Jenelle Evans’ ‘My Mom Blocked Me’ Video Recap: Jenelle Bashes Barbara After Barb Snatches Back Custody of Jace

But these videos are surely helping….

Jenelle Evans almost achieved her 11-year-plus goal of getting her son Jace back under her roof full-time; however, the former Teen Mom 2 star opened her big mouth a bit early, causing her mom Barbara to pull the plug on the whole plan!

Over the weekend, Jenelle uploaded a video to her YouTube channel entitled “My Mom Blocked Me.” The video gave Jenelle’s version of events (and featured a cameo from her ever-present, ever-lurking husband David Eason).

The Ashley has been dragging her feet on recapping this mess but as they say, better late than pregnant with David’s baby never.

Here, The Ashley will break down what Jenelle claims happened to her plan to get Jace to live with her full-time. Remember, this is a recap of Jenelle’s version of the events that unfolded. The Ashley will try to add in truth tidbits wherever possible. 

(As The Ashley told you earlier this month, Jace had been living with Jenelle for a bit, due to Barbara being unable to handle his behavior issues. However, when Barb found out that everyone knew she couldn’t handle Jace, she flipped out and rescinded the offer to let Jace live with Jenelle. This caused her relationship with Jenelle to go belly-up once again.)

The video begins with Jenelle— wearing what could be David’s good “churchin’ T-shirt” because it is sans pit stains– telling her viewers she’s “kind of mad right now.” 

“Wait until my mom sees this video! She’ll be shakin’ in her Hush Puppies!”

Jenelle fills up her aromatherapy diffuser thing (because when we think ‘zen,’ we no doubt think ‘Jenelle Evans’), adding in a few extra drops to provide extra stress relief. (Girl, you live on The Land and you’re married to David. If I were you, I’d be drinking the whole damn bottle of lavender oil. That’s a lot to ask of a few essential oil drops!) 

After Jenelle wrasstles with her diffusor, she gets down to business, informing her viewers why she’s so ding-dang mad! 

“Jace was living with me the past week and now circumstances have changed,” she says. “Why have they changed? Because my mom can’t put down her pride.”

“Where the hell is my pride? I put it down here somewhere…”

“Jace was with me the past week because of his behavior, because it was really bad and were not going into detail about that because that’s no one’s business but Jace’s. But my mom couldn’t handle it and his behavior was horrible. The things he was doing was horrible…

“My mom couldn’t handle it,” Jenelle continued. “She’s been calling me all the time to come pick him up, he won’t do his schoolwork. I’m the only one who can make him do his schoolwork and even hand in his assignments.”

“We all know what sticklers we are about education here at the Lil’ Red Schoolhouse on The Land…”

Jenelle claims she told Jace that if he acted up one more time, he was going to be sentenced to life on The Land, and Barb agreed.

Jenelle, who moments ago told us she would not go into what kind of “bad” things Jace was doing, proceeds to talk about what bad things Jace was doing.

“He’s cussing a lot,” Jenelle says before blurting out what may be the most-ridiculous thing she’s said since “Dramastic.”

“I don’t know where he’s gettin’ it from ’cause he’s definitely not getting it from my house!” says Jenelle.

Also Jenelle…

Anyway, Jenelle says the decision was made by Barb to keep Jace (and his bad attitude) on The Land. Of course, for the week(s) that Jace was there, he morphed into someone off of ‘Leave It To Beaver.’

“He’s been doing online school, he’s been completely fine,” Jenelle says. 

Then, Jenelle says that pesky media somehow got wind of the fact that Jace was living with her full-time.

“I responded to a TikTok person and said, ‘Yes, he actually moved in with us.'”

Um….only that’s not what Jenelle said. She announced in response to people who were calling her a bad mom after watching her on Netflix, that “I have custody of Jace. He lives with me now full-time.” (See below)


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“That’s how tha media found out, Juh-nelle! Ya told them while ya were braggin’!”

Jenelle says TMZ called up Barb and Barb told them that, “Jenelle misspoke herself.” 

