Jenelle Evans Confirms Her Mom Barbara Evans Gave Her Back Custody of Son Jace: “It’s a Done Deal!”

“He’s all yours, Juh-nelle! Babs’ Home For Wayward Grandkids is officially closed!”

Last month The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle Evans was finally “getting back” custody of her son, Jace, 13 years after giving her mother Barbara Evans custody of the boy. Although the former Teen Mom 2 star denied that The Ashley’s story was true at the time, she’s now admitting that she did, indeed, get custody of the teen.

In an interview with Us Weekly on Saturday, Jenelle claimed that she and her mom agreed that Jenelle should regain custody. (As The Ashley previously reported, though, the decision was mainly due to the fact that Barbara could no longer handle Jace, according to The Ashley’s sources.)

“My mom and I decided together to grant full custody back to me because we want to build our relationship back as mother and daughter,” Jenelle told the magazine.

Over the years, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have seen Jenelle and Barb’s relationship highs (HIGH! HIGH!) and lows, with the battle over Jace being a major source of contention between mother and daughter.

Jenelle and Barb had a court date last month in which Barb filed to modify the custody situation for Jace. Jenelle and Jace’s father, Andrew Lewis, were named in the hearing, although it’s unknown if Andrew— who has been absent from Jace’s life since birth— attended. 

“Any chance I’d be able to claim Jack on my taxes this year? I mean, JACE. Yeah, that’s it. Jace.”

Barbara retained a lawyer for the case but was not contesting the custody modification in any way this time, unlike Jenelle’s previous attempts to “get Jace back.” 

In her interview with Us Weekly, Jenelle revealed that she and Barbara officially signed the last of the custody paperwork on Thursday at the courthouse. 

“It’s a done deal!” she declared.

Jenelle gave her version of events as to why Babs agreed to let Jace live with her and her husband David Eason on The Land. She stated that Babs is very impressed with how David parents the other youngins on The Land.

No. Seriously…

“Also, my mother agrees it’s time for Jace to be back with his siblings and living with a mother and father,” Jenelle said. “She also thinks it’s important for Jace to be around a father figure to learn ‘boy things’ and have ‘men talk.’ She has seen the way David parents my children and she knows we’re able to handle it.”

Surely Barb wouldn’t want Jace to miss out on any of David’s “manly wisdom.”

Jenelle’s random manager, August Keen, made an appearance in an article after a months-long absence, telling Us Weekly how fabulous Jenelle and David are doing in their relationship.

“Jenelle and David are definitely together and things between them are great,” he told the magazine on Saturday. “They’re a happy family and they are completely fine.”

“It’s fine! Everything is fine!”

Jenelle added that she hopes she and Babs can finally mend their relationship.

“We want to all get along for the sake of the children and like I said before, building back our relationship as mother and daughter,” she said. 

“As long as ya aren’t bein’ a bitch of a daughta to me and ya don’t try to get me to do tha OnlyFans with ya, I’m in!” 

As fans may remember, Jenelle almost obtained custody of Jace back in January 2021. However, as The Ashley told you at the time, Jenelle bragged about it a bit too early, causing Barbara to pull the plug on the whole plan. Jenelle and Barbara became estranged again for a while after that incident.

At that time in 2021, Jace had been living with Jenelle for a bit, due to Barbara being unable to handle his behavior issues. However, when Barb found out that everyone knew she couldn’t handle Jace, she rescinded the offer to let Jace live with Jenelle.

With Jace added to the heap, that means all three of Jenelle’s kids are now living on The Land.

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(Photos: MTV; YouTube)


  1. I’m glad she got finally got her older son back.Now she rest easier since she got him back.Now her mom and her can try mom and daughter now hopefully.And they can show some love towards each other.May good bless everyone

  2. Jenelle sweetheart, your mom didn’t give you nothin’, she gave up because Jace has behavioral issues but I’m not surprised, she raised you and look how you turned out!!!

    Jenelle will be saying “I’m gonna be a grandma” VERY SOON!!!

  3. She raised Jenelle, why would anyone think he would fair any better being with Barb?

  4. Such a sad situation. Babs did all she could do, and is too old to be dealing with a teenager, but now another kid is going to be raised in racism, homophobia, and hatred. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jace turned out worse than his mom.

  5. Sadly, this is EXACTLY what I expected to happen to Jace by this age. Since he was 11 or 12 he has reportedly struck Barbara numerous times. He has set fires in the hours. . He’s 13, she’s 70. I imagine he is much stronger than she is.At some point if he continues, it’s considered elder abuse.

    Jenelle deserves a lot of the credit for how Jace behaves, even though he hasn’t been in her custody. She is constantly lying to him and gaslighting him. She shames him for telling the truth. She makes promises she can not or will not keep. That poor kid hasn’t known whether he was coming or going his entire life. Jenelle shrieking like a banshee that she’d get custody in a week or a month or a year, constantly for 13 years he’s been bombarded with lies and false promises. That will mess a kid up badly. He has no safe place to land because Jenelle uses everything against him, good or bad.

