She has THREE separate accounts for people to deposit money into???? What a bunch of trashy pigs! I hope they lose the car, their house, and their kids!

  18. Granted the adults in her life were horrible role models, but such ignorant trash. The cycle continues, even with some reality TV money.

    1. Is it crazy how shit comes full circle? Getting angry, judging other people, calling them poor and then being in the same situation? Karma’s a bitch and serves it back.

  19. So now they are begging the same people they were ragging on for being broke ass bitches as Alana said. You can’t make this crap up. I saw that live that they did and it was so disrespectful and they just made. Themselves look low class and trashy.

  20. I really do feel for pumpkin to a point, even after their trashy rant last week. She has a lot of responsibility for a young woman. But that’s life. We all know how babies are made and bills are paid. She must have known that WeTv wasnt taking her into retirement.

    However, it looks like the reality gravy train is coming to an end. Gotta have an exit strategy. I’m sure she has her hands full with 4 kids under 6 at home, so time for Josh to be a full time worker with health insurance if he has a problem with her begging online.

    The best thing that could happen to this family is for their “show” to end, as it’s just exploiting them. They will sink or swim, just like the rest of us.

  21. I stopped liking and supporting Pumpkin and her family after what she said last week.
    Pumpkin, get your tubes tied, put your kids on daycare and get a job at Waffle House, you lazy *ss trailer trash b*tch 🙂

  22. Josh should put in an application at the Waffle House.

    Cause how do you go from making fun of poor people to asking for money within a week? What even is this?

    1. Right? They were making fun of people having ACTUAL jobs and yet…it looks like her husband doesn’t have a steady one even? And where’s the money from the shows? Are they all spending it on god knows what or Honey Boo Boo spends it all on her sh*tbag of a boyfriend?

  23. So Honey Bo Bo is making money but she isn’t helping out her legal guardian with money?

    I guess I’m lost. Or she doesn’t have any money, yet.
    The irony is tho is that all she does is sits on her bum, but she “makes money”

    1. IMO it isn’t the responsibility of a child to provide for themselves. Sadly, her outlook on people and money is the direct result of her upbringing. Likely an unpopular opinion but, I think these networks have a responsibility to the minor children to ensure they are educated on their income. Especially when we consider where these networks go “shopping” for their “stars”. They are almost always disadvantaged and have limited understanding of how this income will be taxed, etc.

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