Ummmm. (Clearly Barb is a student of the Lil Red Schoolhouse on The Land if she “misspokes” like that…) 

Jenelle then scolds TMZ for not doing “their research.”

(TMZ simply asked for Barb’s take on what Jenelle said in her video. How the hell would they “research” the exact aspects of the Evans gals’ custody arrangement?”) 

“She knows why he was living with me!” Jenelle says. “She agreed for him to live with me. Now, she’s trying to make me look like a dumba**.” 

“I’m pretty sure ya did that to ya self when you said ‘misspoke herself,’ Juh-nelle!”

Jenelle said that, after the TMZ article was posted, Barb grabbed her Jitterbug phone and dialed up The Land and started to hedge on letting Jace stay there full-time. 

“I said— and I’m being honest as hell with you guys— either we can fight it out in court or we can handle this civilly, like grown adults that we are,” Jenelle said.

All of us, picturing Jenelle and Barb handling any situation as “grown adults.”

When Jenelle contacted Barb to see how and when she could retrieve Jace after he got out school, Barb didn’t respond. 

Jenelle said that once “four o’clock rolled past” (um…) she had still not heard from Babs so she called her.

“I said, ‘So are we meeting up so I can get Jace?’ and she goes, ‘Well, about that…’ When she said that, I already knew what was coming after that.” 

“[My mom said], ‘I spoke to my lawyer and she said I can get contempt of court if I let Jace go to your house, before we get the papers signed.”

Then, Jenelle starts spillin’ that government assistance tea!

“She told me, ‘I don’t want Medicaid cancelled!'” Jenelle said of Babs. “So she literally doesn’t want anyone finding out Jace’s new address [on The Land] because she doesn’t want Medicaid cancelled.”

Jenelle then brags about how much she pays for insurance.

“I pay $300 for my whole family!” Jenelle says, adding that she can happily add Jace onto her insurance plan.

Our faces when we learn that Jenelle pays less in insurance for her whole family of swamp dwellers than most people pay per person…

“I don’t get this mind game. I don’t get this,” Jenelle says of what Barb is trying to pull with Jace. 

“My mom and Jace are not safe around each other,” Jenelle adds. “I’m sick and tired of everyone trying to make me look like the idiot.”

Too easy…moving along…

She then commends herself for sharing her story with random YouTube viewers, even though she doesn’t have to (i.e. get paid to do it) anymore.

“Just know that I could say ‘f**k all of you’ and not post a damn thing!”

“Ahhahahah! That’s a good one!”

“You should be grateful that I am!” she adds.

(While The Ashley is grateful Jenelle is posting, since it gives her plenty of recap fodder, she can’t help but wonder why anyone else would even care what Jenelle is saying, let alone be grateful she’s saying it.) 

“I’m sick of holding back everything in protection of my mom,” Jenelle says. “You’re scared that your medical insurance is going to get cancelled so that’s why you don’t want me admitting to the public that Jace lives with me?”

Jenelle— the non-cusser— then gets angry.

“I’m the f**king parent! If something goes wrong with Jace, he’s going to come to my house. She’s threatening, ‘Oh if he’s bad again, I’m gonna send him to Christian school or a boarding school!'”

“He could come live with us! We love children.”

 “So you’re going to send him to all these other locations but you’re not going to send him to my house?” Jenelle wails. “And then when we try it and I tell everybody that Jace lives with me, you just take it all back?”

(It appears that the idea of not telling everybody everything does not even occur to Jenelle at any point…) 

“What hurts the most is this is my own mother doing this to me,” Jenelle says.

She then explains that this is why she never bothered to fight to get custody of Jace back.

“I think I can civilly get along with her, but then when I get close enough and actually get him, she takes him away from me again,” she said. “Legally, he lives with her on the weekdays and I get him every other weekend. But if we were to go to court right now, it would be a total s**tshow and she knows it!” 

“I’ll bet they still have our special parking spot reserved for us ’round back of the courthouse!”

