Jenelle Evans Says Son Jace “Is Becoming a Rebellious Teenager”; Feels Her Relationship With Her Mom Barbara Is Irreparable Due To Custody Battle Over Jace

“Dude, there’s no fixing this.”

Jenelle Evans claims that the ongoing custody battle over her son Jace has ruined any chance of her reconciling with her mom, Barbara Evans. 

“We will probably not ever repair our relationship, but if I do get custody I will continue to let Jace have a relationship with her,” Jenelle recently told The Sun. “They’ve been together for such a long time and I don’t want to be petty and be petty against Jace just because I have something against my mom.” 

“Hang on Jace, I need to swing by and throw a few eggs at someone’s house real quick.”

As Teen Mom 2 fans know, Jace has lived with Barbara since birth and she currently has primary physical and legal custody of the 11-year-old. However, Jenelle claims “things have been pretty rocky at her house with Jace for the past two years,” and they don’t appear to be improving. 

“There hasn’t been a major change,” she said. “We agreed for Jace to live with me and she took back her word like a week later.” 

” …and always.”

While Jenelle and Babs had been playing nice with one another for some time, that all ended as they were trying to work out a plan that would allow Jace to live with Jenelle on The Land. Once Jenelle began insinuating publicly that Babs couldn’t handle Jace, Babs became upset and ultimately backed out of the agreementbefore she and Jenelle were due to sign legal papers to make the arrangement permanent. 

Since the plan fell through, Jenelle and Barbara’s relationship has been strained. 

Jenelle filed for emergency custody of Jace back in January, but her request was denied. Jenelle reportedly told the court that she fears Jace is unsafe at his grandmother’s house due to his “out of control” and “physically aggressive” behavior, which she believes Babs is no longer able to control. According to Jenelle, Jace sets fire to things inside Barbara’s house out of anger and has also physically assaulted Babs.

Jenelle told The Sun she is now dealing with the situation in court as she believes Jace should be living with her. 

“I think it’s just time,” she said. 

“Well, Juh-nelle… I wish I had a dolla fa ev’ry time ya said that one.”

As for Jace’s alleged behavioral issues, Jenelle said she couldn’t “really say too much because of the pending court case,” though she did note that Jace “wasn’t on his best behavior” at Barbara’s house, which she said is one of her biggest concerns. 

“I don’t know if it’s because he’s getting older and is becoming a rebellious teenager, but I know everything is fine at my house,” she said. “He loves it here and he loves spending time with his siblings and spending time as a family.”

” … some more lies.”

Jenelle also claimed that Jace enjoys getting to spend time with his stepdad, David Eason. 

“Jace loves going out on the boat with David and David teaches him about hunting and fishing,” she said. “He’s around a guy and has a guy’s perspective and is not always around my mom. Because his dad isn’t around, it’s good he has a father figure of some sort.” 

He’s definitely “some sort” of something.

She also claims Jace is at a disadvantage living with Babs when it comes to his education. 

“It’s also hard for her to help with school a lot because she doesn’t get the new school stuff that they teach,” Jenelle said.

Yeah… we know…

While Jenelle and Barbara are battling it out in court, they have a visitation schedule locked in that allows Jenelle to have Jace with her every other weekend, two months during the summer, and during Jace’s spring break.

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29 Responses

  1. I’m sure Babs can figure out how to get her (grand)son a tutor when things get tough.??‍?
    Plus we all know that Janelle isn’t the sharpest tack in the drawer and forget David! Poor Jace would get an answer wrong and dear old “daddy Dave” will shoot him in the knee!

  2. “It’s also hard for her to help with school a lot because she doesn’t get the new school stuff that they teach.”

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that reading, writing, math, science and history have all completely changed since Babs went to school??? He’s in 4th or 5th grade. He isn’t taking AP calculus!

  3. I just feel for Jace. Always promised that the grass is greener at his “mom’s” house when we all know there’s nothing but weeds there!
    I think Barbara is doing her best but that poor kid is going to have it rough no matter where he is.

  4. Is Jace in therapy? Please tell me he still is. A child that is behaving like this, especially with his upbringing, should be seen weekly. It sounds like they need to work on outlets for his agression and a behavior plan.

  5. The only reason Jenelle wants custody and is still actively pursuing it, is to get her grubby ass hands on Jace’s MTV money. She couldn’t give 2 shits about that boy, which is why she keeps putting his personal business all over the internet.