  6. I bet it was because Barbara couldn’t take care of Jace anymore because I heard a while back through either articles or tv that Jace was having behavioral problems and if anything Barbara probably felt she did all she could and given her age, Jace could probably hurt her. So if anything Barbara just handed him over to Jenalle. And with Jenalle’s husband David if he’s still acting the way he is. Him and Jace are going to go head to head. Cops will get called. Jace will probably get hauled off and Jenalle will blame Barbara for instead of herself or her husband. I could see her selling one of her kids out over getting her husband in trouble. I wish Jace’s dad would come back. But I heard he’s scared of Barbara so he ran away after Jace’s birth. The only guy that’s around is Jenalle’s husband because once she breaks up with them they move to another state probably because they can’t stand Jenalle. But I heard Nathan got in trouble again. So as far as all of the kids their doomed. Sorry to say that. I hope the best for her children. I don’t want to see Jace on drugs and having a few baby mama’s by 18. In and out of jail. I hope he will surprise everyone and make something great of himself.

  7. The complicated feelings I have for this situation are too much for people I don’t know. Supportive and loving thoughts for the boy only. May Jace find his way and break free, his life is in his hands now.

    On a snarky note, both Andrew and David pictures need to come with a warning they are not easy on the eyes for very different reasons.

      1. Sure, why not. She already put Jace in grave danger on-camera by waving a gun and following someone during a road rage incident. Much worse goes on off-camera at the swamp and with the swamp people.

        Besides, David doesn’t do anything wrong as a husband or something.

    1. Hi Janelle.
      Nice to see your fake accounts coming out in swarms today.
      Didn’t you just get another misbehaved kid to “parent”?
      Try it sometime.

      Oh and your lies to Us Weekly were laughable. You owe Barb 14 years of catering to. Actually 31.

    2. You need to remember that Barbara has been there for Jace since the day he was born. If it weren’t for Barbara, Jace would have been in Foster Care. The day Jenelle brought Jace home from the hospital, she changed and fed him and put him to bed. Then she got ready to go out to party with her friends. It was Barbara who pointed out that you can not leave a baby home alone. If anything Barbara deserves a huge thank you from Jenelle for caring for Jace when she was unable or unwilling to do so. Jenelle never put Jace first.

  8. Perfect example of No father figure, no mother! This kid was doomed from the start. I’d love to see Jace join the Army and become disciplined young man. If Jeanelle was smart she would take him to the recruiters tomorrow.

  9. Jace will never make it to 25. For some reason, people like David and Delujanelle have an endless lifespan. Unfortunately, their kids usually do not fair as well. We’re praying for all these kids to beat the odds.

    1. Yea it really is unfair. It also seems like scum like them are also are able to procreate so easily and often, while good responsible people who would love nothing more than to be good parents to a child of their own have to go through years of hormone treatments and heartache trying to conceive.

  10. I’m sad that I’m typing this, but I wonder how long before one of them lose it, and kill one of the kids?
    If Barbra cannot control Jace, I can only imagine how that will be with David.
    If jace is as bad, I can see him teying to fight back.

    Oh, no….
    None are safe.

  11. « my mother agrees it’s time for Jace to be back with his siblings and living with a mother and father,” Jenelle said. “She also thinks it’s important for Jace to be around a father figure to learn ‘boy things’ and have ‘men talk.’

    LOOOOOL. So Juhnelle wants David to teach their values, which are: racism, homophobia, misogyny and QAnon? 😂😂

  12. I remember her saying in the beginning that she would get custody back even if took her SIX MONTHS!!! Here we are 13 years later.

  13. In other news…
    Jenelle spends the weekend with an admitted pwdophile who admits to “catching feelings” for a 13 year old… the same age & aesthetic as Jace.

    No problem though because JE got to go out drinking and Jace could babysit!
    Imagine if Barb expected 13-31 year old JE to babysit her kids!!😳 JE can’t even “babysit” her OWN kids let alone siblings!

    Off to a great start…

      1. Yep! Her new weekend “friend” kissed a 13y who she admitted to “catching feelings” for. 🤮
        And that is only the start of her trashiness. She is arguably worse than JE and we know that is quite the standard!!

        I’d suggest googling her but I don’t even remember her name. It’s Zoe Laverne or something like that? Zoe something.

    1. I hope jace has social media and people are warning about chuld predators since his OWN MOTHER isn’t caring just days after gaining custody first time of his life

        1. Jenelle spent the weekend hanging out with Zoe Laverne at the swamp. Zoe Laverne is apparently tiktok “famous.” When Zoe was 19 or 20, she “caught feelings” and kissed a 13-year-old boy she had been making content with. She initially denied that they were anything but “best friends” until a picture of the two kissing leaked online.

  14. Barb did the best she could for as long as she could. I have kids the same age and parenting teen males in particular is no joke! At her age it could easily be too difficult, especially because I don’t doubt that Jace has serious emotional and behavioral issues. My biggest concern would be David’s volatility. Jace has never lived in the household of an adult male. I hope Jace can adapt and learn quickly. Praying for him, this situation is NOT his fault.

  15. Cause this called for a celebration, Jenelle had a child predator over who groomed a boy aged 13 too.

    I’m shocked she didn’t celebrate with Babs.

      1. Zoe Laverne, Jenelle’s new bff. Zoe was apparently tiktok famous. She had an inappropriate relationship at age 20 with a 13 year old fan.

      2. Let us not forget, In the Teen Mom: Dads Special, David stated he was called Uncle Bad Touch. I guess he was accused of trying something with a family member, and somehow it was found.

        That is why some groups and pages write UBT (Uncle Bad Touch) instead of typing his name.

        1. @Kathy– that’s actually not the true story of how he got that nickname. The true story is that they were filming the special and David creeped everyone out (there’s a story in my archives about it). Later on social media, Adam Lind called David “Uncle Bad Touch.” -The Ashley

  16. I’m sure Pinocchio Evans will make it sound like they’re one big happy family.

    I hope someone guard his mtv trust fund money 💰

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