“I’m trying to prevent from throwing dirt in each other’s face!” Jenelle said. “[Or] making my son testify on the stand. We did it with CPS, we don’t need to do it again. We did it with a bunch of lawyers then. We put [David’s daughter] Maryssa on the stand. It was devastating for all of us to even see…it’s the most traumatic experience you could probably put them through.”

“Watching Jenelle film her TikTok dances is more traumatic, honestly…”

Jenelle then let Barb know she’s a-comin’ for her.

“If she thinks I’m gonna hold back and ignore all this, I can’t…I had Jace for a week-and-a-half, two weeks and– boom— he’s f**king gone again! Taken right from me by my mom, for no f**king reason!” Jenelle, the non-cusser, states.

Jenelle then dazzles us with her creative use of the English language.

“There was no BAD reason at all. It’s her pride!” Jenelle exclaims. 

I can understand if there was a bad reason, but there was no bad reason. No bad reason at all…

Jenelle goes on to explain that Babs doesn’t want the public to know that she can’t handle Jace. 

Of course, it’s all TMZ‘s fault for asking Babs to confirm that the info Jenelle volunteered on social media was true.

“Thanks TMZ, thanks,” she pouts.

“You should have contacted ME first so I could have told you MY version of events first!”

Jenelle confirms that her and Babs’ relationship is now “ruined.” 

“I constantly f**king think that she’s going to change but she never f**king changes,” non-cusser Jenelle says. “She never changes.” 

Jenelle reminds us that, in the past, she cut Babs out of her life for as long as two years, and didn’t even allow Barb to attend The Wedding of the Century when she married David. 

“If I had invited my mom maybe she would have prevented this…”

“I guess it’s just time to get lawyers involved,” Jenelle says. “And cut off my mom again.” 

Jenelle says that her 2019 CPS case was “crazy,” and, compared to that, taking Babs to court over Jace “should be nothing.” 

Jenelle signs off, noting the date as January 19, 2021. 

Her mug quickly returns to the screen, though, and it’s January 20. 

Jenelle is really going through it today, what with people watching old ‘Teen Mom 2’ episodes of Netflix and calling her a bad mom and whatnot. She now has people calling her a liar, claiming she never actually had custody of Jace.

(Which she didn’t, mind you…even though she claimed she did…) 

Anyway, Jenelle claims Barb is trying to text her and blame the pandemic for Jace’s issues.

“Jace has been having a hard time the past three years!” Jenelle says, before launching into a tirade about Jace’s bad behavior. “All of this was brought up in the CPS case, some of it was even public, how there were holes in my mom’s wall.” 

“Gee I wonder where the lad learned that skill…”

Jenelle— who, again, stated she wasn’t going to talk about Jace’s bad behavior— goes on to talk about Jace’s bad behavior, noting “it’s 10 times worse than” putting holes in Barb’s walls. 

“I’m so done, dude!” Jenelle wails as she begins to cry into the camera. “I had such a stressful week!” 

Jenelle’s other son (the one not being held captive by Evil Babs) comes in, takes one look at Jenelle sobbing into a camera and bolts out of the room. Can’t blame ya, Little Man! 

Kaiser, wondering if he can remove himself from this mess without Jenelle even noticing…

Jenelle tells us that she may go “M.I.A for a little bit.” (Spoiler alert: she didn’t.)

Just then, David lurches into the room, and Jenelle fills him in on the fact that Barb has been texting her. Jenelle tells him that everything will come out in court, and that will “make me and Jace very depressed.” 

Jenelle later says that Barb told her Jace needed “a man in his life” and that he needs David because Jace has no structure.

Then, the convo switches to Jenelle and David’s habit of guzzlin’ beer.

“Yes, Mom. I drink Corona!” Jenelle declares, but points out that Babs is fond of the grape.

“This is when you have to cut your toxic parent off,” she adds, claiming Barb suggested Jace just go to The Land whenever they want but not change the custody papers.