  6. Imagine publicly discussing your sons behaviour and emotional issues under the guise of attempting to regain custody. It’s so gross. Let the kid have some privacy.

  7. As I recall jenelle herself was a rebellious teenager at barb’s house. Pot meet kettle. At this rate jenelle will still be fighting for custody when jace is 30

  8. Um. David literally said he was gonna hit his sweet daughter in the face for tattling on him… I can’t imagine what he would do to Jace for just about anything.

  9. Jace said it best , they’re POS.
    Speaking of lurch & junail.
    I wonder at his age if a judge would ask him what he wants. ?
    Poor kid , I bet he’s a nervous wreck worrying about all this.

  10. “I just think its time”

    – no girl, it was time 11 years ago when you decided to put this child into the world. You gave birth to that child, nothing else. You cant come back in 11 years time and decide you are now ready to be his mother. And hell, you cant even take care of the two you already got at the land!

    And I dont really care for babs, with the yelling and the screaming but thats the only mom your child has ever known. If not for babs Jace would have been in the system for 11 years by now.

    And if David is the closest to a father figure that kid has, Well i think he is better of without!

    Fuck you Jenelle. You dont get to choose.

  11. Jenelle was never his real mom, Babs was. And as a mom of 2 myself I know there is no way I would hand my 11year old over anyone.

  12. She claims to want better for Jace than what Babs can do, meanwhile Jenelle willingly signed over her rights to Babs. She wanted to be a better mom to him than Babs was to her? Then why wasn’t she?? Why sign your rights over to the person who turned you into you, when you’ve had every single opportunity to better your kids life?

    Babs isn’t perfect, but she aint Jenelle (Or worse, David). Jenelle needs to stop trying to make her mom out to be the bigger POS of the lot, when Jace would be in foster care with God knows what right now if it were for Babs.

  13. Jace is allegedly fine at Jenelle’s house because that isn’t his real home. They probably let him do whatever he wants, promise him a bunch of stuff and goes in and out. Barbara has been his parent his whole life and he will act out more because that’s his safe place, his home. It’s no surprise Jace has issues because Jenelle and Barb have been screaming at each other and using him as leverage since he was born. Jenelle has brought a series of junkie, unstable and abusive men in and out and has spent more time doing nothing than with Jace. He is an after thought for her and he gets caught in the middle of all the family tension. Jenelle has been telling him for years that he will live with her and everything will be amazing and she never pulls through. She disappears, brings home a boyfriend or has another baby. That had to have been so painful for Jace to watch it all happen.

  14. Welll shit juhnelle, not a damn one of us that didn’t see that coming. Ya all ruined that kid from an early age.

  15. Jenelle is a classic example of a non custodial parent who thinks raising a child is easy. She is a Disney parent. She sees the kids 4 days a month on the weekends. They can go do fun things while Barbara has always taken all of the hard part for her. She and lurch shouldn’t be allowed to have goats, much less children.

  16. I rewatched the teen mom episodes on Netflix and Jenelle tells Keefer she will get custody back even if it takes her like 3 months lmaoooo

  17. Jenelle is more of a “friend” than a parent, that’s why he likes it over there. Anything goes…

    Including fights, violence, drug and alcohol use and abuse, legal trouble, zero income..

    I do think if he’s too much for Barbara to handle, it is high time for Jenelle to take care of her responsibility. She had a babysitter for 11, 12 years now. Time to really be a parent bc toddlers and young kids are way different than teens that will be larger, stronger and slicker than you in the blink of an eye.

    1. There’s no good plan for Jace. If he’s too out of control with Barbara, that’s not good for him, and I fear for Barb’s physical safety. But Jenelle does NOT protect her kids, and I REALLY fear the combination of rebellious Jace and David Eason! In that situation, Jace’s LIFE could be in danger! I think there’s a big difference between Jace visiting The Land a few days a month, and Jace living there in David’s household permanently. David ain’t easygoing, let’s just say that!

  18. Little does this shortsighted asshat know that the chickens have already come to roost and the teen mom babies are locked and loaded. I feel horrible for all of the kids having had to grow up on tv and being able to see all of the missteps their parents made throughout the years with the click of a button, but in the cases of Aubrey, Bentley, Leah and all of Leah’s girlses they’ve at least always had at least one stable parent in their lives that has been there, in the case of poor Sophia and all of Jenelle’s kids, it is very unlikely that they will come out of these situations when they hit 18 unscathed.

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