Former ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans Gives Update On Her Sons’ Behavioral Problems & the Status of Her Relationship With Mom Barbara

“Dude, I’ll literally talk about anything right now if it will distract everyone from my latest failed business venture…”

Jenelle Evans opened up about the status of her strained relationship with her mother, Barbara, and chatted about how her sons– Jace and Kaiser– are doing in regard to the behavioral problems both boys were having, in a new interview with The Sun.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle has stated in the past that Jace has had major issues in the past (which included setting fires at Barb’s house), while Kaiser has been held back in school several times. 

Jenelle reported that, while Kaiser’s behavior is getting better, Jace (who lives with Barb) is still acting out.

“Kaiser is doing very good,” Jenelle told The Sun. “Jace is having some issues at school and at my mom’s house, which I can’t go into detail about because there’s a pending custody case, but Kaiser’s doing much better in school.” 

Earlier this year, the former Teen Mom 2 star revealed her eldest son Jace, 12, had set a fire inside Barbara’s home. Jenelle applied for emergency custody of Jace, stating that Jace had physically attacked Barbara. In the court paperwork, Jenelle stated that “[Jace’s] increasingly worse behavior problems…cause him to be physically aggressive, out of control and unsafe. [Barbara] cannot control the minor child’s behaviors.” (Jenelle’s bid for custody was later denied.) 

Jenelle went on to reveal that Kaiser “basically” had to repeat kindergarten twice because the first time “he was too young,” and the second time, “he kept getting in trouble.” 

“So I was like, you know what, I’m going to hold him back myself so now he’s in first grade and he’s doing great,” she said of Kaiser, whom she claims got kicked out of two schools. “And he’s actually learning and not running around the classroom doing cartwheels. 

“I think Kaiser just had too much energy and they would have quiet reading time and the teacher would be reading a book, he would be the one in the background doing flips and cartwheels, getting in and out of his chair,” she continued. “He would be like, ‘I’m going to the bathroom’ without asking. So he’s just calmed down a little bit.” 

Although she isn’t able to speak on Jace’s behavioral issues, Jenelle said she believes both of her boys were acting out because they just needed to “mature.” 

“Sure, Jan…”

While Jace and Kaiser may be improving, Jenelle’s historically turbulent relationship with her mom remains strained, as the mom and daughter “only talk when it’s to pick up Jace and drop him off.” 

“I’m more standoffish to my mom because of what’s going on and I want to keep the conversation about Jace, and she tries to have it about other things,” Jenelle claims. “And when I try to bring up Jace, she just totally ignores me about the topic. So we’re butting heads right now, and it’s not really going anywhere.” 

Jenelle said she and her mom are going to go to court “to figure it out.” 

Back in August, Jenelle took to social media to express her anger after Barbara allowed Jace to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, just months after she said her relationship with Barbara was likely irreparable due to the current custody battle over Jace. 

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Jace has lived with Barbara since birth, and she currently has primary physical and legal custody of the boy. Earlier this year, Jenelle claimed that she was getting full custody of Jace back, and The Ashley confirmed that this was, indeed, the plan. However, Barb became upset that Jenelle was insinuating publicly that she could not handle Jace so she backed out of the agreement to allow Jace to live with Jenelle. (That happened right before she and Jenelle were due to sign legal papers to make the arrangement permanent.)

Since then, Jenelle and Barbara’s relationship has been strained.

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  1. This bîtch has been hollering about custody for 12 fûcking years. Go rot in a hole and die!!! My God give it up already!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh those poor children 🙁 they are so messed up by Jenelle and everything around them. Hearing Kaiser did Kindergarten twice is so sad! I wish the judge could ban Jenelle from ever seeking out custody or altering visitation with Jace.

  3. So you mean to tell me the one son she has custody of had to repeat kindergarten TWICE?! And she has the audacity to say Jace is better off with her, than where he is. I THINK NOT. A child repeating twice says way more about the PARENTS then the child….TWICE?! Those poor kids.