“Oh why, so you can have full control all the time?” Jenelle yelps. “I told her I will be communicating with Jace and only Jace through his phone. So that’s it! [She] literally goes from ‘I’m so happy he’s moving there, he seems like he’s having a great time while he’s there, he needs David in his life.’

“Does anyone really need David in tha life?!”

“[Now she’s saying], ‘Well you drink beer, well he’s misbehaving because of the pandemic.’ Then it’s because of health insurance. So which is it? Because there are a lot of f**king excuses that are happening right now!” 

Jenelle claims that Barb started the “craziness” when what Barb told TMZ made everyone think Jenelle was lying when she said she had custody of Jace. (Which, at the time she opened her trap and said she did, she didn’t have legal custody…)

“But just believe my mom, don’t believe me, because Barb speaks the truth, right?!” 

“Honestly, you both lie like a rug, Ma…”

Jenelle says that this is the reason that all of Barbara’s family have “cut her off.” 

“None of my mom’s family talks to her,” Jenelle says. “Not her cousins, not her own sister, nobody. My aunt talks to me but my aunt won’t talk to my mom…

“I was so gullible because I was so young that I didn’t understand what type of person she was!” Jenelle yells. “But now I understand!” 

“Like I said, I’m not going to go into detail,” Jenelle— who, mind you, is already over 20 minutes into “going into detail”— says. “It’s too much detail to be sharin’ to the public.

“Not all your business is everyone’s business. Just remember that,” Jenelle adds.

“Sure I am on social media at least once an hour, but I don’t share EVERYTHING! I don’t tell you guys when I trim David’s toenails and stuff!”

Jenelle says that Babs also gave her some life advice.

“She said, ‘If you keep up this attitude, Juh-nelle and your reputation is gonna be s**t.'”

Um….That advice is about 11 years too late…just sayin’…

Jenelle says that Barb also warned her that if she doesn’t stop, everyone will hate her. 

“I’m not gonna have anyone tell me, even my own mother, that I’m a f**king s**tty parent because I drink some beer during the week. ”

(Remember, just one month ago, Jenelle claimed in a podcast interview that she barely drinks these days, telling the hosts, “I might have one or two beers a week, or something. But that’s it. I can’t do it anymore; those days are over.”)

No caption needed…

Jenelle then went back to the topic of Jace and Babs.

“They’re both toxic to each other, Jace and my mom,” she said. “No matter how much they want to say they’re not, they are.”

Jenelle finishes off the vlog by saying she’s “running out of ideas” of videos to make and asks her viewers for suggestions.

Can I suggest her and Babs Jello-wrestle their problems away? A video of David opening his paycheck from work (hahaha— that was a joke suggestion, obviously.) 

That’s all for this recap! To read The Ashley’s other ‘Teen Mom 2’ recaps, click here

You can watch Jenelle’s vlog below. 

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  1. So Jenelle goes blabbing to a random stranger on social media about Babs & Jace…thats ok
    But Babs responding/giving her side of the story is evil.
    Well maybe if Jenelle wasnt so attention hungry this wouldnt have happened

  2. Why yet ANOTHER lengthy post regarding the same issue that is now entering it’s 11th or 12th year? As much as I fear for the well-being of the innocent Jace, that ship sailed the day he was born into this disreputable family. How long as Jenelle been off the show now? STOP,giving both of these crazy ass women a platform for attention. Nothing in this picture is going to change for the better.

    1. So Jenelle had Jace for ONE WEEK and claimed she had full custody back? Also she never took a break from any social media because I just saw a TikTok she posted yesterday that traumatized me.

  3. I just feel so badly for Jace. I thought it was bad when my mom would tell my business to my family, I couldn’t imagine her going online and telling the world. Talk about 0 privacy, no wonder he acts out.

  4. After rewatching the old TM2, it’s really evident how little Jenelle has changed. Babs is bananas, but Jenelle is such a brat.

    In one episode she actually told Babs that she did heroin because Babs refused to give her Jace. She is brain dead. Jace probably has issues for a million reasons not to mention his forgotten dad who also had some sort of serious mental illness.

    That poor kid has been through it. Please Babs, send him to a special school before you give him to the land.

  5. It’s not a shock Jace is having a hard time with school and his Behaviors have increased. He needs the structure and services of a school environment. He is a trauma kid.

    Jenelle, do you really want Jace coming back to live with you as a form of punishment? Because that is exactly how it’s being presented. This is not the way to do it. He may have been doing his school work but there is always a Honeymoon period, ask any Foster parent.
    But what does it matter.. you just want to “win”. Never listen to comprehend, you just instantly attack and play victim.
    Same shit, different year.
    As far as your “reputation”that ship has sailed.

  6. God that picture of that Duggar woman is actually terrifying. I don’t know what’s worse, growing up with Babs/Jenelle are you parents or in that Duggar family. Two different kind of evils.

  7. And just like clock work…Jenelle’s crying once again about how unfair it is that she can’t get her way, and not the fact that her kids are also once again embroiled in chaos. She needs to get a new hobby.

  8. I can’t believe people are still interested in this train wreck. I got bored a paragraph in, it’s the same thing every other week.

  9. To think that Jenelle and Barbara never once thought these public bitch fests and attacks on each other over the course of ELEVEN YEARS might have something to do with Jace acting out — in the first place.

    I constantly pray for this poor kid every time he’s either at school, or just among kids his age in general.


  10. Everyone’s likely said what I was gonna say but thank you The Ashley for doing the Lord’s work and watching this mockumentary for us….you must’ve gone through a few bottle of coronona yourself!

  11. And that child should have been put up for adoption. Babs is a horrible parent. I remember Jenelle buying a gift for Jace and was so excitited to give it to him and Babs just pretty much verbally beat her up about it. Jenelle is horrible and in some way it kind of makes sense because babs is horrible too ..
    I always thought she was very verbally abusive towards Jenelle and she has been that since 16 and pregnant, and she has probably always been ..

    English is my second language so pardon my shitty spellingskills 😂

  12. I watched this show for 10yrs. Janelle was selfish and naive when it came to men. But Barbara was a horrible mother to her. That’s what no one talks about.

  13. Wow, Jenelle manages to turn playing the victim into a full-time job. As a parent, it stops being about you and what is best for you. The child(ren) have to be the first priority and Jenelle has not figured this out. Jenelle, you are causing serious damage to Jace. Stop airing out your disappointments in public. Let Jace have the dignity of dealing with being a tween away from public commentary.

    As for the “Jace didn’t learn to swear from being at my house”—I’m calling BULL SHIT. Watch those early seasons again, Jenelle. You were cursing up a storm in front of a baby/toddler! Even in this video, you are cursing!!! It’s not a big deal to curse as an adult. Sure, it kinda sucks to hear your child curse, but you lose all credibility when you contradict yourself in your own video!!!

    Last thing—you really think that Maryssa testifying in court against you was the worst thing ever?! What about the physical abuse she and her younger siblings experience? What about killing her dog? What about the frequent visits from the police because Jenelle and David can’t control themselves? That child’s life probably rivals Mommy Dearest, but YOU are the victim?!? Please take all the seats and shut up. We aren’t buying the bull you are selling

  14. Yeah I’m sure his behavioral issue have nothing to do with the abandonment and mental abuse he has experienced at the hands of Janelle. She gave up custody of Jace because she didn’t want to be a parent. She has since complained that her mother ‘stole’ Jace. She no doubt shares these thoughts with Jace before sending him home

    1. Excellent point. I bet Jace’s weekend at Jenelle’s is full of UBT verbally bashing Babs and Jenelle emotionally abusing Jace with ‘don’t you love your brother? Don’t you want to be with Kaiser? Don’t you love Endsley anymore? Don’t you want Marissa to mind you?’
      then the poor kid goes back to Babs who likely pumps him for info, ‘were they drinkin’? Were they arguin’ again?’.
      Poor Jace – where’s BrandonandTeresa when you need a loving home?!