    1. I’ve never heard of a child failing kindergarten. You know damn well she didn’t hold him back. He failed. The only way a child should fail kindergarten is if they’re really sick. They want Jace’s drugs. Barbara said they take Jace’s medication. Jenelle doesn’t care about them kids. What kind of mother would do drugs when she’s pregnant. Not with one but all of them. POS

      1. I’m not defending Jenelle in any way but I knew a couple people who had to repeat kindergarten. This was AGES ago so maybe it’s different now but the people I know were held back mostly due to maturity issues; both of the guys I know who repeated were initially young for their grade. So I think it can happen when parents let their kid start school when their kid is barely old enough and it turns out the kid isn’t ready socially or may have other age related maturity issues.

        Jenelle just sucks though-Kaiser has no structure at home, their way of disciplining him is to just yell at him (or worse 😔). Kaiser wasn’t set up to succeed at school and his life was total chaos when Jenelle left David and moved them to another state. No wonder poor Kaiser was acting out.

        I think Jace is totally f@cked. I wish they would put him in a boarding school far away from Jenelle and Bab’s toxicity and abuse.

  4. i ThInK kAiSeR hAd ToO mUcH eNeRgY

    I think Kaiser was neglected and was looking for any kind of attention he could get from ANYONE. Pathetic waste of space egg donor.

  5. The only chance any of Jenelle’s children had is gone. They should have all been put up for adoption.

  6. I’m so sick of this whole “custody situation” and hearing about pending custody stuff. Isn’t this so settled. At this point Jace will be ready to move into an old folks home and jenelle will still be claiming she’s getting custody.

  7. Dammit, Jenelle, quit talking about the personal lives of your children on social media! It’s not even like someone’s paying you to film! (Not that THAT makes it okay!). You’re just a crap mom, and all of your mistreated kids are going to figure that out one day SOON!

    1. Isn’t it sad?? And I hate to sound mean, but I don’t think those kids are going to be productive nice adults. I think they’re going to be mini Nathans, mini Jenelles, and mini Davids. I feel so bad for those kids.

  8. Sadly, most of us knew these kids wouldn’t stand a chance. She should have never had kids in the first place. Only a matter of time before Jace is in youth corrections.

  9. Kaiser repeated kindergarten twice?? I didn’t even know you could do that once.
    You f*cked up all your kids, congratulations

    1. Yeah if they don’t switch him to special ed, he will probably age out of the school system since he has repeated a grade twice already. There’s no room for further failure for him in school without the support of a special ed program. In many states, you can’t attend school if you’ll turn 20 and he will be close to that deadline based on his birth month.

  10. Kaiser acted like that in school because no one took up time with him. He just ran around at home doing what ever he wanted. Until he got spanked and yelled at. Kaiser is severely neglected. The school failed him. The system failed him. Jace has mental problems like his dad.

  11. I wish she would stop publicly discussing her children’s issues. Jace is at an age where he friends and classmates have easy access to the internet and can look up everything his egg donor has said about him. Jenelle just needs to STFU and work on her parenting skills and learn to be a good mother and a decent human being.

  12. Jace has two crappy parents, one who dipped out before he was born, one who thought partying with her friends was more a priority and still 11 years later can’t get her sh*t together

    Kaiser has two crappy parents, and an abusive step father.

    I feel so bad for them.

  13. Do you maybe think the behavioural problems come from drunk grandma, delusional/ childish mom, absent bio dads and a psychotic step dad?

  14. They are severely traumatized children… And Jenelle is a traumatized child, raising traumatized children herself. It is very hard to provide a child with save attachment when you don’t have it yourself and you have no introspection about it at all and don’t take accountability and do something to break the cycle. Jenelle needs intensive psychotherapy for her personality disorder and parent-child therapy after that.

    1. She needed that while she was still a TEEN mom. Dr. Drew shoulda lobbied hard for all these crazy train wreck mothers who had kids too young to realize they’d be shitty parents, unleashing irreparable traumatized people into the world. They had no perspective for that as kids themselves.

      I empathize with Janelle, Amber, Farrah. They were dealt shit hands before they had kids. Kids make you lose your self-awareness. These bitches will never go back to a healthy frame of mind, they can’t now.

      Good luck, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley. Let’s throw in Nova, Vaeda, and the other one. Sophia, Leah, James. And Kailyn’s whole damn brood.

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