  15. Jace needs a court appointed advocate to represent his needs. And a judge needs to muzzle JE from telling the world all of Jace’s behavioral issues. Some of this leaked from a reunion a few years ago and Jenelle is now piling on. Jace has some serious mental health issues and neither JE nor Babs are equipped to manage them.

  16. Remember when Jenelle did take Babs to court over Jace and she was only granted every other weekend??… Yup, apparently that never happened🤷‍♀️

  17. I think possibly losing jace’s health insurance which probably covers his medications that he needs consistently and any possible therapy that he goes to is a very valid reason for not just letting jace move in with jenelle full time. If Barb is claiming he lives with her and she has $X amount of income and then the state finds out that he actually lives with jenelle full time and Jenelle has a ton of money, Barb could be charged with Medicaid insurance fraud which is a big deal. And possibly being held in contempt of court for not following the court ordered custody agreement is also a very valid reason for not letting jenelle just have him full time. There is a legal, organized way to do this and it can be done if they’re both actually interested. I don’t think it has anything to do with Barb not liking that people thought she couldn’t control Jace. Everyone already knew that. He has issues due to his uprbringing and the fact that both of his parents likely have mental illness and personality disorders that can be genetic. And shaming someone for being on Medicaid or being upset that the Medicaid coverage for their grandson might be cancelled is mean and stupid. Jenelle made hundreds of thousands of dollars for years. Barb didn’t. She’s apparently poor enough or underemployed enough to qualify Jace for Medicaid. Jenelle should be helping her out financially or should have already had Jace on her health insurance if she’s so invested in being “the parent.”

    And I like how jenelle is so offended that her mom simply said “Jenelle misspoke,” which is true and doesn’t come off as mean or nasty, it actually comes off as quite generous…while at the same time Jenelle is posting a 20+ minute video decrying everything about her mother’s personality and parenting skills in great detail, telling some extremely private things about what’s going on with Barb and Jace’s relationship, and threatening to cut her off/take her court. Hmmmm… which is the meaner, nastier, much more offensive thing here? “She misspoke” (which is actually covering for Jenelle since Jenelle blatantly lied/exaggerated) or a huge rant going out to millions on social media all about how much Barb and Jace suck?

    If I were Barb, and Jace was seriously as out of control as Jenelle is claiming with the violence and the destruction of property and swearing at Barb and refusing to do his schoolwork, then yeah, I might also consider something like boarding school where he could get the attention and structure he needs 24/7 from a group of trained teachers and staff rather than having to rely on just Barb who has her own issues all the time. And I’m not sure how Jenelle is comparing sending Jace to an official school with letting him live at her house. She’s making it seem like Barb is just trying to keep Jace away from her when it sounds like Barb had been following the visitation schedule and letting Jace visit quite often. “How come she’ll let him live at school but not with meeeeeeee?” doesn’t even make sense as an example of Barb’s supposed hypocrisy.

    And I’m confused: is Jace doing online school or going to school? Jenelle says she wanted to pick him up from school/when he got home from school but then she says that he did virtual school at her house. Did she pull him out of his regular in person school to start him up on some kind of online school?

    It sounds like Barb just needed a break from Jace and vice versa. And once she had her week long break she was able to think clearly about the situation including what the consequences could be. I’m not sure why jenelle even thought her mom was just giving her full legal custody of Jace right now immediately.

  18. Did she call her 11 year old son “toxic”? You are married to a puppy killing, wife beating, white supremacist and have the nerve to call your own minor child “toxic”?
    You are trash, Jenelle, you shouldn’t have custody of any of your kids. I hope you really tied your tubes when you said you did

  19. Jenelle’s definition of full custody is “I had Jace living with me for 1 1/2 to 2 weeks!” That’s a vacation, not a living situation. She won’t take Babs to court anyway because she’s been yipping and yapping about doing that since she willingly signed him over so she could get high. The sad part about it is Jace is going to have behavioral issues and probably lying issues, look at the shining examples he is around!
    As far as the Medicaid goes, she is talking out of her ass again. Barb wouldn’t have Medicaid, she would have Medicare which has nothing to do with Jace. Jace may be on Medicaid and could lose that IF Jenelle and Swamp thing ever got custody. But, if Jenelle has a “family plan” of insurance, he should already be on it. He is her son. Shouldn’t she have some financial obligation to take care of his needs?

  20. All I have to say is, the bitch wore a virginal white veil for her shitshow swamp wedding to lurch, when she had 3 children by 3 different fathers?! HAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂❌👰🏻‍♀️❌

  21. Oof. I don’t even know where to start. I’m just praying for all those kids—Jace, Maryssa, Kaiser and Ensley. Not One of them has even ONE decent parent! I still think Barb is a caring and decent parent, I just think that she’s finding herself in an impossible situation. I have kids around Jace’s age, and ALL the kids are having such a hard time. They need school and friends and activities! Jace is also at that age where they do try to seek out the parent who abandoned them, although usually that’s the dad. I still don’t trust Jenelle or David AT ALL, and I wish there was another choice.

  22. I wonder if it’s the homemade moonshine Lurch makes that accounts for the unbelievable mount of denial Jenelle lives with. Also, she’s looking mighty rundown without that TM money. If she only pays $300 for insurance for her whole family she most certainly is on welfare. She’s nothing but a garbage can.

  23. Unfortunately, absolutely no one actually cares about Jace. I believe Jenelle when she says her mom doesn’t want to lose her health insurance, so Barb cares more about government benefits than the child. Jenelle cares about looking like she won more than her child. No one actually cares about the child. It’s just sad and insane at the same time.

    There is a child with behavioral issues because of this mess. Maybe someone, anyone, can put him first for once and save him before he ends up like his mother, but if this is the best this family has to offer, I’m not holding my breath. In about four years The Ashley will be reporting Jace’s drug addiction and criminal behavior.

    1. Barb doesn’t want Jace to lose his Medicaid. Barb would be getting Medicare due to her age and would get it even if Jace wasn’t living with her.

      1. You can get Medicare and Medicaid, if you’re eligible. My guess is being over 65 and having a child may be what makes you eligible. But I don’t know.

        1. Right but she wouldn’t have to worry about losing it just because of Jace. She would get it regardless of if Jace lives with her or not. She is worried about Jace losing his Medicaid.

          1. I think because Jace is not in custody of his own parent, he is eligible for medicaid (kinda like being an orphan…social security/medicaid usually kicks in). Could be wrong. But Babs has a point. Her age lets her get on medicare / caid, but it most likely wouldn’t cover Jace and even if it did, only up to I think 80%. Mental meds, counseling, etc. would all cost a lot that Babs obviously doesn’t have now that Junelle ruined it for her. As everyone knows, raising a kid ain’t cheap and I’m sure Bab’s huge retirement check from Walmart wouldn’t cover everything.

            As bad as Babs is…I mean she created Junelle…she’s thinking logically here…she wanted her daughter and grandson to bond with each other, but then probably realized, if the authorities found out, Jace would lose out.

            Just remember folks…what Junelle is doing…is what Babs did…which means…Jace will end up like them…or worse, David. This is how you raise trailer trash!

  24. Call me crazy, but I kind of feel for Jelly right now, even with that extra baggage in her thong.

    stay lit, pull out

    1. Not to mention this being public. Being a pre-teen is hard enough, I can’t imagine having a mom that shares all of this so willingly. And I’m sure he is a handful but that’s why grandparents shouldn’t be raising their grandchildren.

  25. I can’t even begin to think about putting my and my kids business on social media, let alone a livestream video… how trashy can jenelle get!?? Then I remember this is the girl who had a baby with Nathan after knowing him 3 months and exclaimed to tori “I’ll figure it out if I go to jail pregnant”

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